Saturday, July 1, 2017

Repost: JD Has a Party...

This is a repost of a blog I first presented in 2013.  It actually has a lot of meaning to me now, given the things that have transpired this past week.
I've written in the past about our friend and former threesome partner, JD, who, though not the first of our partners, was without question the longest lasting and both our favorite guest in our bed.  It has been years since the last interlude, either in form of threesome or with my wife and JD sneaking away alone for a little fun time.  There have been lunches with JD's wife who, for as far as we can tell, has remained clueless to the entire situation.

Saturday, we went to a party at JD's home.  He has finished his military service and while the wife stayed back, he was away for the last few years, making it home on weekends when he could or having her visit him when her job allowed.

Whenever we visit, and Saturday was no different, there is this immediate connection between he and I and he and my wife.  We make that eye contact that says, "I acknowledge all that has occurred in the past, but for this place and at this time, we are simply friends".  Admittedly, that's the eye contact he and I share; the message between JD and my wife might be slightly different, but I trust it equates to: "We are not going to fuck tonight".

There is no awkwardness or strange feeling being around him or his wife.  This was not always true.  There was a time when my wife was simply terrified of the possibility that, even though past visits have not resulted in any issue, this could be the visit where the wife explodes and reveals that she knows everything.  So much time has passed now, that I think we would simply look at her and say, "That was ten years ago, let it go."

On this visit, there was no discussion of anything even remotely sexual.  We congratulated JD on his career, thanked him for his service, enjoyed drinks and snacks and talked of gardening and decks and barbecue pits and the things that any neighbor or colleague might talk about at a party.

When other people began filing out of the house, we too bid our farewell with promises of getting together soon.  JD asked us if we didn't want to stay longer and have a few more beers, but it was only prudent that we didn't.

When my wife and I got into our truck for the drive home, she commented that he looked older but the same.  She had a few unflattering comments about the wife who, honestly still looks beautiful in her mid-40's.  There was a few moments of quiet between us and then my wife blurted out, Before you even ask, yes.  Yes I would totally fuck him in a heartbeat.

I smiled and chuckled a bit, then thought to myself, Yes, I would totally fuck him in a heartbeat, too.

So what happens next?  Probably nothing, but it makes wonderful banter during our sex talk at night.


And of course, it's all happened...

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