Friday, June 16, 2017

Sun bathing Beauty Part II

This is a follow up to the letter to my neighbor, the sun bather.

Here's the deal, I took this picture by just pointing my phone over the fence during a week day when I knew the neighbors were at work.  It seems so simple but even I, the guy who has seemingly risked so many risks at work, would never even consider taking a picture like this if the sun bathing beauty were outside.
It goes beyond the embarrassment of being caught. That would be on me and I'd say whatever I could to talk myself out of it.  But what about her?

You can see that she has sheets up to block the view between the cracks of the fence.  In fact, the panel I lifted my phone over has a sheet blocking the cracks on my side.

I actually like this lady and would hate to make her feel unsafe or exposed in the privacy of her own backyard.  Even if I was the guy who had to face the music, I couldn't allow myself to make her feel uncomfortable.

Now we can talk all day about the things you have to put up with when you live in a community full of other people with homes pushed together like chicken coops.  You can say it is the risk you take when you walk into your backyard knowing the neighbors can see much of what you do.  Look no further than the risk my wife and I take when we get in our hot tub naked.

If the man who lives behind us hoisted his fat ass up to peer over the fence and see into our hot tub, I'd just look at him and say, "Really?"

Of course my wife would probably just whip out her tits and flash him.

My point is, we all know the risk but that is no reason to be the guy who makes a lady who just wants to tan her delicious ass and fine legs and perky boobies any more uncomfortable than she has to be.

So for now, no pictures.  But I'll look out the window and sneak a peek without her being the wiser.

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