Saturday, December 3, 2016

Help for the Needy...

I was sitting in my truck having a quick chat with Erin the other day.  These conversations never last more than a few minutes because she is working and usually has to help a customer or some such.  Anyway, I decided to ask her about something that came up the previous day.

I had left work to run a quick errand and as I was driving down the main road on San Antonio's south side, I noticed a young lady at an intersection panhandling.  I'm not gonna lie; my first thought was that this was my Veronica.  She was Hispanic, had the long black hair and cute face.  If I had been in the right lane and the light had stopped me, I would have pulled out some cash and handed it to her, even though in general I am opposed to supporting panhandlers.

I continued on to the store I was going to, got what I needed and headed back to work.  My mind was spinning with ideas.  Jesus, this is how a serial killer sounds!  My thoughts though were a little more charitable and a lot less evil than a serial killer's.

I did see her when I passed through that intersection but because the traffic was flowing, she was all the way over on the other sidewalk and I wasn't about to make a U-Turn and keep trying to catch her at the light.

So fast forward to my chat with Erin.

Me: "Okay tell me this is a really horrible idea. I saw this girl on Military Drive asking for handouts. I thought about giving her $20 then telling her I'd give her another $20 for her panties. Super stupid?"

Erin: "Omg that's hot. She would do it."

Me: "I felt bad because she was super pretty but she looked young."

Erin: "And it's not like it's illegal. You would be doing her a favor."

Me: "I expected you to tell me that was crazy but now I may do it if I see her again."

Erin: "She would think it was easy money."

This is not something I'm likely to do, just so you dear readers don't get the impression I want to be seen on the 10 o'clock news as the perverted old guy attempting to buy panties from panhandlers.  But it did make for a nice little mental exercise and conversation.  And it reminded me of how much I missed the Veronica days.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ramblings of a Paranoid Sex Blogger...

As I spent the long weekend stuffing my face with turkey and dressing, gorging myself on football games and beer, there was something that kept popping up from the back of my mind.  I thought about how far my wife and I had come this year with regards to our fun times and yet, how it could all come crashing down on us in any number of scenarios.

On the afternoon before Thanksgiving, I came home from work early and we had the little adventure at the local pub (I wrote about it here).  What I didn't mention was that a little later that afternoon/early evening, we were exploring several toys - including the straps that conveniently hide under the bed.  Little did we know, my daughter had come by to drop off some things for the feast on Thursday.  We have no way of knowing if she actually came into the house (the kids have their own keys) or simply left the bag of stuff on the front porch because she was in a hurry.  My wife's phone dinged and the text message told her to check the front porch.  That's all we know.

In the back of my mind, I think - serves her right if she walked in on dad going down on mom while she is tied to the bed and a big vibe is buzzing away resulting in loud moans.  Learn to call ahead.

But of course, I worry about a different scenario.  A kid walks in and dad isn't there but JD is. Then what?

It was these things on my mind that caused me to think about the other risks.  I've had several really inappropriate relationships over the last few years.  No, nothing you'd call the police about, but the type of e-mail friendships and exchanges that would cause great dismay.  The two most obvious are Emma and Erin.  How they both fit into my life are the problem.  Both have been in our lives for decades and thus, the fact that I would open up with such personal detail would be embarrassing for my wife and frankly for the kids.

I'm not quite sure why I do this little thing of opening up to people I know.  The whole point of having an anonymous sex blog is so you can open up to total strangers on the Internet, and they can either judge you or appreciate you or ignore you, and life goes on in your real world as if it never happened.  But when you throw people you know into the mix, you've added a bit of vulnerability that, while thrilling, and in my case, extremely adrenaline pumping, it could be very dangerous.  There are only a handful, and in fairness, I have no concerns that any of my selected few would just up and share the secret, but what if they did?

This was all on my mind when I skipped my morning Tumblr gawking and looked back at some old e-mails.  Emma and I started our conversations in December of 2014 and by the next July, I think she had tired of me.  So it was a brief stint of openness and sharing and that was the end of it.  The problem is, what has been said can't be unheard.  I look back at e-mails from Erin and realize that our conversations picked up at almost exactly the time that the e-mails from Emma were tapering off.  To be completely honest, I never even realized there wasn't much overlap. In hindsight, it appears that as one inappropriate friendship was tiring of me, I picked up another.  Just reading it myself makes me feel a lot creepy.

I briefly mentioned the case of the guy in Georgia who was convicted of murder (among other crimes) after accidentally leaving his child on the car.  These days, they immediately go back and look at every Google search, every e-mail, every text, every naked dick pic and they use all this background to develop a huge backstory on your life.  Based upon that created backstory, they then paint the picture that you were a complete sex freak and that's why you did whatever it was.  I don;t have any crimes that I'm worried about being charged with, but I'm sure that father never expected to leave his kid in the car that morning while he was sending dick pictures to assorted women he met on the Internet.

So in a nutshell, there it is.  I've been posting various accounts of my life, occasional pictures and such, and honestly, my e-mails are far more interesting and entertaining than this blog.  In a way, it is all out there.  Just waiting for it to come crashing down.  It won't be Emma or Erin or Pancho or any of the others, I surely hope.  But these things just always come out.  If we've learned anything so far, in 2017 or 2018 or 2025, I'll surely be regretting the conversations I've had with a lot of you.

Aunt Clara will laugh and say they haven't been that interesting or entertaining, I'm sure.  But you get the point.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bar Fun...

My wife and I met up at the small pub down the street from our house yesterday afternoon.  This is the same place that her and JD will meet up for a beer when schedules match.  We've had this ongoing joke about how the same bartender has to wonder if she is seeing things because twice now, my wife and JD were there earlier, then an hour later, my wife would come back in with me.  We don't go there often enough to be called regulars, but by now, I'd think that this girl would at least recognize my wife.

In the case, my wife had a beer head start on me and during that time, she chatted with the bartender about a few different restaurants in the area.  I point this out to say, there was clearly conversation and eye contact and such, and because this was early, there were only a handful of other people in the bar.

So, long story short, we were there maybe an hour at the most but as we were getting ready to leave, my wife went to pee and I settled up the check.  I asked the girl, "Let me ask you something."

Before I even said anything else, she had this deer in the headlights look.

"Have you seen my wife in here with another guy?"

Her face turned white as a ghost and she stared at me speechless for what had to seem to her like a lifetime before sputtering out, "Uhhhh. No."

I laughed and said, "I'm just kidding."

She took the twenty from my hand and walked over to the register and I could actually see the color come back to her face. I laid another seven dollars on the bar for a tip and saw my wife walking back from the ladies room.  I mouthed to her, "Say "thank you."" 

My wife thanked the bartender and headed out the door with me where I told her what had just happened.  We got a little laugh and a little thrill out of it.  I'm sure her and JD will meet for drinks at that place, and soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


A caller to Savage brought up the fact that her husband got off on risky, public adventures.  I know all about this; the adrenaline from the idea that you might get caught.  It has led to some exciting adventures both with my wife and with my share of willing co-workers.

For years, my number one favorite option for images at the various places I would seek out online sex pics was outdoor/public nudity.  The daring women who whipped out their tits in a restaurant, flashed an up-skirt shot at a bar or pumped gas without wearing anything.  Of course, I knew a lot of the more daring ones were actually staged professionals.  I mean, there were these two young blondes that would show up in convenience stores and just proceed to strip.  This would all probably be a lot more interesting if I posted some pictures to really describe what I'm talking about, but I trust you have your own bookmarks for Tumblr and such.

As my explorations of the Internet continued over the years, I found new and interesting ideas and interests. For sure, I am addicted to these mirror selfies where in addition to seeing the person with the iPhone in the mirror, I get to explore the contents of the most often unkempt bathroom.  Most young ladies are pigs (not in a Donald Trump way, but in a sloppy teenager way) - their mothers should go straight from yelling at them for taking nude selfies and give them a word or two about cleaning the counter off or putting their dirty clothes in a hamper.

I'm equally fond of bedrooms.  The people who post pictures of their sex act while not realizing that they've exposed framed pictures of their kids or their parents or their high school graduation photo.  You'd think I'd spend my time examining breasts but I'm really focused on the walls and shelves.

In spite of these new and varied interests, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the public thing.  I've written about the little game we've been playing with the bartender at a local bar.  My wife meets JD for a drink in the afternoon, then returns an hour or two later with me.  Maybe this bartender just doesn't care, or perhaps she isn't observant.  Who knows?

Perhaps my excitement of this risk is self destructive. I mean, what if this bartender runs her own blog and little do we know, she has been posting pictures and a case study of us.  Or maybe we just aren't that interesting.

We are too old and out of shape to be taking nude pics in public.  Plus, the fact that everywhere you go in public, there is some sort of surveillance system recording your every move, I just don't think it is a bright idea these days.  But there is something exciting that I want to try and my wife is game.

We have that new We-Vibe that is remotely controlled.  What if we were to sit in a bar or restaurant and she wore it while I controlled it.  I have this urge to see if my normally very loud wife can keep her moans to a soft roar when the big O arrives.  And I'd love that moment of some lady telling the waitress, I'll have what she's having.  That'd be risky.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More Gay than Bi?

A reader left an anonymous comment in regards to the recent IGHIH post.  Anon wrote,
"Dude, you're more gay than bi."
I did respond to the comment but thought it was worth my time to post it on its own.  I don't mind the comment and I don't feel bad that someone would offer their opinion, but I have to admit, I saw it right before I was walking into my office and because I was not able to respond until after work, it left me a bit frazzled.  Anyway, this is my response.

I think given the the post, I would have come to this same conclusion if I were reading it when I was fifteen or maybe even twenty.  I mean, there was a time in my life where, in spite of my own internal struggles with what flipped my switch, I had this outward thought process (shared with most males my age, and our fathers and uncles and the older men who made up our society), that if you did something deemed gay, that made you gay.

A guy gets raped in prison.  Sorry dude, you're gay.  Okay, maybe not.

A guy gets drunk and on a dare sucks his friends dick.  He is sick afterwards and feels horrible but sorry, gay.

Later in life I learned that there was something called Bi and even then I was still confused.  I saw Bi as someone who could have sex and relationships with both men and women.  But as I came to accept my own label, I wondered as Anonymous seems to believe, if I was Bi now, Gay later.  In fact, many people who take on the label of Gay first started out as Bi.  As Dan Savage tells us, even he slept with women and identified as Bi when he first came out.

But for me, I wondered if I could or would make that transition.  It didn't scare me and if I was all the way Gay, fine. I say that of course discounting the fact that I'm not even all the way out as Bi, but still, what is the point of denying it to yourself even if you deny to a lot of the people you know?

There's only one slight problem.  If we insist on the label, how do I discount the fact that I crave women.  All the time.  In fact, on a daily basis you might see me as a pervy junior high boy gawking at boobies and asses and beautiful faces and eyes and at any given moment making a mental judgement on whether or not that particular pussy would taste wonderful or just good.

Add to that the fact that I have a very limited scope of interest in guys.  I don't look at GQ magazine and drool. The guys that interest me are not your typical eye candy, per se.  More importantly, at least at this point in my life, in spite of my wide swath of interests in genitalia, I can't see myself taking up with and engaging in a romantic relationship with a man.

I know, it really doesn't matter.  My intent in even answering the question is not because I'm thin-skinned or feel the need to somehow "defend" my selected label.  But as an example, I have a friend who is truly, 100 percent, not even Bi, just plain Gay.  Yet, at any given party, you will find him kissing women, and if they will let him, playing with their boobies.  Should we force him to take the label Bi?  Clearly, no.  The man gags at the mere description of eating pussy.

Call me what you want. I'm comfortable with Bi, flexible, sexual, whatever.  More Gay than Bi, I don't think so.  But, if there is some sort of official measuring stick that says I am, I'm okay with that.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cock Soup...

Maintenance of the toys.

I just think it's funny, we are making cock soup for breakfast.

IGHIH: Stars Align...

Just some brief notes about our visit with JD last night.  As it turned out, he had a short window of opportunity and as I was driving home from an enjoyable afternoon of college football, my wife texted me to let me know that when I got home, he'd be there already.  I got home and as it turns out, he had been there maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.  They were sitting upstairs watching a movie and having a beer.  I popped up to say hello and told them I needed to take a shower but to not wait for me.

When I got back up to the action, JD was sitting on the couch in the nude, and my wife was between his knees working on his dick.  I grabbed a beer and sat down across from them so I could take in the view.  I was surprised at how good my wife has gotten at putting on a show when she sucks his dick.  She uses her hand to stroke while she sucks, then plays with his balls, back to stroking and so forth.  As I watched, it occurred to me that I wanted to suck him too - but no chance of that during this play date.

As things progressed, my wife asked JD if he liked it when she played with his balls.  He responded positively, so I suggested he'd like it better if she stuck her finger up his butt.  He giggled and just then she remembered that he had agreed to letting her use a butt plug on him.  He shyly responded with, "I guess."

She jumped up off her knees and said, "C'mon, let's go to where the toys are!"

They left their clothes in a pile upstairs and we all headed down to the bedroom where my wife grabbed the important locked sex toy briefcase from under the bed.  Just then I realized that there was a new toy on her nightstand in a charger and there was also a weird contraption that fits over the head of the penis and has little vibrating eggs on either side.  That was something JD brought with him, apparently hoping it would work for me since it was too small for his thick shaft.  Nice.  My dick isn't absurdly small, but yea, it fit.

Anyway, with the briefcase o' fun opened up, my wife pulled out the small butt plug and grabbed some lube.  There was quite a bit of laughter and joking around surrounding this first time for JD having something besides a doctor's gloved finger up his backside.  As my wife began the insertion, I pulled out one of the larger dongs and jokingly shook it at him and said she should use this one instead.

As son as he asked her if the plug was in, she smiled and said, "All the way."

Yea, I think most guys who have never tried it are shocked to learn that, as long as you are open to the idea and have some lube, your tiny little butt hole will accommodate fairly large objects.  And then comes the pleasure.

He confessed that it didn't hurt, just felt like pressure, not pain, and then when she grabbed one of the vibrators and put it at the base of the plug and over his balls, he was clearly enjoying it.  And then in that position, she continued with the blow job.

Meanwhile, I stripped off my clothes and began to enjoy the show while slowly stroking myself.  I am such a voyeur.  I realized two things while standing at the edge of the bed with my dick in my hand,  One, I am just as happy watching a blowjob as I am receiving a BJ.  I know, sounds weird, right?  And number two, I would have been even happier giving the blow job.

After close to ten minutes of BJ action and vibrating butt play, my wife lifted her head up and then climbed on top of JD's cock and began to ride him.  At that point, I moved to the foot of the bed so I could watch his dick slide in and out of her and see his balls bounce.  I honestly had the urge to reach out and fondle his balls but didn't want to risk anything derailing the play. They fucked for a bit and I was so ready for him to blow his load in her pussy, because she knew that I would want her serve me up the cream pie.  Instead, she pulled herself off him before he came and grabbed the new We-Vibe.

JD stood up and came around to the side of the bed while I climbed on.  With her laying on her back, she inserted the toy and handed her phone to JD so he could control the vibrations.  It is actually a cool device that allows someone to remotely change the vibrations.  Imagine being in a bar and your wife has the vibe inside her.  Then you wit the controls can secretly turn it on, change settings etc.  It sounds like a great idea!

Anyway, with JD at the controls, I entered my wife alongside the We-Vibe.  He started changing the settings and both of us were giggling and enjoying it.  But I also realized that I would cum in a matter of minutes with that thing in.  I pulled out then suggested JD stand closer so my wife could blow him while I fucked her.  He was eager to play and we abandoned the We-Vibe.  I slowly fucked my wife as she sucked JD's cock.  Because we were in somewhat of a missionary position, my face was literally inches from my wife's mouth full of dick.  The view was very up close and personal.

I began sucking one of her tits which immediately caused arousal for her and JD increased his pace of face-fucking.  The visual of all this taking place was incredible and there was no stopping me from shooting my load.  After a minute, I rolled over and grabbed one of the other vibrators (it looked like a sex playground on our bed) and began to use it on her.  She was completely committed to the dick she was sucking while moaning with pleasure from the vibrator working her clit.

JD increased his pace and now, from my view, it looked like really rough face fucking.  His hand was on the tit I had been sucking earlier and he was beginning to groan.  I continued with the vibrator and she continued the moaning.

Finally, JD announced he was about to cum.  She could have easily directed him to her tits but she took his full load in her mouth as he loudly came to exhaustion.  She brushed the vibe away from her pussy and with a full mouth asked for a towel.  Of course, always ready and tossed her a washcloth from my nightstand, tossed one to JD and took one for myself.

JD laid back down across the bed and my wife leaned over him to kiss him.  She was turned on by the fact that he was willing to kiss with the remnants of his own cum still fresh in her mouth.  He told her had experienced several firsts tonight.

We all got cleaned up and dressed and JD thanked us for our hospitality and hoped we could do it again soon.  

Sorry, no pics this time.