Friday, June 16, 2017

Finding Release

Dear Prudish Church People,

There was almost a full week of no sex in our house. Well, to be clear, no PIV sex, anyway.  Of course, I'm happy to accept blame in that, more often than not (98%) it is the wife who initiates sex.  So if she makes an attempt and I don't respond positively or at all, another day goes by.

I was ready for action but because I waited for her to initiate, and she didn't before I fell asleep, it had to wait another day.

If you read this and immediately see a problem, I'd say you are not blind!   And, though I've written about this topic ad nauseam, suffice it to say I take full responsibility.

It's weird.  I'm in a constant state of semi-arousal with the ideas or images of sexual thoughts on my mind.  Yet, I don't feel the need for release or crave the touch that I once did.  In other words, a sexual conversation, reading a sex blog or looking at a few pictures stimulates my mind enough to pacify my urges.  It isn't that I don't want sex, but I certainly don't need the physical aspect of it nearly as much as my wife does.  And truthfully, it has been that way for years.

What is new is that my wife has now realized that self-pleasure is an acceptable response to the lack of balance in our urges.   She happily notified me that she had given herself an while laying next to me as I slept.  She has also asked why I don't jack off in the shower.  I'm not saying I don't, but frankly I just don't feel the urge to release my energy the way I did when I was fifteen or even forty.

I'm happy to say I find her new found freedom to rub one out a nice thing.  I mean, I've encouraged this for years but her fucked up Catholic upbringing has been an issue.  But I guess if she can admit to God that she has a boyfriend, then fondling herself is no great leap.

I'm thankful for this new aspect of her life.  I could come across like a jerk and say that her finding the pleasure of masturbation relieves me of some of my husbandly obligation, but the truth is, I'm glad she has found this for herself.

For this, I want to thank my buddy, JD.  He has done his part to not only fill her briefcase hidden under the bed with toys she would have never bought on her own, but he has also been instrumental in helping her find her own personal pleasure machine.

To the parents and the parishioners who made self-love a bad, evil and naughty thing for a girl to do, please go fuck yourselves.  No, I mean, I encourage you to give it a try, too.

With great (self) pleasure,


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