Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Living Vicariously Through Mike: The Gangbang...

Reader Mike told me about his recent participation in a gang bang, something I've never experienced.  In case you've always wondered and didn't trust everything you see in the porn movies, read on!


So I just got back from the scheduled gangbang and it was meh...

So down here there is an older retired guy who lives alone.  He has a bunch of accounts on AFF and for some inexplicable reason, is able to convince women that he is a safe outlet and provider of sexual bucket list activities.  He hosts these events in his townhouse and has a regular group of guys that he can call on.  He probably has an event 3 times a month believe it or not.

I've known him for about 5 years and this is the third one I've participated in.  Most times either I'm traveling, or my wife is home, or some combination that prevents me from going more often.  And truthfully, most times the woman is older, like in her 60s, and obese.  So I'm not missing out on anything.

This time, though the stars aligned.  I'm not traveling, my wife is, and the woman in question is slim and shapely and in her mid 50s.  So I signed up for one of the time slots.  Yes, time slots...She lives in the northern part of the state, but used to live in my area, so she knows people down here.  Her marriage is on the rocks, so she decided to visit old friends down here and oh yeah, get gangbanged.  So she had a session last night with 4 guys, a session today with 4 guys, and a session tomorrow with 4 guys.  No repeats with the guys by the way.

I get to the guy's house and as I'm walking up the sidewalk, I hear a woman moaning loudly.  Just great, I think...they started without me.  I open the front door and head to the back room.  The host is standing there naked and holding a camera.  He waves me over and i enter the room to see this woman on the couch getting the absolute shit fucked out of her by the guy who I don't know.

I whip off my clothes and go stand over her head.  Without missing  beat or even really looking at me, she takes my dick in her mouth and goes to town on it.  She's giving me great head, getting my dick nice and hard...The guy fucking her says he needs a break.  So he goes and sits down on the other couch to rest.  She crawls over and starts sucking him off.  I roll a condom on and enter her from behind.  She goes wild pushing back on my dick and I'm really plowing her pussy.  I feel myself about to cum, and since I knew ahead of time that she likes to have guys cum on her body as some fetish, I pull out, rip off the condom and shoot a 5 day load onto her ass...Host is snapping pictures and calling her a slut, etc.  She leaves the cum on her to dry, and the guy she's blowing announces that he's about to cum, so she sits up and he sprays her tits...

We sit around drinking water and chit chatting as we recover.  Meanwhile the 4th guy who was going to be late, shows up, and makes casual conversation as he undresses.  He goes to sit down in a chair and the slut goes over and starts sucking his cock.  Meanwhile me and the other guy stand around her stroking our dicks hard again.  She now has 3 dicks that she is alternating sucking and stroking.

We all move to the couch and while she's sucking a cock, I try to finger her.  But her pussy was very sore and I could tell that there would be no more fucking that day.  Instead she sucked each of us off again, and I added another load to her face and chin.  So I was there for a grand total of 60 minutes, but came twice.

Now the strange thing....we're in the middle of all this, when around the corner comes a very young black girl in her panties and T shirt.  She looks like she could be 22.  Now I've seen pictures of her before from some of his other events, but I had no idea that she actually lived there with him.  She casually sits in a chair to watch 4 old white people fuck.  Was a little weird and now I'm very curious about why and how this girl came to live with this 70 year old white guy.

All in all, a little underwhelming. 


"Underwhelming," he says....  

Porn Guilt...

I spent entirely too much time during my already busy day yesterday trying to piece together the identity of a military lady I saw while looking at Tumblr.  And I feel pretty shitty about it.  It all started when I spent about fifteen minutes on Tumblr, hitting one of my favorite themes which is naughty military people who take pictures partially in uniform.  People mostly goofing around, flashing boobs or guys whipping their dicks out.  The connection for me is that, with such a long military career, perhaps I will see someone I know.

In 99 percent of these pictures, people have either covered their name tags in the picture, or after the fact, covered it with Photoshop.  In this one picture of a smoking hot blonde, she was posing in full uniform with her name shown.  The next picture was her in a bikini on a beach and what followed were a series of pictures of a girl who looked like her engaged in a threesome.  My guess is, the first two were her, but the sex ones were just someone who resembled her.

Of course, I'm not naming names or showing the pictures.  But I did right click on her picture and search Google to find that the photo of her in uniform was an Air Force publicity photo.  In fact, this lady is pretty impressive.  My guess is, some fuckhead submitted that picture along with a picture of a lady in a bikini that looks very much like her and then found the others to trick gullible perverts such as myself into thinking this lady was into sexy fun times.

So I chatted with a colleague about whether or not I should just send her an e-mail.  Not to taunt her or ask her if she was involved in threesomes, but to let her know about the pictures.  We both decided that was a really bad idea.  In what world does a stranger telling you he saw naked pictures of you make you feel better in any way possible? Even if he was sure the naked pictures weren't really yours.

This led to a conversation about an Air Force officer whose ex-husband slut-shamed her for years by creating web pages showing her engaged in unflattering sex acts - in other words, sex with him.  The guy was just flat out nuts and made wild accusations that, even if true did not warrant his torture.  Both us us had actually met this woman during the course of our careers, him before the slut-shaming and me, while it was happening.  I felt so bad for her.

It took me all of two minutes on Google to figure out that that poor woman is still around, trying to move on with her life and that she was assigned to a sister unit of mine.  Yikes.

The pictures just scroll by so fast and really, unless they look like someone I know, I never seem to give them another thought.  It seems so harmless.  Until you recognize one of them.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

IGHIH: Salty Tits...

I had to work later than I planned on Friday afternoon.  Once I got out to my truck and checked messages, I found that my wife had sent me a picture of her wearing JD's shirt with her cleavage exposed.

"I'm waiting for you to come and clean up the mess JD made on me." 

Instant erection.  My phone told me that with traffic, I was 32 minutes away from home.  Unfortunately, I got another text telling me to go directly to our Friday evening restaurant because we would be meeting my son and his wife there for drinks and dinner.

This caused my mind to race.  Had they come by the house and found her in sexual disarray?  As it turns out, they called her while she was waiting for me and figured that I was running late, so why not meet for dinner.  We still gotta eat.

After eating and saying our goodbyes, we took our separate vehicles home and by the time I got inside, she was laying on the bed, in JD's shirt with the buttons open.  "Better late than never, right?" she said.

I quickly stripped down and climbed onto the bed, immediately fondling and licking her tits.  "Can you taste his cum?"

"I can taste him all over you."  I responded.

"You have to take a picture and send it to him.  He wants to know that you enjoyed his taste."
I took the picture then sent it to him adding the comment, "Tastes salty!"

Once I entered her pussy, she began to tell me how thy only had a brief time but he ate her to several orgasms before she jerked him to spray her tits.  I lasted maybe two minutes before filling her with my own load.  She says that it turns her on that I get so turned on by all this.  I guess that means we will continue!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Another Teacher Busted...

And once again, a teacher is in the news for sex with a student.  This time, the teacher is a JROTC instructor at a high school not far from where we live.  I'm sure it will be the talk of work since so many of my colleagues have kids going there and in one case, a colleague has a daughter in the perpetrator's class.

I don't know what to say.  Both my kids were involved in JROTC years ago and my wife went on a trip as a chaperone.  She told me afterwards that she had to intervene with one of the girls who thought it would be cool to cuddle-up in the seat next to one of the military instructors.  It started with pretending to sleep and leaning up against his arm, head on shoulder.  When my wife pulled her out of her seat, the girl had her head in his lap like a pillow.  How cute.

She even pulled the instructor aside and told him that even though it was clear that this girl (and others, frankly) were the ones coming onto him, he was the responsible adult and more importantly, in the position of authority.  If he didn't actively stop the girls from being little teases, he was in fact encouraging their behavior.

Honestly, I could not be a teacher in any capacity.  I'm disgusted that this man would bang a 16 year-old, yet, given the attention that these little sexualized teens seem to give these older men, I just know it would be all I could do not to be jacking myself silly in the teacher's lounge.  As I heard the news about this guy being arrested, I actually thought about the young girls working the drive through window at the place I stop for iced tea after work.  I don't come onto them or make suggestive comments, but I would be a liar if I said I didn't check them out. Funny thing is, I challenge anybody to drive through and distinguish between which one of these cashiers is 16, 18, 21 or older.

This does not make what this asshole did right.  But it does remind me to never, ever take a position working in a high school.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So I Did This...

Look, I'm no stranger to sticking things up my butt.  In fact, at about the same time I found the joy of pulling my pud in the shower, probably 7th or 8th grade, I magically found that my middle finger soapy with shampoo slid right into my hole and felt extremely good while I stroked my cock.

Of course, this was my private pleasure for years until that fateful night when I was receiving a blow job from a lady who, without warning rammed her finger up my butt and made me cum instantaneously.  The connection to the prostate was made!

Over the years, as my wife is aware of my Bi side, I have let her in to the idea of using her vibe on me.  I bought my first actual butt-plug a few years ago, and it has gotten regular service during our sex.  Of course, it is no bigger than a finger and tends to slip out.

During our hotel visit with JD, you recall that I took the length of that white cock and balls, and the result was a lot of laughing and such.  Sure, it felt okay but the idea of having my buddy watch was more of the turn on.
On Friday night, I decided that it was time to let my wife try again.  The deal is, in the same way that a 16 year-old kid has no idea what he is doing the first time he finger-bangs some chick, my wife has no concept of how to fuck a man's ass.  The idea was to get her more comfortable with the need for lube, gentleness and paying attention to the signs coming from me.

As she was still showering, I took the opportunity to take the small butt-plug, apply a generous amount of Sliquid and get my butt ready for action.  At this point in my life, I can shove that little plug up without hesitation.

When my wife was ready, she got the remote control to our bed a raised the foot end up high enough that I could lay over the end with my ass exposed to her.  Yes, this was really going to happen.  More Sliquid on the white cock and she was ready.  

It took several times of me directing lower, higher, lower again, before the head of the cock pushed in.  I've realized that I enjoy that initial feeling.  The problem was, she wanted to immediately start stroking in and out like some jack hammer action and I had to get her to let things just sort of ease in.
We played with the white cock in my ass for several minutes and I loved the feeling when it was all the way in just sitting there.  The minute she wanted to stroke in and out, I found a little discomfort and said that was enough.

I was thinking we were done and we'd move ourselves onto the bed to commence regular fucking but instead she asked if I would just go ahead and let her put the big black one in.  That was not expected.  Here's the deal, it is big.  As it is, the white one is at least as big around as my dick, and if I'm being honest, just a pinch longer.  The black one is easily the eight inch Bournemouth you expect from a porn movie.   But, what the hell.

I covered that sucker in the lube and handed it to her and said, "Be careful.  Be very, very careful." and not in an Elmer Fudd voice.  I was serious.

She slowly pressed the big dick into my hole and thankfully, I was ready.  Not gonna lie, it felt good.  But it was just too big for more than a quick test.  I took the length all the way to the rubber balls and let her hold it there long enough for me to say uncle.

With the exploratory part of our session completed, we got on the bed and spent the next forty minutes or so using some of the other vibrators on her.  JD had purchased her a Magic Wand knock-off that provides a pretty quick orgasm for her, but she seems embarrassed to let herself go with it unless I'm driving.

I guess you could say, we both drove Friday night.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

IGHIH: Fun Filled Evening...

Frday afternoon my wife and JD met for drinks.  Instead of going to their normal little cantina that is hidden out of the way, they decided to go to a bar that is located just a few blocks from our neighborhood.  JD was concerned that the people there might recognize my wife but she assureed him, we've only been in there a handful of times.

They sepent an hour or so just chatting, mostly about problems in his marraige but also, both of them trying to fully understand my take on things.  The key question being, why am I okay with all of this?
From what I understand, it would have been clear to any observer that they were there together, not as co-workers or casual friends.  I guess there was some kissing and such involved.

When I got home from work late, my wife was ready to get going for our usaul Friday evening dinner and drinks at a local restaraunt.  As we ate, she was very open about their earlier meeting and kept bringing up the conversation about how I am so cool with her openly meeting with, sexting with and occasionally having sex with JD.  I'm sure the people in the booth next to us were intrigued.

She mentioned that JD thought it would be a good dare for us to go back into the same bar the two of them had been at only a few hours earlier, just to get the reaction of the bartender.  I was all in!

After dinner, we stopped into the bar which was in the same shopping center and walked in together holding hands.  My wife confirmed that the same two bartenders were working.  The one female bartender was a short chunky gal that we had seen before.  I know for sure she remembers us becasue we had a long conversation with her the first time we went to the place.

When we ordered our beers, she looked right into my face like she had seen a ghost.  She looked back at my wife and back at me like maybe she was genuinely confused.  After grabbing our beers, she went to the other side of the bar and was engaged in conversation with some other patrons.  I'm convinced she was spilling her guts, just becasue both guys looked over at us.

What I had really hoped was that she might say something to my wife like, "Oh, you're back." or something.  My wife was fully prepared or any questions that might arise.  She told me she would happily say, "Oh, the other guy was my boyfriend, this is my husband."  Needless to say, I would have an instant erection over such an announcement.

I left my seat to go to the restroom hoping that might give a chance for the bartender to ask my wife if she had seen her earlier or perhaps even one of the other customers to come in the bathroom and reveal to me my wife was a cheater.  But truth is, I guess we aren't that interesting or more likely, bartenders know to keep their mouths shut in order to keep the tips coming.

My wife took a picture of the two of us at the bar with the bartender in the background and sent it to JD.  His response was that it was so hot and scandalous.  I guess the trhee of us got something out of it.

At home we waited for the sun to go down so we could enjoy some naked hot tub time.  My wife was a little tipsy and we decided to tease JD by sending him pictures.  This is her laying on the bed withe her legs in straps.

Eventually, we did our hot tub fun (we are convinced our next door neighbors watched my wife blow me in the water) and then back to the bed for some interesting experimenting with toys.  I'll have to write about that in a different post.

Life is good.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Seeking Arrangement...

I was reading Hy's blog where she mentioned various dating apps and one I had heard about but never considered caught my eye.  Seeking Arrangement is what amounts to a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby site.  Of course, I set up an account and looked around for a bit.

Let's be honest - I could never be a Sugar Daddy.  I do like how it is right up front in what the potential Sugar Baby is looking for.  They give categories for the amount of support they expect.  "Practical" was $3,000 a month.  And it goes up from there.  Who are the men who can afford this?

I admit, I'm still completely obsessed with the idea of escorts.  I shouldn't use the word obsessed, but let's adjust it to say, I can just as easily enjoy twenty minutes of looking at ads for local escorts as I can twenty minutes of Tumblr, and we know how much I enjoy Tumblr.

The appeal of the idea of Seeking Arrangement was simple.  I would explain exactly what I want and maybe some local woman would take me up on it.

In spite of everything that has been going on over the last several months - IGHIH - I've spent a fair amount of time contemplating the idea of meeting someone for a very breif encounter.  It isn't what you might expect from an escort situation.  I'm not looking for arm candy to go to dinner, I'm not looking for some piece of ass to bang.

In my dream world, I have this scenario - and it changes from time to time - but it is very similar to something I did over a year ago.  I found this lady on Craig's List who was selling panties.

At the time we began our e-mail courtship - and that really is what it amounts to; us courting each other to see if we would both go through with the transaction, I only had a brief idea of how the panties would get from her body to me, and how my money would get from my wallet to her.  In the standard way, I have learned, a guy sends money to a Pay-Pal account and a week later, some panties show up in an envelope.  No thank you.

I guess that lady, Alex, spoiled me.  When we met, of course it was a public place, she jumped out of her car and climbed into my truck.  We shook hands and laughed at how nervous I was.  I fully expected to be arrested for daring to purchase the undergarments from a woman no longer needing them.

I really expected her to get in the truck, hand me a bag and ask for cash, and my only real interaction would have been the greeting, the exchange and goodbye.

Instead, she sat and we talked.  When I asked about the panties, she simply - well, you should just read the post and you'll understand.

I paid her more than she was asking and I got a lot more than I had expected.  So now if I scour CL looking for another Alex, I'm disappointed by sellers angrily stating that the transaction will only be done via mail, there will be no pictures, and none of the exciting courting via e-mail that took place.

I know, you might suggest that if I just contact Alex again, I could relive the experience. Sadly, she pretty much made it clear that this was a one time deal and I completely get it.  Think about it.  If you get to second base on the first date, don't you eventually want third?  I'm sure Alex knew I would not be satisfied with the same deal, and not willing to go further, why bother?  Plus, I think she moved to Austin.

In the world of what I expect escorts live in, I think my request is very tame.  I'm not looking for a woman to have sex with.  Well, I want to have sex, but not with her.  I want to relive that feeling, that adrenaline and excitement of someone sending me over the edge with their complete sexual prowess, even though they need not touch me or be touched by me.  Don't get me wrong - if that happens, I won't turn it down. But it is not my expectation.

When you think about it, what I'm looking for amounts to a private lap dance at any gentleman's club.  But I just don't want to go there for it to happen.  I want to relive a scene from The Veronica Story.

I imagined if I explained all this in one of those Seeking Arrangement descriptions of what I'm looking for, there would be little to no interest.  This is most likely a one time thing or maybe a once a year type thing.  And I'm not paying $3,000 for the chance to do it.

So what did I get from SA before terminating the account?  I got an assload of messages from bots and Japanese women.  Was it enjoyable to look through the profiles of local ladies?  By all means.  But the spam just wasn't a price of admission I was willing to pay.

I'm still looking. I guess eventually I find the right lady selling panties who is open to letting me jack myself during our transaction.  That would be cool.