Saturday, September 23, 2017

Co-Worker Rick: Adios My my Friend

It's alway a shock to the senses when you get news that someone in your life has died unexpectedly.  At my age, that seems to be more of a common thing.  The message my wife and I got during our Friday evening dinner was certainly a surprise, but to be honest, it just wasn't shocking to me.

My buddy "Rick" and I go back to the mid 1990's.  We started working in the same office and though we both moved within the larger organization several times over the next two decades, we remained in touch.  That was all until about two years ago when he developed some medical issues that resulted from a life of heavy smoking and even heavier drinking.

In spite of his enjoyment of a cold beverage, he was very focused at work, did extremely competent and well respected work in our field. But sadly, in a professional environment, only so many accommodations can be made; only so many passes can be given.

When Rick left the job close to two years ago, I and many of our colleagues tried to stay in touch. I made several efforts to get him jobs within the system and he just had no interest.  Comparing notes with others, e-mails and messages to him went unanswered.  He just wasn't interested in maintaining the relationships he had developed over the years.  Instead, he took solace and found a family in the watering hole just outside the boundaries of his neighborhood.

My wife was able to successfully reach out to him, including as recently as a month or two ago, just to check on him and see how he was.  He and I last had a rambling text exchange about four months ago and it just seemed incoherent to me.  And when I heard the news and talked to his daughter, the details of his passing were simply not a shock at all.

I should make note that several years ago, I finally came out to Rick as Bi and I even told him about this blog.  His reaction to my being Bi, in spite of his often homophobic jokes was that it was a non-issue.  He was friends with me, and it didn't matter who I blew.  Then he sent me a picture of his dick.

What follows is a really a repost of a repost.  As many of you know, this blog has gone through many phases where content is written and later removed, only to be reposted.  The Internet is forever, but what the hell.  To my friend Rick - Vaya con Dios.

Several years into being experienced players in the MFM game, my wife and I had what turned out to be a short lived  series of encounters with our third partner.  Rick was a guy I had worked with for several years who was not particularly liked by my wife for really, no good reason.  We had been to a house warming party at his home years earlier, and my wife took a small tumble off his poorly lighted wooden deck into a small cactus bush.  You can imagine her embarrassment, but over time, she associated that incident with Rick.  Even though he and I continued to be friends and co-workers, she never seemed keen on the idea of going to visit him or his wife!

Aside from her distaste for Rick, she did invite him to a promotion party in my honor at our home.  As it turns out, he was going through a pretty nasty divorce at the time, and my wife found herself cornered by him, pouring out his heart regarding all the things he had been through in recent months.  My wife actually came up to me later and told me how bad she felt for Rick and how we should really invite him over more often.  Suddenly, I could see a little look in my wife's eyes that I had recognized before - an interest!

That evening as the party started to wind down and guests were leaving, I asked Rick to take a short ride with me to the store.  During the drive, I told him I would explain more later, but I needed him to be sure he was the last guest to leave that night.  When he pressed for more, I simply told him that sometimes my wife likes to "show off" to my friends, and if he is lucky, he may get to see her tits.  This was enough for him.

Close to 1am, the last group of people had left the party and as I cleaned things up, my wife and Rick were again deep in conversation.  Only now, armed with the knowledge that something good might happen, and not to mention an evenings worth of beer, Rick was making every attempt to guide all discussions towards sex.  My wife can flirt with the best of them, so this was no uncharted territory for her.  Somehow, the topic of kissing came up and Rick had claimed that he was an expert kisser.  I definitely stirred at hearing this course of discussions.

With the kids upstairs and presumably asleep, I joined in the conversation and started to suggest a little contest - my usual MO for getting the fun going.  I had learned years earlier that watching my wife kiss another man was a huge turn on for me, and I certainly wasn't going to let the opportunity pass this evening.  It didn't take long for my wife to catch on to where I was trying to lead things and she took charge of the moment and said, "Rick, this is going to seem strange, but my husband gets off on this." And with that, she leaned into him and the two began a kiss that lasted close to a minute.

When they stopped, she let out a little laugh and Rick looked at me with that deer in the headlights look as if to ask if this was okay.  Before he could say a word, she leaned back in and they went for a longer, more passionate kiss complete with full tongue action.  I was instantly hard.

When they broke off the second kiss, I jokingly said, "You think that's good, you ought to feel her tits!"  With that, Rick took a bold move of reaching under her sweat shirt to place his hand on one of her tits.

Just then, we heard a sound up stairs and moments later my daughter walked down.  That would be the end of any games that evening, but it fueled the fires of all three of us for the next chance to play.

Over the years that my wife and I enjoyed bringing a few different friends into our sex lives, the encounters were never planned events.  We would never set a date and say on this date, we'll invite so and so over to the house to engage in three way sex.  Though it was ALWAYS in the back of my mind when our friends would visit to see how we might end up in bed, my wife had to be in a certain mood to want to go for it.  But during the regular course of one on one sex, more often than not we would use the encounters with other partners as part of our sex talk.  It was not uncommon for my wife to make up a fantasy encounter with a person we know, a co-worker of hers or mine, or a neighbor, and give me incredible details of how this person had seduced her and what he had done to her.  These stories would always send me over the edge.  She got very good at interweaving bits and pieces of truth into the stories so at times, it was not uncommon for me to start to believe that the encounter had actually taken place.

Because Rick was involved in a divorce situation, he was sharing custody of his kids.  This meant that the next chance for him to visit us would be two weeks after the party when his ex would have the kids for the weekend.  During the course of those two weeks, he and I had engaged in discussions at work where I laid out the story of how my wife and I had occasionally participated in MFM sex.   I wasn't promising him that he was going to be the next to join the club, but it did help that my wife felt sorry for him in his marital situation, and the fact that she was somewhat impressed with his kissing skills.

Aware of his obvious distaste for any hint of homosexual activity, I never expanded upon how much I got off on seeing them kiss or how much I would enjoy going down on my wife as he fucked her.  The only additional information I gave him was that if we did end up doing it, he must pull out as my wife was not on the pill.

As the weekend approached, my wife had asked me if I thought it would be nice to invite Rick to go out with us - just to get him out of his house.  I was all for it and suggested that we go to a small little bar near our house to play pool and have a few beers.  During that week, I had brought up the idea of us inviting Rick to join us in bed, but each time, she would laugh it off and tell me not to even think it!  But when Friday night rolled around, it was pretty obvious to me that she was dressing for fun.

Rick arrived at our house and we had a few beers as my wife finished getting herself ready.  She was wearing a white shirt that clung extremely close to her 34C tits and a plaid skirt that seemed to be in fashion at the time - sort of the school girl look.  She had on thigh high stockings and a matching black lace bra and pantie set.  The white shirt was one of those thick but clingy fabrics that, though you could see the faint outline of her bra, it wasn't obvious that it was black unless you caught a peek of the straps depending on how the shirt moved with her shoulders.  Rick and I were both in jeans and polo shirts, so we felt pretty casual going into the country bar up the street.

This had only been the second or possibly third time my wife or I had been to this particular bar in the years that we had lived nearby, so we really had no idea what sort of crowd would be there.  The layout of the bar turned out to be very helpful to our little game that evening though.  For it being a Friday night, it was totally dead.  In the front part, they had a long bar that wrapped from one side all the way around about three quarters of the way in an L-shape.  Between the bar and the front door, there were assorted tables, a small stage, juke box and a few TVs mounted on the walls.  Where the bar wrapped to the back wall, there was a small entry way leading to the restrooms and then a smaller room a step down containing two pool tables, another group of maybe 4 or 5 tables with chairs, a second juke box and one TV mounted on the wall.  This back area had a small window bar that allowed the same bartender covering the front bar to serve the people in the back pool room.

When we first walked in, we noticed an attractive bar tender lady, and two people sitting a few chairs apart from each other at the bar, and another couple.  We immediately walked to the back area to hope for a pool table and were all surprised to find the place empty.  This seemed pretty uncommon for a Friday night at any bar, but we were more than happy to enjoy the place to ourselves.

I quickly ordered up a pitcher of beer and Rick dropped some quarters into the slot to get us started with the first game of pool.  We decided we would simply take turns with the person sitting out playing the winner each time.  I suggested my wife play Rick first, and I'd sit back and watch them.  I was eager to see how quickly either of the two would take advantage of the situation - no spectators besides me - to start up the little flirtatious game that I had every hope of leading to an MFM, or at minimum, some more kissing by the two of them.

I have always enjoyed the idea of daring public displays, women flashing truckers or people daring to have sex in a secluded yet potentially visible place. On many occasions over the years, my wife has flashed me in public and we have had sex in outdoors areas (camping, in rivers, on a mountain etc), but we had never done anything like include a third person, openly flirting with a man other than her husband in public.  That Friday night, we would push the envelope well beyond my wildest expectations.

Based upon our conversations during the previous few weeks, Rick was fully aware that I was open to anything, though he was also aware that my wife would be the final say on what she would and would not do.  So, he decided if all he had to do was convince her to let him in, he would get started immediately convincing her.

During the first game, when my wife had to lean over the table to make a shot, he positioned himself directly in front of her and gazed down the front of her shirt and commented on how nice it would be if she lost the bra.  She offered it to him if he could beat her.  I thought to myself, "we'll be fucking on the table in twenty minutes if it's going to be this easy!" 

As Rick and I played our first game together, my wife came out of the ladies room with her bra folded in her hand and asked Rick if he'd like to put it in his pocket or should she hold it for him in her purse?  I was quickly looking around to see if the bartender or anyone else was watching us, but we were left alone to our own devices.

As the games progressed, the flirting escalated.  At one point, while my wife took a shot, I took my pool cue and lifted the back of her skirt to expose her thigh-high stockings and panties.  Rick asked if he needed to win another game to get those into her purse as well.  As we drank another pitcher of beer, we were paying less attention to the pool games and more attention to how many dares my wife was willing to go for.  For example, at one point while Rick was soaking in the cleavage of her nice tits during a shot, I suggested that he could get a better view if she would raise her shirt for him.  I guess she was in the zone because she quickly looked around and seeing the coast was clear, lifted her shirt up to flash her tits in Ricks face.  Just as quickly, she pulled her shirt back down and went on to take another pool shot out of turn.  Needless to say, Rick didn't mind.

Several more times before our time at the bar ended, she had allowed Rick to see and even feel her boobs, and more than once, she rubbed her ass against his hard dick hidden only by his jeans. By the time we ordered our third pitcher of beer, the fun had to be cut short because apparently, other people realized it was Friday, and two couples came into the back area to play pool.  They were playing teams on the other pool table, but it was obvious we had to tone down our play.

At this point, I whispered to my wife that maybe we should take the party back to our house and she gave me a very deep, sloppy French kiss to show approval.  As I settled up with the bartender, she went off to the ladies room and Rick went to the men's room.  The bartender asked me to step up to the other side so she could give me my change so when I did, I was now standing where people in the front of the bar could see me.  Just as I finished getting my change, my wife walked in from the bathroom and planted another sloppy wet kiss on me.  It was clear she was having a great time and enjoying being the center of attention - in public.  We broke it off when Rick walked up the step and I told the two of them I better hit the mens room before our short drive back to the house.

If what took place later that evening in our bedroom had never occurred, the night would have been a total success in my eyes, because when I returned from the mens room, Rick and my wife were standing in the doorway of the bar with lips locked.  All eyes in the bar were on them as I walked up to them and asked, "Ready to go?"

With that, my wife grabbed my hand with one hand, then grabbed Ricks with the other and Rick led the way out the door.  I couldn't help looking back and catching the confused look on the bartender's face.

We only live a minute from the bar and on the way to the house, I reminded Rick that we would have to be mindful of the kids, at that time in their early teens.  When we got to the house, both kids were still up but in the age of video games and movies, they were already heading for their rooms.  We decided to head out to our back deck and enjoy the cool night and a few more beers.  With all the lights off, and the thick cover of trees throughout the neighborhood, it was very dark outside.  We sat around and chatted for a while with mostly small talk, and because of the concern that the kids were home, it seemed to deflate everyones interest in flirting or flashing.  At some point, I suggested that we go lay out on the trampoline in the yard and look up at the stars.  Rick and my wife agreed and when they walked out to climb up, I excused myself to go check on the kids.

I quietly made my way upstairs to check on the kids and was pleased to see find that both seemed to be down for the night.  I quickly went into our bedroom and checked to make sure it looked respectable - not that it would matter later - and I took a quick peek out the back window into the yard.  It was extremely dark but I could see the faint outline of two people locked in an embrace. I suddenly felt that rush of adrenaline that I hadn't experienced in some time.  Knowing that before long, I'd watch another guy fuck my wife. It had been at while since our regular fuck-buddy had moved away and I honestly never expected we would do this again.

I walked out into the dark backyard as quietly as I could, though I'm sure the two could hear me, and I dove onto the trampoline sending them bouncing to much muffled laughter.  I asked to no one in particular, "Are we having fun yet?"

With that, my wife said that she was going to go upstairs and Rick and I should give her a few minutes.

There is sort of a strange feeling that occurs as you are laying alone on a trampoline with another guy who is about to go into your bedroom, strip his clothes off and then fuck your wife.  I have never been the other guy, so I don't have that perspective, but from my point of view it has always been about wanting to make sure my wife is pleasured as much as possible, making sure the other guy knows to pull out, and hoping to convey to the other guy that I am cool with it as long as he is respectful.  By this point in the evening, I was no longer getting the "Are you sure about this?" look from Rick.  He knew my wife and I had been down this road a few times before and he was about to get a nice ride.

I asked Rick if he wanted one more beer before we went up and he said he would finish the one he had open, so we went back over to the patio chairs and  waited about 4 or 5 minutes.  As soon as I heard the water pipes along the wall I knew that my wife was leaving the bathroom and heading into the bed. That was the cue and off we went.

We made our way upstairs and as quietly as possible entered the room.  I shut the door and locked it behind us.  My wife laid in the bed under covers and Rick and I quickly stripped.  There is always this awkward pause the first time because the new guy isn't sure of the protocol usually.  Do we take turns, does only one guy get on the bed at a time.  Luckily, my wife could sense Rick's uneasiness and reached out for him.  I waited until he was fully on the bed kissing her before I went to the other side and pulled the covers back. Now, they would have to wiggle around to pull the other side of the sheets and blanket away and this was enough movement to allow me to slide into the bed.

In all honesty, the sequence of events are somewhat a blur as it had been a long night fueled by many beers, but the action we enjoyed involved taking turns eating my wifes pussy, while the guy not eating her would be receiving oral from her, lots of tit sucking, and finally, my wife telling Rick she wanted his dick in her.  This became sort of awkward for him because he didn't know the logistics of how one guy fucks a lady with another guy in the same bed without some sort of touching going on.  I could sense this in him so I simply got off the bed and went to the restroom to take a leak.  Because we were operating on a lights out scenario, there was no chance that I could simply sit back on a chair beside the bed and watch, so it would have seemed just as awkward for me to stand there in the dark. I figured in the several minutes it would take for me to get my dick soft enough to piss, my wife would have enough time to put Rick at ease enough to get some good action going.

When I returned to the bed, they were in a missionary position and he was going to town with her.  Knowing I would want to be back in the action, she whispered to Rick to move up to her so she could suck his dick.  As soon as he was clear from her pussy, I buried my face in her twat lapping up the moist juices that my wife had produced, and inhaling the smell of her "violated" pussy.  I'm not sure whether or not any of this registered with Rick, whether or not he might be put off by the fact that I was eating pussy after his dick had just been pounding, but I saw no difference in the fact that throughout the evening, we had both been kissing her lips, both been sucking her tits and both been eating her pussy, I wasn't about to let the fact that his dick had just been in her stop me.

The combination of having just been fucked and now my eating her proved fruitful for my wife who cums very easily.  Thankfully, she had Rick's average to small sized dick sliding in and out of her mouth to muffle the sounds of her whimpers as she exploded all over my face. After the orgasm had subsided, she pushed Rick away and motioned for him to lay on his back.  I moved myself up to wear my head was on the pillow and simply laid down to rest as she climbed atop him and began to slowly ride his dick.  I knew that she would cum within another few minutes of this, but I was unsure of how the large amount of beer consumed during the evening would impact his ability to cum, and more importantly, his ability to pull out once he felt the urge to blow a load.  In a way, this was part of the emotional roller coaster that I found such a turn on about this lifestyle.

As my wife slowly fucked my friend, he was constantly fondling her tits and she would ask him to bite her large nipples.  She has cum from this alone in the past and I had to admire his technique.  She was definitely enjoying the experience.  It was hard to make out, but after several minutes I could her her telling him that he needed to cum on her tits.  My mind raced because in my fantasy world, I had dreamed of someday eating my wife immediately after another man had delivered his fresh load into her pussy.  But the reality was, she does not use birth control due to the fact that I had been fixed after our second kid, so there was no way she was letting Rick fill her pussy.  Just then, they rolled over with her back landing partially on my legs and Rick pulled out and sprayed cum on her stomach and tits.

Within seconds, he was on his back on the bed exhausted and panting hard like someone who had just run several miles.  My wife lifted herself on top of me and mounted her wet pussy on my my dick. The combination of sweat and Ricks cum rubbed on our stomachs as my wife rode me to a quick explosion in less than a minute or two.  The three of us lay together spent but only for a few minutes.  Rick began to put on his cloths to make a hasty exit but my wife insisted that he stay the night.  She threw on a t-shirt and some sweats and grabbed him a spare blanket for the couch downstairs.  It was already close to 2 am.

By 6 am, Rick had left for the drive home but called us around 8 that morning to see if we were cool with everything.  My wife just laughed and asked him if he was okay.  She had been down this road before.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

IGHIH: Surprise!

It irritates people who text me but I just always have my phone on silent.  If I happen to look down at my phone when someone sends a message, I see it, if not, I tend to catch it before too long.  When I'm driving, the phone is connected to the vehicle's Bluetooth system, so if someone calls, I'll know.  I tell you this to say that, little did I know, I had a series of images from my wife waiting for me, even as I walked into the door of my house.  I just didn't realize it.

And when I walked in through the garage Wednesday afternoon, I could hear the TV on upstairs and just assumed my wife was up there riding her exercise bike.  I changed out of my work clothes, put on my gym shorts and Nikes, and started to head out to take my afternoon walk when I checked messages.  Holy shit!

This is the only one I can show, but I think the description is clear.  JD had been by earlier and left a calling card in the form of a pearl necklace!

Turns out, he was able to slip by earlier but had to get home before I made it from work, through traffic and back to the house.  My wife told me he waited for me as long as he could.  She was worried I'd be upset that I missed out on the phone but truth is, I enjoy the naughty play caught by the camera just as well.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Strictly Anonymous: Another Reader Here is Interviewed

Hey just a quick note, if you have seen comments here from "bdenied" or checked out his blog that has been around as long or longer than this one, you will want to check out the latest episode of Strictly Anonymous.  This is what the description says:

Jay's wife has multiple lovers and he's not only knows about it, he likes it. When did his wife start looking up with other guys? Does Jay join in or just watch? Is he what they call a cuckold? Does he hook up with other people too? Tune in to find out plus hear all about their experience with swinging and why it's not for them, the threesomes Jay took part in when he was in 5th grade and a whole lot more. And for more of his hot wife/cuckold stories you can check out his blog

Saturday, September 16, 2017


I was in a meeting at a local University the other day when my colleague sent me a text message.  One of the participants had taken a seat two seats away from mine and I kept straining to capture glimpses of her legs, her very form-fitting skirt and when she would stand, her visible panty lines showing her nice ass.
Men are dogs.  We all are.  Even in a professional setting, we are dreaming of fucking you ladies. How do you even put up with us?

Weekend Notes: Neighbor Sees JD Visit...

I think we've worked out an arrangement that allows my wife to see JD a little more routinely than we thought possible during the "near miss" we had with his wife.  If you don't recall, Mrs. JD who is/was unaware that her husband enjoys the friendship and occasional sexual favors of my wife, found an incriminating message on his phone.  The logistics of how that came about are a lesson for any person fooling around, and worth sharing.

JD is normally very smart when it comes to cleaning his tracks.  He deletes all the messages form his phone, uses a spare e-mail account that his wife is unaware of, and for the most part, keeps his eye on his phone.  Of course, Facebook is the devil, and a late night chat using that damn Instant Messenger function that pops-up on your locked screen when you have a message got him busted.  People, turn that shit off.

So it turns out that my wife sent one last naughty message the previous evening but by then, he was already logged out.  The next morning, Mrs. JD sees the random message pop up on phone screen saver and recognizes my wife saying something naughty to him.  That's it, that's all the slip up it takes to get you cheaters caught.

That has been over a month or so ago and the tension has eased up.  JD is being a good boy and his wife has stopped calling him every hour at work to make sure he is where he is supposed to be. And, now he is back into the routine of leaving a little early on an afternoon when he knows his wife is out so it won't be noticed if he gets home a little later than normal.

On Wednesday, I pulled into the driveway and saw two things.  One, JD's truck was parked out front and two, my neighbor and his son were in their driveway detailing their cars.  Oh shit! 

In the moment that this all registered, I made up my mind that if the neighbor were to even mention seeing JD I'd just casually say with a straight face, "Oh, that's her boyfriend."

It's funny how a guy like me gets a semi-hard on from just imagining that conversation. But, the guy looked up from his car, nodded hello and and I nodded back adding a friendly "Howdy".

When I walked in, I hoped to find my wife and JD going at it, but instead, they were both fully dressed sitting at the kitchen bar having drinks and eating chips and queso.  "Is your neighbor still outside?" JD asked.

"He sure is." I responded.

We all laughed and my wife immediately joked that JD should go running out the front door.  I suggested I could chase him out, waving the Glock.  We all got a good laugh but really, who cares.

There was no time for sex and as it turned out, JD had only arrived a few minutes before I did.  We all decided that when he left, my wife and I would both walk out with him and that might dismiss any thoughts the neighbors might have imagined.


Strange that I have become so matter of fact about all this.  That I could be okay with other people knowing.  I think I do a fairly good job of impulse control but there are times when I have those sudden thoughts of revealing too much and regretting it later.  I listened to a podcast the other day Tangentially Speaking with guest Michael Wood. I highly recommend this episode for changing your mindset on crime and the war on drugs and our prison system.

Regardless, in the episode, they talk about impulse control and how sometimes the brain is damaged or chemically altered in a way that changes a person's normal ability to tamp down natural impulses.  Just two examples to point out what I mean.  You are in a verbal argument at work with a colleague.  That person says something really offensive and for a moment, you think, I'd like to strangle that fucker.  But you don't.  Another - say you are at the store and you see a woman with huge tits in a T-shirt, no bra to hold them back.  Let's be honest, male or female, we all have an urge to squeeze them, perhaps even motorboat those puppies.  But we don't.

I've always had my impulses under control, even when drinking.  I don't start fights, I don't grab people's tits, and I don't do stupid things that jeopardize my job.  Well, not a lot anyway.  More and more, I find myself gaming out these things in my mind.  It is like seeing my neighbor outside and immediately deciding, I'm going to tell him JD is the boyfriend.  Why do I get a thrill from the idea of people knowing?  Am I trying to transform societal thinking on the norm of marriage and monogamy?

I'm not a loose cannon.  I do think that more and more, I'm really gaming out these things that on an impulse, I have a desire to do.   I'd love your comments or thoughts.

Friday, September 8, 2017

And Now Comes Irma...

In the olden days before the sophist acted weather technology that allows us to track and predict these things, you would have some religious zealots claiming God was flooding the earth to pay for people playing grab-ass with one another.  Granted, I'm sure there are still those people will blame this all on an act of God for some reason, but regardless, the 24 hour news cycle shows us how this is forming, the science behind it, and thankfully, with enough warning to make the decisions needed to be made when a catastrophe of, well, biblical proportions is bearing down.  

I know of at least one reader here who is getting his family out of harms way and I'm hoping others are heading toward safety.  I have a lot of family right in the path of this one, so if you are the praying type, I'm sure your warm thoughts are welcome.

I probably sound like a dick for even mentioning this in a blog post about so much disaster, but I returned late last night from about 9 days of vacation in a northern state where the temps were quite brisk.  Down here in San Antonio, we live on the very edge of the desert. It is dry and brown most of the time.  Whenever I travel to the east coast or up north, it is so different seeing colors.  Getting up and taking a morning walk with the temperatures under 50 degrees is quite a cool change.

While I've been gone, it was nice to see family, but I have suffered a very work related depression.  No, I'm not fired and I haven't quit my job, I'm just feeling down about things at work and frankly, this is not like me.  I love my job, and I'm the guy who people look at strangely because I look forward to going to work.  I have until Monday to get the fuck over it and get on with life.

For those of you who I e-mail frequently, I hope to get back into my normal routine after this weekend.  In the meantime, be safe, everyone.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Curious Rob on Strictly Anonymous...

I am eager to get my morning drive started so I can start listening to Curious Rob's interview on the Strictly Anonymous Podcast.  You ought to check it out, too.

In the mean time, Rob was kind enough to get the Reddit idea for discussing that podcast going.  You can find Let's Talk Strictly Anonymous Podcast by clicking there and make comments.  It is new so we've only got my interview and Rob's but we'll start adding in more.  In fact, once it gets uploaded, another blogger and correspondent here, bdenied will have his post on the Reddit page.

So, join in the discussion.  And I should also note, so many of you would be an interesting interview.  Just e-mail Kathy K.  I'm sure she'd love to hear your story.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


For those of you who know I post my blog from the greater San Antonio area, I just wanted to let you know - so far, so good.  We can always use the rain, though we don't do well when we get lots of rain.  There simply is no place for the rain to run off, and our major thoroughfares tend to fill up like bath tubs.  Makes driving fun.

The hurricane is creating havoc for those of my friends to the south and east of San Antonio.  From Houston, Galveston, Victoria all the way south to Rockport and  Corpus Christi; lots of flooding.  There has been a steady stream of folks driving into San Antonio for shelter which should make the roads that much funner to navigate.

For now, Internet works!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

IGHIH: Always Room for Pie...

I pulled into the driveway and saw JD's truck out front.  I checked my phone for messages but nothing yet.  In the morning my wife had asked me what pictures I'd like. My request was that if they fucked, she send a picture of him inside her.

I walked in and as usually is the case, they were sitting in the kitchen having a drink after the sex.  JD was in his underwear and t-shirt; my wife was wearing his dress shirt with the buttons completely open, breasts hanging free.  JD made a comical act of pretending I had caught them in the act.

We all laughed and then I asked about the pictures. "Oh, shit!" My wife said as she handed me her phone.

I scrolled through the pictures, some nice blow job views and finally, several blurred action shots where JD is penetrating her vagina. from the rear.    I scrolled through a few times and smiled. My wife then asked if I cared to do anything before she cleaned herself up.  I passed on the offer, took a sip of my iced tea and looked through the pictures one more time.

JD stepped away from the counter and pulled his underwear down to reveal his flaccid cock and freshly man-groomed pubic area.  "She gave me a good trim." And they both giggled as he reached for his trousers hanging on the back of the bar stool.

I asked him how things were going at home and he told me that there was a state of calm and he no longer felt like his wife was constantly looking for a fight.  He added that he just had to be really careful.

In a few moments we said our goodbyes and as she walked him out, I retreated to the bedroom and undressed.  I can't explain why I felt the urge to take my turn alone, but I was not upset that the two of them had spent some quality time together.  I'm reminded of the term compersion, but now it was my turn.

She walked in the room and I was on the bed, fully erect.  "What can I do for you?" she asked.

Now completely nude, she climbed onto the bed and I motioned for her to climb on top of me, patting my chest and pulling her toward my face.  Within a minute of him being gone, my tongue was darting in and out of her freshly shaved, freshly fucked pussy.

If you have ever seen those cuckold face-sitting images and videos where the wife grinds her pussy into her husband's face, this was what I had in mind.  For men who enjoy the hotwife experience, the ultimate goal, the holy grail if you will is the cream pie.  As she grinded herself on my mouth, using my chin as a device to gain leverage, she asked if I could taste him.  My dick grew even harder.

Honestly, at the beginning there was no cummy scent, but instead, I could actually taste the Dos Equis from his breath.  It was clear that he had a beer before going down on her.

She commented that we both had such completely different styles of cunnilingus, though she very much enjoyed both of us.  This for some reason made me want to do better, and I reached my fingers to her clit and begin playing harder as I licked and sucked.

By now, the remnants of JD's spunk had reached my taste buds.  His scent is not pungent in any way, or perhaps I just enjoy the taste of a man's seed.

My wife lifted her self and rolled over to her side of the bed where she retrieved the mouthpiece vibrator from the bedside table.  She asked me to turn my body sideways across the bed, then positioned herself on top of me in a sixty-nine.  While the mouth vibe felt wonderful on my rock hard penis, I was mostly interested in working the pussy.

Within about two minutes, I could feel the familiar trembling of her body and the loud moan she produces at climax. And with her juices flowing, I could fully taste and feel the evidence that JD had unloaded very deep in my wife.

I'm not naive about how the body works.  I get that much of his cummy load had dripped into the toilet shortly after their sex, but there is always enough left inside to give a husband his prize after the fact.

My face was covered in their combined juices when my wife rolled onto her back exhausted as I mounted her.  She spread her legs wide actually grabbing her toes almost like a cheerleader might during some jump.  I pumped her pussy as deeply as my body would take me with her cheering me on, telling me how much harder my cock was than JD's.  And for the second time in under half an hour, she was filled with a man's cum.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cock-Blocking and Sharing...

Sunday night my gay coworker and his husband came over to get in the hot tub then watch Game of Thrones.  Many beers later, we were back in the tub after the show and of course my dick was exposed several times.   Nothing came of that besides giggles.  It isn't that these two men are opposed to playing with others; in fact they were talking to my wife about all the men they bring home for threesomes.

Anyway, the night ended and the following evening, my wife and I were in bed when she asked me if she had cock blocked me?   This was a strange question considering her less than excited feelings about my bi side.

I told her that not only had she not cock blocked anyone, but truthfully, I have no interest in those those guys.  Of course, my coworker and I have sucked each other a few times before, but just because, well, guys are guys.

Either way, she continued her questioning and asked me who I was interested in - as a boyfriend!   What the fuck?  Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife?

I was not interested in this conversation at all.  I've adopted the don't ask, don't tell policy at her urging and have operated in this private, secretive fashion for years.  Yes, it is growth that she is apparently becoming more accepting of my bi interests, but I don't care to have a boyfriend.

Without any input from me, she concluded that I was interested in Pancho.  Well yes, I've sucked his dick and I'd gladly do it again, but as I told him, I don't see us holding hands walking along the beach like lovers.

I do think it is positive that my wife is opening up to my bi side.  But seriously, unless it manifests in us sharing a dick during a threesome or her getting off on watching me with another guy, I just don't care to discuss it with her.  I have a blog for that!

If I lived in the perfect world, I would have a cool neighbor who was bi, and his wife would be friends with my wife. And then, when he and I were hanging out, we could blow each other.  That's my perfect world scenario.  That scenario does not include me sharing the details of that bi sex with my wife.

At least not today.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Case for Monogamish...

One of my favorite people e-mailed me this morning complaining about he sex she had with her husband.  But it was more than the shitty sex; it was the overall expectation of sex when the rest of the day had been a disaster.  I immediately knew the feeling.

Our elders have always offered the advice, don't ever go to bed mad.  That means, I think, fight it out, then have make-up sex.  Make up sex is always good.  What is bad sex is when you are mad at the person or the is no connection between your desire for the person and the sex you are having.  It is made even worse if you are fucking and in your mind going over the shitty things they did that day.

I think our elders were pretty smart with that advice, but I should note that for the most part, our elders lived in a time when the men ruled the roost and the women shut their pie-hole and didn't talk back.  These days, thankfully, women are not slaves to their husbands and as TV commercials prove, the husbands are all incompetent dorks who require a wife to guide them through life.

I told my friend that after reading her e-mail, I think she made a good case for not being monogamous.    I mean, it occurs to me that the reason most people who have been in really long term relationships or marriages lose that spark is that both parties are so sick of each other as people that the thought of "making love" is out the window.  I've been feeling this way for years about my own wife.  I'm so busy being irritated with her about past bitchiness that by the time we get in bed, the last thing on my mind is snuggling up and going down on her.

Yet, you add in the factor of kink and now I'm interested.  I don't think that I just don't want sex; I think that I don't want to make love to my wife.

I was reading Dr David Ley's Insatiable Wives and he points out that one of the reasons the penis is shaped the way it is is so that the head can act as a plunger to pull out the semen of the guy who just fucked his mate and thereby allow his sperm to impregnate her.  Think about hat for a moment.  Before God came along and told everybody to be monogamous, women were fucking all the guys in the tribe and the main partner needed to make sure he was the one to impregnate her, not the other guy.

They've done experiments to show that a man who is fighting for his wife becomes more aroused and that the potency of his ejaculate is stronger when his wife has been unfaithful.  Or in the case of caveman days, his buddy conked her over the head, dragged her to a corner and fucked her before her husband could get to her.

We have progressed over the years and of course, we don't conk women over the head to mate with them (serial killers excluded).  But that instinctual trigger when we see another man show interest in our woman is still there.  And women, you aren't left out of this.  It is a proven fact that women seek out a mate who is a good provider for her children.  She will take an ugly fat guy who is rich over an athletic bum.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't actually want to fuck the bum.

I'm not trying to get my friend to cheat on her husband.  They have a good marriage, great family and all, but like most people who have been married for a number of years, the sex department is shitty.  And, like most relationships, they love the other person but don't necessarily like them all the time.

More and more, I realize that what has made my marriage bearable is that I have accepted why I flirt with other women at work and online and why I enjoy my wife being with JD (and Pancho, maybe).  It is something to take me away from the constant reminder of the same old shit we deal with day in and day out.

We've been watching Man in the High Castle (Amazon).  I want to like it so bad but for crap's sake, I either fall asleep or I just can't follow it. We've been binge watching and are half way through season two.  Friday night we got in bed and I was out like a light.  Saturday morning I wake up to my wife yanking on my wiener. No talk, just using her toes to push down my underwear, then once hard, she climbed on top.  She rode my dick and I woke up enough to slap her ass several times then pinch her nipples.  As soon as I came, she quickly got herself off before my dick could deflate.

Later, I wanted to take my truck out for a drive up to the Cowboy Capital of Texas,  Bandera, for lunch.  The entire way there and back, she talked about how wonderful the day was and how much she loved everything.  She asked if I was happy that she surprised me with morning sex (it isn't like this doesn't ever happen).  I feel like a jerk because all I wanted her to do was stop talking,  Stop trying to sell the idea that it was all so wonderful.  I kept thinking to myself, if she really wanted it to be perfect, she would just enjoy the ride.

I think my point is, people want to live in the Facebook world of how great marriage is.  I still truly believe that people should have primary partners that they stay with for life, that they raise a family and create a family environment with grandchildren and such.  But more and more, I think the only true way to keep that environment both happy and sane is for both primary partners to have outside relationships.  It doesn't have to be as in your face as the type of thing we have with JD.  It could be secret e-mails to other people or it could be a guy getting a BJ from a co-worker or even a prostitute.  I don't have the answer for the exact formula.  I just think the idea of that single partner forever with no outside release, either physically or emotionally is a dead concept.

If you read this blog, you probably already agree with me.  But I'm still open to comments and e-mails.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tell Me About Reddit...

I know many of you are Reddit people and I've actually looked around there from time to time.  I only recently created an account.  I'm interested in possibly creating a sub-Reddit to form a discussion area for a particular podcast.  Question is, am I better off using a different platform?

I have to wait at least 30 days and gather a certain level of Karma on Reddit, so I do plan to spend more time exploring, so, feel free to share your favorites with me, either via comment or e-mail.

I'm also open to any suggestions with regards to a better venue for discussing weekly podcast episodes.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Morning Rambling...

Blah!   After I posted Weekend Notes on Friday, my weekend turned to shit.  I have an expensive issue with my vehicle and while there is no good time for that, it comes at a time when my wife and I are involved in an expensive investment.  Obviously, I'm avoiding specifics but this is normal stuff that people have to deal with.  Such is life.  And it sent me into a brief depression that I quickly escaped by Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday I happened to see one of my wife's sisters.  I've always had a crush on her.  Hey, remember that time I was doing some work at her house to help her with some repairs and I raided her dirty clothes hamper to sniff her panties? Yes, that one.

You know I have a thing for older women. She is at least five years my senior, so she qualifies.  I told her that I really liked her hair and the fact she is allowing it to go gray.  She smiled and then laughed and thanked me with a hug.  What I wanted to ask was if the carpet matched the drapes.  Maybe some other time.

I feel like I'm well over my mid life crisis, yet, why am I even having inappropriate thoughts about my sister in law?  Do you think that I am more turned on by the risk of an inappropriate relationship, chasing after something that would be so risky that it couldn't possibly be worth it?

Why have I developed friendships with Emma and Erin?  It isn't like I'll have sex with either of them, yet the risk of having shared such secrets with them is actually a turn on.  Or is it?

Ugh.  I have lots of people to share my weirdness with.  First, I can blog.  But I also correspond with many of you readers.  There is literally no risk if I get caught since at this point I could simply say to my wife, you are fucking another guy, and you are upset I emailed someone who lives in another state?

I do get a lot from these email conversations.  Many of you skip the comments button all together and go directly to the email.  Thank you for that.  I love that we can compare notes on our perverse lives or in the cases of many of you, the conversations evolve to fairly normal, non-sexual discussions about life.

Anyway, I ramble on.

I think I mentioned before that I have been going back through the archives and reposting some of the previous blog posts.  If you are a recent visitor to the blog, I hope you will consider looking at some of the older posts. My youthful angst.  I say youthful knowing full well I didn't start the blog until I was in my forties.

Here is something interesting to ponder.  I have a sister who has zero, none, notta, no presence on social media anywhere.  It actually has been a pain trying to share family photos and information when everyone else at least has FB, whether they check it or not.  But not this one.  I often wondered why.

About ten years ago when I first started finding the amateur porn pics I so enjoy - you know, pics of people's wives and girlfriends (and regular guys showing their dicks - if I'm being totally honest), I stumbled across this picture of a lady in lingerie that was a doppleganger for my sister.  No, I'm not posting it you perverts.  I was so convinced it was her, I actually shared it with my older brother who was also a little shocked by the resemblance.  Of course, we never brought it up to anyone beyond that.

Several days ago as I was thumbing through Tumblr on my phone, I saw another picture that I swear to you was the spitting image of this same sister.  It was nothing crazy, nothing more than a nude taken in a bedroom.  No sex, just a naked lady.  But that picture got me thinking. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the reason she has never adopted social media in any form, even to keep in touch with her own kids, is because she fears being one of these victims of the hate filled porn where people blast nudes all over the FB pages of people they find naked.

Eventually, everyone will be exposed in some form or fashion and none of us will have anything over the others.  All politicians will cop to having been Anthony Wiener at some point, just like they all now admit to smoking pot. I'm not saying all politicians are psychotic, but I'm sure when they get a little bit of power, it goes to the dick and they grope an intern or two.  

Anyway, I ramble.  It is Monday morning.  Wish us all a better week.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Special Codes - Light Blue Hanky, Please...

I have often wondered about special signals I might give or perhaps look for among the people I encounter that would indicate an interest in any of the interests I have in sex. You know, if say I were talking to a co-worker and he casually dropped to his knees and opened his mouth and began unzipping my slacks, that might prompt my useless Gaydar to the fact that he was interested. In the real world though, we need something with less flashing lights that will not cause a stir, but allow people in the know to recognize the hint.

For years, probably ten years or more, I have read various forums about the "Hot Wife" lifestyle. For those that don't know, these are wives who have sex with other men and the husband is totally cool with it. And yes, I've been one of those husbands who was cool with it. Anyway, in these forums, there is often discussion of the ankle bracelet that when worn on the left ankle (or is it the right?) is supposed to signify that a married lady is a Hot Wife. Of course, in reality, I'm pretty sure that whole ankle bracelet was in style (perhaps it still is) and everyone from pre-teens to great-grandmothers were potentially on the prowl for a lover as an eager husband (or great-great grandfather) waited at home eager for some visual stimuli. Really, just because a few people think of something as a signal, it doesn't stop the rest of society from inadvertently misusing it.

Anyway, I just read this about the handkerchief code: Light blue - Oral sex Wearing it in the left back pocket or on the left side indicates willingness to receive oral sex. Wearing it in the right back pocket or on the right side indicates desire to perform oral sex.

Needless to say I'm now going to have to run out and buy a bunch of light blue handkerchiefs because I'm going to need one for both pockets! For those of us who like to have our dicks sucked by guys but are also eager to return the favor, perhaps we could just wear a light blue tie everyday. Not distinctive enough? Perhaps a light blue bib. That would also be helpful for clean-up afterwards.

Thoughts on codes? Do you have a favorite for alerting someone you think might be interested? Are you reconsidering that ankle bracelet you just purchased your mom?

Hi, You May not Remember Me...

I kept trying to come up with clever ways to approach this lady I had passed in the parking lot on the way into the office on more than a few times. It was obvious that she recognized me in a "I think I know you from 25 pounds and lots of gray hair ago" way. Here we are, both of us retired from the military and now working in the same place as civilians. Her face looks the same - she is attractive but like me, she has put on weight and is no longer 25. Things change.

We worked in different offices and in our different roles, I would see here a few times a week. Occasionally flirtatious, but mostly business. I recall mentioning to a co-worker of mine at the time how I really thought she was attractive and how I'd love to see her nekkid. You could apply this desire to most women, but it was worth mentioning to him. He surprised me by telling how he had dated her a few years earlier when he had just split from his wife and he started dating any of the young military girls that would give him the time of day. She apparently was impressed by his rank (she was an E-2, he was an E-5 at the time), and willing to go out. Naturally, I asked how it was and he was full of lurid details of their constant sex. As I recall, he used the terms athletic and flexible several times.

A few days later, the co-worker pulled me aside and told me he had something for me. We walked into an unused conference room and he produced a small envelope containing four or five Polaroid pictures showing the lady I fancied posing fully nude. "Of course I destroyed them," he assured her when their brief fling ended. I gawked at the photos and took in the visual of her only lightly trimmed bush and her perky 21 year old boobs. I can still see the tan lines on the giggle on her face all these years - at least twenty years - later.

So when she actually came in my office the other day looking to speak with one of my co-workers and I heard her name, it was confirmation that she was the same lady I had known from years ago. I so wanted to to approach her and quietly say, "Hi. You may not remember me but I have seen you nude."

But that might come off as creepy. So I think this one will stay our little secret.

REPOST: Car Jacking

This is a repost of one of the dozens of stories I have deleted from the blog over time. I have started to look through my archives and as something catches my fancy, I'll post it again. Hopefully some of it will be entertaining. This post was pretty much a cut & paste from posts I made on a Yahoo group. I haven't changed anything other than to update the time frame. At the time, my wife still worked and it meant that on Sunday mornings, she was not home. My kids were at the age where they slept in until noon, so I had plenty of time to play on the Internet or even slip off for a short drive.


So, back to when I had an idea that it would be cool to jack-off while driving! Okay, I still like that idea. But the following are a series of stories I posted to a Yahoo group for guys that enjoy "CarJacking" or J/O while driving. All of these event happened over a about 6 week period about 9 or 10 years ago. If you are familiar with San Antonio, you will probably recognize the locations I mention, but you will realize that the areas have been developed now.

My first Carjacking post:
A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a guy online. We are both bi-curious, both happily married, and both wanting to explore without getting caught. Neither of us has the place to meet so we decided to try a carjacking session. The first meeting was nerve wracking for both of us. We met at a local grocery store parking lot and he got into my truck. Right away I told him how my stomach was in knots and he said he couldn't believe that he had gotten into the vehicle of a total stranger. We pulled onto Highway 281 and headed north past Loop 1604. We both traded remarks about how we had never done this before.

As we drove on, I finally pulled my sweats down a bit exposing my very soft dick. When he pulled his shorts down, I was pleased to see a very thick cock. Not long but very thick. We continued to talk and stroke our dicks and slowly, we both began to feel comfortable. I asked him if I could stroke him and he said yes, as long as I didn't wreck! I stroked his dick for a few minutes and then stopped to pay attention to the road. He then took my dick in his hand and found me hard as a rock. It felt so good having another guy stroke me.

We pulled off 281 onto a side rode and drove down a winding country road for a bit, still taking turns stroking each other. The road made its way back to 281 and we then drove north to Spring Branch. There is a picnic area on the side of the road so I pulled in and stopped. We stroked each other some more but the fear of the passing traffic seeing what we were doing made us leave after a few minutes.

We headed back down 281 toward San Antonio and finally back to the grocery store lot. We shook dicks and hands ;) and thanked each other for making it a comfortable first meeting.

We decided to try it again this Sunday (this morning) and met at a different store. This time we were a lot more comfortable. Right away when I pulled onto Highway 16 (Bandera Road), we both pulled our pants down to expose our hard dicks. We went north out of Helotes and turned onto Scenic Loop Road. As we drove slowly down the road, we did the same routine - taking turns stroking each other.

I was actually hoping to find a place to pull off the road but there wasn't anything suitable. As we drove on, I told him I wanted to see him cum. He took a towel (that he had conveniently brought with him) and began to stroke faster. Finally, he unloaded a huge flood of cum
onto the towel. It was awesome to see another guy cum. He cleaned up and as I drove, he said that he wanted to see me.

It just so happened that I came upon a driveway of sorts and pulled off on it. I asked for his towel and within 20 seconds was at the point of bursting. About three good spurts dribbled onto the towel as he stared. I then cleaned off and we both let out a nervous laugh.

Baby steps I told him.

We ended up on IH-10 and headed back into San Antonio, the whole way discussing our families and things like that. Just friendly chat.

We both look forward to our next Sunday morning drive.

My second Carjacking post:
My buddy and I did something a little different for our Sunday morning drive. We both drove and met at a secluded location for a quick stroke session outside of the vehicles. It was so intense because we were both so nervous that we would get caught.

We stopped at a little creek down a country road between San Antonio and Castroville. We stopped but neither of us felt comfortable - just too open to people passing by.

Instead, we drove a little bit more toward the town of Macdonna and spotted a bridge that had a dry creek bed under it. Plus, there was a road leading down below it - probably used by people riding motorcycles or something under it.

We drove down and parked and then got out to walk around and look for any sign of people. After seeing it was clear, we both pulled out our dicks and began to stroke. We were both really nervous. Finally, I went down to dick level and took his thick dick into my mouth for the
first time. It was so thick. I sucked him for maybe 20 seconds or so and then stood up. He immediately decided he would try and went down on me. It felt so good. But of course, we were so nervous about someone seeing us. After a few seconds he stopped and then we both stood there and stroked. My buddy then began to play with my hairy tummy and then began to squeeze my nipple. This was an incredible new feeling. I could feel myself ready to unload. He then actually began to suck my nipple and that was it. I told him it felt so good and I was about to cum. He stood back and I shot my load all over the ground. I continued to stroke my dick and he began quickly stroking knowing he was about to cum. I just stared at his dick and watched as several globs of white cum fell to the ground.

With that, we both put our dicks away and walked back to our vehicles and drove away. A short and sweet J/O session. It was a bit scary as neither of us would want to get caught so chances are, we will probably stick to driving around.

My third Carjacking post:
Hey fellow SA Carjackers. My buddy and I stepped it up a notch on our weekly drive this morning. I described last week how we had an intense J/O session under a bridge. Today was a lot more intense.

First, we met at a Home Depot store on I-10 and then headed north past 1604. After several miles, we both had our dicks out and were casually stroking. My buddy likes the fact that I have a hairy stomach and chest, so I decided to raise my shirt and let him play with it.

He squeezed my nipple and rubbed my chest, stomach and cock as I drove. Our conversation was limited - we both knew that today would be a step further toward a bi experience, not just two guys jacking off together.

Finally, he pointed out to me the secluded drive that he had found for us. I hit the access road just beyond the Dominion and made the turn around to head back south. We pulled into an area under development and found a very secluded cul de sac. There was no sign of people,
but still the chance of someone coming along was real. We were both extremely nervous.

For those of you not familiar with our situation, we are both happily married guys with good jobs. Doing something like this and getting caught could mean serious problems for both of us.

We parked my truck along the side of the street in front of a heavily wooded lot. We decided that if anyone came upon us, we would explain that we pulled off I-10 to take a piss.

We cautiously walked into the wooded area and looked around for signs of other people as well as looking to see how blocked our view would be. At one point, I thought that we were actually up into someones backyard, but my buddy checked it out a little closer to see that things were cool. When he returned, he found me standing behind a tree with my dick out and stroking. We smiled at one another and, though still nervous, he approached me and pulled his out. I may have mentioned before, that I am not very thick at all and just at 6 inches in length. I'd say he is the same length but very, very thick. We are both cut.

We stood facing each other and then he began to stroke me and I stroked him. Our dicks were hard as steel. He played some more with my stomach, nipple and chest and I decided I needed to go down on him. I looked around for any sign of people and then dropped into a kneeling position and took his dick in my mouth. God he is big. I wanted to suck him so bad. I sucked for maybe a minute or two, stroking him with my hand and sucking, and finally, removing my hand from his dick and just taking him in my mouth.

I was so afraid of being caught. As I sucked, I could feel myself looking around (as much as one can with a dick in their mouth). I could taste his pre-cum and I was hoping that he would cum before I lost the nerve to continue.

Finally, I could not take the nervousness anymore. I lifted up and asked him if it felt good. He said it did, and without a word, he went down on my semi-erect dick. Just watching my buddy
suck my dick and looking through the trees was really getting me off.

I was so nervous but it felt so good. I'm not sure if he heard it or not, but I could hear the sound of my truck cooling off (you know, the sound that it makes when the A/C drips condensation) and also, a squirrel or something in the woods. The fear that someone might find us and the fact that I was getting head was so incredible. My legs were literally wobbling. I whispered to my buddy that I was about to cum.

I fully expected for him to stop sucking and let me shoot off into the air. Instead, he continued to suck. I felt that sudden feeling and he just continued sucking taking my cum into his mouth and down his throat. I couldn't believe it - he was swallowing my cum.

This continued for 10 - 15 seconds. Finally, he stood up and stumbled back. As shaky as my legs were, he looked worse. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. He just needed to gather himself.

I knew there was no way either of us could do anything else. He pulled some gum from his pocket and started to chew it. I really expected him to spit or puke or something but he was cool. As we walked back to the truck, I told him that it was no longer a fantasy
for him, that he had actually done it.

We drove back toward the meeting place and we were both in sort of a daze. My body was still shaking with from the intense orgasm I had just had and he was lost in thought over the realization that he had just swallowed another man's cum for the first time.

When I dropped him off at his car, we agreed to stay in touch and hopefully have another drive next Sunday.

I have to admit, I felt kinda guilty as I drove home, for not reciprocating. But he and I both know that we are new to this and we have to understand each other's limits.

Next time!

My fourth Carjacking post:
As usual, we met at a predesignated location and my buddy got into the truck with me. Like last week, he had a place for us to go. We headed north on IH-10, but not for long and around about 1604 he directed me to a secluded wooded area that I had passed many times without noticing.

The interesting thing about this place was that it was along a narrow rocky path, and though I have a truck, it is not a 4-wheel-drive by any means. We drove down a path and when I felt that we were far enough from the roadway above us, I stopped and we got out to explore the area.
Like last time, my buddy had already viewed the area but honestly, I needed to be sure myself.

We explored the area for a few minutes. Clearly, This is a place that people, probably college kids from UTSA (which was close by) come to party. We found many empty beer cans thrown about, the remains of a fire, lots of other trash. But honestly, I knew he was on to something with this place because, in the early morning on a Sunday, they probably would not be there to party.

I was the first to pull my sweats down to stroke myself. I told him I was worried about my truck since we were a good 100 yards away from it out of view and I had left my keys and cell phone there. Not to worry - what we were doing would not take long.

My buddy approached me and pulled his hard, thick dick out and began to stroke. He is huge. I went down immediately and took his dick, the head of which was covered in oozing pre-cum into my mouth. I sucked and stroked him for a few minutes, a time or two stopping to listen for sounds that made me so nervous.

After I stopped sucking and stroking he told me he was going to do something. He told me to turn around. I thought for sure he wanted to stroke my dick as if he were jacking himself. But instead he tugged on my sweats and brought them down further. At that split second, I thought he was going to try to take my ass. I just took my hands and spread my ass cheeks, not sure how I would react to what was going to happen next.

Keep in mind, I was still very nervous from the traffic off in the distance. I was so turned on by my own fear of both, the chance of getting caught, and what my bud was going to do. In a split second, he dropped to a knee and I felt his tongue probe my ass. Geeze that was hot. And not to be gross, but thank goodness I had just showered maybe 20 minutes earlier. He basically probed my ass with his tongue for at least a minute or two. I have to tell you, it felt so good.

I think he could feel my legs trembling. He stopped and then I turned around. With my dick still out but not fully erect, he took me in his mouth and began to suck. It was not more than a few strokes and I could feel myself building up to climax.

I pulled my dick away from my buddy thinking that maybe I would go back to sucking him but instead, I just blew my load all over the ground below us. My heart was pounding. He watched me continue to stroke my dick and within a minute, he splashed a thick load of cum all over the ground.

We smiled at one another - out came the gum - and we were off to the truck.

Okay - as I said before, my truck is not a 4WD model and we almost got stuck trying to get out of our little play area. At first, I tried to turn the truck around in a very small area but it was no use - as much as I tried to turn, I just got myself stuck. In the end, I backed most of the way out and we got back to the main road. We definitely won't go there anytime it rains!

My last Carjacking post:
My Sunday morning J/O buddy and I had another adventure. It is less of a car jacking story but I'll post it here anyway since I have had many guys e-mail me telling me how much they like the reports.

This morning, we met at a place off of I-10 and he got into my truck. I already had my semi-hard dick out and rubbing it. We headed out onto 1604 and drove up a nice windy road toward a golf course out there. Lots of open places, woods, creeks etc. As we drove up the road, my buddy reached over and started stroking my dick. It felt so good. Finally, about 3 miles or so up the road, we found the perfect spot. I backed my truck into a little parking area of sorts that was hidden by brush and trees on one side, and a huge mound of earth on the other. There, we locked the vehicle and went off for a nice little hike in the country.

We found the most incredible place maybe 100 yards off the road but sort of an opening surrounded by rocks, trees and heavy brush. It was the perfect spot. Through the trees, you could make out the road but it was clear, that a passing car would never see us. For the first time in our adventures, I felt really really at ease enough that I wasn't constantly looking over my shoulder.

I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and my bud quickly dropped his pants. I think we both knew that today was going to be the day that I swallowed his cum (or any guys cum) for the first time. He lifetd my shirt and went straight for my nipple and began to suck it as he stroked my dick. After a bit of this, I stopped him and headed for his dick. I sucked a bit and then went for his balls. He was hugely turned on by me licking and sucking his balls. It felt so hot, he was basically slapping has fat dick on my face as I sucked the balls. I then went for the dick and grabbed his firm ass cheeks and let him begin to fuck my face.

I switched back and forth between his dick and balls several times and before long, he whispered that he was getting close. I opened my mouth and held my tongue out as he stroked himself to seal the deal. Right at the moment he was ready, I took him in my mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. He unloaded into my mouth and it pleasantly flowed right down my throat. I had finally done it!

I could tell I had really pleased him. With my pants still at my ankles, I lifted up and he went down to my dick and sucked - it was clear though, that having just cum, he was not ready to do it so instead, he went back to my nipple and stroked me until I shot my load all over his hand. My legs were like wet noodles.

We then made the short hike back to my truck and made our way back to the meeting spot.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekend Notes...

Thank you to all of you for your e-mails following the Strictly Anonymous episode.  I was actually scheduled to tape the second episode on Monday, but Kathy had to cancel, then I was supposed to do it this afternoon, and I had to cancel.  Next week for sure.

And as a bonus, at least one of the readers here is already scheduled to chat with her about his own story, and I think a few more may be considering.  I don;t want to turn this into the Strictly Anonymous fan page or anything, but honestly, even if you don't listen to my episode, please check her out.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to listen to real people tell their stories of secretive sex, wife swapping, escorts, and of, this one guy, a doorman in NYC has a fetish for pregnant women.  He finds pregnant ladies and bangs them.  So, so many different ideas on what turns people on, and this podcast certainly features quite a few of them.


I'm actually playing hooky from work right now.  I had some car issues and rather than try to get a ride or take my wife's vehicle, I stayed home while I wait for the mechanic to do his thing.  The good news in all that is that the wife is out with grand kids doing lunch, and I'm here alone.

I talked with my buddy Pancho the other day.  It seems as though he was going to have his own version of a hall pass with his wife going out of town.  Having sent some boner pics to my wife, I think there was a possibility of some action.  He even sent a picture of the packed bags to let my wife know that he was about to be free.  And then a text comes back saying that the trip got canceled!

I'm sure if those two do plan to hook up eventually, it will be a long tome in the making.  Don't read into any of this that the fire has burnt out for JD.  Things are going very smoothly on that front.  But, as I've mentioned in the past, my wife and Pancho have known each other for years - really since school, and I think they both have this curiosity that needs to be put to bed.  Put to bed...

As an aside, I am open to having my own little meeting with Pancho - if ya know what I mean!

It is kind of a joke with us that my wife will mention Pancho just to get a reaction from JD.  He is good natured about it.

Speaking of JD.  Since my last post, they have met twice.  The first meeting was at our house.  I walked in from work and they were standing at the counter finishing up a beer.  It turns out, JD never even got his pants off.  He went down on my wife and gave her a thorough orgasm producing tongue licking.  To his surprise, she had a little toy she bought that looks like a mouth piece a football player might wear, but with the added bonus of a little vibrator.  When I walked in and greeted them, he laughed and told me that the blow job lasted all of maybe one minute!  She giggled and pulled down the top of her dress to display where he had blown his load.

While they were able to enjoy some quick fun before I got home, we spent some time chatting about the situation with Mrs JD and how things are going on the home front.  Long story short, JD is experiencing the stress of having a suspicious wife and that is bad for everyone.

They also met a few days ago for a quick drink at a nearby place.  The visit was only about an hour but I think the two of them take what they can get.


I'm not sure if it was my talking things out on the podcast or the e-mails that followed, but I will say that there has been more sex in this house.  And I've been involved.  Maybe sometimes I just need a little motivation.  My dick is absolutely raw from a long, long session Wednesday night.  The poor little guy needs some rest before I put it to use this weekend.   Wish me luck.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Strictly Anonymous 189: Bisexual James has an Open Relationship and a Secret Life

So my first interview on the Strictly Anonymous Podcast with Kathy K is up.  I'm Episode 189 and it is titled "Bisexual James has an open relationship and a secret life."  We actually have a second taping this afternoon because she felt like she wanted more than the first hour and twenty minutes.

I haven't listened to more than the first few minutes.  While my voice is filtered somewhat, friends will easily recognize my cadence.  I'm not too worried about that though.

Talking with Kathy was a lot easier than I had expected.  At the very beginning of the call, we chatted for maybe a minute before she started taping so she could set her levels.  I was concerned that there might be some background noise since I was sitting in my truck with the truck running, A/C on parked in front of a Lowe's store.  Actually though, from the little I heard, the sound was fine.  Once she got her levels set and started recording, off we went for the next hour and change.

I think our conversation is a little bouncy - going more by whatever popped in her mind to ask rather than following a chronological path, but it was fine.  I'd be interested in feedback.

Today's conversation most likely won't be as long.  She wants to talk about this blog, me blogging my mid-life crisis (so to speak), and maybe a few other things.  I've been learning recently the value of being able to talk with someone, openly and honestly.  I've done this for years via the blog and via e-mail, and it has helped me immensely.  But I think I may need more conversations.  Who knows, maybe I will lose my fear of the phone and talk to people for more than one minute.  Kathy's podcast is just that, conversations about things you don;t normally talk about to people.

So many of you that I have e-mailed and chatted with would make great guests on her podcast.  You think that you don't have anything worth being interviewed about, but really, why not let her decide that?  What you'll find if you listen to Strictly Anonymous is that, she starts thinking there is one topic the call is going to be about but by the end, so much more ground has been covered.  It isn't just sex.  She has talked about addiction, relationships and more.

I can think of easily a handful of readers here that I would LOVE to hear Kathy talk to.  Send her an e-mail at and see what she thinks.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I was passing between two buildings at work the other day and walked by a lady that I recognized from somewhere. We both gave one another that passing greeting, a smile and a nod where you both know that you have met the other person but can't quite recall names, dates or circumstances. Since I have worked in the same complex for most of my adult life, it only makes sense that I have seen most of the same people for years, whether I actually know them or not. This woman was in her mid 50's, a darker tone of black skin with a pretty face but a body that showed years of weight gain and loss and more of the same cycle gain.

It wasn't until I got back to my desk that I recalled just who the lady was. I worked for her briefly in the early 1990's. She was a single woman, a senior NCO who loved to party, constantly trying to find a good man to snag as a husband, but mostly looking in bars and clubs. She had me make a few phone calls once, pretending to be a lawyer so we could determine if a man she was seeing was really divorced like he said he was, or just playing her. We weren't close per se, but every so often our conversations drifted beyond the professional relationship you'd expect of our situation.

Anyway, one morning, she called a group of us guys together and told us she wanted us all to come to her house after work. She was giving away all of her liquor and all of her porn. I just remember being turned on by the fact that she was admitting to owning porn - and lots of it! Of course, everyone had questions but she was fairly upset and tight-lipped about the whole thing.

After work, just two of us followed her to her apartment, and when we walked in, she had a box loaded with probably 50 VHS tapes of porn featuring mostly black people, primarily straight, but there was even some group sex and lesbian porn. She had another box, the kind you get from the liquor store with bottles, just over half-full of whiskey, rum, vodka, the full gamut of liquor. There was also a handful of beers left in the refrigerator. Between the two of us guys, we split the loot, thanked our supervisor for her generosity and left.

I do remember being especially turned on by the fact that this lady had lesbian porn. Of course, I would never bring it up to her.

As you would expect, there were whispers and such - what had brought on the sudden sobriety and clean living. Within a week or two, our supervisor had gone from the older party gal to a born again Christian reading scripture at work and looking to be reassigned out of our office. I didn't want to pry but I felt like she might open up to me since she had semi-flirted with me from time to time and told me I wasn't like the other white guys.

One day before she moved to her new office, she and I had a conversation where she opened up and told me only the briefest of details. We were sitting in a small office with the door wide open, really anyone could have walked in or by but it was late in the day and people were on their way home. "I got banged" was how she put it. I just looked at her thinking she was meaning a guy had fucked her. I asked, "Assaulted?" As a tear made a rapid drop down one side of her face, she shook her head to indicate no. "I was in a gang bang." Before her eyes could let loose with a flood of tears, she took a tissue from the desk and wiped them away. It was like she was forcing herself to be stronger than the memory.

My mind raced. Ordinarily, I would have been so eager for the details but I knew this woman was in personal turmoil. She told me that she had partied Saturday night and when she woke up Sunday morning, she was in bed with a guy. She knew him - he was a guy she had been with before and this was not the first time she had woken up to find him in her bed without remembering the full details. That was not the shock that changed this woman's life.

After brushing her teeth, she walked to the kitchen to get a pot of coffee going and saw a guy she did not recognize passed out on the couch. He was nude. She actually laughed when she told me that she ran back to her room to grab a robe because she too was in the nude. In my mind, she had just confessed to a drunken threesome. Big deal. At the same time in my life, my wife and I were routinely having threesomes with another co-worker of mine. This was not the end of the world. I offered what I thought was a comforting, "Technically, I don't think that qualifies as a gang-bang."

Just then another co-worker poked his head in the door and said that I was needed in the office and that as the end of the conversation.

A few weeks later, my friend "L" who I have written about before, told me the rest of the story. As it turns out, there was a nude guy on her couch. But on the coffee table was her video camera. When she walked back into the room (now in her robe no doubt), she quietly picked up the camera and rewound the tape. It seems her heavy drinking caused her to black out the memory of a fun evening of fucking. Instead of two guys, there were four. Aside from the one she woke up in bed with and knew, the other three were complete strangers to her. This was no assault. The video, much of it filmed by her herself revealed that she had directed much of the action. Other times, someone else would grab the camera and record her being taken every which way from Sunday. This woman was no prude, and in fact, I think what got her attention was the fact that she got so drunk that she couldn't remember just how she got back to her apartment or how she met the other three men. According to "L", she was in constant fear that she would be in a grocery store or worse - at work, and one of these men would approach her.

Of course I was turned on by it all, but I could see how this could change someones life. "And the video tape?" I asked "L". She burned it in her fire place.

I wonder if when I passed this woman if she went back to her office and tried to recall who I was and how she knew me, or if she has simply blocked that part of her life.

The German...

I spent three months on a quick deployment to the city of Sarajevo back in the late 90's when I was still in the military. The duty was part of the Stabilization Force which consisted of a large coalition of countries. Before I got there, I assumed there would be work with folks from the other coalition countries, but it just didn't occur to me that I would be roommates with a guy from another country.

They create these dormitories of sorts made out of CONEX containers, you know, the big metal boxes that goods are shipped on from one side of the world to another. They stack them two high, build a wooded deck between two rows of them and add a cover and some stairs, and just like that, a set of dorms. Inside, they had insulated and paneled the walls, put in a few electrical outlets and a window unit air conditioner as I recall.

Anyway, at the billeting office, they handed me a key, gave me the room number and a paper with a map for the dining facility, hours of the various stores and such and sent me on my way. When I walked in the door, I could see an empty bunk to throw my stuff on and saw that the other bunk was made, but no sign of who the person living with me would be.

Once I dropped off my stuff, it was back to work to finish the 12 hour work day. When I got back to the CONEX, I put the key in the door and opened it up to find a nude German guy standing there. I was a little taken aback, not because I hadn't seen a German guy before (though admittedly, I hadn't seen a nude one), but I guess I just expected to see some BDU's with an American flag on the shoulder instead of a set of Air Force Blues with German insignia hanging on the locker.

Christian was his name, and he smiled as he slipped on a pair of pajamas. He had just come from the shower, a facility built into one of the containers at the end of the row. His English was very good (as you would expect from a guy who spoke several languages and aside from being deployed to Bosnia, had been assigned to London for the previous two years).

Christian was probably in his late twenties, single, and was very friendly, telling me the ins and outs of the camp we were billeted in. For the US military, they have General Order #1 which bars the consumption of alcohol. Christian told me that in the camp we were at, the Americans generally ignored that rule between 7PM and 10PM so they could socialize with the folks from the other countries. He also offered to take me to the German PX, a huge container that sold the necessities for the German military folks to survive in a war zone - beer and tobacco.

At this point in my life, I had experienced some MFM threesomes with my wife and I had already had my first encounter with another guy, but I had not embraced the fact that I was really Bi. The next three months would give me a nudge.

As you can imagine, working long days and then hitting the camp watering hole for a few hours in the evenings left very little time in the small containerized dorm room for anything short of sleeping. During the first week or two there, my contact with the German roommate was minimal. There were days when I was up, showered and off to catch the duty bus into work before he awoke (he worked some sort of administrative job with pretty easy hours), and then I'd be in bed asleep that night before he quietly came in.

But in the short periods (twenty minutes here, thirty minutes there) we were both awake and sitting in the dorm room together, we got to know one another, sharing stories about home, life growing up etc. Christian was an interesting guy. I'm hesitant to post details of his upbringing, but though he was in the German Air Force, he was actually an immigrant from Romania. His parents had been political activists and actually escaped prosecution by the government when they took him at a young age and sought asylum in Germany.

At the time, the big scandal in the States was Bill Clinton and the stained Blue Dress situation. Christian just laughed at how ridiculous it all was, pointing out that European men are expected to receive blow jobs from adoring fans when they are in high positions. At first, I tried to offer a point of view that while the story being sold was that this was all about sex, it was really about perjury under oath, he only seemed to be more amused.

We moved on to a topic I enjoy (having lived in Europe myself) at how much more open Europeans seem to be about sexuality. He told me about how when he was in high school, he would bring his girlfriend home and after the appropriate pleasantries with his parents, he and the girl would go to his room and engage in sex, and it never occurred to him to be embarrassed or secretive about what was going on.

Another difference between he and I was his casualness in changing into sleeping clothes. When I was getting ready for bed, I would slip out of my clothes and into gym shorts, then I could get my uniform ready for the next day, go down the hall to brush my teeth, etc. Christian would slip out of his clothes, pull off his boxers, and put on pajama pants. Once he was ready to actually get in his bunk, he would slip off the pajama pants and sleep nude.

I honestly tried to be cool about it and not gawk, but I can't tell you how many times I looked up from a book I was reading to see his semi-erect dick two feet from my face. And no, I did not mind one bit.

In the mornings, he would slip on his pajama pants to go down to the bathroom container, then back to the dorm room to get ready for work. While most of the time I was gone by the time he got up, there were a handful of occasions where he had to get up at the same time or maybe before me. The first time I saw him get out of bed and stand-up with a full hard-on I wanted so bad to ask him if he needed some help, but instead I quietly took it in and stayed in my own bunk until he slipped on his pajamas and left the room. I then promptly jacked-myself off before heading to the showers.

I don't know what it was that made me think about this guy, but looking back, I wonder if he ever had any idea how worked up I was getting each time I caught just momentary glimpses of his dick. I never got even the slightest hint that he might be open to any Bi action or how he would feel about me overtly masturbating in the room with him there. I was not about to create an international incident or give cause for the Don't Ask - Don't Tell rules to be tried. But I think if I could have inserted one single conversation into brief time together, it would have been to ask he he felt about Gays serving in the military. No telling where that may have gone.

If you have any stories of military action, I'd love to read about it.