Sunday, June 25, 2017

Play Time Problems...

So Friday afternoon was the culmination of a pretty stressful week at our house.  I came home and my wife just looked at me and said, "I need a drink."

Off we headed to our local pub for dinner and some beers.  We chatted a bit with the man who does the cooking and then the bartender asked about our grandkids and such.  I think they enjoy us coming in when we do because we are easy to make happy and we always leave a substantial tip.

When we got home, I grabbed a few more beers and headed out to the hot tub.  Problem was, with this heat it had the tub entirely too hot.  In the winter, 101 or 102 is fine, but not when it is 98 degrees outside.  It can be just stifling.  I've been known to throw bags of ice in the tub to cool it down, but that wasn't going to happen.  

Instead, we got in bed to do some playing.  My wife proposed she give me a good manscaping.  She asked me to take a few pictures to send JD since he was flying back into town after a work related trip.  She sent this one of her working on me to tease him.  Unexpectedly, he responded saying he had just landed.

Of course, I suggested he sneak by our house on his way home since he only lives a few minutes away.  Unfortunately, he had already told his wife he was on the way and that blew any chance of making an excuse of a flight delay.

There was lots of manscaping and I even turned the trimmer on her at some point.  A good time was had by all.
Saturday afternoon my wife gets a text from JD.  It turns out that he failed to delete the very last message she sent him which included a PG-13 rated cleavage shot.  No nipples, just cleavage and face.  His wife found it on his phone.

People, you need to know that when you play with a married person who does not have permission to play outside the marriage, this is a risk.  Everyone involved needs to be careful, and if the deceit comes out, everyone needs to be able to stand up and take what comes.

JD and his wife are no strangers to infidelity, nor are they strangers to threesomes, wife swapping, or just couples getting playfully naughty in hot tubs.  It's just that that play has never happened with the four of us.  She is not the gullible wife that others might be so she flat out asked if he was engaging with threesomes with us.  He lied and said no.  He said it was just playful flirting and that I was fully aware of and on-board with it.  She told him to end it and he said he would (liar).

My wife waited to hear something from her.  We just assumed that once she got drunk that evening (a daily occurrence) she would message her or worse, post something on FB (the devil).  Neither happened.

I don't know where this goes.  The marriage between JD and Mrs. JD is one of convenience and for the sake of the child.  That doesn't change.  They have both cheated in the past.  They haven't had sex with each other in quite some time.  I don't offer this as an excuse for our role in it, I'm just telling you how it is.

So now we sort of sit back and wait.  This is not the fun part of inviting others into your bed.  It is a risk.



bdenied said...

sounds dangerous be careful....

JFBreak said...

Thank you. So far things are calm.

Red Ex said...

Yes, there is always a risk when you are fooling around when at least one of the parties is married. I have usually been the married one. Only got "caught" once. Lied like your friend. I think my wife believed me or at least wanted to believe me. We haven't had sex in years. That's a separate issue, but does lead to my cheating. My wife has not cheated. Just not interested in sex. I can't live that way. I hope you don't have any issues with his wife. Doesn't sound like it. Just be as careful as you can be.

JFBreak said...

Thanks for the comment. So far, things have stayed sane. We've all agreed we need to play it very cool and let it settle. But now, more than ever, we need to be very careful.