Thursday, July 27, 2017

The First View...

From as early as I can recall I had always had little playmates on my street who would play show and tell (mostly show). I can just imagine the scandal it would be now, but back then (in the 1970's) there would be a group of five or six boys and girls playing and then somehow or another, the playing would lead to some bushes or some kid's shed where we would end up showing off our privates to one another. There was nothing sexual about this activity, but we all knew it would mean trouble if we were caught. Even though we moved several times during my youth (we were a military family) these games always seemed to find me. A new set of friends simply meant new and different genitals to explore.

I mention this only to point out that from an early age, I had seen the female form many, many times, so the differences in what us guys had and what the girls had was no real mystery. Likewise, not so much in a sexual way, I found the penis far more interesting to look at, simply because we were all at least slightly different in appearance. I always seemed to have an erection when we played these games; my recollection is that usually my friends did not.

So at about the time I really started to find interest in girls, I was in probably the sixth grade or so. I actually had a girlfriend in my class named JoAnn, but she lived far enough away that she had to ride a bus and therefore, our only contact was in class. Her best friend was named Peggy. I even remember her last name and what she looked like, though I only have the vaguest of memories of what the girlfriend looked like. Peggy lived close to the school and so it was not uncommon that I would see her on weekends or after school.

There was a group of us kids ranging in age from 5th to about the 8th grade who were hanging out at the base swimming pool one weekend when someone suggested we walk over to a nearby park and hang out. I don't recall that we were hidden from view, but instead we were just away from other people when someone suggested a game of truth or dare. I don't recall the boys to girls ratio, but Peggy had somehow joined our little group and there had to have been at least one more girl playing the game.

The details are somewhat sketchy but I do recall that at some point I was supposed to kiss Peggy but I pointed out that I had a girlfriend and kissing Peggy was not possible. So instead of kissing, the others had suggested that as an alternative, we had to show each other our privates. I gladly whipped out my fully erect dick and let everyone take a nice long gander. Aside from Peggy, the rest of the kids had surely seen my dick probably a hundred times, so it was just not a big deal for me.

Peggy was wearing a bikini and after seeing how I had just whipped out my dick, she giggled and lowered the front of her bikini bottoms to reveal a small bush of pubic hair. Regardless of age, I doubt any one of the guys in our group had ever seen a female with pubic hair outside the pages of a Playboy. The viewing lasted only seconds but the game we were playing was over. I don't think people did high-fives back when I was in the 6th grade, but everyone of us had felt like we hit the jackpot and there was much hooting and dancing around before we went back to the pool.

I never did get another view of Peggy and there was never any word about the game we played to her best friend and my girlfriend, JoAnn, but we often shared a knowing giggle while at school.


Anonymous said...

Nice story. Thanks for sharing your experience. As a kid in the 70s, I often wondered if everyone played these kinds of games. I played with a number of different neighbors - often with siblings. So, for example, next to me lived Tom and Dave...I was 11, Tom 10 and Dave was 13...Dave was the ring leader and loved to play doctor. Eventually, he taught us both to JO. I am forever grateful to I'm for that!. Across the street there was a large family and we had sleepovers to include 3 brothers and a sister...we played doctor just a couple of times...always fun, and always harmless. Simple exploration.

JFBreak said...

I have to agree with you about it being harmless. I think to a person that I've talked with about this who had done similar things, assuming there was no adult involved and we are talking same aged kids, I have viewed it as perfectly normal exploration, no different than exploring beyond the boundaries of your back yard.

Obviously, and I've written about this also, there are opportunities for abuse to creep in. When much older kids are playing these games with the younger ones, there is most definitely something a little more sinister involved.

With today's helicopter parents, organized play dates and activities taking every moment of a kid's life, I wonder if there is ever an alone moment that kids could do what we did in the 70's. On the other hand, I would easily trade early access to the Internet over any of the "exploring" I did as a kid.

bdenied said...

I had so many similar experiences. I dont want to date myself but I was involved in these types of games in a different decade. I would venture that most kids go through such explorations.

I remember being in the woods and dropping my shorts to expose my erection not hidden by the pubic hair that had not yet started to grow while my playmate revealed her very darkly hair bush. She was only a year age different (older I believe). I have heard girls mature sexually at a much quicker rate than do boys. (Oh yeah and I dont have any pubic hair now but I choose to keep it shaved off because I frankly hate public hair.)