Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Question: When Did You First Know?

This is a question specifically for the people who have a turn-on of seeing their partner with another person.  Years ago, I would have addressed this only to men, but I do know that many females get off on seeing their husband play with another lady.

I can't put a finger on exactly what drew me into this kink.  I thought maybe it had something to do with me easing myself into accepting my bisexual desires, but now I realize that I had some interesting thoughts on sharing as early as Junior High school.  I wrote a while back about the girl who lived on the other side of the fence from me, how I crushed on her but she was simply out of my league.  We were friends and that was the extent of it.  Yet I recall that I often talked to her about her boyfriend and she would offer details of their make-out sessions, complaints she had about him and his techniques.  Perhaps these conversations led me down the road of compersion and ultimately, an interest in sharing someone I cared for with someone else.

I'd be interested in comments from anyone who now, as an adult has either been involved in the hotwife/swinger lifestyle, was it something they were drawn to from their youth, and if so, what you think led you down this road.  If you don't want to comment, feel free to e-mail me privately.


alanbryant156@yahoo.com said...

I am fairly sure of what caused my interest in sharing. During high school I was dating the girl that would become my first wife. Her cousin would come during the summer to visit. I hooked my friend up with her cousin and we always double dated. We would go to the drive-in which showed a double feature. My girl and I would be making out in the front seat of my car and my buddy and the cousin would be in the back. We got to talking and the four of us decided to switch dates. My girl got in the back seat with my buddy and the cousin got in the front seat with me. We made out and played around. we would trade back for the ride home but when we dropped off the girls we kissed each bye. My buddy and I would compare notes on the way home about what we had done. After graduation my girl and I got married while my buddy joined the Air Force.

JFBreak said...

Thanks Alan, I imagine that could definitely prepare you for the emotional control of jealousy needed to play in this game. Come to think of it, in high school, my GF and I would have sex on a blanket at the beach next to my buddy and his GF. It was usually dark, so there wasn't a whole lot of seeing each other, but still the idea of being with another couple, even though we did not swap was hot. I guess these days, that would be defined as a soft swing.

Thanks for the comment.