Sunday, October 16, 2016

Outdoor Sex

I'm sure I've written before about the sex my wife and I have engaged in in public spaces.  Few and far between, but when it has happened, it has been a big turn on for both of us.

When the mood strikes, my wife has a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her.  Several of my friends, more than JD, Pancho, and Rick have seen her tits for instance.  When the mood strikes her, she is game.

It has been years since we fucked in the broad daylight at her favorite state park, so exposed, at the top of a small mountain overlooking the river and picnickers below.  This same state park is her lifelong sanctuary, a place she has visited since she was a girl and a place we brought our kids at least a few times a year as they grew up and into adulthood.  We've fucked in the river, on the trails and the aforementioned mountain top, and of course, when sleeping kids allowed, in tents or shelters.

 This weekend my wife made reservations for us to stay in one of the fancy cabins.  These days, the idea of staying in a tent or on a air mattress in a shelter is beyond my idea of fun.  But an air conditioned cabin with a toilet and hot shower works.

We arrived and got settled in, then left to drive into a small town a few miles up the road for dinner.  After eating and some local shopping, we made our way back to the cabin to enjoy some drinks and get a fire outside the backdoor of the bedroom.  As it grew darker we could see the other cabin people around us lighting fires and enjoying the evening with beers.  The park is strictly alcohol free which usually prompts people to be slick enough to pour beer into a red cup.  I found it entertaining at how so many of us seemed to enjoy large tankards of Starbucks out in the woods.

As we sat by the fire and chatted, my wife brought up all the old memories we have shared in this place.  The sex, the arguments, the great times with family members who have passed.  I thought of the times I was busted checking out college aged girls in bikinis.

At some point my wife went in the cabin to pee and refill her coffee cup with wine.  When she came back out, she was in a tank top and tennis shoes.  Bottomless.  It certainly wasn't shocking to me given the fact that we routinely use our backyard as a nudist camp for the hot tub.  But I did look around just to get a feel for if anyone might be walking by our cabin.

She sat down and giggled as we continued to enjoy the fire.  Her phone dinged and it was JD telling her to enjoy the camping trip.  She tried to take a cleavage shot to send him but the flash wouldn't work.  I took the phone from her and pointed at her while she pulled down the top to expose most of her huge breasts.  When I took the picture, the flash lit up her entire body which made me laugh.

She asked if this all turned me on and I responded by whipping out my erect dick and waving it at her.  And that's when she got up and dropped down to blow me.

She is not shy about giving head but to be honest, I'm rarely in the mood to have her finish things up.  Usually, head is just a precursor to actual fucking.  But sitting on a lawn chair in front of a fire with people chattering just forty or fifty yards away is certainly a reason to enjoy the moment.   She would stop and tell me my dick was hard as a rock then continue.  At some point as she worked on me, she began to massage my balls and play with my favorite area below.  My body tensed and I told her I was going to cum.  She gave me that shoulder shrug as if to say go for it.

When I blew my load she lifted up and continued licking the shaft which caused another spurt to dribble out.  We figured out after the fact that my underwear and shorts were completely covered in my cum and  her spit.

Of course, I looked around us to see if there was any noticeable reaction from the neighbors but I suspect we were completely covered by the darkness.

In about twenty minutes my dick was functional and ready for use again. Jeez, getting old takes its toll.   We moved over to the picnic table which was probably a bit riskier in terms of being see but my wife wanted the thrill of being seen by others.

Unfortunately after several attempts at various positions, we decided the comfortable bed inside the air conditioned cabin would be best.

As we fucked, she told me in great detail how JD is fantastic with his mouth and fingers.  She described him sucking her nipple as he fingered her pussy and then when she came hard on his hand, he immediately went down on her lapping up her juices and bringing her to a second even more powerful orgasm.  "Do you feel how wet I am right now?" She asked.   "He makes me this wet just from kissing me the way he does."

I know this would create anger or shame in some men.  For me, it brings on a second orgasm.  The thought of another man bringing her pleasure simply sends me over the edge in a very positive way.


Bruce Chang said...

Can you feel how wet *I* am right now just reading your words and imagining the scene? Now that's the sweetest of kisses.

Simplicity said...

I love outdoor sex! Rob and i never had much luck tho :/