Saturday, July 29, 2017

The German...

I spent three months on a quick deployment to the city of Sarajevo back in the late 90's when I was still in the military. The duty was part of the Stabilization Force which consisted of a large coalition of countries. Before I got there, I assumed there would be work with folks from the other coalition countries, but it just didn't occur to me that I would be roommates with a guy from another country.

They create these dormitories of sorts made out of CONEX containers, you know, the big metal boxes that goods are shipped on from one side of the world to another. They stack them two high, build a wooded deck between two rows of them and add a cover and some stairs, and just like that, a set of dorms. Inside, they had insulated and paneled the walls, put in a few electrical outlets and a window unit air conditioner as I recall.

Anyway, at the billeting office, they handed me a key, gave me the room number and a paper with a map for the dining facility, hours of the various stores and such and sent me on my way. When I walked in the door, I could see an empty bunk to throw my stuff on and saw that the other bunk was made, but no sign of who the person living with me would be.

Once I dropped off my stuff, it was back to work to finish the 12 hour work day. When I got back to the CONEX, I put the key in the door and opened it up to find a nude German guy standing there. I was a little taken aback, not because I hadn't seen a German guy before (though admittedly, I hadn't seen a nude one), but I guess I just expected to see some BDU's with an American flag on the shoulder instead of a set of Air Force Blues with German insignia hanging on the locker.

Christian was his name, and he smiled as he slipped on a pair of pajamas. He had just come from the shower, a facility built into one of the containers at the end of the row. His English was very good (as you would expect from a guy who spoke several languages and aside from being deployed to Bosnia, had been assigned to London for the previous two years).

Christian was probably in his late twenties, single, and was very friendly, telling me the ins and outs of the camp we were billeted in. For the US military, they have General Order #1 which bars the consumption of alcohol. Christian told me that in the camp we were at, the Americans generally ignored that rule between 7PM and 10PM so they could socialize with the folks from the other countries. He also offered to take me to the German PX, a huge container that sold the necessities for the German military folks to survive in a war zone - beer and tobacco.

At this point in my life, I had experienced some MFM threesomes with my wife and I had already had my first encounter with another guy, but I had not embraced the fact that I was really Bi. The next three months would give me a nudge.

As you can imagine, working long days and then hitting the camp watering hole for a few hours in the evenings left very little time in the small containerized dorm room for anything short of sleeping. During the first week or two there, my contact with the German roommate was minimal. There were days when I was up, showered and off to catch the duty bus into work before he awoke (he worked some sort of administrative job with pretty easy hours), and then I'd be in bed asleep that night before he quietly came in.

But in the short periods (twenty minutes here, thirty minutes there) we were both awake and sitting in the dorm room together, we got to know one another, sharing stories about home, life growing up etc. Christian was an interesting guy. I'm hesitant to post details of his upbringing, but though he was in the German Air Force, he was actually an immigrant from Romania. His parents had been political activists and actually escaped prosecution by the government when they took him at a young age and sought asylum in Germany.

At the time, the big scandal in the States was Bill Clinton and the stained Blue Dress situation. Christian just laughed at how ridiculous it all was, pointing out that European men are expected to receive blow jobs from adoring fans when they are in high positions. At first, I tried to offer a point of view that while the story being sold was that this was all about sex, it was really about perjury under oath, he only seemed to be more amused.

We moved on to a topic I enjoy (having lived in Europe myself) at how much more open Europeans seem to be about sexuality. He told me about how when he was in high school, he would bring his girlfriend home and after the appropriate pleasantries with his parents, he and the girl would go to his room and engage in sex, and it never occurred to him to be embarrassed or secretive about what was going on.

Another difference between he and I was his casualness in changing into sleeping clothes. When I was getting ready for bed, I would slip out of my clothes and into gym shorts, then I could get my uniform ready for the next day, go down the hall to brush my teeth, etc. Christian would slip out of his clothes, pull off his boxers, and put on pajama pants. Once he was ready to actually get in his bunk, he would slip off the pajama pants and sleep nude.

I honestly tried to be cool about it and not gawk, but I can't tell you how many times I looked up from a book I was reading to see his semi-erect dick two feet from my face. And no, I did not mind one bit.

In the mornings, he would slip on his pajama pants to go down to the bathroom container, then back to the dorm room to get ready for work. While most of the time I was gone by the time he got up, there were a handful of occasions where he had to get up at the same time or maybe before me. The first time I saw him get out of bed and stand-up with a full hard-on I wanted so bad to ask him if he needed some help, but instead I quietly took it in and stayed in my own bunk until he slipped on his pajamas and left the room. I then promptly jacked-myself off before heading to the showers.

I don't know what it was that made me think about this guy, but looking back, I wonder if he ever had any idea how worked up I was getting each time I caught just momentary glimpses of his dick. I never got even the slightest hint that he might be open to any Bi action or how he would feel about me overtly masturbating in the room with him there. I was not about to create an international incident or give cause for the Don't Ask - Don't Tell rules to be tried. But I think if I could have inserted one single conversation into brief time together, it would have been to ask he he felt about Gays serving in the military. No telling where that may have gone.

If you have any stories of military action, I'd love to read about it.


bdenied said...

I was stationed in Germany during the 70's. If one remembers, there was a little gathering in Munich called the Olympics. I was assigned to work there as a Liaison with members of the German government. I won't tell you why...In any event I was paired with a guy from Brooklyn. Think of your Brooklyn stereotypical guy and you have a picture of him. In any event we headed over to a civilian housing area of a US Military compound. Across the street from that housing area was a US Military barracks. It was three stories high and had privacy glass located in the latrine/shower facilities in the middle of each floors hallway. My Brooklyn partner and I were chatting up some hot civilian girls when I noticed a shadow outline of a male enter the latrine/shower area. You could see his outline but not him. It was obvious he had a very erect penis which he began to vigorously pump. Being offended for the girls, I said we should get the MP's involved and one of the girls said, "Oh God no, don't this that's fucking turning us on! Wow was I shocked!

JFBreak said...

I have a friend that was stationed in Australia. He said a guy would put on a similar show, but instead of shower with privacy glass, he put on his show from a large window with the curtains open. In his case, the military police did get involved!