Thursday, July 27, 2017

The sound of a voice...

For several years after graduating and in fact for the first few years of my marriage, I was obsessed with my high school sweetheart. We had broken up due to distance (her family moved senior year) and we held on via long distance phone calls and letters (this is years before Internet, e-mail and cell phones), but it was too much. We remained friends - well we wrote letter like friends - but I really couldn't give up my love for her.

Over the years I moved on, our letters became less frequent, and I met and married my wife. There was probably a ten year stretch where we lost touch. Then, several years ago through the use of the Internet, I was able to track her down. It was not one of these stalking things (well, okay, it was) but by the time I was in my early forties, I was smart enough to know that my memories were just that.

I contacted her via e-mail and she was extremely excited to hear from me. The e-mails of life in the past years flew back and forth, stories of our kids, our spouses and so on. Neither of us ever came close to pushing the envelope of even the slightest flirtation, and it never will. We go for months at a time with no real communication, then one or the other will forward a joke or an article via e-mail which will spark a short exchange of "how are things" and then it is over for the next few months.

But today, she sent me a link to a YouTube video of her son in school. Of course, I was eager to see if she had any other videos posted. There was a video of her cat and her dog. She was doing the speaking for the animals. And there was her voice.

All at once a flood of memories hit me. I never really thought of her voice over these years. Would I recognize her in a crowded bar - she looks like an older version of herself, but honestly, I saw her picture on Facebook several times before recognizing her. But hearing that voice did something wonderful. It reminded me of things in her personality that I really liked about her.

I also remember that she was bar none, the best sex I have ever had (with a woman). As John Candy said in the movie Summer Rental, "Do you know what it is like to hit your peak at 16?"

Wow. I hope my wife doesn' t ever read this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Yes ... I contacted my first love on facebook and she friend-ed me ... yes that is the flutter of my heart. I have measured every love I have experienced against the love that I felt with her. My correspondence with her has been one short message to her and one that came back.

I think about writing her ... and yes I stalked her to find her ... but isn't facebook all about stalking? And isn't putting yourself up on facebook about wanting to be found?

I'm glad you were able to reconnect with her voice and experience the flood of memories.

Oh, and my first love? She turned out to be HOT!!!!


JFBreak said...

The funny thing is, because our occasional e-mails are kept very matter-of-fact, chatting about families type of things, she still seems like a person I would enjoy being a neighbor with, but not someone I could really open up to or confide in. It took a long time to stop living that fantasy of "what if we got back together", and now I realize that I would have a better chance of making something work by just randomly picking a photo from the high school yearbook.

You hear about these people that get back together after finding their true lost love thirty or forty years later. What do these people have in common? Have they not lived lives and grown?

It was nice to hear and recognize her voice and I loved the rush of emotions, but that would be as far as it goes.

And yes, she is a MILF at age 45.