Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Internet Therapist Says...

This man reads me so well.  I think it is a little embarrassing for him when I share his words of wisdom, but this note he sent just painted a really true picture of me and I must share:

It could be that you're sexualizing conversations when it becomes intimate in order to keep it away from being truly intimate.  
 You probably understand this well:  Intimacy means revealing your secrets, making yourself vulnerable by revealing your secrets, and thus trusting the other person to connect with you in honest way.  I suspect you don't do that with your wife--and probably never have.  And not really with anyone, for that matter.  I suspect that one of things going on is that you feel lonely but can't quite put your finger on why that is, or even identify what you're feeling, a sort of existential angst, as loneliness.  Intimacy is mental and emotional, not physical.  We call sexual connection intimacy because that's suppose to be a secretly shared activity--but it's really not.  Real intimacy is all in your head, and it happens when you make yourself vulnerable and the other person honors that.

I'm constantly looking for a label to define myself.  I'm Bi, I'm a freak, I'm this or that.  I'm not sure why I seek to find answers to who or what I am.  I should just accept that I am me.


Advizor54 said...

Forget labels unless they are "fun-loving" "adventurous" "Sexy" "loving" "intelligent"

All the rest are just bullox.

Mike said...

Married 50 year old guy here. have had ongoing fantasies of sucking a cock. Finally went through with it and hooked up with a bi guy I met on AFF and had a threesome with him and his buddy. Three way mutual sucking and JO. No kissing or anal. It was awesome since they both had very large cocks...they said I was a natural at it. ;)

JFBreak said...

Thanks for your comments fellas.

Mike - I must know everything! Do you have a blog? If not, e-mail me. I need details!