Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pancho Stopped By...

This was originally posted November 6th, 2016.  I thought I would pull it from the archives and repost for some fond memories.


Saturday afternoon I was at my son's house watching some college football while my wife stayed at home working on some crafts, doing some baking  and apparently hitting a bottle of wine.  I ended up getting a text with a picture of her wearing an apron with nothing under.
On my way home, she sent me a note saying that she had been sending flirty text messages to Pancho.  Apparently, he had some rare time away from his wife and the idea that he might want to stop by for a beer on his way home popped up.

Readers here know Pancho and my wife grew up as neighbors and as friends. His was also the first dick I ever had in my mouth.  And, of course, he follows this blog.  There have been flirtations in the past, boobs and dicks have been flashed, pictures have been traded, but like most of the guys my wife has interest in, their wives tend to keep free time to a minimum.  Thus, over the years, flirting and sexy texts has been about as far as things have gone.

When I got home, my wife seemed a little tipsy for sure, and was in a great mood.  She mentioned that Pancho was with his brother which gave him the opportunity to continue the flirty exchanges.  I went out and did some quick yard work and when I came in to take a shower, my wife reported that Pancho was probably on his way over for a beer.  She wasn't sure he was going to make it because he said he had limited time before needing to get back to his wife.  Of course, in my mind, you can do a lot in the time it takes to drink a beer.

I was sitting in my office when I noticed on the security camera that he had pulled up.  I told my wife Pancho was here and she asked me to just wait and let her answer the door alone.  From where I was sitting I could tilt my head and see into the foyer where as soon as the door shut, he pressed her up against it and began making out.  From where I was I could see roaming hands and kissing.  After a minute, they broke off and she led him to the kitchen calling out to me that he was here.  I left my office and found them in the hallway, this time with him behind her, grabbing her chest from behind and seemingly grinding on her ass, oblivious that I was standing behind them.  My dick was already hard.

When they made it to the playground of our kitchen, I walked in behind them and Pancho and I shook hands and I offered him a beer.  I ran upstairs to grab beers and when I came back down, he reported that he only had a few minutes before having to leave.  "Well then, we should get started." I thought to myself.

Whatever conversation was going on, I just interrupted and went straight to suggesting to my wife she take off her bra.  She was wearing a tank top and I knew that without the bra, it would take about ten seconds before her boobs were available for play.  She of course was game, and before long the bra was on the floor and Pancho was playing with her boobs as I egged them on.

Next, my wife asked him if he had seen her tattoos before. He had not, so she casually pulled her pants down low enough to show them off, as well as reveling her shaved pussy.  Pancho wasted no time in reaching down to cop a feel.  She was already wet and he quickly licked her juices off his fingers.

Reiterating his need to be going home, it was clear that we wouldn't be moving things to the bedroom, but my wife asked him if there was anything he wanted before he left.  I know what I wanted.  I wanted to watch her give him a nice blow job.  He on the other hand asked if he could lick her pussy, just to cross it off his bucket list.  She looked at me and said it was up to me.  I just laughed and said, "You both know my answer!"

She pulled off the tank top and stripped of her pants and panties, and Pancho lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. Over the next ten minutes he licked and nibbled and ate her pussy as I played with her tits, pinching her nipples and such.  As I stood at her side, she had her hand in my shorts stroking my rock hard dick.  It had to be uncomfortable with her body arched over the counter but before long she was moaning loudly and cumming on his face.  He was soaked.  As he was thanking her for letting him go down on her, she was thanking him for the orgasm.

I did what you'd expect and grabbed two more beers, then suggested that he show her his dick (as if I didn't want to see it too).  Turns out my wife had only seen pics of his dick erect and had no idea he was uncut.  This fascinated her and as he explained how it works, she played with it then asked me to pull my out so she could compare.  This made Pancho and I both laugh, seeing her comparing our dick shapes.

Unfortunately, all fun for husbands has to come to an end, and Pancho needed to get on the road to get back to his wife.  I took him to the guest bathroom to show him to a fresh toothbrush so he could make himself evidence free.  We joked about the fact that my wife and I have a stash of spare toothbrushes and such and I said, "Hey, you never know who is gonna stop by."

He quickly retorted, "And eat your wife's pussy."

Just then my wife walked in and asked what we were giggling about.  As we stood in the doorway, he shook hands with me and thanked me for the beer then looked at my wife and said, "and thank you for the pussy."

We all got a good laugh.  Of course, my wife and I went upstairs after he left and finished what had been started with her first blowing me then riding my dick to completion.


Pancho said...

40 years in the making and worth every minute of waiting. I just need to be buried balls deep in her and I can die a happy man, maybe balls deep in you also, if you're interested that is...

BlkJack said...

Can't wait for the next scene. Do we get a pic of Poncho's cock? Hot!!

Bruce Chang said...

Nice! Though is it just me or does anyone else wonder if fresh toothpaste is more conspicuous than a faint smell of an orgasm...?

JFBreak said...

@BlkJack: Look here:

@Bruce: Good point but I think the smell of Dos X as a rinse might help.

@Pancho: Very interested. Now that I've had it (thanks, Bruce) I need more!

Simplicity said...

Omg u and jb have it going on