Monday, October 24, 2016

IGHIH: Paybacks...

On Saturday morning my wife mentioned to me that since I would be gone all afternoon and evening for a football game, she might have an opportunity with JD.  She had plans of her own for lunch but once back home, the window might be open for him to slip by for a quick meeting.  I was all for it, of course, and said I just wanted pics of the event.

"You don't mind?" she asked.

"No, not at all.  Just send pics."  I responded.

My wife left for her lunch with friends from school and as I was getting my truck loaded up to do some serious pre-game tailgating, my daughter called.  She was about to put the cock-block in play by inviting herself and the grandkids over to spend the day with my wife.  I suggested that she might want to call her mom because I was pretty sure she was going to busy working on some house projects.  

A few minutes later I heard my wife's iPad ding.  I love how her iPad syncs with her iPhone.  Biggest nightmare for people cheating.  The message was my daughter asking my wife to give her a call.  But of course, I looked at the message between her and JD before it was deleted forever.
Fast forward to later that evening.  As our game was underway, I sent my wife a text to ask if JD had been able to make it.  She responded with a simple yes.  I didn't want to risk having her send pics while I was sitting next to my son in the stands, so I told her to send pics later.

It turned out that JD has spent the day on the lake with his wife and by the time they got home, his wife was shitfaced and pretty much passed-out on the couch.  He announced that he had to run up to Lowe's to return some items and he got a groggy acknowledgement form her.  Since we live so close and the Lowe's is less than a mile from our house, the plan was in play.

As is the case with their meetings at the house, she put on his shirt that he left and of course, nothing underneath.  Apparently, he figured with his limited window of opportunity, he would be time for a beer and maybe making out a little before heading back home.   But my wife advised him of my request for pictures so with that, he unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants off while standing there in the kitchen.
As a side note - Bruce asked me if his cock was bigger than JD's.  I think he has JD in both length and girth.  

After she got him hard, they moved to the bedroom where JD quickly went down on her and gave her two good orgasms, using his tongue and a vibrator.  My wife is a new convert to the appreciation of sex toys, yet another thing I can thank JD for.  
Getting and staying hard has been an issue but apparently, he was hard enough to actually enter her sopping wet pussy and for the first time in our long history, ejaculate in her.  I had hoped for a picture of his dick in her but I guess it was the heat of the moment and her mind was nowhere on taking pictures!

When I finally rolled in to the house at close to midnight (it was a really long game with five overtimes) she was sound asleep.  I had looked at the pictures she sent me later in the game and by now I was completely hard wanting the details.  I got in bed and nudged her a little and asked the big question, "Did he cum inside you?"

She rolled over, slipped off her panties and said, "Why don't you find out for yourself."

And with that, I went down on her and though hours had passed, there was no missing that scent of another man's presence, nor the salty remnants of JD's cum.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, JD messaged my wife and asked her if she told me about him cumming in her.  She said that she had and I told her it tasted salty.  Apparently, he was quite turned on by the fact that once again, I was enjoying tasting him.  She showed me the dick pics he was sending, trying to get a good jack-off before bed.  

Of course, this led to another night of sex in our household, making for a pretty good weekend - if not week.   


Simplicity said...

Damn! I'll say its been a good week! :) you cant lose

JFBreak said...

Life has been pretty good - that's for sure.