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The Veronica Story: Part Nine - Just Us Guys...

------Part Nine - Just us Guys ------

I walked into my office and checked e-mail and phone messages, then looked at my calendar.  Aside from one message, a co-worker calling me to say she had to take her kid to a dental appointment in the morning and wouldn't be in until noon, there was nothing pressing.  I made a few calls, sent a few e-mails, talked to a few people then went upstairs and talked to my co-worker to tell him I was playing hooky for a few hours.  If anything important came up, he should call me on my cell phone.

I rarely take time off, never call in sick, and stay at work long after most of my co-workers leave for the day.  Even on the mornings that I would visit Veronica, I was still in the office before most of the others.  In short, skipping out for a few hours was nothing for me to feel guilty about.

When I got back to the apartment compound, I found Mrs. Kravitz at her post, looking at me, looking at her.  I smiled with no response from her.  Jonah walked out the front door to come to the truck and Veronica, holding Emma waved good bye.

Jonah was wearing jeans with well worn boots and a Texas A&M t-shirt.  He smelled freshly showered and I recognized the Axe body wash my son uses.  He seemed enthusiastic about our little adventure and asked where we were off to.  I drove out of the compound up to Military then headed west toward Highway 90.  I told him I wanted to go someplace we could talk and get to know each other a little better.   We stopped in at a Barbecue place and got some ice teas for our trip.  We had a little chit chat and small talk as I drove.

 I had the idea of going to an old fishing hole I took my kids when they were younger, and before long, we were on Highway 90 headed west toward the town of Castroville.  I had the radio playing fairly low so we could talk but I asked Jonah what stations he listened to.  What really surprised me about both Veronica and Jonah was the fact that they seemed so mature.  Granted, at 25, I felt mature too, but in retrospect, I was just a little kid.  Jonah shared a wide interest in musical tastes like me, saying, "Anything but hip hop."

He started punching the pre-sets to get an idea about the stations I listen to and with each new station, he would say, "That’s cool" or "I can get into that."

He hit the last button, a station called Tejano 107.5, and Jimmy Gonzales and Grupo Mazz were belting out one of their hits.

                                           Pero tengo que aceptar
Nada gano con llorar
Como pudo esto pasar
Me pregunto

Que manera de perder
Mas y mas; me acuerdo mas
Pero nada se compara amor
Como te quiero

Once you get beyond Loop 1604 anywhere south of Highway 90 in San Antonio, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of farms and ranch land.  Texas is huge, and you can find yourself feeling the freedom of space just 15 or 20 minutes from the metropolis.  We listened to the music with very little discussion and then I turned south onto Melcher Lane, directly between two cornfields.  At the end of the road we turned east onto Gross Lane and I pulled the truck off the road into a clearing at a bridge where the Medina River crosses, maybe 40 to 50 feet at the most.  The water is low enough that you could easily walk across most the way, and maybe get wet up to your waist at the deepest.  Of course, wearing slacks and a shirt with tie, I had no intention of swimming.

I had not been to this place in years.  I had these memories of taking my kids with small fishing poles and letting them fish, with absolutely no expectation of catching anything.  We could spend an hour or two with maybe one other car passing by the whole time.  If nothing had changed, I expected Jonah and I could kick back, drink tea and get to know one another with little interruption.  And that’s what we did.

I had the windows on the truck rolled down and I pulled the keys out of the ignition so I could open the door without the irritating bing bing bing.  I began to loosen my tie and Jonah looked over at me, a bit alarmed and said, "Hey, I’m totally cool with you and your whole Bi thing, but I need you to know that I’m not that way."

I laughed out loud, "Relax.  I’m not here to convert you."  

There is an assumption that the men into “this thing” have latent homosexual feelings and they utilize their wives as a way of secretly fulfilling the need for contact with other men.  While in a way, I can see how that might be true in some men, I have known too many guys that simply had no interest whatsoever in any form of male to male contact, yet, were extremely flexible if the activity involved the wife.  I know that Veronica would have told me if Jonah was bi, or if she even suspected that he had hidden feelings about it.  The idea that he could get off on the panties with my load so elegantly painted on them, did not surprise me in the least, given what I have learned over the years.

I took my tie off and placed it on the dash then rolled up my sleeves and made myself a little more comfortable. We were parked beneath a very large oak that provided a huge canopy of shade, but without much of a breeze, it wouldn't be long before the temperature would rise and things would be uncomfortable without the benefit of air conditioning.  I repeated myself, "I’m not here to convert you, but if you feel the urge to show me your dick, I won’t complain." 

We both laughed and Jonah responded, "I think I’m good."

With that little ice breaker, our conversation flowed for more than an hour.  Jonah told me about his time in the military, his tour in the war zone, and probably a little more detail than he should have shared.  He told me about his family, growing up and in particular, the story about losing his virginity while visiting his uncle in Cotulla.  There was definitely more to the story than Veronica had told me.

It turned out that his uncle Steven was actually not much older than him.  Jonah’s dad was the oldest of the family and Steven was the youngest, just about six or seven years older than Jonah.  That year, the uncle had been seeing this younger gal.  I hesitate to use the words Statutory Rape, but given the fact that the uncle was over twenty-one and the young lady was sixteen or so (I’m not sure of the exact details here) I think it would be safe to assume.  Right or wrong, I get the feeling this type of relationship probably happens in many smaller towns in Texas, and elsewhere.  Plus, defending his uncle, Jonah said, "Look how old you are compared to Veronica."

I quickly responded, "We’re not here to talk about Veronica.  Tell me about your first time!"

Turns out Jonah got quite the education.  Steven had been with the teenage town pump on numerous occasions, as had apparently many of the boys and young men in Cotulla.  With the promise of enough Jack Daniels for everyone, the girl, Tabitha, agreed to a threesome.  The three had an ice chest of Mexican Cokes, a fifth of Jack and plastic cups with them when they headed onto the family hunting lease.  There was fairly rustic travel trailer used as a hunting camp, and the boys knew it was not being used that weekend.

When they arrived, Jonah cranked on the air conditioner, they turned on some music and the party commenced.  For Jonah, his role was mostly as observer.  He sipped his drink and watched voyeuristically as his uncle engaged the teen.  She was easily the more experienced which Jonah told me he found both exciting, but sad.  "How could this girl who was the same age as me know so much?"

When Uncle Steven finished his turn, he pulled up his pants and walked to the kitchen part of the trailer to refill his cup.  Jonah sat frozen, realizing that he was now required to take action.  He had no idea that when Tabitha suggested he go down on her, that he was being made the butt of a joke.  Jonah thought nothing of the used condition of his first sexual partner and did as instructed.  Several years before he was even aware of the term, Jonah experienced his first cream pie.

Steven came back and busted out laughing at the sight of Jonah with his face buried in used pussy. Instead of being embarrassed, Jonah happily continued, then promptly stood up, dropped his pants and proceeded to do what came natural, "for a full forty-five seconds."

He said that he and the uncle took turns twice, before they both passed out drunk.  He has no idea whatever became of Tabitha but he hoped the best for her.

Jonah described how he came to meet Veronica at the lounge and how it took him a while to convince her, not only to go out with him (that was an expensive endeavor) but how he was actually cool with the fact that she danced for other men.  This is where I felt like we were getting to the point in the conversation where I wanted to be.   I really wanted to understand this mindset that obviously, was somewhat similar to my own.

Jonah’s first encounter with a woman was certainly unconventional and it would turn out, when he was in the military he had met a guy, Tom, who was a few years older, married and apparently, a swinger.  The stories Tom would tell Jonah in private were certainly titillating.  Tom and his wife would attend swing parties, and they had even gone on a trip to Jamaica where Tom and his adventurous wife spent four days and three nights of non-stop sex with others.  The trip culminated with his wife picking up a local who spent the evening in their villa ravaging her while her husband watched and furiously masturbated.  When he described for Jonah the ensuing cream pie and his consumption thereof, Jonah casually told him that he too had experienced that, though not with a well endowed Jamaican man, but rather his uncle and a sixteen year old girl.

I was seeing that with just these limited experiences; Jonah had a completely different point of view.  I had always been guarded with the idea, the fantasy of it.  On the other hand, for Jonah, this was simply another item on the menu of sexual encounters.  Though he had no interest in sucking a dick, the idea of eating his own or someone else's cum from a vagina was neither gay, nor gross.  "Name a woman who hasn't sucked a dick after it has been inside her own pussy.  Why is it any different?" he asked.

Jonah asked me how it started for me and my wife.  When did I realize that I had this turn-on, and how did I get her to join in the fun.  

"A Polaroid camera." I said. "That was the real start for us."

"I'm not sure I understand." Jonah replied, opening the truck door on his side to get out.  "Hang on a second, I gotta pee."  

Jonah walked to the large oak near the truck and stood there without an attempt to block himself from the view of the street, though facing away from me for privacy.  I turned away from where he was peeing on the tree and focused my eyes in the rear view mirror looking back at the road.

"Hey!" he called out to me.  When I turned to look, I found Jonah was flashing his dick at me.  He laughed and said, "There's your free show." He quickly zipped up and returned to the truck.  "So what about the Polaroid camera?" 

I explained the earliest years of my marriage and how my wife found a soft spot for a co-worker of mine who, after meeting and marrying the hottest girl in his squadron suddenly found himself in a sexless marriage only a year or two into it.  I was turned on by the fact that this guy would confess the details of his private life to my wife, and more turned on when she agreed to let me show him some of the nude pictures I had taken of her using a Polaroid instant camera, the pre-cursor of sending nude digital pictures via phones.  

Though I never fully understood the depths of my personal voyeuristic interests until much later in life, the picture sharing was a first step in becoming sexually aroused by watching another man's arousal at my wife.

As we continued to talk, Jonah pulled out his phone and began messing with it.  I realized, he had  dozens and dozens of images of Veronica in various poses and stages of undress.  He handed me the phone and said, "I think I have the same turn-on."

The first time I saw both of Veronica's tits was when she briefly flashed me, now I could zoom in and learn that only one nipple had been pierced.  "Yea," Jonah chuckled, "the first one hurt so bad, she refused to get the second one done."  

There were pictures in lingerie, pictures of her totally nude, fully clothed, several close-ups of her vagina, shots of her looking up at the camera as she sucked Jonah, and one that I fell in love with immediately, just her from the chest up with her hair fully done and make-up applied, almost like one of those old Glamour Shot photos.  "Wow!  What was going on here?"  I asked.

Her friend Liz was working at Macy's for a while and one of the ladies gave them both a free make-up session as part of some event.  "We couldn't afford to buy all that make-up, and frankly, Veronica looks great without it, but yea, I love that picture too."

I didn't want to appear overly creepy staring at the pictures, but it was obvious that Jonah enjoyed watching me look at them.  "I've shown a few other guys before," he said.  "But Veronica has never felt the urge to do anything with any of them."   

"Do you really think she has an urge to do something with me?"  I asked.

"It's kinda weird, but she knows I have this interest and since she genuinely likes you, I think she feels like you are a safe person for her to make both of us happy."  

"So what your saying is, Veronica is not just into older guys, this is all for you?" 

"She tells me everything.  I totally get that she loves spending time with you and loves what you talk about and have to say, but I also know that I asked her to masturbate for you and I also asked her to video tape you the other day.  And this morning when she flashed you, that was her on her own, but as soon as you left, I did give her a good fucking."

None of this came as a shock to me, though admittedly, it was a little painful to hear.  I handed Jonah the phone and said, "I love those pictures.  You realize I would never get any work done if I had them on my phone."  We both chuckled.

"Veronica would let you have them if you asked."  He told me.  "You've just never asked her."

"Are there any sort of limits?" 

Jonah sighed a little with a slight chuckle.  "I guess I've learned not to push the envelope, but I would say she is open to most things."

"What pushed the envelope?" I asked.

"When we first talked about the whole thing of me watching and she said she’d be willing to give it a try, I wanted to just jump right into it.  We were at some friend’s house; it was like a little cook out.  I suggested she seduce one of the guys, maybe a little make out session away from others but where I could watch.  She wasn't excited about that at all.  In fact, she got upset."

"Yea, I guess that does seem a little abrupt to start things off." I offered.

"I tried to get her to explain to me what the difference was between that and things she had done while dancing or when she would tend bar and put on a show for tips.  That just made it worse."

"Just digging the hole deeper, weren't you?" I laughed.

"She told me that things had to feel right.  It’s one thing to flash boobs at a concert, it’s another thing to walk up to your friend’s husband and shove your tits in his face, she told me.  On the other hand, one night, she did exactly that and she was cool about it."

"Okay, now you have to tell me about that." I asked.

"Yea, so we were at this cook out, a different one, when this guy we know kept drinking beer and the more he would drink, the more obvious it was that he was staring at Veronica’s boobs.  I mean, they are nice, but they aren't like these huge melons." Jonah laughed.  

"Anyway, Veronica went to the guys wife and said, I hope you don’t mind, but I just need to do this.  The wife was in on the whole thing, and as it turned out, all the wives were in on it.  Long story short, my buddy Mike got caught staring and Veronica says “Are you sure you can see?” And she lifts up her shirt and sticks her tits right in Mike’s face.  The first thing that happens is, Mike trips over a lawn chair and falls backwards on his ass, then his wife who, like I say is in on the whole thing comes over and starts giving him a huge rash of shit about being a pervert and all that.  Everyone just busted out laughing and Veronica just gave me a wink knowing I was cool with it all."

"Yea, she’s a good sport."  We both continued to chuckle over it.

"Have you ever taken any sort of daring public pictures, you know, the sneaky boob shot at McDonald’s or bent over at Home Depot?" I was obviously hoping for more detail.

"Hang on a sec."  Jonah took his phone and logged into an e-mail account then opened up a picture.  It was Veronica posing topless in front of a San Antonio Police sub-station.  "Daring enough?" Jonah asked.

"Unbelievable!" I said.  "I hope you won’t be offended, but I absolutely love your wife."

"Yea, I get that." He laughed.

There were a few more pictures of her posing in public places.  One of those ATM enclosures with the lights fully shining on her, she is facing the parking lot, and Jonah obviously took the picture from outside the little glass building.  There are several taken inside The Adult Video Megaplex where she has lifted her skirt to reveal she is not wearing panties.  One lifting the front, and two or three of her bending over.   "The manager asked us to please leave, but everybody was cool about it. They didn't make a scene and we just thanked them and left.  I mean, really, this is amateur hour when you consider the stuff she did at the bar."

I asked Jonah about the bar.  Had he ever thought it would be nice to pretend to be just a regular customer and sit through her shift as she put on the show getting tips from creepy guys like me?  He said he has, a lot.

"I know it sounds demeaning and all, but the idea of it, it just gives me such a rush.  I don’t think of her as a piece of meat.  I love her and she knows I love her, but this little thing, it’s really like some sort of drug addiction I have.  If she wasn't so cool about it all, I’m not sure what I would do."

"You’d think about it all the time and then you’d probably look at a lot of porn."  I laughed.

"Yea, well I do that anyway." He laughed with me.

As we chatted, two Medina County Sheriff cruisers sped over the bridge in front of us.  They didn't have sirens on, but they had their lights on and were going quite fast.  I looked at Jonah and said, "I think we ought to take this as a sign.  Plus, there is something I want to show you."  

I started the truck and we headed back up to Highway 90 and back into San Antonio.  The conversation continued as we drove with more details about how my wife and I finally had our first threesome after years of talking about it, and details of my wife being unfaithful - if that was what you call it - and how turned on I was by her sneaking around.  When we made our way back into town I took the Old Hiway 90 cut-off and drove a mile down before turning into Rodriguez Park.  At 11 in the morning, the park was fairly empty.  We parked in a parking lot near a pavilion with a sprinkling of other cars spaced out for obvious privacy.  I was eager to show Jonah one of the entertaining secrets I learned years ago about this place.

Every few minutes, a car would pull up next to one of the vehicles already parked.  Your first reaction would be that this was some sort of drug deal or maybe even a place for closeted homosexual men to engage in quick, anonymous sex.  Instead what it most certainly was, was a place for sanchas and sanchos to meet while their kids were in school.  I told Jonah, "These people are here to cheat on their spouses."

Jonah didn't find the same thrill from all this that I did, and then it became obvious to me how we were so much the same yet so different.  Here we were, two guys sitting in the same vehicle.  We've looked at pictures of his wife and told stories about our sex lives.  In Jonah's case, everything he was doing was perfectly acceptable to his wife, and there was nothing about his day that he would hesitate to share with her.  I had been in the same truck, same conversations, and yet, the fact that I was here was a secret.  I could never reveal to my wife that I had even spent the morning drinking tea and driving around with Jonah, much less looked at nude images of his wife.  It isn't that my wife is a prude, but clearly, something went wrong in our relationship years ago that caused our communication to cease.

Jonah asked me, "Don't you think it is sad that so many people come here?"  

"I don't.  That's my problem." I said, "I am totally turned on by everyone of these couples.  I want to know the details, I want to understand what went wrong in their marriage and how they ended up meeting someone in a park just to talk, maybe make-out a little.  I mean, look around.  None of these people are fucking; they're just spending time together like Veronica and I do.  We just do it over coffee in your apartment." 

Two more cars slowly pulled in a respectable distance from the truck.  We casually watched a woman in her late 40's, very pretty with nicely frosted hair wearing Capri's and a sleeveless shirt get out of her car then climb into the passenger seat of the car that had parked next to her. The man, at least 10 years younger looked to be wearing a uniform shirt, similar to the type the utility company issues.  They embraced immediately, but settled down to talk.  

"Can you help me with something?" 

"What's to know?"  

Jonah laughed. "So if you weren't married to your wife, would you marry a man?"

"No, not at all.  It is a sex thing." 

We both laughed more.  "But with guys, I could be friends, but I don't see myself walking along the beach, holding hands and making wishes on shooting stars.  But I will suck his dick."

"I did try it once." 

"Oh, man.  You don't have to talk about it."

"It wasn't a big deal, really.  But it wasn't for me.  We were all really wasted and Tabitha dared me to do it.  She taunted me, saying, "We already know you like the taste".  Steven pulled out his dick and stuck it in mt face, and said, "Yea faggot, we already know you want it"."

"Tabitha laughed and kept telling me to suck it.  So I just did, for all of one second.  I put it in my mouth, then pushed it out and that was it.  I'm absolutely sure I'm not gay."  

"I suppose not." 

My phone rang and it was work.  I was going to have to get back in the office and Jonah needed to get home anyway.  When we pulled out of the park we drove slowly past a mini-van parked next to a pick-up truck.  Nobody was visible through the tinted windows but the van was rocking way more than a parked car should.  

"I guess some people do come here to fuck." I said, and Jonah laughed with me. 

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