Sunday, August 6, 2017

REPOST: Car Jacking

This is a repost of one of the dozens of stories I have deleted from the blog over time. I have started to look through my archives and as something catches my fancy, I'll post it again. Hopefully some of it will be entertaining. This post was pretty much a cut & paste from posts I made on a Yahoo group. I haven't changed anything other than to update the time frame. At the time, my wife still worked and it meant that on Sunday mornings, she was not home. My kids were at the age where they slept in until noon, so I had plenty of time to play on the Internet or even slip off for a short drive.


So, back to when I had an idea that it would be cool to jack-off while driving! Okay, I still like that idea. But the following are a series of stories I posted to a Yahoo group for guys that enjoy "CarJacking" or J/O while driving. All of these event happened over a about 6 week period about 9 or 10 years ago. If you are familiar with San Antonio, you will probably recognize the locations I mention, but you will realize that the areas have been developed now.

My first Carjacking post:
A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a guy online. We are both bi-curious, both happily married, and both wanting to explore without getting caught. Neither of us has the place to meet so we decided to try a carjacking session. The first meeting was nerve wracking for both of us. We met at a local grocery store parking lot and he got into my truck. Right away I told him how my stomach was in knots and he said he couldn't believe that he had gotten into the vehicle of a total stranger. We pulled onto Highway 281 and headed north past Loop 1604. We both traded remarks about how we had never done this before.

As we drove on, I finally pulled my sweats down a bit exposing my very soft dick. When he pulled his shorts down, I was pleased to see a very thick cock. Not long but very thick. We continued to talk and stroke our dicks and slowly, we both began to feel comfortable. I asked him if I could stroke him and he said yes, as long as I didn't wreck! I stroked his dick for a few minutes and then stopped to pay attention to the road. He then took my dick in his hand and found me hard as a rock. It felt so good having another guy stroke me.

We pulled off 281 onto a side rode and drove down a winding country road for a bit, still taking turns stroking each other. The road made its way back to 281 and we then drove north to Spring Branch. There is a picnic area on the side of the road so I pulled in and stopped. We stroked each other some more but the fear of the passing traffic seeing what we were doing made us leave after a few minutes.

We headed back down 281 toward San Antonio and finally back to the grocery store lot. We shook dicks and hands ;) and thanked each other for making it a comfortable first meeting.

We decided to try it again this Sunday (this morning) and met at a different store. This time we were a lot more comfortable. Right away when I pulled onto Highway 16 (Bandera Road), we both pulled our pants down to expose our hard dicks. We went north out of Helotes and turned onto Scenic Loop Road. As we drove slowly down the road, we did the same routine - taking turns stroking each other.

I was actually hoping to find a place to pull off the road but there wasn't anything suitable. As we drove on, I told him I wanted to see him cum. He took a towel (that he had conveniently brought with him) and began to stroke faster. Finally, he unloaded a huge flood of cum
onto the towel. It was awesome to see another guy cum. He cleaned up and as I drove, he said that he wanted to see me.

It just so happened that I came upon a driveway of sorts and pulled off on it. I asked for his towel and within 20 seconds was at the point of bursting. About three good spurts dribbled onto the towel as he stared. I then cleaned off and we both let out a nervous laugh.

Baby steps I told him.

We ended up on IH-10 and headed back into San Antonio, the whole way discussing our families and things like that. Just friendly chat.

We both look forward to our next Sunday morning drive.

My second Carjacking post:
My buddy and I did something a little different for our Sunday morning drive. We both drove and met at a secluded location for a quick stroke session outside of the vehicles. It was so intense because we were both so nervous that we would get caught.

We stopped at a little creek down a country road between San Antonio and Castroville. We stopped but neither of us felt comfortable - just too open to people passing by.

Instead, we drove a little bit more toward the town of Macdonna and spotted a bridge that had a dry creek bed under it. Plus, there was a road leading down below it - probably used by people riding motorcycles or something under it.

We drove down and parked and then got out to walk around and look for any sign of people. After seeing it was clear, we both pulled out our dicks and began to stroke. We were both really nervous. Finally, I went down to dick level and took his thick dick into my mouth for the
first time. It was so thick. I sucked him for maybe 20 seconds or so and then stood up. He immediately decided he would try and went down on me. It felt so good. But of course, we were so nervous about someone seeing us. After a few seconds he stopped and then we both stood there and stroked. My buddy then began to play with my hairy tummy and then began to squeeze my nipple. This was an incredible new feeling. I could feel myself ready to unload. He then actually began to suck my nipple and that was it. I told him it felt so good and I was about to cum. He stood back and I shot my load all over the ground. I continued to stroke my dick and he began quickly stroking knowing he was about to cum. I just stared at his dick and watched as several globs of white cum fell to the ground.

With that, we both put our dicks away and walked back to our vehicles and drove away. A short and sweet J/O session. It was a bit scary as neither of us would want to get caught so chances are, we will probably stick to driving around.

My third Carjacking post:
Hey fellow SA Carjackers. My buddy and I stepped it up a notch on our weekly drive this morning. I described last week how we had an intense J/O session under a bridge. Today was a lot more intense.

First, we met at a Home Depot store on I-10 and then headed north past 1604. After several miles, we both had our dicks out and were casually stroking. My buddy likes the fact that I have a hairy stomach and chest, so I decided to raise my shirt and let him play with it.

He squeezed my nipple and rubbed my chest, stomach and cock as I drove. Our conversation was limited - we both knew that today would be a step further toward a bi experience, not just two guys jacking off together.

Finally, he pointed out to me the secluded drive that he had found for us. I hit the access road just beyond the Dominion and made the turn around to head back south. We pulled into an area under development and found a very secluded cul de sac. There was no sign of people,
but still the chance of someone coming along was real. We were both extremely nervous.

For those of you not familiar with our situation, we are both happily married guys with good jobs. Doing something like this and getting caught could mean serious problems for both of us.

We parked my truck along the side of the street in front of a heavily wooded lot. We decided that if anyone came upon us, we would explain that we pulled off I-10 to take a piss.

We cautiously walked into the wooded area and looked around for signs of other people as well as looking to see how blocked our view would be. At one point, I thought that we were actually up into someones backyard, but my buddy checked it out a little closer to see that things were cool. When he returned, he found me standing behind a tree with my dick out and stroking. We smiled at one another and, though still nervous, he approached me and pulled his out. I may have mentioned before, that I am not very thick at all and just at 6 inches in length. I'd say he is the same length but very, very thick. We are both cut.

We stood facing each other and then he began to stroke me and I stroked him. Our dicks were hard as steel. He played some more with my stomach, nipple and chest and I decided I needed to go down on him. I looked around for any sign of people and then dropped into a kneeling position and took his dick in my mouth. God he is big. I wanted to suck him so bad. I sucked for maybe a minute or two, stroking him with my hand and sucking, and finally, removing my hand from his dick and just taking him in my mouth.

I was so afraid of being caught. As I sucked, I could feel myself looking around (as much as one can with a dick in their mouth). I could taste his pre-cum and I was hoping that he would cum before I lost the nerve to continue.

Finally, I could not take the nervousness anymore. I lifted up and asked him if it felt good. He said it did, and without a word, he went down on my semi-erect dick. Just watching my buddy
suck my dick and looking through the trees was really getting me off.

I was so nervous but it felt so good. I'm not sure if he heard it or not, but I could hear the sound of my truck cooling off (you know, the sound that it makes when the A/C drips condensation) and also, a squirrel or something in the woods. The fear that someone might find us and the fact that I was getting head was so incredible. My legs were literally wobbling. I whispered to my buddy that I was about to cum.

I fully expected for him to stop sucking and let me shoot off into the air. Instead, he continued to suck. I felt that sudden feeling and he just continued sucking taking my cum into his mouth and down his throat. I couldn't believe it - he was swallowing my cum.

This continued for 10 - 15 seconds. Finally, he stood up and stumbled back. As shaky as my legs were, he looked worse. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. He just needed to gather himself.

I knew there was no way either of us could do anything else. He pulled some gum from his pocket and started to chew it. I really expected him to spit or puke or something but he was cool. As we walked back to the truck, I told him that it was no longer a fantasy
for him, that he had actually done it.

We drove back toward the meeting place and we were both in sort of a daze. My body was still shaking with from the intense orgasm I had just had and he was lost in thought over the realization that he had just swallowed another man's cum for the first time.

When I dropped him off at his car, we agreed to stay in touch and hopefully have another drive next Sunday.

I have to admit, I felt kinda guilty as I drove home, for not reciprocating. But he and I both know that we are new to this and we have to understand each other's limits.

Next time!

My fourth Carjacking post:
As usual, we met at a predesignated location and my buddy got into the truck with me. Like last week, he had a place for us to go. We headed north on IH-10, but not for long and around about 1604 he directed me to a secluded wooded area that I had passed many times without noticing.

The interesting thing about this place was that it was along a narrow rocky path, and though I have a truck, it is not a 4-wheel-drive by any means. We drove down a path and when I felt that we were far enough from the roadway above us, I stopped and we got out to explore the area.
Like last time, my buddy had already viewed the area but honestly, I needed to be sure myself.

We explored the area for a few minutes. Clearly, This is a place that people, probably college kids from UTSA (which was close by) come to party. We found many empty beer cans thrown about, the remains of a fire, lots of other trash. But honestly, I knew he was on to something with this place because, in the early morning on a Sunday, they probably would not be there to party.

I was the first to pull my sweats down to stroke myself. I told him I was worried about my truck since we were a good 100 yards away from it out of view and I had left my keys and cell phone there. Not to worry - what we were doing would not take long.

My buddy approached me and pulled his hard, thick dick out and began to stroke. He is huge. I went down immediately and took his dick, the head of which was covered in oozing pre-cum into my mouth. I sucked and stroked him for a few minutes, a time or two stopping to listen for sounds that made me so nervous.

After I stopped sucking and stroking he told me he was going to do something. He told me to turn around. I thought for sure he wanted to stroke my dick as if he were jacking himself. But instead he tugged on my sweats and brought them down further. At that split second, I thought he was going to try to take my ass. I just took my hands and spread my ass cheeks, not sure how I would react to what was going to happen next.

Keep in mind, I was still very nervous from the traffic off in the distance. I was so turned on by my own fear of both, the chance of getting caught, and what my bud was going to do. In a split second, he dropped to a knee and I felt his tongue probe my ass. Geeze that was hot. And not to be gross, but thank goodness I had just showered maybe 20 minutes earlier. He basically probed my ass with his tongue for at least a minute or two. I have to tell you, it felt so good.

I think he could feel my legs trembling. He stopped and then I turned around. With my dick still out but not fully erect, he took me in his mouth and began to suck. It was not more than a few strokes and I could feel myself building up to climax.

I pulled my dick away from my buddy thinking that maybe I would go back to sucking him but instead, I just blew my load all over the ground below us. My heart was pounding. He watched me continue to stroke my dick and within a minute, he splashed a thick load of cum all over the ground.

We smiled at one another - out came the gum - and we were off to the truck.

Okay - as I said before, my truck is not a 4WD model and we almost got stuck trying to get out of our little play area. At first, I tried to turn the truck around in a very small area but it was no use - as much as I tried to turn, I just got myself stuck. In the end, I backed most of the way out and we got back to the main road. We definitely won't go there anytime it rains!

My last Carjacking post:
My Sunday morning J/O buddy and I had another adventure. It is less of a car jacking story but I'll post it here anyway since I have had many guys e-mail me telling me how much they like the reports.

This morning, we met at a place off of I-10 and he got into my truck. I already had my semi-hard dick out and rubbing it. We headed out onto 1604 and drove up a nice windy road toward a golf course out there. Lots of open places, woods, creeks etc. As we drove up the road, my buddy reached over and started stroking my dick. It felt so good. Finally, about 3 miles or so up the road, we found the perfect spot. I backed my truck into a little parking area of sorts that was hidden by brush and trees on one side, and a huge mound of earth on the other. There, we locked the vehicle and went off for a nice little hike in the country.

We found the most incredible place maybe 100 yards off the road but sort of an opening surrounded by rocks, trees and heavy brush. It was the perfect spot. Through the trees, you could make out the road but it was clear, that a passing car would never see us. For the first time in our adventures, I felt really really at ease enough that I wasn't constantly looking over my shoulder.

I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and my bud quickly dropped his pants. I think we both knew that today was going to be the day that I swallowed his cum (or any guys cum) for the first time. He lifetd my shirt and went straight for my nipple and began to suck it as he stroked my dick. After a bit of this, I stopped him and headed for his dick. I sucked a bit and then went for his balls. He was hugely turned on by me licking and sucking his balls. It felt so hot, he was basically slapping has fat dick on my face as I sucked the balls. I then went for the dick and grabbed his firm ass cheeks and let him begin to fuck my face.

I switched back and forth between his dick and balls several times and before long, he whispered that he was getting close. I opened my mouth and held my tongue out as he stroked himself to seal the deal. Right at the moment he was ready, I took him in my mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. He unloaded into my mouth and it pleasantly flowed right down my throat. I had finally done it!

I could tell I had really pleased him. With my pants still at my ankles, I lifted up and he went down to my dick and sucked - it was clear though, that having just cum, he was not ready to do it so instead, he went back to my nipple and stroked me until I shot my load all over his hand. My legs were like wet noodles.

We then made the short hike back to my truck and made our way back to the meeting spot.

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