Thursday, November 3, 2016

Living Vicariously Through Mike: The Rich Couple...

If you've followed at all for a while you are familiar with the LVTM series of posts.  Reader Mike often shares details of his latest sexual conquests and this particular report is a story that I take particular interest in, because frankly, it deals with several of the themes that simply turn me the fuck on!

In this case, Mike plays the "Bull" (I really hate that term, but it fits) for a cuckold and his Hotwife who visit his area several times a year.  Of interest further is that the gentleman is much older than his wife, and as Mike learned, living out this particular scene is pretty much the only way he can get off.  The wife also has her own little turn on and Mike is more than happy to play along.  Enough set-up from me, here is Mike and "The Rich Couple."

The "Rich Couple" came back to Florida last week and invited me over today for some playtime.

This is the couple where the guy is a 70 year old type A guy with a really big dick and his wife is 51 and gets off on watching men suck her husband's dick.  He has a bit of cuckold going on too in that he likes to sit in a chair and just watch.

Anyway, I show up at their house in time for lunch and since she's a South American lady, she has this old style of hospitality where she insists the men sit at the table while she prepares lunch for us.

We eat lunch and sit on the couch chit chatting.  I don't have all day so I make a move on the wife and she says "want to go in the bedroom?"

"Yes!"  So she and I go into one of their guest rooms and she closes the door.  We start making out, hands roaming, and quickly strip out of our clothes.

We're doing our thing, and hubby comes into the room and starts watching.  Now this woman has an incredibly sensitive pussy and clit and does not like being fingered and doesn't really like receiving oral sex.  I, of course am fine with all of that!  She beckons hubby over and he has his thick cock in his hand.  She starts sucking him off, and asks me to help.  So I start sucking his cock with her, and she goes wild...its really turning her on.

Hubby says, "Put your dick in her, Mike".

So I get up on my knees, she's on her back, and before I can start, he reaches over, grabs my hard cock, and says, "Let me do that for you."

So he rubs my cock along her slit, up on her clit, and then I take over and begin easing into her.  Soon I'm all the way in and start pumping away while she's sucking him.  Sooner than I wanted, I feel the orgasm building and tell them I'm about to cum.  he says, "Fill her up Mike!"

So I explode deep in her, and that pushes her over the edge and she orgasms too.  I pull out and see a giant glob of cum ooze out of her.  I'd been saving it up.  Some more cock sucking and then she gets on all fours and hubby fucks her from behind, while I encourage him with some dirty talk.  I must've said something right, since he grunts and cums in her too,

Hubby zips up and leaves the room.  She and I just lay there naked talking...Turns out she does the whole "fuck other guys" since its one of the few ways he can cum these days.  He's in his early 70s and has had 2 heart attacks, so she doesn't pressure him for sex.  Instead she gets hers from a vibrator and occasional sessions with me.

The only problem is that they live in the middle of nowhere and the final two miles to get to their house is gravel roads.  So when I get home, I have to immediately wash my car to get all the dust off, since I have no real reason to be driving on dirt roads!  So car washed, I strip and immediately wash my clothes and take a  shower.  Gotta clean up any evidence.  ;)

All in all, a good day.

Yes - I'd say a good day for everyone involved.   Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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