Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tell Me About Reddit...

I know many of you are Reddit people and I've actually looked around there from time to time.  I only recently created an account.  I'm interested in possibly creating a sub-Reddit to form a discussion area for a particular podcast.  Question is, am I better off using a different platform?

I have to wait at least 30 days and gather a certain level of Karma on Reddit, so I do plan to spend more time exploring, so, feel free to share your favorites with me, either via comment or e-mail.

I'm also open to any suggestions with regards to a better venue for discussing weekly podcast episodes.


bdenied said...

I have an account but I really cant figure out how the whole site is set up. It seems of reminds me of the old style bulletin boards of when the internet first started up. I just dont get it.

JFBreak said...

Isn't that funny. I think we are both old enough to have spent time on the old BBS's yet, this reddit seems so difficult to navigate. We have become point and click people.

I've been messing around with it as I can. I've actually posted some comments on pics people upload of their wives. Of course.