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Alex's Panties...

This is a repost from August of 2014.  Since then, I've given up on my idea of trying to meet women to sell panties.   I have no interest in purchasing panties that are shipped in the mail.  The truth is, I'm less interested in the panties and more interested in the act of watching a woman remove her panties. If I were smart, I'd just go to a gentleman's club and pay a stripper. 


I apologize in advance - this is a long post.

I've had this on and off obsession for years.  You know where I'm going right away given the title.  Years ago - at least 15 years ago - I had the chance to dig through my sister-in-law's hamper and pull out her panties and pantyhose so I could get an up close and personal whiff of her most personal aroma.  I recall just breathing her in, then returning them, the best I could in their exact location in the pile of other dirty clothes.  I had such a guilty feeling, yet when she returned from a short trip to the store with a part I needed for the work I was doing repairing some plumbing in her bathroom, it made me appreciate her smile and her curves all that much more.

There is a lady at work who does the cleaning in our building.  She is 41 but has a firm, slender body that any 25 year-old would envy.  She is Puerto Rican, has long dark hair and wears Capris that cling to her well-toned thighs.  Her ass is simply a work of art.  I constantly joke with one of my co-workers about how I would pay her to walk into the ladies room, pull her panties off and hand them to me.  But for all the naughty things I do at work, I don't see how you survive the sexual harassment case that would most likely come from that.  So I am genuinely friendly with her, help her take the trash out if the bags are heavy, talk to her when it looks like she needs a break from her chores, and I admire her without gawking or leering like an old perv.

Instead of focusing on people I work with, I've been checking out Craig's List.  A while back, I actually posted an ad trying to explain what I was looking for and I got a response with a picture.  What I wanted was more detail - for me it is always about the details.  

In San Antonio, there really aren't a lot of ads for panties on CL.  And the few that do post want it all handle by PayPal and delivery via mail.  In other words, you might as well be in Japan, buying panties from a vending machine.  To me, the thrill is the intimacy of knowing or at least seeing the woman associated with the panties.  I know many might just say, why not go and sniff your wife's panties.  To that I say, you just don't get it.  This is all about accessing forbidden fruits.  It is the same with nude photos.  Any of us could get on the Internet and see all the nudity we want, but I think most people would trade a month's worth of Tumblr pics of unknown nekkid people for a single nude photo taken of a neighbor in the shower or an accidental flash of nipple by a lady at work.  The idea is, it is someone you know who you otherwise should not be seeing nekkid or sniffing her most private areas.  

Every few weeks or so, I've gone onto Craig's List and just typed in the search word "Panties".  This one caught my eye:
             Worked out in, slept in, masturbated in, whatever you want
              Email if interested 
              I'm a size 3, small/medium    

I decided that I would pursue this one and use the experience as a catalyst for writing a new story, a fictionalized account of events based upon some truth.   But as it turns out, the truth is just as interesting.  So, the unvarnished week long exchange of e-mails, over 60 of them starts with my response to the ad.

I'm sure you've gotten a load of creeps interested in your panties.  I'm trying not to come across like the rest of them.  I've never purchased any before, so I'm not sure of the logistics involved.  Do we meet at some public place and I hand you money and you hand me a bag like some sort of drug deal?   
I don't want to waste your time, but honestly, just not sure how this all works.  I'm an older guy, married, professional.  This panty thing is just something that is a a recent turn on.  Maybe we can work something out.
It only took a few hours before I got a response:

Lol, I understand. I've never really done this either but I'm desperate for cash to pay rent. What I plan on doing is meeting in a public area and either I can just give them to you and you give me the cash, or I can take them off for you for proof they came off my body. Also I need to know if you want ones that are just worn for the day or if you want ones masturbated in or whatever. Just let me know.
Sent from my iPhone 
And if you need anything like a picture of me or the panties let me know
Sent from my iPhone
Wow - offering a picture before I ask - I like this girl.

I'd appreciate a picture.  Can I ask what you are asking for a pair?

Depends. Normal worn underwear I wanna say $40 and masturbated in or anything like that $60

Sent from my iPhone

Oh my.  You are beautiful.  I have to tell you, when you picture popped up, my first thought was Laura Prepon from Orange is the New Black.  My second thought was, you are probably an entertainer making some extra money.  That doesn't bother me.  I like your tattoo (what I can see of it), and you have a great smile. 
We should figure out where and when to meet.  I'm really only available during the day - I could slip out of work and meet you somewhere.  I work near South Park Mall - is that anywhere close to where you are during the day?  I don't mind driving to where you are, but just have to do it between meetings.  Mondays are bad.  Tuesday better and Wednesday even better.
Okay - a few white lies.  She doesn't look anything like Laura Prepon, but the glasses really do work for me.  Also, I sort of fudged on my work location.  No sense in giving out my address, right?

She responds:
Haha I've heard before that I look like Alex from OITNB. I'm not an entertainer lol just trying to get my bills paid while looking for a job! I actually live on the northeast side of SA, so Wednesday would probably be the easiest for me as I'm going to have some errands to be run all day Monday and Tuesday. So would you like just worn all day or masturbated in or how do you want the panties lol
Sent from my iPhone

Just worn is fine.  I guess a pic of you wearing them is a bit much to ask?

We can work out the details of meeting, where and when for Wednesday.
Take care.

Okay sounds great, see you then! 

 These aren't the ones but they are similar! 
Talk to you WednesdaySent from my iPhone
So the way this picture is cropped, no telling if she was hiding a big booty, but what I could see looks good.
Oh, you are too fine.  Thank you.

Of course! Talk to you soon :)
Sent from my iPhone
So I decide that I want to be honest about my intentions.  The truth is, I was hoping to start up some sort of dialogue that would allow me to craft a character. A young lady struggling who has to sell panties to make ends meet.
Alex (I don't know what else to call you),
If you can tell me where we can meet and some times that will work, we can start figuring that out for Wednesday.  I know in the grand scheme of things, this is no different than buying a cell phone or an old pair of jeans off CL, but still I'm sure you don't want to just walk into the HEB and hand me your panties.  Likewise, for both of our safety, I do think a public place is best.  So if you have any ideas... 
I hope this won't cause concern but I feel like I should be honest about it.  I'm doing this for a story I'm writing.  Don't worry - not the paper or or some magazine, just a little sex blog I write.  I will occasionally post stories about fictitious characters and since in real life, I am completely turned on by this whole thought of paying a lady for panties, I have been looking for someone like you on CL to buy some from.  In truth, I'll pay you the money, but you can keep the panties.  I'm going to toss them in the trash - maybe some homeless guy can have some jack-off material - before I get back to work.  For me, this is about the experience.
 I will want to take a pic of the panties, and like I say, if you want, I'll just give them back to you.  Would you be willing to give me a little background information about you - just something I can draw from for the character?  I won't reveal your identity in any way. 
I don't know if CL will let a link go through but my page is at jfbreak dot blogspot dot com and if you click on the tab called, The Veronica Story, you can get an idea of the sort of story I'm writing.
I seriously hope this isn't too creepy. 

Haha my name is (her real name, but I'll continue to call her Alex) :) hmm, my background? I mean, I don't even know what to really tell you about myself. I come from the country and have lived in the country for 17 years until i was finally able to be on my own and move here--I'm definitely a city girl. I'm edgy, lol. I usually tend to wear black on black on black and I grew up listening to a lot of metal music hahaha, I have plenty of tattoos. I'm bisexual, and very open-minded. If I'm in a relationship with one sex, it's hard for me not to crave the opposite, and I remain faithful but it has gotten the better of me. And I'm highly in love with cats and my car (Honda). Any time should work between, I wanna say, 12ish/1pm and about 4 o'clock? A public place would be best, somewhere between where you are and the northeast side. Maybe somewhere around the quarry area?
Sent from my iPhone

Alex - over 18, right?  So are you in a relationship now?  Guy or Girl?  Has either ever convinced you to try a threesome - you know, two girls and a guy? 
When you say you grew up in the country, do you mean like small town Texas?  Can you give me a hint of where?  What other background will you share?  Good upbringing? two parents at home, etc etc.
I'll try to make it a little after noon on Wednesday but need to confirm my schedule.  At the Quarry, there is a Victoria's Secret - Alamo Quarry Market, - we could meet in the parking lot there, or we can figure something else out.  If you want to go inside a store, we could go into a fast food place and sit down at a table. 
I've been thinking about how this happens.  If you felt comfortable with me getting in your car, or you getting in my truck (either is fine with me), it would be hot for you to slip them off right there in front of me, but totally get if you don't want to do that.  I'm not going to try to touch or anything like that.  I'm also cool with one or the other of us just walking to the other's window, and simply making an exchange, though as I mentioned, I'd also be cool with simply taking a picture of the panties and handing them back to you.  Of course, if you wouldn't be uncomfortable, I'd love to inhale your scent before handing them back to you! 

We can meet at the Victoria's Secret in the parking lot and I guess figure out the exchange when we meet. I don't mind getting in your car (mines a mess bc of my daughter- 5yo). 
I grew up in Boerne, Texas until I was 15 then moved to New Braunfels until I was 17, and yes I am over 18. I'm 25. 
And not currently in a relationship but my last was with a girl for a little over a year and before her I was in a 3 year relationship with a guy named Dick (name changed). Piece of shit lemme tell you. 
I have two wonderful parents. My mother is white and my dad is Hispanic and I honestly could not ask for a better pair. 
The panties-- so do you want them masturbated in or just worn, visibly worn? I don't mind taking them off in front of you.
Sent from my iPhone

I really don't need them to be soaking wet or have enough evidence for an episode of CSI, I'm happy if I can get a hint of your scent (preferably not a bunch of perfume).

Is Dick the baby-daddy?  Aside from selling panties, what pays the bills?  Does he (the father) give you any child support?

Dick is the only man she's ever had in her life really that was a father figure. Haven't received child support from the paternal father though. 
I know I said noonish but I didn't get much sleep last night. Any way we can meet a little later? I'm so tired :( I'm sorry to switch things up!!!
Sent from my iPhone
OMG I thought today was Wednesday. Whoops!!! Haha
Sent from my iPhone
You are a nut!   Is 1215 good for Wednesday?  The real Wednesday?  Lol
Hahaha yes 12:15 works for tomorrow :)
Sent from my iPhone
The exchange above was my first thought that she was sort of flaky (so says the guy paying money to watch a girl take off her panties).  I also thought perhaps she was juggling multiple guys trying to buy panties, so maybe she was just confused. Regardless, I didn't want to slip out of work only to have her not show up.
Hi Alex,  If anything comes up and you can't make it or are running late, please let me know as soon as you can.  If we have to reschedule, we can but I'll have to move some meetings around.
Do other guys who buy panties take this much hand holding to get through the process?  I mean, we've e-mailed a lot (which I appreciate), but have other guys been like, okay, how much, I'll be right there?  Have you had to say no to anyone because it just seemed too shady or have you had guys back out? Have you had guys want to turn it into more?
I'm still not sure where I'm going with the story I want to write, but I'm thinking it will fall into place once we meet today.
See you soon.
I got the following e-mail around 1015:
I think we might have to do later today. I don't believe ill be able to drive my car bc I have an interlock device and I had a few beers earlier this morning and I don't want to blow dirty :( I didn't think about it last night and I want to be safe. Also just put on new panties and they don't smell like anything lmao  
Guys have backed out and I've DEFINITELY had to say no to a few. I do appreciate how willing you are to work with me through this, it's really great of you. This one guy was very determined to do this on days I couldn't and like very pushy and I hated it. So rude. And he was the one that wanted it to be way more. Had to pass on that
Sent from my iPhone

Wow - I love a girl that likes a cold beer in the morning!   Not a problem.   Was just checking my email to let you know that I have a Dr appt at 1:15 so it would be tight anyway.  Let me see what time I get done with the doctor and I'll email you.  Maybe we can meet this afternoon.

You know, we don't have to do the panty thing.  I'm reallu enjoying our emails and I know you are needing money.  I don't have some big fat roll of 20's to give you, but I'd be happy to send you some money, just because you have been nice to me.  Plus, honestly, I'm hoping that you might be willing to send me more pictures.  
Do you have a pay pal acct or would you be okay with giving me a PO box or address?   I'll just put some money in an envelope and send it.   Like I said before, for me this is about the experience to write a story and you have been very helpful.    
Of course, if you can pass the interlock and we can meet this afternoon I do have some cash for you - no strings.  I'm not asking for sex, just a conversation.
We can talk all you want. More than happy to do that :) yeah I just want to be super safe so I wouldn't want to blow until maybe 3 or 4. Just probation sucks and I'm scared to violate it :( I can send more pictures another day? Like maybe tomorrow? As far as the whole PayPal thing, we can just see how today goes. But mannnn, you are the sweetest. Thank you so so so much.
Sent from my iPhone
What kind of pictures do you waaaant? :)
Also, I found my Paypal account haha after years! The email is haha
Sent from my iPhone
I thought it was pretty convenient that she just found her PayPal account.  I was serious about maybe sending her some money for her time, but it was going to be really dependent upon what she was willing to share.
Whatever you are willing to send.  Panties around your knees? Ankles?  Topless?  Bottomless?  I'm not picky.


Or we can meet tomorrow which actually works better for me and I won't drink tonight lmao. I'm so sorry to switch things up!!! I apologize. I shouldn't have drank. I'm just sooo worried about the interlock!

Sent from my iPhone

Do you want to meet tomorrow around noon?

Sent from my iPhone

As soon as I get back to the office I'll check my schedule but I'm thinking 10 or 1030 would be better.  Is that too early?

You have a smokin body.  I'll get back to you on the time but let me know if that is too early.

I have to admit, I wondered about whether or not this was a picture of her.  I felt like the big tattoo on her thigh would be a give away if it wasn't, once we met.

These little e-mails trying to negotiate a time went back and forth all week.  I've excluded a bunch of time changes and reasons she couldn't meet or in a few cases, where I had to run out to my truck to my phone to send her a note changing a time.

By Friday, our plan was to meet at 10:30 but right be fore I was going to slip out of the office, something came up and I ran out to the truck to send her a note, hoping she had not left her house yet.  Turns out, she wasn't going to make it then either.

Sounds great! I look forward to meeting you! So sorry about switching things up all the time on you. Mom life.
Sent from my iPhone

Not to worry - my schedule is a moving target.  Would it be possible earlier - like 130 or 145 and I could meet you at the Academy on 410 and Perrin Beitel?
I'm not gonna have a sitter til about 3 :/ so I can try to meet at that time or like 3:30. But that area works for me
Sent from my iPhone

Based upon her response, I thought it was a pretty firm time and location.  I was intent on changing our meeting location all along.  Because I'm just paranoid, I never stopped thinking that when I made contact with Alex on Craig's List, I would be part of some police sting operation.  Granted, I know there is nothing illegal about two adults buying/selling undergarments, but I was worried that perhaps she might offer sex and since I would be paying money, technically, it could be seen as prostitution.  I even had this conversation with two different co-workers, both of whom assured me that a) they thought it was harmless and b) they would come bail me out of jail.

Just as I was walking out the door, something came up at the office that required me to go to another building to handle something before I could leave.  This was going to make it impossible for me to get to the our meet location by 3:30.

As soon as I could leave I started driving toward the location and e-mailed her the following:

Where are we meeting at 3:45?
Sent from my iPhone
This response surprised me because I really thought we had a plan. 

Running late. I'm downtown.  What is close to you?
I'm off wurzbach and i10. There's an HEB over here
Sent from my iPhone
If you know anything about San Antonio, with traffic, it is way out of the way.  I made a U-turn from where I was at and jumped on to I-10

Okay I'll hurry.  Getting onto I-10

I'm right down the street so let me know when you see crossroads mall
Sent from my iPhone

At 10 and 410. See u soon

I'm parked towards the frontage road near the Pharmacy.  What color is your car?

I'm on the side of heb by the heb gas station in a silver Honda civic do you wanna come here?
Sent from my iPhone

We had 5 minutes of back and forth e-mails trying to locate each other.  The parking lot was packed - this particular location is a constant madhouse. Interestingly, it is also across the highway from All Stars, a men's club.  I thought perhaps she was a dancer, and now, instead of being a police officer in an undercover operation, I thought maybe she was working the afternoon shift and slipping out between dances.  Who knows? 

I think you drove by me? Lolol idk. There's a white car parked across from me. I'm on the side with the gas station only silver Honda civic I believe.
Sent from my iPhone

I must be fucking blind.   I am parked facing the gas station.  Are you next to a lady with a red car?JFB

Finally, she walked from in between an SUV parked in the opposite aisle from where I was and waved.  It was definitely the same lady as in the picture.  My nerves calmed and she walked to the passenger door, opened it and climbed in the truck.  She immediately reached out to shake hands and said, Hi, I'm Alex - so very nice to finally meet you in person.

Alex was short, maybe a little of 5 feet, wearing one of those flowery pull-over cotton dresses.  I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra, but her nice sized boobs were not sagging at all. She had long dark hair and her eyebrows were painted on, not like one of the hood-rats with a Sharpie, but drawn on for sure.  She was clearly a smoker, though it wasn;t overwhelming.  There would be no kissing, at all.

I introduced myself using my real name and chuckled at myself for not thinking to introduce myself as James.  She said, Yea, I guess I should get myself a fake e-mail account, understanding my mistake.

I never did take off my sunglasses which I was hoping would conceal the fact that I was looking at her legs, her tattoos and her teeth, looking for signs of drug use.  I just expected her to have meth-teeth or needle marks.  In reality, she looked like any college student or someone that age and there was no reason to assume anything bad about her, at least from her looks.

What I really wanted to do was talk to her, interview her really, just to understand how she ends up on Craig's List selling panties.  But one turn-off was that she smelled like smoke and all I could think of was my wife getting in my truck and starting the whole routine about, Whose been sitting in my seat?

Look, I won't keep you long, I started, but can you tell me, what do you do?

She responded by smiling and shrugging her shoulders then letting out a small giggle as if to say, Next question.

It doesn't matter, I'm just being nosy. I said.  So how do we do this?

Well, Alex started, you said you wanted to take some pictures.  She reached under her short dress and began to maneuver her panties from under her ass and got them to her thighs  just above the knees where I could see them.

Right there.  I used my phone to take the first picture.  I could see immediately that these were some cheap panties that she probably bought in bulk off the Internet.  Maximize profits, I suppose.  Alex was not nervous in the slightest in spite of the fact that all around us cars were slowly driving past looking for parking spots.
I asked her to pull them down a bit further for the next picture.  I just love the tattoos.

For the final picture, she extended her legs to show the panties around her ankles.  I know I must seem like some complete pervert to you. I said a little embarrassed

No, not at all, she offered kindly.  This is just what you are into.   Do you want to take more pictures?

No, I think I'm good.  I said.

Well, didn't you want to, you know?  She pulled the panties completely off and started to hand them to me but then stopped.  A man, an older middle eastern looking guy was walking directly towards us and she said, We ought to wait a second. The man clicked the alarm on the car parked directly in front of mine, smiled at the two of us and got in his car.

Alex then handed me the balled up panties and I took them, spread them out flat on the console between us and just looked at the flimsy material.  They were inside out with the gusset facing up.  No visible signs of anything, in fact, my guess is, she had probably put them on for the first time probably within the hour.

If you don't want to be seen, you could just lean down and smell them. She said.

I did just that at first, sniffing for a hint of anything remotely associated with pussy.  In all honesty, there was not a hint.  Granted, some women just don't put off a heavy scent.  What they did smell like was a hint of perfume or body wash.  If I had been the guy intending to take in a big snort of moist vagina juices, I would have been disappointed, but for me, this was all about the experience.

I handed her back the panties and thanked her.  She took them and held them to her own nose, perhaps sensing a little disappointment on my face.  Yea, not much smell, she said.

I lifted a box of mints sitting in the console and handed her cash that was sitting under it.  Is $50 enough? I asked.

Oh, yes, of course, thank you so much.

Look, I know we both have to run, but I just wanted to ask you a few things, do you mind? I asked.

Sure, she said with a genuine smile.  It was interesting, Alex seemed like a really nice girl.  Oh sure, it was clear that she had been misleading or evasive with a few things, but why not?  For all she knew, I was some serial killer.  I think when it comes to Craig's List, you have to be defensive about giving out too much information.

I know you are just being nice to me, I'm just an old, fat guy... I stammered

No, no.  You are great. You are so much better than what I was expecting.  You really are a nice guy and you look just fine to me. she assured me, probably lying a little.

I just want to understand this whole thing.  I know this isn't your first rodeo and I wasn't expecting some virgin to show up.  Did anyone else respond to your ad?  I asked.

As she started to talk, she placed the panties at her feet and began hiking them up as if this was an everyday occurrence.  I probably sell at least a few pair each week.  It really helps pay the rent.

Just as the panties reached mid thigh, I asked her to wait.  Uh, do you mind if I have a little peak?

Oh, sure.  Here.  She lifted her lightweight dress and reveled her pussy.  Oh my God,she said, I really need to shave.  Her stubble showed at least a weeks worth of growth.  She played with herself, not in a sexual or suggestive way, but in the same way a guy might tug on his dick trying to make it presentable for viewing.  I looked and smiled but never even thought about asking her if I could touch.

I did ask her if guys ever got out of hand, if she was ever concerned for her safety.  She told me about one guy being really pushy before they even met.  His e-mails went straight from wanting to buy panties to sex.  She kept explaining that she was just selling the panties but he wouldn't let it go, so she cancelled.  She has had guys back out and one guy had his dick out and was masturbating with her panties seconds after she handed them to him.  She laughed and told him she had to leave.

Alex told me how she had gotten her friend to sell panties too and that it wasn't uncommon for them to be out eating dinner and then have to slip away to the parking lot to sell a pair to a guy.  I told her I was surprised that more college age girls didn't do it.  It could be really easy money.  Yes, it does help with the rent, she said again.

I finally said, You have been too nice and we both have to run.  She smiled and shook hands with me and thanked me again for the money.

Let's do this again, she said before closing the door to the truck.  As she walked back to her car, I watched her cotton dress bounce up with the slight wind and appreciated the view once more time.

Our last e-mail exchange went like this:

Thank you.  I hope my little perversion was worth it to you.

Oh shush. It wasn't bad at all. Thanks a lot for meeting up with me!
Sent from my iPhone    

And as Aunt Clara says, I can cross that one off my bucket list. 


Max said...

Fantastic story. And with pics too! Just wow.... :-)

JFBreak said...


Mr. No Name said...


You are, even in your perversions, a consummate gentleman. Well done.

Mr. No Name

ari said...

Unf...this story is amazing. I live in San Antonio too and it feels so much dirtier and sexier knowing all this went down in places I know and recognize...

JFBreak said...

If the locale turns you on, you may be interested in reading The Veronica Story - it has its own tab at the top of the blog.

Thanks for the comments.