Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Season's Greetings and Random Notes...

It is quite a thing for me to find myself with a few moments to myself and thus, I offer my free time to you, the readers who happen upon this place to provide you with some greetings of the holiday season and a few random notes.

If you are like me and are all sorts of Grinchy this time of year, I say, hang in there, it is almost over.  If you are the festive holiday type, I truly do offer the wellest of wishes to you and hope that Santa brought you something good.

Mrs. JFB and I had a very subdued, very lounge-like Christmas that involved very little movement off the couch and lots of TV.  I did go out for a nice long walk but that was about as much exercise as I could conjure up.

So, I did get an interesting e-mail in my inbox.  It was from a lady who said, "I’m working on a free mental health project focused on educating people about various everyday topics, and I’d like to link to your site;..."

She specifically mentioned the Links tab that I have and don't do a good job of keeping up to date.  She then went on to say, "...none of the content on your site will be copied or spoken of in a negative tone."

I did a little research on the name associated with the e-mail she sent, and it does seem she is a legitimate freelance writer.  I did give my consent but also asked in response if I had a mental health issue she was addressing.  I asked half joking, but never saw a response.

The funny thing is, since I've been blogging, both on this blog and former vanilla blogs, I have gotten numerous requests to use photos or quote things I've written.  I think it is great that people ask since I happen to know several professional photographers who constantly find their work stolen.

Anyway, I'll be checking back to see in what way someone could find my particular jumble of links (mostly to Tumblrs) to be associated with some sort of mental health issue.  I'm not saying I don't probably have some sort of mental health issue, mind you, so maybe this will be informative.

And maybe I should go click through the links and remove old broken ones.

Speaking of Tumblr.  I need to cut back.  I mean, really, I find it so easy to be checking my phone and just click on that app and find myself wasting five minutes here or there.  The problem is, when I see an interesting photo, I want to chase the link back to the original Tumblr and see what other interesting things they have.  This is going to sound weird, but I have found myself looking at foreign Tumblrs, including places like India and Pakistan.

Now there is no question that, as a white guy, I have a solid interest in ethnic people.  That is to say, darker skin tones, especially given that San Antonio is made up of so many Latina's.  But looking at women from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia and so many middle eastern and southeast Asian places, I've found their amateur porn and pictures to be so much different, yet so similar to what people here do.

One example is, cuckolds.  I know it is not anything new and it was not invented by Americans, but holy hell, who knew so many Paki men want to watch their wife being fucked by another man? And of course, gay men.  I had no idea that in lands where being gay is a considerably dangerous thing, that so many men are blowing each other, and making videos of the act.

I have been attracted to women of the Indian and Pakistani areas for a while.  And women who cover themselves?  It is true that there is something so seductive about seeing a woman in a hijab who strips.  It is a lot more interesting that watching a woman at the beach in a bikini show her boobs.  In this case, it is a deliberate seductive act of displaying the forbidden.  Or maybe I'm just a damn pervert.

There is a downside of looking at some foreign stuff.  I have seen quite a few videos where I feel like either, the intent was to come across as abusive, or, it really was abusive.  An example being a man having sex with a woman who, when her face is shown seems to not be enjoying life.  Maybe I'm reading into it.  Maybe she is not enjoying the fact that he is fucking her while he takes video of the act.  But in some cases, it just seems like a bad situation.

I have to admit, I'm somewhat sensitive to that sort of thing.  My main reason for disliking commercial porn is the looks of anger on the guy's faces as they seem to hate-fuck these actresses.  I get it, they are playing to an audience of angry young (or old) men who hate the fact that they can't get any pussy for themselves.  But I've always asked, who could be so mad at having sex?  You are having sex, why are you so angry about it?

On the brighter side, I like seeing all shapes and sizes and bodies that will never make it to the airbrushed pages of Maxim or Playboy.  I just prefer people who have flaws and an extra few pounds.  I like seeing women who do not have the perfect complexion or men who don't have 8 inches of cock.  If I'm being honest, I prefer men with five inches.  Bigger or smaller is fine, too.  But just saying.

I can only assume that the Tumblr game will come to an end before too long and I'll have to find the next place to look at the pictures people post of themselves.

To all the people I regularly correspond with via e-mail, I hope my slacking over the holidays has not been too obvious.  I always enjoy the e-mails I get and I really do try to e-mail back as soon as I can.

In case I don't post again before the 1st day of 2018, I'd like to leave by saying, good fucking riddance to 2017.  Hoping all of you have a wonderfully prosperous and sexually exciting new year.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Right Way To Do It... Or Not.

The whole concept of my wife having a regular friends with benefits arrangement with JD has just become so routine for us.  And yes, I know they are more than just friends.  For some guys, that would be a deal breaker.  For me, I prefer there to be some commitment there. 

This life is not for everyone.  If you are a guy who has these hotwife fantasies, you really have to be careful that you may get what you ask for and then not be able to handle it. 

We’ve been doing this in some form or fashion for years, and I assure you, there have been some glitches along the way.  But now, after over thirty years of marriage, we are in a good place for this particular part of our relationship. 

Nothing is perfect.  Don’t believe those unbelievable Facebook curated perfect marriages.  You know what I mean.  The pictures are tightly cropped to show great bodies, all smiles and happy couples.  Meanwhile, they are probably sick of each other and only staying together for the kids and the mortgage payment. 

I’m not trying to suggest my wife and I are in a perfect world either.  We aren't.  But this particular part is pretty damn good. 

I only bring it up because I don’t want people who come across this or similar blogs to point to this as the perfect way forward.  If you read the advice of hotwife lifestyle experts, you’ll see that my wife and I broke all the rules. 

First and foremost, we have been with people we know or guys I've worked with.  Most experts will say that presents too much risk.  What if the relationship goes bad? Now what?  Or what if the wife falls in love? 

Another rule we broke is that my wife routinely meets with JD without me being present.  Many experts say that is playing with fire.  But keep in mind, we've been doing this for years.  I don’t have a jealous bone in my body, so if I can’t get home from work in time, why should I stop my wife and JD from having a good time?

In terms of openness and honesty, I am a complete scoundrel.  I have this blog, a Tumblr, I have a dozen email confidants with whom I share my thoughts and issues beyond what I write here or share with my wife. 

I went on a nationally presented podcast and confessed to having a completely secret life my wife knows nothing of.

I have confided in people who know my wife, which is frankly my biggest sin.  That is to say, my wife talks to these people and has no idea that that person knows details about our sex life.  Or have seen my dick.  Or have shown me their private parts. 

To many people who engage in sexually open arrangements with their spouse, I think they’d look at us as doing everything wrong.  I’m just trying to point out to those people who read this, you have to think long and hard before you take a stab at it.  And then, you have to do it in a way that works for your relationship.  There is no real right or wrong, only what works for you.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

About Last Night...

I have a friend, Co-worker C, the gay colleague of mine, who will not drink alone.  I guess he figured out years ago that nothing good comes from a lone drinker, sipping beers and contemplating life. 

My wife and I did a shrimp boil for dinner. It was our first time trying the recipe and it was great, especially with the beers we drank along with the shrimp, sausage, potatoes and such. 

After dinner we retreated to the hot tub for an hour of more drinking and talk.  From there, we headed to the bedroom for some Friday night sex followed by showers and then made our way upstairs to watch TV before bed. 

Instead of our normal shows, there was a basketball game on and this is where things went awry.  I decided to watch the game and drink several more beers and she opted to make phone calls. 

My first bad act was that while she was on the phone with her sister, I proceeded to have a conversation with that same sister where I confessed that I wanted to go down on her. 

Yep.  While my wife was talking to her. 

The sister shut me down and told me to delete the conversation which I did.  I’ll apologize to her today. 

Next, I had a conversation with the daughter of the late Co-Worker Rick.  That was a legitimate conversation with no sexual overtones, but she is 23 and cute, so I’m sure if there had been an opening, I would have gone there.  Pure creeper. 

At some point my wife decided to go to bed.  I should have joined her but instead I had one more beer and when I saw a friend of my wife’s online, I started chatting with her.  She got flirty fast.  Who says women don’t initiate these conversations? 

She sent me her boobs and I sent her my dick.  Well, now I know.  She’d be down to fuck if the opportunity presented itself, but I doubt that will ever happen. 

I deleted that conversation and moved on.  Next a chatted with my wife’s other sister.  No sex there, but it was a nice friendly chat. 

Finally, I started a conversation with a friend from my vanilla life.  I regretted it immediately because I realized I had nothing to say to her that didn't involve sexual questions.  So I moved on and went to bed. 

I would say that I certainly was not drunk in the sense of people getting liquored up and doing stupid things, but I was tipsy.  And I rarely have conversations like I did last night.  I need to tuck my phone away somewhere the next time I have a few beers. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Does Penis Size Relate to Desire to be Cuckolded?

I recently had a conversation with a fellow blogger who shall remain anonymous unless he chooses to identify himself, wherein we were trading stories about having a shy bladder.  One of the crappiest things about being in the military or working for the government is the constant requirement to take a pee test.  This isn't the sort of thing in the civilian sector where they hand you a cup and you retreat to a private restroom to fill it up. 

In the military, they have an actual observer who must visually observe the urine transfer from your wiener (or vagina) into the cup.  This is evidence people, and if you've been smoking dope or injecting yourself with heroin, they want the observer to be able to testify in a court that they can verify it was your pee that went in the cup.

Okay, so if you have to do this sort of thing several times a year, you'd think that you'd just get used to it and be able to whip it out, fill the cup and move along.  Not me.  I'm a man in my mid-fifties, and no matter how many times I have to perform this service for my country, my dick seems to not only put the clamp down on urine delivery, but worse, I shrivel up like a prune.

I've often imagined that if I was a well endowed guy, I'd gladly stroll into the collection point, penis hanging out for all to see, ready to take on any and all observers.  But alas, I am already starting from the "average" dick size and when I have to pee in front of a crowd or at a bar where they don't have those dividers, or heaven forbid, the trough still found in some Texas places, my dick goes tiny.

The strange thing is, if you've read this blog, you know I have no issue at all with showing my dick to others.  But the reality is, when I do that, I am not shriveled up.  I don't even have to be semi-erect or fully hard.  That weirdness isn't present, even in front of more endowed guys.  I have no problem with being the guy with the smaller dick in front of other people.  Just don't make me pee.

So it just so happens that this fellow blogger I was talking with is into the Hotwife/cuckold scene as I am.  While we had a good laugh agonizing over our less than huge dicks, it occurred to me that most of the men I've encountered who were into the cuckold fetish, one of the turn ons was the idea of, or more importantly, the visual of their wife taking a much more well endowed lover. 

There is an entire genre of the cuckold world focused on the Big Black Cock (BBC).  I frankly find it slightly racist, but that's not the point.  The point is the first B in BBC.  Big, for Big Cock.  How many cuckolds want their wife to hook up with a guy who happens to be hung like a third grader? 

If you read any Hotwife or cuckold sort of erotica, the male writer almost always makes reference to the larger size of the other male or even goes into great detail about how the "bull" (a term I hate) stretched his wife's pussy or how she was in such pain from it all.  Some dipshits write about how he was so large that the cuckold's minuscule penis could no longer even touch the walls.  These cuckolds obviously never fucked a woman after she had a kid or two, so they do not realize that the vagina is able to accommodate large things and go back to normal.

At any rate, the question remains.  Do men with smaller cocks have more of a propensity to be turned on by sharing their wives with more endowed men?   Do gay men who get off on being cuckolded have a similar relationship in penis size?

I'm eager to read your comments and thoughts on this.  E-mail works.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Strictly Anonymous Website is Up

Not much content yet but Kathy has her Strictly Anonymous Podcast web page up and running.

Free Porn - The Butterfly Effect

I'm sure you've heard the ads for it if you listen to podcasts at all, The Butterfly Effect, a story about how the world changed when a guy came up with the idea to make porn available for free.  I've been listening to it over the last two days and am almost finished. 

I highly recommend it.  The commercials for it come across like it would be preachy in some way, but it isn't.  Just good journalism and story telling.  And you learn new stuff everyday.  I had no idea of the back story behind PornHub, RedTubes, Ashley Madison and how the pay for porn industry changed into a more boutique industry.

As a cheapskate, I say, long live free porn!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Writing For Fun...

I've been having a conversation with a new reader recently who found me through Literotica.  He was one of the few people who found something positive in The Veronica Story.  As a side note, can I just say that in spite of the fact that so many people on the Internet are jerks, there is something so positive about connecting with people who seem to “get” you.

Anyway, this gentleman was kind enough to enjoy Veronica, so I sent him some of the older stuff that I had posted and long ago removed.  Reading back over The Cashier I recalled just how much enjoyment I got out of writing fictional accounts of real people.

This takes me back to years ago in my youth.  I was horrible in English class in high school, and only a B student in my first two English courses in college. I attribute my shittiness not from an inability to read and write or use reasonable grammar, but being more interested in writing fun things and less interested in diagramming sentences.

I wish now that I had saved the many stories I wrote as a kid.  This is before computers and thumb drives and the ability to email a copy of your story to yourself or post it on a blog.  I was sort of like that kid in Stand by Me, writing goofy stories and sharing them with my friends.

I don’t want to get specific, but I did create a series of characters that lived really weird lives that, if I had saved the paper these stories were typed on, I could have perhaps recreated into more polished works.  No, not my own Harry Potter series or the next Game of Thrones, but just goofy folks that popped into my mind and flowed on paper.

It took years and a lot of actual sex before my writing would shift to an adult nature.  I feel less like a writer and more like a reporter when it comes to sex.  I've always avoided the use of the standard verbiage you see in a lot of smut. 

For cuckold's stories, you always see the reference to "the marital bed."  Uh, sure.  Okay.  Yes, when the husband and wife go to bed, it is the marital bed.  What if they are at a hotel?

I will use the terms cock and dick interchangeably, but I shy away from "turgid member." I'd say with good reason.

Of course, I'm not opposed to good, descriptive writing.  By all means, I love it.  In fact, Aunt Clara has referred me to several descriptive works.  Since my wife and I enjoy, The Outlander, I've started reading the book(s).  That Diane Gabaldon can write some descriptive sex!

But when you read my blog, I am posting things that were written in pretty much ten to fifteen minutes and done.  Just the facts, Ma'am.  Anyway, I do think if I had more time to spend on such things, I would enjoy writing some fictional stuff.  Granted, posting on Literotica is not going to happen again, but perhaps just here.  We'll see.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Walking And Parking...

I was taking my normal Sunday afternoon walk which takes me out of my neighborhood into a designated industrial area.  It is a single road that houses an assortment of service companies, electricians, two different exercise places, and several wooded lots just waiting for a company to purchase and build the next business.  It isn't seedy or scary or anything of that nature, but on a Sunday afternoon, it is usually empty. 

As I was walking I noticed a pickup truck parked across the street from a building but in front of one of those empty lots.  At first I thought the truck was empty, perhaps someone had parked it there and ridden with someone else.  But as I approached, I could see a driver with his body fairly scooched down in the seat.  Perhaps he was taking a nap. 

Approaching now to within about twenty feet, a female popped up and pressed herself up against the passenger side door.  Nothing to see here!

As I got just in front of the truck, the woman locked eyes with me. Her face was familiar but I could not quite place it.  I winked at her then nodded at the guy who was obviously aware I knew I had disrupted his afternoon BJ. 

Of course, I hadn't thought of this place as a lover’s lane, but I have found condom wrappers and on my very first walk down that road, a discarded pair of dirty panties.  And no, I left them. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Documentary: The Voyeur

Aunt Clara alerted me to the fact that Netflix was running a documentary called, The Voyeur.  Naturally, I watched it as quickly as I could.  You may recall last year that I wrote a post here about this guy.

So I won't spoil it for you but the documentary is about the turmoil leading up to the publishing of the book and gives you quite a bit of insight about both Gay Talese, a man I'm fascinated by, and Gerald Foos, a man who gives even a pervert like me the creeps.  What I did not realize at the time of my original post, was that as the book was going to publishing, there was new information that called into question the veracity of some of Mr. Foos' claims.  That sent Mr. Talese spinning into a meltdown.  The documentary catches it all.

In the end, this book is in my long list of unfinished/unstarted reading backlog but now I think it may jump ahead a few spots.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

IGHIH: Glass...

Once again my timing at work prevented me from getting in on a good thing.  Our buddy JD was able to get out of work early and spend an hour and a half hanging out  with my wife, genuinely hoping that I could make it and be part of the good time, but as we all agree, work comes before play.

I was trying to wrap things up in the office and saw that I had missed a note from my wife telling me JD will be at the house when I got home, hurry! By the time I got to my truck and could check the phone, I saw a text from her saying, "Too late."

I've mentioned before that the fact we can't meet for threesomes often and the fact that the two of them can only meet slightly more often, I think that keeps some mystery to the whole arrangement.  But yes, I wish I could have been home for this one.

My wife told me later that JD popped a little blue pill and after they both had a few beers and talked about family and stuff, they headed to the bedroom, realizing that I wasn't going to make it home for the full event.

A while back, JD had sent this large glass dildoe that frankly scared the crap out of both of us.  Apparently, when used along with a healthy serving of cunnilingus, it is quite pleasurable.

After several orgasms over her own, my wife says that JD was extremely hard, harder than she had really seen him in years, and she just needed to ride his big, thick cock.  Of course, as she is telling me these details, she was riding my own hard cock.

She mounted him in a reverse cowgirl fashion and played with his balls as he moaned with pleasure.  She says that even though she had already enjoyed a few orgasms from his tongue, the pleasure of really feeling his hard dick without fear that it might lose it was very much a welcome thing.

Before long, JD reported that he was getting close and suggested that she dismount so he could come on her boobs but she insisted she needed to feel him shoot inside her. As soon as she began to describe his dick pulsating in her, I unloaded my own load.

"Too bad you weren't here.  We were both hoping you would have cleaned up the mess." She said with a giggle.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We All have to Work...

This is not about sex per se.  So skip if you don’t like the introspective posts.

I had been working on a post that discusses the whole celebrity and political outing of men who have been abusive toward women.  No matter how many times I edit it, reword it or change a paragraph, I can’t seem to make it bulletproof.  And when you are talking about such a hot button topic, well, I don’t want to set myself up for coming across in a negative way.  It isn't that I can’t take the trolls, but it has to do with how I feel about myself as a person.  So, suffice to say, that post stays in the DRAFT bin like so many other posts I started and abandoned.

I realized over the long weekend that I’m depressed for some reason. There is so much in my life to be thankful for, yet I am suddenly feeling like I am tired of my job, not fulfilled with the direction I’m going in my own growth.  I've always loved driving into work, eager to start the day and enjoyed the interaction with people.  Now I feel like I’m trapped.  I can’t seem to get it in gear.  I’m coasting on my reputation as being a leader and someone who gets things done and makes things happen, yet I’m not getting anything done.

There is a blogger I really enjoy named Emmy who has a blog called Right Turn Without Signaling.  She writes about her work life a lot but mixes in the occasional sex talk.  I think I started reading her because of the sex and stayed for the beautiful photography, motivational memes and discussions of her work problems.

I thought about writing her and asking for advice.  How does one get out of the rut at work where the pile of responsibilities just keeps getting bigger and you look around and see people ignoring it.  In the end, I didn't write but I did feel like sharing her blog.  So there ya go.

A friend told me yesterday that my problem is, I refuse to let the mission fail, therefore I pick up the slack for other people rather than allow their shortcomings to be evident.

That has been a problem for me as a leader.  I observe people.  If I can count on someone, they become the go to.  If I can’t count on another, I don’t.  So that person goes unpunished so to speak, and the person who gets it done gets more work.  But in a way, I’m also the person who gets it done and I get all the work.

One of the things about having ranks and grades in a military environment is that you can easily look at someone who should be on the same level as you and compare what they do with what you do.  Why do I keep looking around and see people on my same level not doing half the shit I do?

The flip side of that is that I have always said, you should work for (pay) whatever you are willing to work for.  That is to say, if you are making $25 an hour and are okay with that, you shouldn't be pissed if the guy next to you makes $27 an hour.   There are always caveats to that philosophy, but the general point is, don’t worry about what others make, worry about being comfortable with what you make for the work you do.  If you aren't, either get a raise or quit.

I wrote the first part of this post before walking into work.  I sat in a meeting with our leaders and the boss called me out as being over-tasked.  That was both humbling and appreciated.  But it sered to call out others who are equally over-tasked by too much work but not being seen as important.  Hence, that created an immediate morale problem.  No, they aren't upset that my work seems more important, but that they are not seen as being real contributors.

How did we get to this point?  How is every statement somehow turned into a point of litigation or every observation taken as an offense?  Honestly, I think the issues impacting my work are very similar to what is happening in the press with the never ending list of men who have apparently been assaulting or at least being inappropriate with women who work for them.

Right now there are loads of men who have never been and never would be in a situation where a woman would accuse them of such a horrible thing as abuse, yet in the way things have been presented, we lump the harmless penis exposers (who are absolutely wrong for doing that) with the actual alleged rapists. When we blur the lines like this, you get nutty people saying stupid things like men are no longer allowed to talk to women.  No, men are simply not allowed to forcibly corner an underling into a room and forcibly masturbate at them.

Apply this to my work place and we are all very sensitive about ill-advised statements made by leadership that carry with them sweeping generalizations. 

I don't know.  In the end, I got very little work done today, even though I did do a lot of work.  I think the biggest contribution I made today was being a sounding board for people who were frustrated and making them feel better by letting them know I was frustrated too. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Car Sex: Hotwife and Voyeurism...

You may recall the young couple I met with for a brief panties party several weeks back.  The husband reached out to me and said they’d be open to meeting again and of course, I was game.

We emailed back and forth a few times to discuss the possibilities of what this meeting might entail.  I learned from the first meeting that the young wife doesn't normally wear panties, just as a preference.  She doesn't wander around flashing people, but she just doesn't usually wear panties.  With that in mind, I offered up the idea that it would be cool to watch her lift her skirt and play with herself.

I had this vision of us meeting somewhere, the two of them getting into the backseat of my truck and then from the front seat, I’d turn around and observe.  I should point out that as a voyeur, I don’t have a need to touch or be a part of the action, so to me, this was a great arrangement.

The husband suggested a location that was not far from where I work.  Once you get out into the country south of San Antonio, there are so many places that a dead body could be dropped and it would take some time for it to be found.  I arrived first and had a moment of nerves when I saw just how secluded this place was.  I sent him a text and asked if they intended to leave my dead body there. He quickly responded, the only thing they planned to leave is fluids!

The dead end road had a series of small ranches and some country houses leading up to it, but not much else.  Nobody was going to see anything.  As planned, they jumped out of their car and climbed into the back seat of my truck.  The wife was dressed very nicely in a short skirt and a nice blouse.  No panties or bra.

We exchanged pleasantries and the husband quickly asked what I’d like to see.  There’s an ice breaker. 

I suggested she lift her skirt and allow me a good look at her lady area.  The wife was freshly shaved and it was clear she had been playing with herself on the ride there.  The first time we met, her labia was completely closed-in whereas now, she was aroused and the labia were showing.
I asked if she could also expose her breasts and without hesitation she was topless.

The husband coached her a bit, suggesting this and that in order to put on a show for me.  I encouraged her with giving her honest but polite comments about how pretty she was, how nice her pussy was, etc.  she loved the praise.  The husband loved it too.

I could see he was rock hard and I suggested that he could pull down his pants if he wanted.  No hesitation from him at all and within seconds, her face was in his lap giving him head.
Next, he encouraged the wife to mount his dick and I was sitting in the front seat watching her ride his cock.  He suggested I spank her, and after a split second of hesitation, I did so.  I guess having a stranger slap her ass as she fucked her husband was a turn on fort both of them.

He guided her down onto the center console of the truck which basically left her head and chest in the front seat with me as he continued to fuck her.  He motioned for me to play with her breasts and I asked her softly if that was okay. She smiled at me and nodded yes, then shut her eyes as the husband with drew his cock and began eating her pussy.
I gently fondled the small A-cup titties and even took a nipple into my mouth as he devoured her beautiful pussy.  I felt like I was watching a rerun of my youth, a 17 year old enjoying every delicious inch of my 16 year old girlfriend.  As a guy in my mid-fifties, I realized how my own sexuality has become more in my mind and less a physical thing.  I was jealous of the desire this guy has for his wife and her eagerness to be taken by him.
These two changed positions numerous times giving me views from every direction.  When he had her laid out on my console the second or third time, he asked me to pull out my dick and stroke, and when I did, he grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock.  He reached for his phone and took a picture of his wife stroking another man while his dick was simultaneously thrusting in and out of her.

At one point she had clearly cum which caught them both off guard.  Apparently she normally requires a lot longer.  I guess the leather seats of my truck and the excitement of a stranger helped speed things up.

The husband grabbed her hand and guided her fingers into her sopping pussy and then into my mouth.  This young lady was delicious.  I suspect that had I asked, she would have allowed me a taste directly from the source.

I got out of the truck and went to the rear door and opened it, then stood there with my dick out and began to stroke myself.  As he fucked her, she tilted her head to where she could watch me jack myself.  I think the husband was really turned on by seeing his wife watch me.

When I was ready to shoot my load, I let them know and he pounded her pussy harder as she watched eight thick ropes come shooting out and onto the ground below.  I feel like I had produced double my normal load.

I got my cock back in my slacks and got back into the truck where these two continued to go at it.  The husband apologized for turning my truck into a hotel room.  He then reached his hand to the front, unzipped my slacks and fished out my still throbbing boner.  He stroked me for a minute and told me that next time he wanted to try more.

The wife was adjusting her blouse and skirt and the I handed her a wad of twenties, saying I hoped she got as much out of it as I did.  When they opened the door to get out, the husband pulled off his shirt and wiped down the puddle of pussy juice from my seats. He told me later that as soon as I left, they got in their car and she finished him off. 

On my ride home I could smell the scent of the lotion she has warm. Some sort of coconut smell.  I was not worried about being late or my wife suspecting I had been fooling around, but my truck suddenly smelling like coconut lotion might generate a question so there I was airing out the truck with my windows and sunroof open, just to avoid any questions from my wife later.

That night when my wife slipped into bed after I had already drifted off to sleep, she reached over to fondle my cock. I was happy to wake up and let her ride my erection.  She had just spent time chatting with JD and by the time she mounted me, she was already soaking wet.  As she rode me to a quick orgasm, I kept thinking about how hot this young couple had been, changing positions, fucking, then stopping, him going down on her, her going down on him, changing positions again.  I know that there was a time when we were as active in bed.  I just hope those two don't lose that magic.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


The very first time we crossed the line into what has become a version of a polyamorous marriage was on New Year's Eve back in about 1990 or so.  Perhaps it was going into 1991 or 1992.  In any event, this was at a time when my military job involved working rotating shifts and as it would turn out, I had to work from around 9:30 PM to 5:30 AM that evening. 

By this time in our lives, the conversations - the fantasies really - had begun to center around a specific buddy of ours.  He had separated from his wife and was living in an apartment.  He had asked me earlier that, if he could convince her, would I be open to letting him take my wife out for a drink on New Year's Eve.  As it turns out, I had my teenage nephew staying with us, so logistically, there was no reason she couldn't leave for a few hours and go.  I was game if she was.

The date was made and my only requirement was that I wanted to know details.  The details are actually pretty tame.  The went to a bar known at the time (and still to this day) to be a "Swingers" place called Shenanigans.  For readers in San Antonio, this was the original location behind Ingram Park Mall.  They stayed there for an hour or so and talked and then headed back to his apartment.  It should be noted that, I had told both of them individually that I was cool with anything that were to happen, as long as I got the details. 

When I got the call from her just after midnight to tell me she was home, I asked her if anything happened.  Her response was that, not anything like sex, but she would tell me about it when I got off my shift in the morning.  Long story short, they got to the apartment, laid on the floor and began to make out with her on top of him.  She felt his erection through his jeans and called it a night.

That was a positive step and in fact, it wasn't even a month later before we had our first of a handful of threesomes with him.  And this is where the amnesia comes in.

Last night we were sipping beers in the hot tub boobs floating in view for any curious neighbors to observe and my wife was in a mood for answering any questions I had and basically, telling me any details I care to know.  As we were chit chatting away, the topic of nudity came up and the idea of going to Hippie Hollow, a famous nudist beach on the lake in Austin. This led me to recall that time I walked out on the back patio of our house, nude, with an erection, drinking a beer, and apparently the old lady next door got quite an eyeful!

She remembered the story of the lady claiming she saw me nude but had no concept of the context in which it took place.  I reminded her that we were having the threesome with this first guy and he asked if it was okay if he had a few moments alone with her.  Guys and their inability to get hard in front of another guy.  Anyway, she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

She apparently put our first threesome partner completely out of her mind.  It was not until I described the unique shape of his penis that the light came on and she suddenly recalled fucking this guy, not once but several times.  ((Okay, for those wondering, his dick was normal length but it was almost flat but very wide.  So imagine if you took a sausage and put a brick on top of it.  Instead of it having that round cylindrical appearance, it was wider from side to side than it was from top to bottom.))

Now I can't recall every single sex session I've ever had, but surely I recall that I at least had sex with someone as opposed to not ever having sex with that person, right?  She recalled that New Year's Eve but had the time line wrong, and she seemed to think it all took place prior to our kids being born.  I had to fill in the details of my nephew being in town and the fact that I did not work that shift at the time she was thinking of. 

I do know that the threesomes with the first friend ended soon because his divorce finalized and he moved to another state, and frankly, within a short time, we started the decades long arrangement with JD. Maybe she just put it out of her mind and JD was the first for her.  Who knows?

It makes me wonder if this was just a weird thing where, so much time has passed and it just wasn't an important or memorable event for her.  Or maybe there was some trauma that caused it all to slip her mind.  Either way, once she recalled, she laughed about it and the shape of his dick.  So, trauma gone.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Guilt and No Guilt...

On the latest Savage Lovecast, a caller was saying that she and her husband had worked out the perfect sexual arrangement whereby they engage in kinky playtime with other couples or little open encounters with others.  They are open and honest with each other, never look down on the other person’s suggestions and such. Up until she revealed her problem, it sounded like the perfect situation.

So what’s the problem? The husband it turns out enjoys the fun they have but then feels super guilty after the fact.  He isn't upset that the wife fucked someone else or anything like that, he just feels personal guilt for the non-traditional sex they have and he can only relieve himself of this guilt by going to Catholic confession.

I could translate this discussion to the fun times we have with JD, given that while my wife and I are completely comfortable with everything happening, perhaps we should feel guilt that Mrs. JD is not a consenting player in this game.  But we've discussed that and frankly, no guilt there.

My guilt is based upon the level of secrecy that I maintain from my wife with regards to this blog and the online friendships I engage in without her knowledge.  A friend asked, given the new level of openness in our relationship, why I don't just come clean and reveal it all.  Have that uncomfortable conversation about the fact that I've blogged about our sex activities for years; that I've posted pics of her boobs or written posts where I have had negative things to say.

You will note that I don't describe any guilt for any extracurricular sexual hijinx I've engaged in and there is good reason for that.  Simply put, as I've described here before, she knows to some extent that I do "things", and she has repeatedly stated that her comfort level is best maintained if she doesn't know.  So if I suck a dick, that isn't something I will tell her about and I won't feel guilty about it for even a moment.

This blog though.  It isn't like a personal journal that I keep hidden on a password protected thumbdrive, locked in a box and hidden in a closet.  People who know my wife personally have read many of the things I've written.  Of course, we are each allowed to have our own take on the things we experience.  If two people go on a date, they each own their opinion about how the date went and as such, they each can share that perception of the events with others.  I own my feelings about our sex life but where I cross the line for sure is when I make the details of such a personal thing known to people who know her, and in such a public way.  I think anyway.  Surely I would be in better standing with my conscience if I only spoke to strangers who never had a clue about either of us.

But then again, have you ever shared details of your sex life with your spouse without his or her knowledge, to a mutual friend?  He has a small dick or she has a smelly pussy.  I mean, surely these conversations happen, right?

I don't know.

I've had this desire recently to talk in person to like minded people.  With my wife engaged in the conversation.  I like the idea of attending a so-called Munch or similar meeting of sexual people where, the intent isn't to hook up for sex but rather openly discuss the type of marriage we have.

I imagine sitting in a library meeting room or perhaps a private area in a coffee shop where, not unlike an AA meeting, we step forward and say we have a marriage that is not the cookie cutter normal one.  One where I openly state I'm bi and where my wife openly states she has a boyfriend who she fucks either with me present or without.  In my mind, other couples would say, yea, we do it slightly different, but we are not strictly monogamous either.

We could ask different questions - how do you deal with your children, neighbors, family?  The could ask us, does the wife like the husband sucking dick?

I don't know what I would get out of such a discussion other than to demonstrate to my wife and to myself that there is value in sharing with others and receiving different views on the topic.

So I have a question, readers.  Has anyone been to such a group?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

IGHIH: The Viagra Caper...

With phone calls made to coordinate near perfect times of arrival, it looked like we may have a rare opportunity for JD and me to show up at the house within minutes of one another and engage in an actual threesome with my wife, rather than the two of them doing their thing only to have me show up either at the end or after the fact.  Though I did have an unfortunate traffic delay, I had arrived not even ten minutes after he did.

I walked in the kitchen to find JD fully dressed with a good size tent formed in his slacks.  Turns out, his wife called to inform him that her afternoon appointment had been canceled and she needed to know his status on getting home. As bad luck would have it, he had just popped a full Viagra in anticipation of the forthcoming fun time and now he had a dilemma!

I'm not sure how helpful I was in that I immediately busted out laughing.

My wife suggested the obvious - whack off and eliminate the problem.  We raced to the bedroom and she pulled off her top and JD quickly dropped his trousers to begin a quick spank.  But as any guy will tell you, jacking while under pressure is not unlike having to take a urinalyses with a positive observer.  You know, the guy who has to stare at your junk to make sure you actually pee instead of fill the bottle from a jar in your shorts.
My wife of course helped.  I realized though that me standing there watching and giggling at the predicament wasn't helping.  I did reach into my wife's briefcase of fun and pulled out her leather paddle and after about two or three solid whacks to his ass, issue resolved.
There was an opportunity for me to clean up his little deposit from my wife's chest area, and frankly, this is one of the things I really enjoy, but instead I grabbed a small towel.  I realized time was of the essence and JD had to get running.

Later, JD sent a note to say that he still had an erection.  Not sure how he was hiding the obvious bulge.  Maybe Mrs. JD got lucky.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Sex Addiction Excuse...

I don’t believe in the latest excuse of the rich and famous for all their bad behavior- sex addiction.  I believe that the urge for sex can assist people in making bad decisions or not properly prioritizing their responsibilities, but that isn't the same as a physical addiction to something like alcohol or pills.  And Dr. David Ley knows best. 

I’m not here to call out a specific celebrity or politician, but rather myself.  I once laughed at a buddy of mine because he told me how he would take his phone to the restroom and look at porn while he did his business.  And look at me, the pot calling the kettle black.  It isn't just the restroom, it is every chance I get to just click on the phone and quickly scroll through the Tumblr

I’m not talking about a jack off session or anything like that, but I do notice in myself the change from trying to catch a few minutes of reading one of the many unfinished books I've started on my iPhone to instead, scrolling though pics of amateur wives showing their boobs to their husbands.  Instead of catching up on emails, I use that few minutes to gawk at images of local people who post their naughty parts online.  It's just been a gradual shift in interests, from collecting stamps to collecting rocks, I guess you could say.

We know this isn't an addiction because I can easily go to work and not violate the policy of looking at porn on my work computer.  I've never even logged into my blog at work to check for comments.  I simply don’t and won’t.  If it was an addiction, I could not be expected to control that urge.  And frankly, it isn't an urge as much as it has become an option in today's technological society. 

But still, the fact that I can look at my own stats of which apps on my phone get which percentage of my use, it is clear that I have a great desire to see naked pictures.  And for a person with as little free time as I have, I need to cut back.  It isn't a big deal. This is like cutting out sodas or eliminating that huge bowl of ice cream every night.  Sometimes you have to adjust your priorities. 

To all the celebrities and politicians who use sex addiction as your excuse when you get caught doing whatever it is you did, you are simply following the PR prescription.  You apologize, say you have a problem and go off to seek treatment.  I get it.  But you can tell me the truth, because I know it. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

I Woke Up Naked

I watched some college football on Saturday evening and in the process consumed a quantity of beer that produced a slight headache Sunday morning.  But when I woke up, one thing was for sure, my underwear had disappeared during the night.  Now I know, some people prefer to sleep nude, and I trust that there are health benefits to that particular choice.  But, when I end up naked, my balls seem to flop around.
Anyway, I was tickled with myself, reached over and grabbed my phone and took a picture.  Thankfully, my wife was already up and had the coffee going.  I needed it.

Yea, I guess I don;t win the John Holmes award for penis size.  But it works.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thick Skin Required

A reader here sent me a link to a few stories on Literotica, the old BBS style page that has been around forever, and for some stupid reason, I thought it would be fun to post, The Veronica Story there.  Well, I've certainly never been mistaken for some sort of skilled writer or anything, but I feel like I can at least get my point across.

A few of the comments left by people were stupidly brutal.  And I laughed.  I have the option to moderate and simply delete the trolls but I choose not to.  It was like when we had the troll who would visit this page.  I found the comments entertaining, simply because they were so juvenile.

I know, you could ask, where do I get the time to write all this stuff here, because Lord knows, I don't have the time.  But seriously, do people actually spend significant amounts of time reading an amateur erotica page looking to come up with the best zinger they can deliver?  Cuck!  Oh, you got me, bro. Faggot! Wait, it is a story about a guy falling in love with a woman.

Anyway, I do get a chuckle from it all.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Showers and Other Memories...

For some reason I keep thinking about my time in the military - all the simple, very innocent flirtatious encounters with my female co-workers that today would result in full-blown investigations and unit training. The thing is, by society's standard, with the explosion of cell phone cameras and digital pictures, any person can take a nude photo and send it to any other person in seconds, and unless the receiver of the picture shares it (which they will, by the way), nobody like the drug store photo developer need know. I would venture to say that if your teenager has a cell phone or an e-mail account, they have seen a friends' dick or boobs. Yet, with the pressure of political correctness, the military seems to have gone back in time, hoping to avoid any possible interaction between people.

We determined years ago that I could never run for political office. Simply too many of my female co-workers have seen my dick. I have heard stories that President Lyndon Johnson had a huge Texas-sized dick and that he routinely whipped it out to show-off. Now, a single mention that a guy was chatting with a female friend and he whipped out his little wiener, even if she dared him to do it, some PC do-gooder would consider that some sort of oppression. "My Gawd! The man exposed himself to the poor innocent woman!"

So somehow, over the years, either through playing strip poker or mostly various conversations involving lots of honest questions and more often than not, dares intended to see how far people were willing to go, I am estimating here, that in a ten year period, eight of my female co-workers had seen my dick, while at work. I admit, just reading that sentence does make me sound like some sort of flasher. But in return, I have been flashed (boobs) by five different women (at work) and two of the women have shown me their pussy (at work). Now am I such a pervert or just lucky?

But none of this is what I intended to write about.

I knew for the longest time that I had more than a curious interest in seeing other men's dicks. (Oh yea, two different guys have whipped out their dicks to show me (at work), and I have done the same in return). When I was living in the dorms during my first assignment, we had these "gang showers". You know the layout - a huge tiled room with about eight shower heads, and basically, as the showers become available, you drop your towel and head in. I never witnessed any shenanigans going on between guys, only rarely saw a semi-erection, and for the most part, it was all business. Get in, shower and get out. But that didn't stop me from discretely inspecting ever cock of every guy I knew and worked with who lived on the same floor as me. I knew who was cut, who wasn't. I knew who had the smallest dick and the largest. I knew (at least at my base) that the stereotypes about black men were not true.

I never once stared too long, and I never once felt that someone was staring at me too long (though I wanted so bad for someone to). But I don't care how straight a guy is, it is human nature to look, at least the first time.

Later when I was married and starting to come to grips in my mind with the fact that I was probably Bi - or at least curious - my trips to the base gym several times a week gave me the dick fix I needed. I'm here to tell you, you cannot look at a guy fully clothed and determine if he has a little cock or is huge. I had two co-workers, both of whom were not large in frame or particularly tall. Both had enormous cocks. Another guy who was about 6'3" and had an incredible looking wife, you would just assume he had the dick to go along with the whole set-up. Nope. Maybe 5 inches fully erect. (Yea, I saw that one too). But for the most part, the shower experiences at the gym were strictly, get in, shower, get out, quick peeks at guys washing their balls and of course, thank you to the guys who happily stand around nude, doing their hair, putting on lotion and deodorant, and finally deciding to put on their underwear once I have had a good look.

Yea. I'll never run for congress.

The final thing is during my last year in the military where I went to a different gym on base because it was a lot less crowded at 5am. I would go every morning before work and run five miles, then hit the steam room and shower before heading into work. I can't tell you the number of times I jacked-off in the steam room and finished just as some guy was coming in. The adrenaline rush was amazing. Ditto for the shower. The number of times I was all alone in the showers and had to suddenly stop and somehow avoid showing my erection because some other guy walked in. Incredible rush. This went on for a year and I always wondered if I was the only one. I scoured CraigsList to see if anyone was posting a desire to meet-up at that gym, but never found anything.

Fond memories. Today, I think the young people who enter the military come in with a much more open mind. Rarely do you find a person who does not know or have not been exposed to openly gay people. Rarely do you find a female that whences if you use the word "fuck" or who can't tell you a good joke involving blow-jobs or something. Times have changed thanks to Internet, MTV, and the exposure of body parts via cell phones and e-mails. I just wonder how many of these young people are flashing each other or checking out their coworkers in the shower?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

IGHIH: It's Been Quite Week...

Where do I even start?  I posted about my little meet up with the young couple on Wednesday.  During the conversation with them, I actually mentioned that my wife's boyfriend could be at the house as we were speaking.  We as it turned out, he couldn't make it on Wednesday.

Thursday morning I pulled into the parking lot at work and my wife had sent me a few pictures of her, just before getting into the shower.  That's certainly a nice way to get the day started.

Thursday would prove to be a long day since I had a work related dinner downtown.  With traffic, it made sense for me to just leave directly from work and go to dinner. At about 4PM, I realized that I had forgotten to grab my afternoon pills and I decided I would race home, grab them, then turn right back around and head back downtown for the dinner meeting.

When I walked into the house, my wife was in her panties and a shirt and had just come out of the shower.  She wondered why I was home and I explained the pill situation before heading back out.  As I was leaving she asked me if I got the pictures and I said yes, I had and that was it, I got back in my truck and joined the ugly mess of I-10 traffic.

As I was stuck in a mess of stalled traffic, I flipped my phone from the Waze App (a must have if you speed like I do) and saw that I had missed a bunch of messages.  One tap of the screen and boom! BJ pics.

When I got to a parking spot and called her.  Holy hell, when she asked if I got the pics, I thought she was referring to the ones she had sent that morning.  I guess I should really turn the volume on my phone up.  I always have my phone muted and this is what I miss.

Turns out that JD had been able to slip away from work earlier in the day and they were able to spend several hours together.  She told me later that on this visit, he decided t take half a Viagra pill and that gave him quite the stiffy.

Later Thursday evening when I had returned from the dinner, we got in bed and she described how he was able to get out of work early, come over and spend time.  She told me she gave him a back massage and while doing that, grabbed her leather paddle and gave him a series of hard spankings, which he seems to love.  What a naughty boy!

As she rode my dick she told me how he spent a good twenty minutes going down on her and brought her to several orgasms before fucking her hard and leaving his seed deep in her pussy.  When she told me he had come inside her, my dick exploded.  That little piece of knowledge will get me every time.

She told me he had completely forgotten about the new toy he purchased and he grabbed it from the kitchen.  It is an anal vibrator.  Imagine that.  Even JD is starting to appreciate how awesome it feels to have the prostate tickled.

On Friday evening, we went to a local watering hole for dinner and enjoyed the band playing a series of covers.  It was nice to have a beer and enjoy the weather now that it isn't 100 degrees every day.  When we got home, we thought it would be nice to sit in the hot tub, so I went out, got it opened up, set out the radio and went back inside to change.  My wife had different plans.  She was in heels, a leather corset and panties, and she said she wasn't quite ready for the hot tub yet.

I stripped and laid on the bed and she had me turn over onto my stomach so she could give me a nice massage.  Turns out, she had done this same thing to JD and said it was my turn to enjoy some relaxing hand work.  It was very nice.

Later, she went  down on me with the intent of blowing me to completion, though frankly, my preference is to come inside her pussy.  While she was giving me head, I suggested I should try out the new anal toy and she was certainly game.  With plenty of lube, it was an easy fit and it felt mighty fine, especially while getting a BJ. 

She shifted her body and I began to finger-bang her, immediately going to the G-spot which caused great soaking of my fingers and hand.  She was bucking like a cowgirl on a bronco.  As a side note, I've been listening to a podcast I found called Shameless Sex.  It is two women who are sex educators and work in the toy and lube industry.  As it turns out, I've been fondling my wife's G-Spot for years - for the obvious reaction she gets from it, but had no idea it was the G-Spot, until these ladies described it as the soft spongy spot just inside the vagina.  I had always wondered why it felt different from the rest of the interior, and why that place got such a reaction.  I mention this just to say, the state of our sex education is school is horrendous.  Back to the story.

Eventually she climbed on my dick and rode me until she was very loudly letting the neighbors all know how hard she was cumming.  No wonder the little perverts next door try to sneak a peek when we are in the hot tub.

I should note that when you have a vibrating anal toy in your ass and you cum, there is a need to get that thing out right away.  I literally had to roll my wife off of me so I could reach down and pull it out.  That was funny though.
Eventually we did make it to the hot tub and no telling if the neighbors got a peek at the goods.  If they did, good for them.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Thank my Lucky Stars: Panties...

There has been an on again off again theme that I have written about for some time and that is my fetish of panties.  Not as in me wearing them, but as in me seeing women in them, out of them, in the hamper, on the floor, and strangely, I also get a slight tingle walking by the panty section in a store and seeing women shopping for them.  Unless, of course,  they are the super huge grandma-size often seen at Wal Mart and flea markets.

Over the last month or so, I have been trading messages with a local Tumblr guy. I started following his wife on Tumblr, then made the connection that they both were posting pictures of her, pictures of her with another guy, pictures of her with another lady, and finally, pictures of her pegging him.  The conversations started off with standard compliments and of course, me asking questions about her being a hotwife and such.  I never go into these conversations on Tumblr with any intentions beyond just trying to understand that particular person's story. Come to think of it, if everyone would just write a blog like me, it would make things a lot easier, right?

So fast forward to a few days ago.  The husband mentioned that he and his wife met a guy and sold him a pair of her panties.  Ding, ding, ding! Of course, that got my attention.  I asked for details and he was very forthcoming about how it went down.  The man simply wanted the panties in a plastic zip-lock bag (to seal in the flavor, I suppose), and when they met, the man gave them cash and the bag was handed over.

He told me that later the man e-mailed him to let him know how satisfied he was, how wonderful his wife's scent was, and that he'd pay more to watch the wife actually take the panties off.  Ding, ding, ding!  Now, this is my territory!

You may recall the story I posted some time back about the lady I called Alex.  Of course, I've been trying to relive that experience ever since.

We agreed to meet on Tuesday afternoon but I got pulled into a meeting and by the time I got out to my truck to confirm, it appeared that I missed a message asking me to confirm earlier.  Long story short, they weren't able to make it since I hadn't confirmed earlier.  Which is very understandable.

We tried again on Wednesday and I made sure I was able to get out of work.  My original plan was to meet at the Lowe's on I-35 South.  I know the parking lot has cameras (safety first) but the store is usually not overly busy that time of day, so it seemed a good meeting place.  I have to admit, I'm constantly worried that one of these meet-ups might include me being taken hostage and anally raped or just robbed.  I explained to the husband that for both of our safety, I felt like meeting in a public place was safer, and he agreed.

When the time came to meet, they were running late so he suggested meeting at a WalMart a little closer.  That was fine, especially for the safety and all, but frankly, WalMarts tend to be a lot more busy.  That worried me in terms of privacy.

Leading up to the actual meet, we had gone back and forth on how the scene might play out.  Because I know the husband to be bi-curious, I even suggested that if his wife would get off on it, I'd be happy to reach into the car and stroke his cock while she watched.  I also asked him for permission to take pictures of her removing the panties.  We had it figured out that they would pull up and park beside my truck and then I would simply get out of my vehicle and talk to them through the car window.  This doesn't attract any attention from people driving by - I mean, anymore attention than say, a drug deal.

When the moment arrived, they pulled up beside my truck, but instead of pulling up with the driver side to me, they pulled up with the passenger side.  For some reason, I just assumed the husband would be closer to me, and I don't know why, just for safety reasons.  I got out of my truck and leaned down to look in the window.  The nerves I had were almost all but gone.  The wife was very, very cute and the husband seemed just like a normal young guy.

The fact that I could see an ATM card sitting on the console with his name on it immediately removed any fear that these people were here to rob me.  Either that or they were the worlds dumbest criminals.

I pulled off my sunglasses just so I didn't seem like a masked guy and I asked how they were.  The young lady told me she was extremely nervous.  I told her not to worry; we were all friends here.

We chatted briefly, mostly me rambling on, trying to fill the moment with things about me and my wife and what our relationship is like, the fact that I’m into my wife having a BF and such.  I asked them about their relationship etc. 

Of course, I couldn't stop myself from taking in the young beauty sitting inches from me. She has a very pretty face and the sexy body to match. She was wearing a thin dress/shirt sort of thing that I imagined really would cling to her ass as she walked. 

Her boobs were a good size for her petite body, not flat chested but not bubbling over the top of her bra. 

While I chatted away I pulled out my phone and scrolled to some pictures of my wife blowing JD.  I showed them to the wife and explained how it was a turn on to see my wife’s wedding band wrapped around my friend’s cock.  I could see her eyes light up at that.  The husband commented that he liked that too.

I felt we had broken enough ice and then asked, “Would you like to slip off your panties?”

She blushed and and reminded me how nervous she was but then slowly lifted her bottom from the seat and slid the panties off, stopping to let me take a picture.  She held them at her knees for a moment so I could take in the view.  I had explained to them that my turn on is the act itself. 

Her dark blue panties were nice, I little bit fancy but still conservative.  She finally pulled them all the way off and balled them up, first handing them to her husband and then him handing them to me.  That was a little awkward but I think they were trying to go with a scene I had described in an email. 

This concept of the husband being there, watching his wife allow another man to see his wife disrobe, then actively handing over the panties is a huge turn on for me.  I think it speaks to my own cuckold behavior when I actively encourage my wife to show her breasts to a friend.  Being on the receiving side of this is both intoxicating and a little awkward. 

With the panties in my hand, I looked around the parking lot but because of where we were and the fact that my large truck (small penis indicator) provided a good cover, we were fine.  I spread the panties out in my hands and realized just how little material was involved. I looked around again and lowered my face into them, deeply inhaling the scent of this hotwife before me. 

“You smell delicious.” I said. 

She blushed again and thanked me. 

I held the panties a moment longer then handed them back to her and asked if she would like to put them back on.  I love the act of seeing them put on nearly as much as seeing them come off. 

During this process her bare pussy was exposed (sorry, no pics to share) and she was embarrassed saying she needed a wax.  I just commented that I liked her stubble. 

I reached into my pocket and pulled out some folded bills and handed it to the wife.  I think she was a little embarrassed to take the money but I simply moved on in conversation and pretended no money had exchanged hands. 

The husband explained their relationship, I guess just a full disclosure sort of thing, saying that they are completely open about what they do.  For instance he told me that his wife was in on all the email exchanges we had.  At first I took this as him making it clear that if I tried to contact her alone, he’d know.  But as we talked, I just realized that this couple really understood the concept of ethical non-monogamy, something I wish my wife and I had mastered. 

I did explain my situation with being bi and the fact that my wife instituted a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy when it comes to me and outside play, but I also pointed out that sometimes she asks and sometimes I tell. 

I felt like the scene had winded down and I bid them a goodbye and they thanked me for meeting them.  As soon as they drove away, I got in my truck and quickly tapped out an email thanking them and such. When I looked up to get ready to pull out, they had returned, this time parking with the driver side next to my truck. 

I got out of my truck and when the kid rolled down his window, I saw immediately that he had his fully erect cock exposed to me.  I smiled and he told me that his wife asked him to let me stroke it while she watched but she was embarrassed to say it while I was talking earlier.  I reached in without hesitation and began to slowly jack his uncut cock. 

He reached his right hand over and his wife held hands with him as we talked and I stroked.  The wife asked me how she could make her husband cum while she pegs him with the strap-on.  What she wants is to hit the prostate and cause ejaculation without any stroking of his penis. 

I suggested she actually enter him missionary style and just slowly fuck him with lots of lube. 

While we had this discussion I stopped stroking his cock and he rubbed the head of his penis for a moment to show her his pre-cum.  She then reached over with her finger and collected all the pre-cum and I actually got a slight chubby hoping she would lick her fingers seductively.  Instead, she just nonchalantly rubbed the sticky spunk into her hand not realizing how turned on I was by that innocent act. 

We actually talked for probably another ten or fifteen minutes;  I really like this couple and I was eager to know more about them. 

By the time I got home, he was emailing asking me what I thought of them.  I truthfully told him that I really enjoyed the meeting and liked them.  I hope to meet them where we can sit down and have a nice conversation.  He responded and agreed. 

I don’t know when, but I expect to meet these folks for a drink and learn more about their story.  Do I expect to fuck the wife?  Not at all.  Could I blow him while she watches?  I’m game if they are. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sharing Wife

Just a quick link to a blog I've added to my huge list of those I follow.  I'm not sure how I came about this one but it is completely in Spanish and is called Compartiendor Esposa which translates to "Sharing wife" if I'm not mistaken.  I'm sure that is what caught my eye.

The entire blog is nothing but videos, mostly home videos, of threesomes and moresomes.  I did notice one or two professional ones, which I promptly skipped over.  What I like about these is the amateur quality of a husband who has convinced his wife to allow another guy into their bed, and then the video that documents that fun time.

One of the hottest things that comes from an amateur threesome video, for me anyway, is when the wife looks directly at the husband filming it, and you can see that look of pleasure in her eye.  There is a connection between the primary couple where she conveys to him, "Holy shit, this is as good as you said it would be." 

Feel free to look around and use Google Translate if you feel the urge.  For now, I want to leave the link to one of the really nice ones I skipped through.  It translates to "I Like That Look" and I think you'll see what the guy means.

Enjoy.  And if you know of blogs with similar themes, I'm always looking.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekend Notes: Quad-Copters, Peeping Toms, Hot Tubs and Sex...

Several things to report.  First, this evening we were sitting in the hot tub drinking a few cold beers and talking about, as my wife put it, the elephant in the tub.  We've had a rough month.

But first, let me tell you this.

It was just starting to get a little dark and I looked up into the sky above us and could see a fucking quad-copter hovering above.  Not above my hot tub but certainly high enough and at an angle that could be photo-zooming into my hot tub.  Granted, my wife and I were wearing swimsuits, but Jesus.
I pointed at the quad copter and coincidentally it made a fucking fast retreat to wherever it was being controlled.  Fuck.  Living where we do is so convenient but our houses are crammed together and the privacy is just nonexistent.

Then, the fucking neighbor kid is so clumsy at being a peeping Tom.  He literally opens the window of his bedroom and stuck his fucking head out the window, completely making it clear that he was hoping my wife would be topless.  Yes, she was on top of me trying to make out but when I saw the kid actually stick his smart phone out the window and could see the light on as he recorded us, I had to laugh out loud and alert my wife.

At least my sunbathing neighbor on the other side of the house has never busted me so easily.  Are teenagers these days just numb skulls? When I was a teen, my buddies and I had engaged in the curiosities associated in observing people through windows, but we treated it like a 007 spy mission.

These experiences might explain my interest in older ladies.  Perhaps as a 14 year old, I saw too many middle aged women in their shower or putting on a bra.  Who knows how our minds work?


So maybe I've alluded to it in previous posts or maybe I've just emailed some of you.  But things have been really weird lately.  My wife and I hadn't fucked for two weeks.  For no reason, tensions have been really, tense.  It isn't anything either of us can put a finger on, but her complaint about me is, I kid you not, my exact complaint about her.

She complained that she couldn’t say anything without me snapping at her and likewise, as those I’ve emailed can attest, I have said the same about her.

In fairness to both of us, we’ve been through some stuff.  The death of my buddy Rick took a hit on us, both for different reasons.

Then, I’ve had a health issue not worth mentioning but it has motivated me to go into health nut mode.  I’ve lost twenty pounds in the last six weeks.  Easy to do when you just cut the shit out of your diet and exercise every day.  If only I could write a book about it.

Anyway, point is, stress causes friction.  My wife and JD were trying to figure out if I was upset about recent meetings where I couldn't make it home from work.  JD even suggested he might have to let me do gay stuff on him.  Dumbass.  I've sucked his dick before and he knows it.

My wife needs to be fucked and frankly, I just hadn’t been in the mood.  But I sure as hell was looking at Tumblr and gawking at tits, pussy, panties, dicks, and people fucking.

I also stopped by my sister in law’s house to pick up something for my wife and hell if I did not leave her stammering.  I told her how much I really liked her hair and how good she looked.  But only after she told me how good I looked on my way home from work.  She is so used to seeing me all casually dressed, but at work, I’m a regular stud. Just ask my co workers!   This adds to the strange days.  Yes, I want to fuck my sister in law.  Somebody just kick me in the balls now so I don't say or do anything really stupid.

Just reading this, I realize I have some sort of issue.  The sudden weight loss, the chemical change in my body, my stress at work and home.  I probably need to suck a dick.


With no interest in putting on a show for the 14 year old Egyptian boy next door, we retreated from the hot tub, showered off then engaged in some much needed sex.  Toys were used, dick was blown, multiple orgasms were had.

Then, we got up out of bed, got dressed and headed to the diner down the street from our house and shared a piece of pecan pie with a scoop of ice cream.  When we got back home, I climbed into bed with some college football on and she took to her iPad to talk JD through a jack-off session.  All is good in our house, until the next time it isn't.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Co-Worker Rick: Adios My my Friend

It's alway a shock to the senses when you get news that someone in your life has died unexpectedly.  At my age, that seems to be more of a common thing.  The message my wife and I got during our Friday evening dinner was certainly a surprise, but to be honest, it just wasn't shocking to me.

My buddy "Rick" and I go back to the mid 1990's.  We started working in the same office and though we both moved within the larger organization several times over the next two decades, we remained in touch.  That was all until about two years ago when he developed some medical issues that resulted from a life of heavy smoking and even heavier drinking.

In spite of his enjoyment of a cold beverage, he was very focused at work, did extremely competent and well respected work in our field. But sadly, in a professional environment, only so many accommodations can be made; only so many passes can be given.

When Rick left the job close to two years ago, I and many of our colleagues tried to stay in touch. I made several efforts to get him jobs within the system and he just had no interest.  Comparing notes with others, e-mails and messages to him went unanswered.  He just wasn't interested in maintaining the relationships he had developed over the years.  Instead, he took solace and found a family in the watering hole just outside the boundaries of his neighborhood.

My wife was able to successfully reach out to him, including as recently as a month or two ago, just to check on him and see how he was.  He and I last had a rambling text exchange about four months ago and it just seemed incoherent to me.  And when I heard the news and talked to his daughter, the details of his passing were simply not a shock at all.

I should make note that several years ago, I finally came out to Rick as Bi and I even told him about this blog.  His reaction to my being Bi, in spite of his often homophobic jokes was that it was a non-issue.  He was friends with me, and it didn't matter who I blew.  Then he sent me a picture of his dick.

What follows is a really a repost of a repost.  As many of you know, this blog has gone through many phases where content is written and later removed, only to be reposted.  The Internet is forever, but what the hell.  To my friend Rick - Vaya con Dios.

Several years into being experienced players in the MFM game, my wife and I had what turned out to be a short lived  series of encounters with our third partner.  Rick was a guy I had worked with for several years who was not particularly liked by my wife for really, no good reason.  We had been to a house warming party at his home years earlier, and my wife took a small tumble off his poorly lighted wooden deck into a small cactus bush.  You can imagine her embarrassment, but over time, she associated that incident with Rick.  Even though he and I continued to be friends and co-workers, she never seemed keen on the idea of going to visit him or his wife!

Aside from her distaste for Rick, she did invite him to a promotion party in my honor at our home.  As it turns out, he was going through a pretty nasty divorce at the time, and my wife found herself cornered by him, pouring out his heart regarding all the things he had been through in recent months.  My wife actually came up to me later and told me how bad she felt for Rick and how we should really invite him over more often.  Suddenly, I could see a little look in my wife's eyes that I had recognized before - an interest!

That evening as the party started to wind down and guests were leaving, I asked Rick to take a short ride with me to the store.  During the drive, I told him I would explain more later, but I needed him to be sure he was the last guest to leave that night.  When he pressed for more, I simply told him that sometimes my wife likes to "show off" to my friends, and if he is lucky, he may get to see her tits.  This was enough for him.

Close to 1am, the last group of people had left the party and as I cleaned things up, my wife and Rick were again deep in conversation.  Only now, armed with the knowledge that something good might happen, and not to mention an evenings worth of beer, Rick was making every attempt to guide all discussions towards sex.  My wife can flirt with the best of them, so this was no uncharted territory for her.  Somehow, the topic of kissing came up and Rick had claimed that he was an expert kisser.  I definitely stirred at hearing this course of discussions.

With the kids upstairs and presumably asleep, I joined in the conversation and started to suggest a little contest - my usual MO for getting the fun going.  I had learned years earlier that watching my wife kiss another man was a huge turn on for me, and I certainly wasn't going to let the opportunity pass this evening.  It didn't take long for my wife to catch on to where I was trying to lead things and she took charge of the moment and said, "Rick, this is going to seem strange, but my husband gets off on this." And with that, she leaned into him and the two began a kiss that lasted close to a minute.

When they stopped, she let out a little laugh and Rick looked at me with that deer in the headlights look as if to ask if this was okay.  Before he could say a word, she leaned back in and they went for a longer, more passionate kiss complete with full tongue action.  I was instantly hard.

When they broke off the second kiss, I jokingly said, "You think that's good, you ought to feel her tits!"  With that, Rick took a bold move of reaching under her sweat shirt to place his hand on one of her tits.

Just then, we heard a sound up stairs and moments later my daughter walked down.  That would be the end of any games that evening, but it fueled the fires of all three of us for the next chance to play.

Over the years that my wife and I enjoyed bringing a few different friends into our sex lives, the encounters were never planned events.  We would never set a date and say on this date, we'll invite so and so over to the house to engage in three way sex.  Though it was ALWAYS in the back of my mind when our friends would visit to see how we might end up in bed, my wife had to be in a certain mood to want to go for it.  But during the regular course of one on one sex, more often than not we would use the encounters with other partners as part of our sex talk.  It was not uncommon for my wife to make up a fantasy encounter with a person we know, a co-worker of hers or mine, or a neighbor, and give me incredible details of how this person had seduced her and what he had done to her.  These stories would always send me over the edge.  She got very good at interweaving bits and pieces of truth into the stories so at times, it was not uncommon for me to start to believe that the encounter had actually taken place.

Because Rick was involved in a divorce situation, he was sharing custody of his kids.  This meant that the next chance for him to visit us would be two weeks after the party when his ex would have the kids for the weekend.  During the course of those two weeks, he and I had engaged in discussions at work where I laid out the story of how my wife and I had occasionally participated in MFM sex.   I wasn't promising him that he was going to be the next to join the club, but it did help that my wife felt sorry for him in his marital situation, and the fact that she was somewhat impressed with his kissing skills.

Aware of his obvious distaste for any hint of homosexual activity, I never expanded upon how much I got off on seeing them kiss or how much I would enjoy going down on my wife as he fucked her.  The only additional information I gave him was that if we did end up doing it, he must pull out as my wife was not on the pill.

As the weekend approached, my wife had asked me if I thought it would be nice to invite Rick to go out with us - just to get him out of his house.  I was all for it and suggested that we go to a small little bar near our house to play pool and have a few beers.  During that week, I had brought up the idea of us inviting Rick to join us in bed, but each time, she would laugh it off and tell me not to even think it!  But when Friday night rolled around, it was pretty obvious to me that she was dressing for fun.

Rick arrived at our house and we had a few beers as my wife finished getting herself ready.  She was wearing a white shirt that clung extremely close to her 34C tits and a plaid skirt that seemed to be in fashion at the time - sort of the school girl look.  She had on thigh high stockings and a matching black lace bra and pantie set.  The white shirt was one of those thick but clingy fabrics that, though you could see the faint outline of her bra, it wasn't obvious that it was black unless you caught a peek of the straps depending on how the shirt moved with her shoulders.  Rick and I were both in jeans and polo shirts, so we felt pretty casual going into the country bar up the street.

This had only been the second or possibly third time my wife or I had been to this particular bar in the years that we had lived nearby, so we really had no idea what sort of crowd would be there.  The layout of the bar turned out to be very helpful to our little game that evening though.  For it being a Friday night, it was totally dead.  In the front part, they had a long bar that wrapped from one side all the way around about three quarters of the way in an L-shape.  Between the bar and the front door, there were assorted tables, a small stage, juke box and a few TVs mounted on the walls.  Where the bar wrapped to the back wall, there was a small entry way leading to the restrooms and then a smaller room a step down containing two pool tables, another group of maybe 4 or 5 tables with chairs, a second juke box and one TV mounted on the wall.  This back area had a small window bar that allowed the same bartender covering the front bar to serve the people in the back pool room.

When we first walked in, we noticed an attractive bar tender lady, and two people sitting a few chairs apart from each other at the bar, and another couple.  We immediately walked to the back area to hope for a pool table and were all surprised to find the place empty.  This seemed pretty uncommon for a Friday night at any bar, but we were more than happy to enjoy the place to ourselves.

I quickly ordered up a pitcher of beer and Rick dropped some quarters into the slot to get us started with the first game of pool.  We decided we would simply take turns with the person sitting out playing the winner each time.  I suggested my wife play Rick first, and I'd sit back and watch them.  I was eager to see how quickly either of the two would take advantage of the situation - no spectators besides me - to start up the little flirtatious game that I had every hope of leading to an MFM, or at minimum, some more kissing by the two of them.

I have always enjoyed the idea of daring public displays, women flashing truckers or people daring to have sex in a secluded yet potentially visible place. On many occasions over the years, my wife has flashed me in public and we have had sex in outdoors areas (camping, in rivers, on a mountain etc), but we had never done anything like include a third person, openly flirting with a man other than her husband in public.  That Friday night, we would push the envelope well beyond my wildest expectations.

Based upon our conversations during the previous few weeks, Rick was fully aware that I was open to anything, though he was also aware that my wife would be the final say on what she would and would not do.  So, he decided if all he had to do was convince her to let him in, he would get started immediately convincing her.

During the first game, when my wife had to lean over the table to make a shot, he positioned himself directly in front of her and gazed down the front of her shirt and commented on how nice it would be if she lost the bra.  She offered it to him if he could beat her.  I thought to myself, "we'll be fucking on the table in twenty minutes if it's going to be this easy!" 

As Rick and I played our first game together, my wife came out of the ladies room with her bra folded in her hand and asked Rick if he'd like to put it in his pocket or should she hold it for him in her purse?  I was quickly looking around to see if the bartender or anyone else was watching us, but we were left alone to our own devices.

As the games progressed, the flirting escalated.  At one point, while my wife took a shot, I took my pool cue and lifted the back of her skirt to expose her thigh-high stockings and panties.  Rick asked if he needed to win another game to get those into her purse as well.  As we drank another pitcher of beer, we were paying less attention to the pool games and more attention to how many dares my wife was willing to go for.  For example, at one point while Rick was soaking in the cleavage of her nice tits during a shot, I suggested that he could get a better view if she would raise her shirt for him.  I guess she was in the zone because she quickly looked around and seeing the coast was clear, lifted her shirt up to flash her tits in Ricks face.  Just as quickly, she pulled her shirt back down and went on to take another pool shot out of turn.  Needless to say, Rick didn't mind.

Several more times before our time at the bar ended, she had allowed Rick to see and even feel her boobs, and more than once, she rubbed her ass against his hard dick hidden only by his jeans. By the time we ordered our third pitcher of beer, the fun had to be cut short because apparently, other people realized it was Friday, and two couples came into the back area to play pool.  They were playing teams on the other pool table, but it was obvious we had to tone down our play.

At this point, I whispered to my wife that maybe we should take the party back to our house and she gave me a very deep, sloppy French kiss to show approval.  As I settled up with the bartender, she went off to the ladies room and Rick went to the men's room.  The bartender asked me to step up to the other side so she could give me my change so when I did, I was now standing where people in the front of the bar could see me.  Just as I finished getting my change, my wife walked in from the bathroom and planted another sloppy wet kiss on me.  It was clear she was having a great time and enjoying being the center of attention - in public.  We broke it off when Rick walked up the step and I told the two of them I better hit the mens room before our short drive back to the house.

If what took place later that evening in our bedroom had never occurred, the night would have been a total success in my eyes, because when I returned from the mens room, Rick and my wife were standing in the doorway of the bar with lips locked.  All eyes in the bar were on them as I walked up to them and asked, "Ready to go?"

With that, my wife grabbed my hand with one hand, then grabbed Ricks with the other and Rick led the way out the door.  I couldn't help looking back and catching the confused look on the bartender's face.

We only live a minute from the bar and on the way to the house, I reminded Rick that we would have to be mindful of the kids, at that time in their early teens.  When we got to the house, both kids were still up but in the age of video games and movies, they were already heading for their rooms.  We decided to head out to our back deck and enjoy the cool night and a few more beers.  With all the lights off, and the thick cover of trees throughout the neighborhood, it was very dark outside.  We sat around and chatted for a while with mostly small talk, and because of the concern that the kids were home, it seemed to deflate everyones interest in flirting or flashing.  At some point, I suggested that we go lay out on the trampoline in the yard and look up at the stars.  Rick and my wife agreed and when they walked out to climb up, I excused myself to go check on the kids.

I quietly made my way upstairs to check on the kids and was pleased to see find that both seemed to be down for the night.  I quickly went into our bedroom and checked to make sure it looked respectable - not that it would matter later - and I took a quick peek out the back window into the yard.  It was extremely dark but I could see the faint outline of two people locked in an embrace. I suddenly felt that rush of adrenaline that I hadn't experienced in some time.  Knowing that before long, I'd watch another guy fuck my wife. It had been at while since our regular fuck-buddy had moved away and I honestly never expected we would do this again.

I walked out into the dark backyard as quietly as I could, though I'm sure the two could hear me, and I dove onto the trampoline sending them bouncing to much muffled laughter.  I asked to no one in particular, "Are we having fun yet?"

With that, my wife said that she was going to go upstairs and Rick and I should give her a few minutes.

There is sort of a strange feeling that occurs as you are laying alone on a trampoline with another guy who is about to go into your bedroom, strip his clothes off and then fuck your wife.  I have never been the other guy, so I don't have that perspective, but from my point of view it has always been about wanting to make sure my wife is pleasured as much as possible, making sure the other guy knows to pull out, and hoping to convey to the other guy that I am cool with it as long as he is respectful.  By this point in the evening, I was no longer getting the "Are you sure about this?" look from Rick.  He knew my wife and I had been down this road a few times before and he was about to get a nice ride.

I asked Rick if he wanted one more beer before we went up and he said he would finish the one he had open, so we went back over to the patio chairs and  waited about 4 or 5 minutes.  As soon as I heard the water pipes along the wall I knew that my wife was leaving the bathroom and heading into the bed. That was the cue and off we went.

We made our way upstairs and as quietly as possible entered the room.  I shut the door and locked it behind us.  My wife laid in the bed under covers and Rick and I quickly stripped.  There is always this awkward pause the first time because the new guy isn't sure of the protocol usually.  Do we take turns, does only one guy get on the bed at a time.  Luckily, my wife could sense Rick's uneasiness and reached out for him.  I waited until he was fully on the bed kissing her before I went to the other side and pulled the covers back. Now, they would have to wiggle around to pull the other side of the sheets and blanket away and this was enough movement to allow me to slide into the bed.

In all honesty, the sequence of events are somewhat a blur as it had been a long night fueled by many beers, but the action we enjoyed involved taking turns eating my wifes pussy, while the guy not eating her would be receiving oral from her, lots of tit sucking, and finally, my wife telling Rick she wanted his dick in her.  This became sort of awkward for him because he didn't know the logistics of how one guy fucks a lady with another guy in the same bed without some sort of touching going on.  I could sense this in him so I simply got off the bed and went to the restroom to take a leak.  Because we were operating on a lights out scenario, there was no chance that I could simply sit back on a chair beside the bed and watch, so it would have seemed just as awkward for me to stand there in the dark. I figured in the several minutes it would take for me to get my dick soft enough to piss, my wife would have enough time to put Rick at ease enough to get some good action going.

When I returned to the bed, they were in a missionary position and he was going to town with her.  Knowing I would want to be back in the action, she whispered to Rick to move up to her so she could suck his dick.  As soon as he was clear from her pussy, I buried my face in her twat lapping up the moist juices that my wife had produced, and inhaling the smell of her "violated" pussy.  I'm not sure whether or not any of this registered with Rick, whether or not he might be put off by the fact that I was eating pussy after his dick had just been pounding, but I saw no difference in the fact that throughout the evening, we had both been kissing her lips, both been sucking her tits and both been eating her pussy, I wasn't about to let the fact that his dick had just been in her stop me.

The combination of having just been fucked and now my eating her proved fruitful for my wife who cums very easily.  Thankfully, she had Rick's average to small sized dick sliding in and out of her mouth to muffle the sounds of her whimpers as she exploded all over my face. After the orgasm had subsided, she pushed Rick away and motioned for him to lay on his back.  I moved myself up to wear my head was on the pillow and simply laid down to rest as she climbed atop him and began to slowly ride his dick.  I knew that she would cum within another few minutes of this, but I was unsure of how the large amount of beer consumed during the evening would impact his ability to cum, and more importantly, his ability to pull out once he felt the urge to blow a load.  In a way, this was part of the emotional roller coaster that I found such a turn on about this lifestyle.

As my wife slowly fucked my friend, he was constantly fondling her tits and she would ask him to bite her large nipples.  She has cum from this alone in the past and I had to admire his technique.  She was definitely enjoying the experience.  It was hard to make out, but after several minutes I could her her telling him that he needed to cum on her tits.  My mind raced because in my fantasy world, I had dreamed of someday eating my wife immediately after another man had delivered his fresh load into her pussy.  But the reality was, she does not use birth control due to the fact that I had been fixed after our second kid, so there was no way she was letting Rick fill her pussy.  Just then, they rolled over with her back landing partially on my legs and Rick pulled out and sprayed cum on her stomach and tits.

Within seconds, he was on his back on the bed exhausted and panting hard like someone who had just run several miles.  My wife lifted herself on top of me and mounted her wet pussy on my my dick. The combination of sweat and Ricks cum rubbed on our stomachs as my wife rode me to a quick explosion in less than a minute or two.  The three of us lay together spent but only for a few minutes.  Rick began to put on his cloths to make a hasty exit but my wife insisted that he stay the night.  She threw on a t-shirt and some sweats and grabbed him a spare blanket for the couch downstairs.  It was already close to 2 am.

By 6 am, Rick had left for the drive home but called us around 8 that morning to see if we were cool with everything.  My wife just laughed and asked him if he was okay.  She had been down this road before.