Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday Night Football: Boobies...

Friday night I was out at a fantastic college football game and I snapped a quick picture of the young lady sitting across the aisle from me.  She had quite a daring outfit; a tank top with no bra.  Lots of side boob action.  I wasn't going to blatantly go for a picture of tits (sitting in a crowd of thirty thousand including my son and his wife), but this was at least somewhat random.

And this wasn't even the hottest lady in the crowd.  There is a large black man who has season tickets right in front of us.  He looks like that actor who played in the movie The Green Mile.  Anyway, he and I are always chatting back and forth.  When we both saw this braless lady walk in and got the serious side boob flash, he turned around and looked at me with the, "Yes, she is young enough to be my daughter but, damn!" look that all creepy men like us know.

Meanwhile, my wife spent the evening home alone enjoying the evening by herself.  She wanted to tease JD since he was out with his wife and some of their church friends, so she started sending pics.

Here she is in the hot tub.  She told me later that she is pretty sure the neighbors were peering over the fence.

In this one, she is modeling JD's shirt she likes to wear along with a freshly waxed pussy and a bottle of wine.  Of course, she sent them to me (obviously) and I couldn't open the pics until I was safely out of the view of screaming football fans.

In the end, our team lost but they put on a hell of a smack down on their much higher rated opponent for the first three quarters.  Probably one of the best games I've seen. And lots of side boob.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yes, I'll have the Iced T...

We finally had sex last night - it had been well over a week which is not normal for us - but for whatever reason, we both found ourselves in bed and exhausted.  Actually, come to think of it, that's normal for me.  At any rate, it seemed like a long time and I think both of us slept better having found relief.  I've started a new thing where before we get started, I'm asking her to pull out one of her toys.  If I cum too fast, I don't want there to be any reason she doesn't get off, and toys help.

The topic of discussion in our house recently has been Low-T.   If you haven't seen the commercials, that are always on TV, the link pretty much lays it out.  I can get a boner and maintain it, but I meet many of the other conditions which, frankly, I assumed were related to being a man in his early fifties.

One of our friends confided to my wife that he was tested and when they told him he had Low-T, it suddenly made the last several years of sexual issues between him and his wife very clear.  He is on treatment and apparently, there is already improvement.  Naturally, my wife wants me to be tested, and I'd be a liar if I didn't say I was at least curious.

One of the warning factors is low sex drive.  Honestly, I'm on sexual overdrive all day long.  At least mentally I am.  It's just that when I get in bed, I find myself exhausted and the last thing on my mind is banging my wife.

Yesterday as I drove to work, the poorly engineered highway that I take limits us to about 45 MPH on a good morning.  I found myself riding next to a very nice BMW convertible being driven by a professional looking woman, probably mid forties, short brown hair, and glasses.  It was still dark so that was about all the description I had.  I imagined her being some lawyer or business executive and in just the two or three miles we drove along side one another, I had imagined an entire scenario of us fucking.  Is this the result of a low sex drive?

On Tuesday night, we had to run into our local grocery store just around the time of evening people are finishing their work-outs and grabbing groceries.  I've mentioned the area we live in is within spitting distance of the University of Texas at San Antonio, so to see smoking hot college girls in yoga pants, running shorts or just looking like smoking hot college girls is the norm.  More impressive though are the young professional mommies that live here.  When I go into this store, I have to mentally remind myself to keep in check.  I never want to be that creepy old guy staring at the fine asses and beautiful faces of these women, yet, I know I'm guilty of it, often.  Is this the result of a low sex drive?

At work yesterday afternoon, I sat in a meeting with one of my colleagues to help motivate her into doing a better job.  Once I had made a few points and one of the officers was doing the talking, I sat back and started debating with myself on whether or not I would fuck this woman.  She is a heavier gal (which doesn't bother me) and she occasionally looks like she just got up, threw on some jeans and a shirt and came into work without a shower.  But she has beautiful teeth, nice lips and, well that's about it, but I still thought I'd fuck her if I had the opportunity.  Is that the result of a low sex drive?

Is it possible to be in horn-dog mode all the time but just not have the urge to fuck at the end of a long day?


Monday, September 5, 2016

Random Labor Day Notes

On Friday afternoon my wife told me that Facebook caused her to be found by a guy she dated back during the brief separation we had.  This is from at least fifteen years ago. His name is Roger, a small guy who is ten years younger than her. She told me his dick was bigger than JD's by a lot and that him being a small guy made it look even bigger. Of course, for years Roger was the subject of sex talk between us.  I was constantly wanting to know details, like, really, how big in inches was he.  Was he really that thick around.  Some husbands would be tormented by such information, yet for some reason, I relish the thought of some big dicked dude banging my wife silly.

Saturday afternoon I went with my son to a college football game and as I was leaving for the game and she told me she was going to do some shopping. I swear I nearly told her she might as well meet up with Roger and get it out of both of their systems but I just didn't say anything.  I've always had these little inklings but just decided to let it go.

That night when I got home from the game and as soon as I got in bed, she started rubbing my dick and told me that she met Roger for a drink. I said, "I knew it!" 

There is just something that tells me when she is up to something naughty. So anyway, they just met for a drink or two, chatted for an hour catching up. He offered to be her fuck buddy if she wanted and she declined saying she already had a boyfriend (which freaked him out a bit). Anyway, as she was riding my dick she told me that when they were leaving the restaurant and getting into their vehicles, he grabbed her and kissed her and rubbed his enormous erection up against her body. She said she had forgotten how big it was.

Of course, I came immediately.

Unlike JD, Roger is not the sort of guy who could handle a relationship the way my wife and I have. JD gets that I'm into the concept of her having a boyfriend and that it is not an adversarial thing.  He and I chat, poke fun at one another and when the time permits, he is completely open to the MFM experience.  During the separation when my wife dated Roger, he was completely disgusted when she told him of our MFM experiences.   To each his own, right?


I've spent some time this weekend thinking about my conversation with the co-worker.  I am such a voyeur.  I while I find it completely therapeutic to confess my own sins (to anyone but a priest), I realize that I am turned on by others telling me their naughty experiences.  The conversation with my young officer did not really get graphic in any way whatsoever, but the mere idea of ethical infidelity is such a turn-on.

I imagine myself seeing him when we return to work on Tuesday and simply offering him my willingness to talk further if he cares to.  If I'm being honest, I want details.  Does that make me a crappy friend/co-worker?


You already know that I love Tumblr.  I messaged a guy who is local and suggested he check out the blog since we are into the whole concept of wife sharing.  He is a lot deeper into the cuckold and humiliation vector, but still, seems like a guy who has been able to enjoy several aspects of this lifestyle.  He and his wife have met a few guys for MFM sessions and they even invited a guy over to fuck him while she watched.  My wife is not as bold or willing.  But as the voyeur I am, I love reading his accounts of their fun times.

Another Tumblr page that caught my attention is one I'll share.  It's called LuvRealWivesandGirlfreinds.  I point it out because, I think more and more people, especially people my age, recognize the beauty you can find in everybody.  You don't have to be a model with a perfect body, perfect skin and perfectly shaped boobs or have a huge Roger-sized dick.  I've said it before and I still believe it: Given the choice of seeing some hot supermodel in the nude or getting a glimpse of someone I work with or a neighbor, I'll take the neighbor any day.  Just the idea that you know the person and you see their boobs is way better than some unattainable supermodel.  And I should mention, my next door neighbor is forty-two and the woman is so smoking hot I can't stand it.  I definitely want to see her nude!

It's the last day of the Labor Day weekend here in the States.  If you got the day off, enjoy it.  Thanks for the continued e-mails and comments,  I really do appreciate them all.

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Co-Worker Comes Out...

One of my favorite young officers asked if he could speak to me in private on Thursday.  We shut the door t my office and let out a nervous sigh.  I was worried he was going to tell me something really bad.  "Can this just be a conversation between two friends and not something official?" he asked.

"Of course. What's up?" I asked.

He fidgeted in his seat a little bit.  "I saw the news about that Army General who was a swinger."

For just a brief moment my heart raced and I felt myself start to sweat.  Was this guy about to tell me he knows my secret?  I focused my eyes on his face and responded with a raised eyebrow.  "Yes?"

He continued.  "I feel like I need to know if I have done anything that could be considered cause for, you know, um..."

I could see him struggling, wanting to measure his words, looking for some hint that he should change the conversation and not continue down this path. I seriously thought this young married guy was going to tell me he had engaged in gay sex during his most recent work trip, and that would constitute adultery. And I was so ready for it.

I interrupted him.  "Let me help you." I started. "The security concern is that the government doesn't want you to pit yourself in a position that you can be blackmailed and thus, give secrets away for fear of people knowing your secret.  If you make up your mind that you will not be blackmailed under any circumstance, that you will immediately go to the security officer and, as difficult and embarrassing as it is, confess to your lifestyle choice and report a blackmailer, then I think you are fine.  But you have to be confident that you will choose the confession over being blackmailed."

His face showed an immediately relief.  And being a long winded bastard, I continued.  

"Remember those two gay guys from NSA who defected in the 70's because they were gay? Imagine how times have changed?  When I was in the military it was a common joke that most of the linguists were gay.  There was just something about the profile that made someone qualified to learn Russian.  I think about my co-workers who were removed from the military, and today, what a waste of talent that was.  If someone told you that I was bisexual, would you believe it?"  I asked, still convinced in my mind he was going to tell me he was gay.

His face slightly contorted, probably wondering where I was going with this.  before he could answer, I said, "Well I am and have been and just kept it pretty well under the radar.  And I can tell you I'm not alone."

"I would have never guessed."  he responded, "but this is something different."

And I'm a complete jackass.  This guy is not gay or Bi.  But he is cool and I have no problem with him knowing about me.

"My wife and I have been struggling but we think we have found something that is right for us and we are both very happy about it.  We've been exploring something called Polyamory."

I immediately smiled.  "Do you intend to be blackmailed because of this?  Are you willing to confess to the security folks if it comes down to it?  Do you realize that the military has a rich history of people swinging?  Jesus, I could tell you stories."

The relief was so visible it was as if I had just pulled a massive weight off his shoulders.  I would have probed for details but we were interrupted by another officer who said I was needed by leadership.  When the guy shut the door, I looked at him and said, "What if I told you that my wife has a boyfriend and in fact, yesterday while I took a walk around the neighborhood, they met for drinks?"

We chatted for a few more minutes before I had to leave, I gave him multiple more reassurances that he was fine and he thanked me for being so open.  In all honesty, it was a relief for me to come out to yet another person, something I've been slowly doing.

Monday, August 29, 2016

IGHIH: Open...

There hasn't been an opportunity for in person meetings with JD since leaving his salty explosion for me to clean-up.  We have had discussions about him though.  Just Sunday morning as we were walking into a diner for breakfast, my wife told about the conversation they had the previous evening as I slept.  This was the conversation where she told him that she is okay if I am seeing other people, she just doesn't want to know the details and she wants me to get tested.

Of course, she implemented her own Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy long before the military ever did.  Back when I confessed to her that I was Bi.  She didn't want to know anything, yet, she knows at least some of it.  She knows that I've done some things with our friend Pancho and she knows just a little bit about my buddy Bob.

We took a seat at the counter in mid-conversation, my wife telling me that she was enjoying the relationship with JD and her feeling it only fair that I know I have the right to see other people.  The difference of course being that I crave the details and even want to be present for sex, and her only wanting to know I'm not bringing home an STI.  When the couple seated next to us said a prayer before digging into plates of eggs, bacon and pancakes, my wife giggled and suggested we change the subject.

The conversation picked up later that evening as we soaked in the hot tub.  The neighbor to the rear was grilling something delicious and the neighbor to the left could be seen through the slits in the fence as she wandered around in her yoga shorts doing yard work.  Because it was still light outside, we were in our bathing suits but the fact that we weren't alone didn't stop my wife from having the conversation.  Not that anyone can hear over the sound of the jets and the radio.

"I told JD that I didn't think you are attracted to me anymore, and therefore, I don't want to keep you from being with others.  I just don't want to know about it"  she proclaimed.

I thought to myself, "In other words, the way it has been for the past twenty years."

"What makes you think I am not attracted to you?" I finally ask.

"You never want to have sex unless it involves other people." She quickly responds.

Technically, not true.  But short of demanding to ravage her right then and there, how do you respond to that?  We've been together thirty-one years.  And frankly, we have sex more than most people our age if you look at statistics.  Sure, it is pretty much duty sex, but it happens 1.5 times a week on average.

I refuse to let the conversation turn sour by simply not responding and she quickly moves on to the fact that JD thinks we have a great relationship and how he wouldn't ever want to come between us.

"If I ever think it is getting to be too much, I'll tell him to back off." I say.

I already have someone else that she hasn't asked and I haven't told about; this blog and those of you who read it and e-mail me.  I'd say we're good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Living Vicariously Through Mike: The Gangbang...

Reader Mike told me about his recent participation in a gang bang, something I've never experienced.  In case you've always wondered and didn't trust everything you see in the porn movies, read on!


So I just got back from the scheduled gangbang and it was meh...

So down here there is an older retired guy who lives alone.  He has a bunch of accounts on AFF and for some inexplicable reason, is able to convince women that he is a safe outlet and provider of sexual bucket list activities.  He hosts these events in his townhouse and has a regular group of guys that he can call on.  He probably has an event 3 times a month believe it or not.

I've known him for about 5 years and this is the third one I've participated in.  Most times either I'm traveling, or my wife is home, or some combination that prevents me from going more often.  And truthfully, most times the woman is older, like in her 60s, and obese.  So I'm not missing out on anything.

This time, though the stars aligned.  I'm not traveling, my wife is, and the woman in question is slim and shapely and in her mid 50s.  So I signed up for one of the time slots.  Yes, time slots...She lives in the northern part of the state, but used to live in my area, so she knows people down here.  Her marriage is on the rocks, so she decided to visit old friends down here and oh yeah, get gangbanged.  So she had a session last night with 4 guys, a session today with 4 guys, and a session tomorrow with 4 guys.  No repeats with the guys by the way.

I get to the guy's house and as I'm walking up the sidewalk, I hear a woman moaning loudly.  Just great, I think...they started without me.  I open the front door and head to the back room.  The host is standing there naked and holding a camera.  He waves me over and i enter the room to see this woman on the couch getting the absolute shit fucked out of her by the guy who I don't know.

I whip off my clothes and go stand over her head.  Without missing  beat or even really looking at me, she takes my dick in her mouth and goes to town on it.  She's giving me great head, getting my dick nice and hard...The guy fucking her says he needs a break.  So he goes and sits down on the other couch to rest.  She crawls over and starts sucking him off.  I roll a condom on and enter her from behind.  She goes wild pushing back on my dick and I'm really plowing her pussy.  I feel myself about to cum, and since I knew ahead of time that she likes to have guys cum on her body as some fetish, I pull out, rip off the condom and shoot a 5 day load onto her ass...Host is snapping pictures and calling her a slut, etc.  She leaves the cum on her to dry, and the guy she's blowing announces that he's about to cum, so she sits up and he sprays her tits...

We sit around drinking water and chit chatting as we recover.  Meanwhile the 4th guy who was going to be late, shows up, and makes casual conversation as he undresses.  He goes to sit down in a chair and the slut goes over and starts sucking his cock.  Meanwhile me and the other guy stand around her stroking our dicks hard again.  She now has 3 dicks that she is alternating sucking and stroking.

We all move to the couch and while she's sucking a cock, I try to finger her.  But her pussy was very sore and I could tell that there would be no more fucking that day.  Instead she sucked each of us off again, and I added another load to her face and chin.  So I was there for a grand total of 60 minutes, but came twice.

Now the strange thing....we're in the middle of all this, when around the corner comes a very young black girl in her panties and T shirt.  She looks like she could be 22.  Now I've seen pictures of her before from some of his other events, but I had no idea that she actually lived there with him.  She casually sits in a chair to watch 4 old white people fuck.  Was a little weird and now I'm very curious about why and how this girl came to live with this 70 year old white guy.

All in all, a little underwhelming. 


"Underwhelming," he says....  

Porn Guilt...

I spent entirely too much time during my already busy day yesterday trying to piece together the identity of a military lady I saw while looking at Tumblr.  And I feel pretty shitty about it.  It all started when I spent about fifteen minutes on Tumblr, hitting one of my favorite themes which is naughty military people who take pictures partially in uniform.  People mostly goofing around, flashing boobs or guys whipping their dicks out.  The connection for me is that, with such a long military career, perhaps I will see someone I know.

In 99 percent of these pictures, people have either covered their name tags in the picture, or after the fact, covered it with Photoshop.  In this one picture of a smoking hot blonde, she was posing in full uniform with her name shown.  The next picture was her in a bikini on a beach and what followed were a series of pictures of a girl who looked like her engaged in a threesome.  My guess is, the first two were her, but the sex ones were just someone who resembled her.

Of course, I'm not naming names or showing the pictures.  But I did right click on her picture and search Google to find that the photo of her in uniform was an Air Force publicity photo.  In fact, this lady is pretty impressive.  My guess is, some fuckhead submitted that picture along with a picture of a lady in a bikini that looks very much like her and then found the others to trick gullible perverts such as myself into thinking this lady was into sexy fun times.

So I chatted with a colleague about whether or not I should just send her an e-mail.  Not to taunt her or ask her if she was involved in threesomes, but to let her know about the pictures.  We both decided that was a really bad idea.  In what world does a stranger telling you he saw naked pictures of you make you feel better in any way possible? Even if he was sure the naked pictures weren't really yours.

This led to a conversation about an Air Force officer whose ex-husband slut-shamed her for years by creating web pages showing her engaged in unflattering sex acts - in other words, sex with him.  The guy was just flat out nuts and made wild accusations that, even if true did not warrant his torture.  Both us us had actually met this woman during the course of our careers, him before the slut-shaming and me, while it was happening.  I felt so bad for her.

It took me all of two minutes on Google to figure out that that poor woman is still around, trying to move on with her life and that she was assigned to a sister unit of mine.  Yikes.

The pictures just scroll by so fast and really, unless they look like someone I know, I never seem to give them another thought.  It seems so harmless.  Until you recognize one of them.