Saturday, January 31, 2015

Co-Worker Quickie...

I walked into one of the back office breakout rooms where Co-Worker C was working.  I sat down at the workstation next to his and we had some morning work related talk.  He continued typing away at his work and I logged in and fired up my e-mail.  After a few seconds of silence I casually asked, without bothering to look up from the computer screen, "Do you have a penis?"

C chuckled and without looking up from his work responded, "Yes."

"Oh, thank god.  I need to have a penis in my mouth.  It has been too long.  I just need a few seconds to remind me."  I said, now looking over at him.

There was no hesitation at all.  C stood up, unbuckled the belt on his slacks and undid his pants.  His flaccid dick still had the smell of body wash; his shaved balls tight.  I leaned into him and took all of him into my mouth and cupped his balls.  He went from soft to semi-erect in just a few seconds, and that was all I needed.

We both giggled as he stuffed his junk back in his briefs, fastened his pants and buckled his belt.

We both got back to what we were working on and within a few minutes, I left the small, private room and returned to my own office.


Same sassy girl said...

You are soooo bad! And it is so good!!

david bardsley said...

glad to see that there is still some action on the work front