Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Little Blue Pill

Why are we men so embarrassed to tell our doctors anything?  JD finally told his doctor about the issues with maintaining a boner he has experienced and the doctor was apparently quite matter of fact about it most likely being the result of stress in his life and some blood pressure issues.  A prescription for boner pills was written and as soon as it is viable, potentially today, JD will see if he can make that big wiener ridable for my wife.

Of course, when he was telling my wife what happened, she was embarrassed to admit that she had no idea about how these things work.  Rather than Google, she contacted Pancho.  You may recall from a previous blog entry, Pancho responded to some Low T issues that also had some impact on boner production.  One of his medications included the Viagra.  He explained the ins and outs (ha ha) of how it works to her, then offered to come demonstrate said pill in action.

When my wife told JD about this offer, he actually became turned on and said, he now understands why I get so turned on by the idea of another guy servicing his wife.  Wow, how strange would that be?  JD jacking off to Pancho banging my wife while I jack off to all of them?

Let's not get carried away.


Mike said...

That would be a funny thing to see. LOL

The little blue pill works like magic or me. I buy mine online from some pharmacy in India. Legitimate and less than 50 cents per pill.


JFBreak said...

Mike - thanks. I actually have the information you sent me about that. I've toyed with the idea ordering some just to give it a try. On the other hand, perhaps now maybe JD will let me give it a whirl!

Simplicity said... really are living the sweet life!

JFBreak said...

No four hour erection yet, but this next week might be a winner!