Friday, January 20, 2017

This is More Common Than You Think...

You recall Co-worker M, I called him M for Magnum - the size of condoms he wears.  Anyway, we sat in the office and chatted for about 45 minutes the other day.  His opening statement was that he didn't require as much sex as his wife does.  In fact, he said that he'd be good with twice a month.  I went into listening mode and just let him walk it all out as I simply nodded and gave the occasional, uh huh, or yes in response.

I will readily admit that I am more sexually stimulated in a mental way versus the need for something rubbing my dick, but even I need physical sex at least once a week.  M told me how his wife comes home from work and as soon as they have finished the evening chores and gotten the kids all squared away, she is just all over his dick.  This wasn't said in a braggadocios way, but more of a complaint.  We must be in the twilight zone because my entire life, books, TV, movies and everything has told us that it is always the woman who is tired of her pervy husband pawing at her and wanting sex every night.  Yet, here we are, Co-Worker M says he is fine a few times a month, and his wife needs that big Magnum sized dick constantly.

As the conversation went on, he actually brought up the idea that he could get off watching her fuck another guy.  Now this is my type of conversation.  We've talked about it before but I can tell that on an emotional level, this isn't something he could really handle.  The reason being, he is all about fairness.  He knows of our situation with JD and while he thinks we are lucky for having found the right partner, he says the fact that I can't bring another woman home to fuck in front of my wife is unfair and in his mind unacceptable.  "Even if you don't want to, you should be able to." he demands.

We've been over this before.  I push him for the scenario he would be comfortable with in his relationship.  He told me that for a while, they talked about her bringing another female home.  he says that fueled quite a few nights of passionate sex but he says later she told him it was all just fantasy, her getting him going but not something she really wants.  But another guy, yea, she could do that.

I told M that there is a way to get the thrill of what he is looking for without the potential danger of freaking out when it really happens.  Go into a bar or club as singles.  Sit apart and watch her get hit on by guys.  get all worked up, then go home and fuck.  The beauty of this is, she can feel the energy of having some guy buy her a few drinks, have a nice flirty conversation and based on the signals she gets from M, she can go as far as she wants or cut it off as soon as she needs.  I've actually seen this scenario in action, years ago at a bar while I was out of town on business.

M really liked this idea but wasn't sure his wife would be up for it.  This is the same lady who walks in the door after work, grabs his crotch and says, "I need cock tonight."  She's up for it.

Have any of you played this game.  The husband watches from a few bar stools away while the wife flirts with some random dude?  I'd love to hear about it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gawking at Women...

A guy called into the Savage Lovecast this week and he explained to Dan that he loved his wife, had great sex, but felt extremely guilty about the fact that he constantly drooled over and fantasizes about pretty women he sees in public.  Holy hell, he was attracted to other women in spite of the fact that he was married.  What a complete scoundrel.  

Thankfully, Dan went off on him, explaining that he was a perfectly normal heterosexual male who was doing what all normal people do.  The fact that he was in a happily monogamous marriage and was committed to being faithful did not mean that his man-brain would cease to work.  

I'm so glad he took the call and reiterated this to listeners.  Just because you agree not to fuck other people, doesn't magically make you stop wanting to fuck other people.  Your sense of attraction doesn't just stop like a switch that has flipped.  

I know for me, and I know many of you readers have told me the same, that when you see an attractive woman, your mind wanders and you wonder, just what would it be like?  I mentally undress women all the time.  And, when I'm being gay, I will occasionally mentally undress certain men, but that's only when I'm completely gay. (Yes, that last comment was for the troll, but you knew that).

Back to the caller on the show.  As he was making his guilt ridden statement to Dan, I could genuinely feel for him.  Just last night my wife and I had to make a run to our local WalMart and at least two or three women caught my eye.  I go through the initial process of, Wow! Hey look at that! Is she on her way to a gym or is she just coming from there.  Oh, her hair looks cute in that ponytail.  God, that ass.  Oh, hey, is she wearing a thong?  Wouldn't that make doing yoga a bit uncomfortable?  I wonder if she is shaved bald or does she have a nice fur coat?  I don't see any tattoos, I wonder if she has a tramp-stamp?  Is that a wedding ring? Holy hell, look at the size of the rock on her engagement ring.  I wonder if she has ever cheated on her husband? I wonder if her husband has a big dick (Gay). Oh wow, I'd love to just stick my tongue in her. 

And then my wife yells from two aisles over, "Hey, what do you think about these bath towels?"

Anyway, hurrah for women in yoga pants, low hanging tops and glorious shots of side boob.  Don't take it from me, Dan Savage says it is normal for you to look at and imagine fucking those ladies.  Just don't be a creeper and gawk to the point of making them or your wife uncomfortable.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Notes: Co-Workers and Parties...

This weekend my wife and I hosted a small gathering at our house as sort of a post New Year's celebration.  We invited some of my colleagues, some of our kids friends, and a few of my wife's friends, which provided a great mix of people.  I had worried that we might find the house separated into three different groups of people all having separate parties in the same space, but as it turned out, when you add a little alcohol, people naturally mingle.

Both Co-Worker A and Co-worker H attended, along with several others from my office.  My wife suggested I invite an intern and her husband.  She had met them at our Christmas party and liked them.   The Intern is an interesting lady.  She is actually way over-qualified to be an intern, but as she tells me, this is just one way of getting a foot in the door.  She is actually a former Army combat medic with serious PTSD from trauma sustained in, well, combat.  This is pretty specific detail, so if she finds this blog, yikes!

I talked to her hubby quite a bit the other night and he told me how much she valued me as a mentor.  But he also said it took a lot of work to keep her balanced when the PTSD kicks in.  I see that at work occasionally and can be unnerving.  Though I'm attracted to her (well, of course I am), I made the mental note to avoid letting my dick get me to go anywhere.  The fact that she sees me as a mentor is red flag enough to tell me that I would be crossing even more boundaries than I normally do.  Secondly, I can just see her having a freak-out at work and me being the cause of it.  PTSD is real, and all of us need to do what we can to help those who have served work through things.  Flirting with this lady would be flirting with disaster.  No thanks.

During the course of the party and well into the drinks, the intern told me a bit about her upbringing.  Purro San Antonio.  It made me like her more.  This is a girl who would gladly attempt to drink a guy under the table.  I'd say on that evening, she lost because her husband had to tightly escort her out to the car when they left after 1 AM.  There really was nothing flirty or sexy going on, just getting to know each other a little better.

My wife used the party as her excuse to redo NYE.  She felt like she didn't get her drink on then, so being at home allowed her to open up a bit. Three bottles of wine later...

The next morning she was feeling pretty crappy.  She got a message from the Boy Toy asking if she would meet him for a drink.  She declined and told me about it.  I think she might have considered it if she hadn't felt like crap.  We'll see where this goes.

In the end, nothing exciting to report.  Nobody got nekkid and as far as I recall, nobody offered me a BJ, though Co-Worker H did tell me that we needed to resume our occasional office "chats", his code for BJs.  I just have to offset any interest I have for the female  intern and focus on what H has to offer.*

*And yes, of course, it goes without saying that makes me gay, not bi.  Of course it does.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Co-Worker Update: Morning Chatter

Co-worker A walked in the office we've been sharing for a temporary project and immediately asked if I would rub his back.  "I hate to ask you this, but I did something to my back and it is really sore."

He turned his back and pointed to a spot below the left shoulder blade.  I am not the massaging sort of guy but I'm willing to help out.  I used the palm of my hand to begin rubbing the knot and he responded with soft moans.  It felt pretty gay, even if this is just stuff you might do for any person in need.

After about thirty seconds, I asked him if he'd like a reach-around to go along with the massage.  He laughed, thanked me for my assistance and took a seat in his chair.  I then quickly asked him if he'd be willing to watch me give Co-worker C a BJ.  He said he would have to think about it.

Like a subliminal summons, C walked into the office and as soon as the door shut behind him, I reported, "Good news, A is going to watch me blow you."

They both laughed and C said, "No, someone might come in and catch us."

We talked about some work related issues then C left and we got to work.  After lunch, the three of us were in the office gossiping about a young lieutenant that works for A who, rumor has it, has an enormous dick.  His wife was the source of this claim after drunkenly telling A's fiance that his dick is so big her pussy hurts when they fuck.  Of course, now we all want to see it.

This led to a conversation about anal sex and gag reflexes and such.  It cracks me up that we just sit here and have these conversations in between doing actual work.  I guess we make a pretty good team.

Curious.  Do these conversations take place in all work places?