Friday, January 20, 2017

This is More Common Than You Think...

You recall Co-worker M, I called him M for Magnum - the size of condoms he wears.  Anyway, we sat in the office and chatted for about 45 minutes the other day.  His opening statement was that he didn't require as much sex as his wife does.  In fact, he said that he'd be good with twice a month.  I went into listening mode and just let him walk it all out as I simply nodded and gave the occasional, uh huh, or yes in response.

I will readily admit that I am more sexually stimulated in a mental way versus the need for something rubbing my dick, but even I need physical sex at least once a week.  M told me how his wife comes home from work and as soon as they have finished the evening chores and gotten the kids all squared away, she is just all over his dick.  This wasn't said in a braggadocios way, but more of a complaint.  We must be in the twilight zone because my entire life, books, TV, movies and everything has told us that it is always the woman who is tired of her pervy husband pawing at her and wanting sex every night.  Yet, here we are, Co-Worker M says he is fine a few times a month, and his wife needs that big Magnum sized dick constantly.  

As the conversation went on, he actually brought up the idea that he could get off watching her fuck another guy.  Now this is my type of conversation.  We've talked about it before but I can tell that on an emotional level, this isn't something he could really handle.  The reason being, he is all about fairness.  He knows of our situation with JD and while he thinks we are lucky for having found the right partner, he says the fact that I can't bring another woman home to fuck in front of my wife is unfair and in his mind unacceptable.  "Even if you don't want to, you should be able to." he demands.

We've been over this before.  I push him for the scenario he would be comfortable with in his relationship.  He told me that for a while, they talked about her bringing another female home.  he says that fueled quite a few nights of passionate sex but he says later she told him it was all just fantasy, her getting him going but not something she really wants.  But another guy, yea, she could do that.

I told M that there is a way to get the thrill of what he is looking for without the potential danger of freaking out when it really happens.  Go into a bar or club as singles.  Sit apart and watch her get hit on by guys.  get all worked up, then go home and fuck.  The beauty of this is, she can feel the energy of having some guy buy her a few drinks, have a nice flirty conversation and based on the signals she gets from M, she can go as far as she wants or cut it off as soon as she needs.  I've actually seen this scenario in action, years ago at a bar while I was out of town on business.

M really liked this idea but wasn't sure his wife would be up for it.  This is the same lady who walks in the door after work, grabs his crotch and says, "I need cock tonight."  She's up for it.

Have any of you played this game.  The husband watches from a few bar stools away while the wife flirts with some random dude?  I'd love to hear about it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gawking at Women...

A guy called into the Savage Lovecast this week and he explained to Dan that he loved his wife, had great sex, but felt extremely guilty about the fact that he constantly drooled over and fantasizes about pretty women he sees in public.  Holy hell, he was attracted to other women in spite of the fact that he was married.  What a complete scoundrel.  

Thankfully, Dan went off on him, explaining that he was a perfectly normal heterosexual male who was doing what all normal people do.  The fact that he was in a happily monogamous marriage and was committed to being faithful did not mean that his man-brain would cease to work.  

I'm so glad he took the call and reiterated this to listeners.  Just because you agree not to fuck other people, doesn't magically make you stop wanting to fuck other people.  Your sense of attraction doesn't just stop like a switch that has flipped.  

I know for me, and I know many of you readers have told me the same, that when you see an attractive woman, your mind wanders and you wonder, just what would it be like?  I mentally undress women all the time.  And, when I'm being gay, I will occasionally mentally undress certain men, but that's only when I'm completely gay. (Yes, that last comment was for the troll, but you knew that).

Back to the caller on the show.  As he was making his guilt ridden statement to Dan, I could genuinely feel for him.  Just last night my wife and I had to make a run to our local WalMart and at least two or three women caught my eye.  I go through the initial process of, Wow! Hey look at that! Is she on her way to a gym or is she just coming from there.  Oh, her hair looks cute in that ponytail.  God, that ass.  Oh, hey, is she wearing a thong?  Wouldn't that make doing yoga a bit uncomfortable?  I wonder if she is shaved bald or does she have a nice fur coat?  I don't see any tattoos, I wonder if she has a tramp-stamp?  Is that a wedding ring? Holy hell, look at the size of the rock on her engagement ring.  I wonder if she has ever cheated on her husband? I wonder if her husband has a big dick (Gay). Oh wow, I'd love to just stick my tongue in her. 

And then my wife yells from two aisles over, "Hey, what do you think about these bath towels?"

Anyway, hurrah for women in yoga pants, low hanging tops and glorious shots of side boob.  Don't take it from me, Dan Savage says it is normal for you to look at and imagine fucking those ladies.  Just don't be a creeper and gawk to the point of making them or your wife uncomfortable.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Notes...

It's MLK day here in the USA.  Each year I tell myself I want to go out and join the march on San Antonio's east side.  It is claimed to be one of the largest, if not the largest walk celebrating the late Dr. King, but I swear, it rains every year.  Instead of participating in the march, I'll pass along one of the best shows of the year.  Black'ish.

I love that show for the brilliant comedy and the willingness to openly discuss racial stereotypes in an honest and valuable way, but the episode discussing the recent election, regardless of who you voted for, will have some meaning for you.  It was frank discussion about how this election has divided us even more.  Alongside this important discussion filled with a lot of comedy, a minor story line was the son preparing to give the I have a dream speech for school.  Laurence Fishburne gave an incredible lesson to his grandson and to viewers about a part of that famous speech most of us failed to learn in school.  If you have never watched Black'ish, I encourage you to at least watch this episode.

On Friday night my wife had a meet-up with friends from her high school class.  With FB, all these people who were not necessarily in the same cliques in school are now suddenly long lost friends with one another.  I say, great.  Truth be told, she told me that the only reason she knew some of these people's names was because they were among the class elite.

But before we went, we had an early dinner at our local pub.  My wife had been in there with JD just a few days earlier.  The weird thing is, for as much as we are basically trying to out ourselves (I mean, really, that's what it amounts to) the bartender we have been toying with never seems to be there when we want her to be.  But, the man who runs the grill has now seen my wife with me several times and with JD several times.  He did give an odd look but it was more of a shoulder shrug.  I know, before you even think it, why the fuck are we playing this game?  Because we are stupid.

After our brief dinner of an okay bar pizza, we retreated to the house to have sex.  There was talk of JD asking her about the Boy Toy, among other questions about me and when did she know I was Bi.  She explained to him that she really has no interest in the Boy Toy, and that she doesn't want to know if I'm having sex with other people as long as I'm not bringing something home.  I didn't say as much to her, but I promise you readers, it is a forgone conclusion that she will get with the Boy Toy, if only once to get it out of her system.  And when she does, I'll want details and I'm certain JD will too.

Later in the evening, we met up with a small group of people from her high school class.  They are all about fifty, a few older.  I think they are pretty liberal with the invites.  If you graduated that decade, you are invited.  Anyway, three of the ladies had been cheerleaders and my wife had known two of them in passing and had never come in contact with the third.  There was a guy there who was a star baseball player and two guys who had played football.  They all seemed nice and their spouses were nice too.

Then, there was a guy I've heard about the entire time we've been married but had never met in person.  Long story short, nothing romantic (on her part) but she said he was her best friend in school.  Really nice guy and I talked with him and enjoyed the fact that he rolled his eyes a few times when my wife said goofy things.  He really knows her!  And no, unlike some porn flick, there was no chance that we'd invite the old friend back to the house for sex.

We had a really good time.  It was Karaoke night and though I'm rarely the one to get up and sing, I really do enjoy watching the local talent come out and do their thing. While my wife caught pup with friends, I engaged in conversations with people but really spent a lot of time watching people perform.

There was one young couple, both Hispanic though the girl was clearly half-white.  She looked a little like Oliva Munn.  Anyway, she  sang several Aerosmith songs and instead of trying to mimic Steven Tyler, she had her own style and she was fantastic.  Did I mention she looked like Olivia Munn?  The guy was actually pretty good too.  I began wondering if this couple were together just to give each other a supportive audience or if this was just a bonus.  It was tough not to be a total creeper and gawk at her.

So the next thing I know it is close to midnight and people were starting to leave.  I was really happy my wife had a good time hanging out.  It was really a chance for her to see and talk face to face with people she has come to be friends with again (or the first time) via FB.  And in case you are wondering, yes, there was one lady that I found super attractive.  It was easy to see why she was a cheerleader.  She had a great, fun personality and she was pretty easy on the eyes.  Yea, no chance of ever seeing her in action at our house...


Monday, January 9, 2017

Notes: Co-Workers and Parties...

This weekend my wife and I hosted a small gathering at our house as sort of a post New Year's celebration.  We invited some of my colleagues, some of our kids friends, and a few of my wife's friends, which provided a great mix of people.  I had worried that we might find the house separated into three different groups of people all having separate parties in the same space, but as it turned out, when you add a little alcohol, people naturally mingle.

Both Co-Worker A and Co-worker H attended, along with several others from my office.  My wife suggested I invite an intern and her husband.  She had met them at our Christmas party and liked them.   The Intern is an interesting lady.  She is actually way over-qualified to be an intern, but as she tells me, this is just one way of getting a foot in the door.  She is actually a former Army combat medic with serious PTSD from trauma sustained in, well, combat.  This is pretty specific detail, so if she finds this blog, yikes!

I talked to her hubby quite a bit the other night and he told me how much she valued me as a mentor.  But he also said it took a lot of work to keep her balanced when the PTSD kicks in.  I see that at work occasionally and can be unnerving.  Though I'm attracted to her (well, of course I am), I made the mental note to avoid letting my dick get me to go anywhere.  The fact that she sees me as a mentor is red flag enough to tell me that I would be crossing even more boundaries than I normally do.  Secondly, I can just see her having a freak-out at work and me being the cause of it.  PTSD is real, and all of us need to do what we can to help those who have served work through things.  Flirting with this lady would be flirting with disaster.  No thanks.

During the course of the party and well into the drinks, the intern told me a bit about her upbringing.  Purro San Antonio.  It made me like her more.  This is a girl who would gladly attempt to drink a guy under the table.  I'd say on that evening, she lost because her husband had to tightly escort her out to the car when they left after 1 AM.  There really was nothing flirty or sexy going on, just getting to know each other a little better.

My wife used the party as her excuse to redo NYE.  She felt like she didn't get her drink on then, so being at home allowed her to open up a bit. Three bottles of wine later...

The next morning she was feeling pretty crappy.  She got a message from the Boy Toy asking if she would meet him for a drink.  She declined and told me about it.  I think she might have considered it if she hadn't felt like crap.  We'll see where this goes.

In the end, nothing exciting to report.  Nobody got nekkid and as far as I recall, nobody offered me a BJ, though Co-Worker H did tell me that we needed to resume our occasional office "chats", his code for BJs.  I just have to offset any interest I have for the female  intern and focus on what H has to offer.*

*And yes, of course, it goes without saying that makes me gay, not bi.  Of course it does.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Co-Worker Update: Morning Chatter

Co-worker A walked in the office we've been sharing for a temporary project and immediately asked if I would rub his back.  "I hate to ask you this, but I did something to my back and it is really sore."

He turned his back and pointed to a spot below the left shoulder blade.  I am not the massaging sort of guy but I'm willing to help out.  I used the palm of my hand to begin rubbing the knot and he responded with soft moans.  It felt pretty gay, even if this is just stuff you might do for any person in need.

After about thirty seconds, I asked him if he'd like a reach-around to go along with the massage.  He laughed, thanked me for my assistance and took a seat in his chair.  I then quickly asked him if he'd be willing to watch me give Co-worker C a BJ.  He said he would have to think about it.

Like a subliminal summons, C walked into the office and as soon as the door shut behind him, I reported, "Good news, A is going to watch me blow you."

They both laughed and C said, "No, someone might come in and catch us."

We talked about some work related issues then C left and we got to work.  After lunch, the three of us were in the office gossiping about a young lieutenant that works for A who, rumor has it, has an enormous dick.  His wife was the source of this claim after drunkenly telling A's fiance that his dick is so big her pussy hurts when they fuck.  Of course, now we all want to see it.

This led to a conversation about anal sex and gag reflexes and such.  It cracks me up that we just sit here and have these conversations in between doing actual work.  I guess we make a pretty good team.

Curious.  Do these conversations take place in all work places?

Monday, January 2, 2017

She Has Something Up Her Sleeve...

I know my wife so well.  I always know when she has the gears turning in her mind, and I can't explain exactly what it is, perhaps a tone in her voice, a change in the cadence of her speech, but I always know when she is up to something.  And she is up to something.

A month ago, she was found on FB by a guy she dated years ago when we went through our year long separation.  We've always called him the "Boy Toy" because he was a decade younger than her.  Small in stature, this guy was endowed with a huge cock.  Because I'm such a pervert, I wanted to know every detail, of course.  Unfortunately, this relationship was before smart phones and digital cameras were the norm, so there was no evidence of his size, but she says he was much larger in both length and girth than her current boyfriend, JD.

She told me about the contact and we actually talked about him a few times.  Of course, my suggestion was, go for it.  Her, not so much.  She said she has no interest in rekindling any flames with this guy, that there was a reason things didn't work out with him, and it was just odd her mind that he tracked her down.

Fast forward a week and she told me she met him for a drink.  They had a drink, caught up on what is going on in their lives, she told him that I'm still a freak and about the relationship with JD.  He wanted to fuck her, she said no thanks.  She told him that the only way it would happen would be if I was there.  he said, no thanks.  When they left the restaurant, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply.  She said she felt nothing.

After telling me about the meeting (this was while I was at work), she also told JD.  She told JD how this guy had such a huge cock and JD was just as intrigued as I was.  He asked for pics!

Fast forward again to New Year's Eve.  We went to a party a colleague was throwing (Co-worker A), and while I was busily flirting with young strange people I had never met before, the Boy Toy called my wife to wish her a happy new year.  She says he was shitfaced.  Guys do this - they call her or text her hoping for some good phone.  

In the morning on our way home from the hotel, she told me that he sent her a picture.  She pointed her phone at me while I drove and there was a shot taken from chest level with his underwear pulled down enough to show a massive flaccid cock.  We all know I'm average at best in both length and girth.  This guy's non erect penis was thicker and longer than my erect cock.  Jesus.

She sent it to JD with the note, Happy New Year! JD was impressed as well.

So shortly after we got home, my wife asked me if I wanted Starbucks.  I said yes and she drove to the one just outside our neighborhood.  Depending on the line, I knew I had at least ten minutes.  I found my wife's iPad out on the back patio where she had been balancing the checkbook and such.  Those of you with iPhones and iPads realize that they sync up and you can see everything on the phone.

I went straight to messages and saw that she had not yet deleted the conversation.  It was brief.  His huge cock and her cleavage shot in return.  She also said she wanted more pictures.  She wanted to see it all just for old times sake.

If I had been thinking about it, I could have taken a picture of the picture with my phone and shared it, but I wasn't thinking.  Did I mention the dude has an enormous schlong?

So later that afternoon, I know, it has taken me a while to get to the evidence of something getting ready to happen, at of the complete blue she told me that she had been thinking about maybe on the days that she is free from watching grandkids, she might occasionally go see a matinee movie.  By herself. While I'm at work.  WTF.

My wife's MO has always been to plant the seed well in advance so as to be able to point back to a conversation when she told me the alibi.  I can't explain why I know but clearly, she is setting the table to get that huge cock in her.

Please understand, I'm all for it.  But I want the details and if possible pics to prove it.  I think JD probably feels the same way too.

The next time we talk about the Boy Toy, I'm going to tell her that I would be happy for her to meet up with him, but details and pics, please.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

IGHIH: Late Arrival...

It isn't like I don't have a load of work to do but there is something about the atmosphere after the holidays.  First, almost everybody is still out on vacation, so the place is half empty, and second, my mind has been wandering after a few recent encounters with Erin.  We saw each other the day before Christmas which led to a brief e-mail exchange, then on Monday, I nearly ran over her (okay, just kidding) when I was driving through a shopping mall parking lot and she was walking from her car to a store.  I pulled over and we chatted for ten or fifteen minutes and she told me it was fate or something.

At work on Tuesday when I slipped out to my truck to check e-mail and send a few notes, I saw her online and our normally two minute exchange of messages turned into an hour.  She was telling me gossip about people I know and I was asking her for juicy details.

The most interesting one was the fact that my wife inadvertently sent her a FB message at 11PM one night but it was obvious that message was intended for JD.  She said my wife tried to play it off like she was in bed and I was still upstairs in the mancave, and she was sending me a good night message.  Erin wasn't buying it because, well, on occasion, she actually reads this blog and knows all about JD.  She told me, "I was like - sure [wife] ... if it's all the same to you I'm gonna pretend this never happened.  She knew I wasn't buying it. She then said "OK, thanks.""

Of course, none of this shocks me or upsets me in the slightest.  As I told Erin, they chat all the time and she is very happy to share what they say to each other or show me the pics they send each other.
The conversation with Erin left me pretty horned up.  In fact, afterward when I stopped in the restroom on my way back to my desk, I realized I had oozed pre-cum so much so that the head of my dick was slick and my black underwear had a white frosting.

I worked for several hours before realizing that I should be getting home.  I had several errands to run and this time of year, it gets dark fairly early.  When I got out to my truck to leave, I saw a text from my wife that had come nearly an hour earlier.  "There will be a visitor here when you get home".

I sent back, "Should I hurry home or take my time?  Send pics!"

Then nothing.  I drove home without making my usual iced tea stop along the way and about the time I got a mile from the house, my phone buzzed with a new message.  She sent pics of her sucking his dick.

"Is he still there?" I asked.


"Almost there."

When I walked in the house I could hear music playing upstairs in the mancave.  I went to the bedroom and changed quickly from my slacks and shirt and tie and into more comfortable attire.  When I walked upstairs, they were sitting on the couch, her with a glass of wine and him drinking a beer.  Both of them were dressed and it appears I had missed the action.

I said, "Done already?"

JD laughed with his response, "Hey, I can only go so long.  You need to drive faster."

"Well at least tell me what happened."

My wife chimed in.  "There is probably still some cum on my boobs, if that helps."

JD said, "Yea, I expect there is a lot of that.  Let's see.  Well, we made out for a little bit, then I ate her pussy for, what...?"

She finished his sentence, "A long time."

"Yea, I'm pretty sure she came several times." he said.

"At least several times" she finished.

"Then she started blowing me and I took a few pics for you.  The next thing I know, her boobs were covered.  Sorry, you just didn't get here quick enough."

"Get a beer", my wife said, "Join us for a drink."

Later that evening when we got in bed my wife reached over to find that not only was I nude, but I was fully erect.  She slipped off her top and panties and began to stroke and suck my dick.  She rubbed my dick between her bountiful cleavage before I pulled her up and entered her.  I took several licks of her boobs and could still smell the hint of JD on her skin.  I guess it's like lotion; you rub it in and it is absorbed into the skin, yet you can still smell it.  I didn't even need a story or a reminder of what had taken place earlier and within two minutes, I had unloaded a week and a half worth of waiting into her.  She rode me until she began that familiar shaking of the arms and body.  Both of us slept great.


I can't help but think about how normal this all is for us.  I'm sure part of it is the fact that our circumstances make it to where the meetings are quick and infrequent.  Sure, they message each other and several times a week, she will get him through a jack session.  But as to actual physical contact, it is maybe once a month if we are lucky, and perhaps we are lucky because it keeps it exciting for everyone.

I continue reading on the subject of both open and even polyamory relationships.  I find the information eyeopening, but none of it shocks me.  The more I read about people who live normal lives as married couples yet have room for something on the side, regardless of the mechanics of it all, I realize that there are probably a lot of my colleagues, neighbors and friends who could be doing the same thing.  The other thing the books teach me is, none of this is really anything new in the grand scheme of our world history.

In case you are wondering, my current list of half-finished books include: The Ethical Slut, Insatiable Wives, Sex at Dawn, and Life a Little Less Monogamous. I recommend them all.