Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Co-Worker Naughtiness...

I've had three interesting things pop-up at work recently that kind of relieve the stress of busy days and a lot of work.

First, The Intern.  She is the married late thirties Latina who I opened up to following a long conversation about work related things.  Sex seems to always work its way into conversations I have at work.  Anyway, we went to lunch together and mutually decided that we were both comfortable with the personal level of conversations we've had and that neither of us was looking to bang the other, but it was fun and okay to talk about sex.  Then she promptly told me about several super-naughty things she had done in the past.  Tame stuff, in my mind.

Next was the lady I've written about before who handles some of the security for the office.  We've flirted before and I've whipped out my dick a few times which was received with giggles but we haven't done a whole lot of flirting in a while.

Last week I was in her office and after some discussion about various work related things, I casually asked her to show me her panties.  She didn't even hesitate, lifted her skirt and showed them. She laughed and said I was a nut.

Yesterday, we had just finished a long work related conversation and as I was about to leave I asked what color her panties were.  She said, "Lime green, I think." then lifted her skirt and showed me.

I told her that it looks like she is shaved.  She told she keeps it pretty trimmed.  I asked to see how trimmed she keeps it so she lifted her skirt again to show her lime green panties, then lifted up one side of them to show me her pussy.  It wasn't completely shaved which is nice, and it was clear from my brief viewing that she has some good sized labia which is a turn on.  The entire flash lasted a few seconds.

And just for anyone who thinks my Bi (more Gay than Bi) tendencies have faded, there was this little tidbit:  Co-worker H grabbed the door behind me when I walked into his office to talk and he shut and locked it.  Right away, this little maneuver is code for the need for dick!  He grabbed me in the crotch and said he needed my dick. I quickly unzipped and even though I was feeling the affects of shrinkage, he began to suck and kiss and nibble and fondle, and I was hard within a few seconds.  This lasted for close to a minute before he released my cock and stood up to unzip his slacks.

His dick is thick and never shows signs of shrinkage like mine tends to do.  I took him in my mouth and inhaled the scent of his morning shower and whatever bodywash he uses.  I love performing oral, the texture of the skin, running my tongue up and down the shaft, the unmistakable taste of pre-cum. I was telling someone that I think most Bi guys prefer sucking over being sucked.  But we were at work in the front office where people tend to come and go.  I took him less than a minute then offered him my dick again so he could have one last taste before we both had to zip up and get back to work.

I know things like this must happen everywhere.  I can't be the only person, am I?


Anonymous said...

I am gay and I love reading this Blog. James forget the troll. I know what gay is and what it is not and I don't see you qualifying for the "You go girl!" club at all. Bisexuals do exist and at any time can lean more in one direction. They are actually some of the best sexual partners I have had as they tend to bring more than one trick to the play. Enjoy the exploration without having to put a label on it!

Anonymous said...

Listen Sally, stay out of it.

JFBreak said...

Anon 1: Thank you. I know, we know and the troll knows I have fluid sexual diet that is very heavy on the female portions. One wonders if he visits gay blogs and gawks at the sausage-fest, then taunts the gay blogger with being more bi than gay. I don't care about the labels, but I do appreciate funny comments.

Troll: It would be a lot funnier if you used the name Nancy. When I golf and someone putts short, fellow golfers always say, "C'mon, Nancy." When you use the name Sally, we tend to all immediately think of a portly Sally Struthers crying over hungry kids or abandoned dogs (whichever commercial she cries on). Nancy works much better for the sort of trollish comment intended to imply gay.

Mike said...

I've been in office environments for 30 years and have never had the various flavors of fun that you do! LOL

And as for Nancy the Troll, he's just an asshole. I fuck tons of women, but still like to suck a dick occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Nancy was too predictable.

CuriousRob said...

Yes, Nancy would have been too predictable; you should have gone with Gina. I hope I don't have to explain why.

And James, the only time I've ever come close to this kind of environment was when I was working a shitty "sales" job many years ago. I was banging one girl (Julie, who the wife caught me with); the boss was banging the girl I really wanted to be banging; and the boss's father in law and another chick were caught in his office when they thought we were all gone for the day.

I mean, pretty tame compared to your thing.