Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Caution: Gay Stuff Ahead...

Not that you guys need a warning, but I just didn't want some random person finding this blog looking for pictures of boobs to be shocked by the account of my dinner date this evening.  I'm currently travelling for work and had the chance to meet up with my old colleague Bob.  You may recall, Bob and I confessed our interest in Bi stuff over lunch one day and before long I was giving him a BJ during half-time of a football game.

Prior to my trip, I e-mailed Bob to let him know I'd be in town.  I knew if we got a chance to meet up, there would be something exciting to take place, and turns out I was right!  As soon as I finished my meetings this afternoon, I sent him a text message and asked if he was available.  Within seconds, he sent me the address to his home which is only 15 minutes from my hotel.

When I arrived, he gave me a tour of his beautiful historic home.  I told him it was a place that you would expect to see one of those HGTV shows made in.  Everything had been restored and updated with care to keep the original look.  Just beautiful.

During the tour, he was showing me his office space with large monitors and I commented that this must be "porn central".

"Pretty much."

By the time we sat down in the living room to drink a few cold beers, I had launched right into the situation with JD and my wife.  Bob is a mutual friend of JD's and he knows about our past threesomes.  This conversation led to some interesting discussions about things I've blogged about - my issues with the conflicting advice from Dan Savage and Dr. Drew.

By the second round of beers, I flat out offered to blow him but he laughed off the suggestion.  He did however, bring up a collection of gay, bi and Shemale images on his large TV.  We looked at them like a regular Siskell and Ebert, commenting on penis size, shape and different levels of erectness.

In one series of pictures, there were men holding their cocks together stroking as one.  Bob explained that a friend of his explained to him that this was not a gay act, but something called Frot.  I told him I wasn't quite sure how two guys rubbing their dicks together wasn't gay, but I did know that Dan Savage often talks about the act of Frottage.

After thirty minutes or so, Bob excused himself to go to the restroom, but by the sound of things upstairs, I knew we were almost ready for action.  Sure enough, he returned in a robe and began turning off lights around the house.  I smiled and he just said, "Look, I don't know how we do this.  You want to get freaky?"

I laughed, "Yes, of course."

Bob invited me to a guest room downstairs and he asked me what I wanted to do.  He opened his robe to reveal his semi-erect dick covered in fancy underwear he describes as man-panties.  They were pretty nice.  I reached for his bulge and began to massage him and asked him if he wanted me to suck him.

"Whatever you want to do."

I slipped off my shoes and jeans but left my shirt and underwear on.  What am I, in the eighth grade? Bob laid back on the bed and I pulled his now erect dick from the shorts.  As soon as I placed him in my mouth, I recognized the shape of his cock, yet it felt bigger than I recalled.  It only took him a few seconds to decide to remove the panties and enjoy what I was offering.

I took him in my mouth completely and began to fondle his ball sack.  I'd stop sucking and begin licking and kissing his balls and taint before returning to the task at hand.  I could feel that he was enjoying my actions and I decided to use my finger to probe around his asshole.  I didn't want to push too far, yet he never asked me to stop.

At some point I had my left hand rubbing his balls and alternately touching his pucker while with my right hand I stroked his dick and sucked him.  I felt like we were getting close but then he asked me to slow down the stroking.  That was apparently the trick.  As Bob slowly bucked and gyrated his pelvis, I continued a steady sucking and stroking routine and kept up the finger play with his balls and taint area.  When he unloaded in my mouth, I easily took him and simply swallowed until I could no longer taste his cum.  He was nearly hyperventilating.  Perhaps I'm good at this.

We laughed a little while he gathered his composure.  I pulled my hard dick from the front of my underwear and began to stroke.  I really was not expecting reciprocation but I thought I'd like to at least jack myself.

Bob asked me to lay back on the bed with my legs hanging over the side.  he positioned himself in front of me and began to give me a blow job.  Totally unexpected.  While it felt great, there just didn't seem like any chance that I was going to cum.  I felt self-conscious for one, though, honestly, I'm not sure why. Bob asked me if I was okay and suggested he get some lube.  When he returned , I laid back on the bed and suggested we try the frot game. He thought that was a great idea.

With me sitting up to observe, Bob mounted himself with his dick on my dick and began to stroke.  It was an incredible feeling, but I was actually impressed with the fact that he was able to get hard again, so soon after I just drained him!

He asked me if I wanted to try and pumped some lube in my hand.  The feeling of making the normal motions I do to jack-off but feeling something completely different was incredible.  Within a few minutes of stroking together, I shot a load all over my stomach.  Bob then took over and finished himself as I admired the scene.   This was an incredible scenario to be in, and I really hope to do it again.

After we cleaned up, we both giggled about it all and decided to walk a few blocks down the street to a neighborhood pub where we enjoyed another beer and burgers.  The amazing this was, I don't think either of us felt weird or that urge to get the hell out of there.  We enjoyed dinner and conversation and the nice walk back to his house before I made the drive back to my hotel.

I have more meetings tomorrow, but who knows what tomorrow night will bring!

And I do apologize - no pictures this time around.


Mike said...

Congrats! nothing weird about it.

Bruce Chang said...

Nice! And yes, no perhaps about it, I'm sure you're really good at it. Ha!

JFBreak said...

Thanks, guys!