Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spam For a Chuckle...

I tend to weed out the spam messages I get in the comments section just to keep them at bay, but I have to post this one.  The comment from this guy was made on a post from over a month ago.  I recognized it as spam right away, but it was just do stupid, I had to share.

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I removed the links but you can find the pages if you want them.  My question is, who are the dumbass men who are so gullible as to buy these penis growth products?  The guy rubs some herbal cream on his dick and it grows from 4 inches to 9 in just two weeks.    Come on guys.  It just doesn't work like that.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The 14 Year-Old In Me...

I realize that this post will demonstrate how guys seem to fall back to adolescent past when it comes to women we find attractive.  In fact, I will no doubt come across like a 14-year-old, getting my jollies over the local news anchor.  But, I guess that's me.

For the last twenty years, the 10 PM news we watched featured this stunningly beautiful female anchor that, in spite of her beauty, was a great broadcaster.  My wife always knew I had a thing for her and would joke about how every time we got in bed, this lady was with us. 

Incidentally, a co-worker of mine knows her through her daughter and the anchor's son.  They went to high school together.  This lady at work told me both the anchor and her husband are really nice people, and from the social media I stalk follow her on, I believe it.

So the news anchor decided to retire from the news and she is spending her time creating a new career as a fitness guru.  The woman has multiple marathons under her belt, and now has added body building to her life. 

Think about this from my 14 year-old perspective.  I always imagined what it would be like to see this lady naked, and now, she is posting very exposed pics on her social media.  Obviously not nude, but close enough.

Anyway, I'm not mentioning her name and I've even blurred the face just because I'm sure the last thing she needs is some creeper like me getting his jollies over her fitness pics.  If you are from this part of Texas, you'll recognize her immediately.
Am I the only guy who drools over news people?  I have a list of them I'd love to see naked.

Friday, April 13, 2018

IGHIH: Watches Synchronized; Timing Perfect!

I don't think the timing could have worked out any more perfect.  My wife and I had talked earlier in the day and at that point, she had not heard from her boyfriend, JD.  But when I pulled onto our street and saw his truck parked there, I wasn't surprised in the least.

I walked in the door, not necessarily tip-toeing or trying to be extra quiet, but I could hear the ass-whacking going on immediately.  It is clear that JD has found his sweet spot - a smack, a paddle, a riding crop to the ass as she blows him.
 When I got to the room, I snapped a quick picture of the action from the door way.

It is a little strange how routine this has all become for the three of us.  My wife was able to see the movement in the background and realized I was there.  With her hand between JD’s legs, slapping his ass and occasionally pinching him for good measure, she motioned for me to stand back. 

If you recall during our last encounter, I found them in a similar position and she motioned for me to slap his ass.  I think he was getting close to cumming, and she wanted to let him enjoy it. 

In a few moments he was near orgasm and that’s when she gave me the signal to slap his ass.  I gave him a solid smack which led to a surprised laugh, and then she changed her position on the bed and said she wanted him inside her. 

Seeing another man fucking your wife is something that only husbands into this fetish will truly understand.  There is no fear, no jealousy from my point of view, just the image of his balls slapping on her naughty parts. 

Prior to me arriving, I learned that he had already been there for a while. These two spend some quality time talking, having a drink, chit-chatting, but it isn't like they don't message one another fairly regularly.  And again, if you asked me years ago if I would be totally cool with my wife spending time chatting with another man, I can't say I would have been jealous over the thought, but now, I see it as no less routine than any message sessions she has with her old high school friends. 

Of course, it wasn't all talk.  When this is what greets JD at the door, you can understand why things move quickly.

JD spends a lot of quality time going down on her.  And by all means, the briefcase of sex toys is a factor.  From what I learn later, prior to me arriving, my wife has experienced multiple orgasms and when I walked in with my good timing, it is JD's turn to receive his pleasure.  The ass-smacking, the blow job, and now, the pussy.

In a moment he unloads in her pussy and he pulls out to reveal his glistening cock.  So much thicker than my own.  I’m not embarrassed or feeling less of a man, just happy to see first hand the deposit that he left. 

This is not for the faint of heart.  After marveling at the load beginning to seep out of my wife’s pussy, I handed my phone to JD so he could capture the scene that followed.  I devoured his cum, first from the outer lips of her sopping wet pussy, but then the fluid that was deeper inside her. 

The taste of another man’s cum is not foreign or new to me.  I’ve grown to actually desire it.  When it is mixed with the flavor of pussy, it is that much better. There is a quality to the texture of a man’s ejaculate that often makes people squeamish.  I get that but when mixed with the post orgasmic fluids from my wife, it is all the more special. 

When I lifted up from the clean up operation, I asked JD if he was put off by watching me eat his cum.  He shrugged his shoulders. 

“It doesn’t turn me on, per se, but I’m not disgusted by watching.”   He responded.

With that, my wife turned over into her stomach and told me to feel how wet she still was. 
I entered her from behind and within two minutes or so, I had unloaded in her.  For the briefest of moments, I thought it might be a thrill to go down on her again, but that was quickly dismissed as the post orgasm feelings came on and I transferred my thoughts to the three of us cleaning ourselves. 

I casually commented to JD at how thick his cock remained even though his erection had subsided. 

“Why do you think I like him?” My wife laughed. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sexual Imprinting

I've been reaching back into the archives of some of my favorite podcasters recently, notably Chris Ryan, older episodes of Guys We Fucked, and The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.  I found several interviews with a guy I had not heard of named Conner Habib.  If you know the name, it is quite possibly due to the fact that for years, he was a gay porn actor.  Though I have still yet to see one of his performances, I'm intrigued by this guy who is a highly educated academic and super funny. 

None of that is important; I just thought I'd share.

What is important is that during one of these podcasts, and I don;t recall which one, the conversation about Bi as a sexual identity versus Bi as a fetish came up.  My ears perked, for sure. The context was along the lines of, some people being born completely straight, some people being born completely gay, well, what makes people Bi? 

Now, I know for sure there are bisexual people who can just as comfortably go from a traditional male-female relationship to a same-sex relationship and have very little difference in the "feelings".  To me, if you see a person like that, they are really bisexual in the truest sense.  But what about guys who, similar to me, who just like to suck a dick and have no interest in the man it is attached to with regards to a relationship?  No dates, no walking along the beach hand in hand.  No thanks!

So Dr. Ryan suggests (and I've heard others say this) that young men have a window of their boyhood between approximately age five and ten where they are subject to sexual imprinting.  It is during this age, again, for boys, not girls, where things they experience are likely to become a sexual factor or kink later in adulthood. 

One example of this is the boy who is playing at home and his mother's friend comes over, dressed much different than he normally sees mommy.  Perhaps she is is red heels and thigh high stockings.  This image seen by the 7 year-old good very well be imprinted in his impressionable mind, and at the age of forty, he is the most turned on by seeing his wife in her red heels and thigh highs.

If you think about it, just consider something you occasionally fetishsize, and then think back to a point in your childhood where that may have started.  In my case, I have written extensively about the hijinks the military brats in base housing and I engaged in, very often involving pulling our pants down, looking at each others naughty parts and so on. 

There was a time where I searched my mind trying to determine if I was the way I am because I had been abused as a child.  Perhaps I was, but I can't pinpoint it.  But, if I consider this idea of that vulnerable window between ages five and ten, I'd say there was plenty of things that sent me on the path of perversion as an adult.  I use perversion in a positive way, by the way.

Or this could all just be bullshit.  But perhaps it does explain why I am open to and enjoy sucking dicks yet I have no urgent need to, and years between blowjobs can go without causing problems.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Sex Injury!

Trigger alert: I'm about to post a picture of the base of my cock with a bruise on it!

Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

So the other night my wife and I are going at it when she puts on one of those cock rings with four different tiny vibrators attached to it.  I guess the snapping of the ring around the base of my penis did not goes as expected.  In all honestly, there was no pain, though I ended up removing the device after about two minutes because it wasn't doing anything for either of us.

When I got in the shower this morning, there it was, a big bruise around the base of my dick.  No pain, no nothing, just an ugly bruise.  Sorry for not completely trimming before I took the pic.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Young Couple: Backseat Fun...

I met with the young couple at our usual meeting spot, all of us knowing we had less than an hour.  Plenty of time to chit chat and look at the pictures on our phones.

As soon as I parked, they jumped from their car to the back seat of mine and we picked up the conversation as if it had left off moments earlier.  I truly enjoy this couple whether I see her tits or not.  They have such an honest and open relationship and they feed off one another in conversation though clearly, he is more talkative.

I like they way he will talk about her glowingly and she will clearly be embarrassed about the compliment.  In fact, when I’ve made a comment about her beauty or her body, she is clearly shy about it but thanks me.

As we talked about their most recent threesome and they both show pictures from their phones - think about that - they are both shoving their phones at me to show off the cock going in and out of her pussy or her sucking another mans cock - I could see the excitement in their faces that I was someone they could share with.

The wife explained that I’m the only person they can tell.  I’m happy to be that person.

As we talked, she reached for his crotch and began rubbing his dick.  Instant election for the young stud.  I asked how many times they had fucked today and they revealed only once in the morning.  It was noon, so it was still early.

I asked him to pull his shorts off and the conversation didn’t even slow down as his shorts were removed.  Her stroking produced a dollop of pre-cum that she casually took on her finger then tasted.  I had seen her do this same thing during a previous meeting with them.  She has no idea how hot that move is and I suspect, she doesn't even do it consciously. It is just something that happens, matter of fact.

He continued to talk as she began a blow job right there.  I had this perfect view from my place in the front seat, turned around to face them.  I should have pulled my camera out, but the conversation continued and was enjoyable.  As she stroked his cock and continued blowing him, he would in one moment lean back, eyes closed and be lost in the pleasure, then a second later erupt in conversation, explaining her first night out wearing the official Hotwife anklet he bought her.

Just as a side-note - any of the readers here who have followed the Hotwife lifestyle, there was an effort to create a way for people to identify married women who might be approachable by men.  Unfortunately, the Hotwife community never bothered to tell all the other wives in the world.  I'm sure more than one guy thinking he hit the jackpot has been slapped in the face by a church-going MILF wearing the ankle charm her kids bought her for mother's day.

Our conversation continues and between dick sucking and cock-stroking, the wife explains how her boyfriend fucks her differently when the two of them go at it alone versus when her husband is there watching or joining in.  We discuss this a bit and in fact, I explain that I'm sure my wife and her boyfriend play differently when I'm not around, which, is part of the turn on for the voyeur in me. He husband agrees that he is turned on by the very same thing.  The idea that his wife is being fucked really good.  Compersion.

I asked her how she felt about watching me blow her husband the last time we were together.  She lifted her mouth off his cock and shrugged her shoulders. "It certainly didn't bother me."

Of course, I was hoping for her being turned on by it.  Either way, I asked if she'd be okay with me finishing the BJ for her.  They both smiled and looked at each other for a signal of some sort, and she finally nodded yes.

In a moment, I was out of the truck and had opened the back door .  The husband had shifted his body around to where his legs were facing me and his cock and shaved balls were easily accessible. She sat on the other side with his head in her lap.  As I went down on him, it wasn't lost on me that I was tasting her spit and I liked that.  I fondled his balls and then took the crook of my index finger and began to massage his taint.  He clearly liked that move.

I had been sucking for a minute or two when the husband asked his wife to pull off her pants and sit on his face as I blew him. She barely hesitated a second before she squirmed the yoga pants off and lowered her ass and pussy onto his face.  What a fucking sight to see.  As I stood with my feet on the ground and my body leaning into the back seat of my truck, mouth enjoying this cock, I kept my eyes open to enjoy the show. 

Of course by now, the young wife has zero issues with being nude in front of me.  I’ve seen her tits and ass and that incredibly formed pussy multiple times now, yet seeing her bounce up and down on his face was a treat.  Her eyes closed, it would have been a bonus in my voyeuristic spank bank to watch her cum. 

Instead, after another minute or two the husband suggested she ride his cock until he was ready to cum, then I'd go back to blowing him.  We were all in at this point.

As she scooted her body on top of his cock facing him in the middle of my backseat, I stood up and opened my jeans to jack myself during the brief show.  The husband looked at me then made a spanking motion with his hand.  He gets off on me spanking her and I think she enjoys the swats to her fine ass cheeks. 

Borrowing a trick from my sexual habits with my wife, I began spanking her lower on her ass and simultaneously slapping her pussy and his balls.  Obviously very light swatting versus firm spanking. 

Her pussy was soaking wet and I was loving the feel, though as expected, the sensation led the husband to approach his orgasm fast.  He lifted her off his cock, then scooted back to me where I quickly went down, taking his cock as far in as I could.  My lips touched the base of his shaft, then quickly moved up and down on his dick, taking in the delicious taste of the pussy he had just been fucking.  It took all of a minute before he unloaded in my throat. 

I took in every last drop of his cum and lifted up to smile at them both.  The wife was still bottomless and I enjoyed the view of her femininity while handing her my phone so she could take a few pics of me posing with her husbands still erect cock in my mouth. 

“I can stay hard all day.” he smiled. 

Her phone buzzed and she immediately started getting dressed.  “We have to go.”

With that, we said our goodbyes and I was back on the road headed home. 

What Drives Us?

I mentioned meeting a reader and fellow admirer of the Hotwife fetish in my last post.  One of the conversation points we had was that we both tried to search our memories of youth for something that would shape our minds as adults in this direction of non-jealousy and desire to see our partners with others.  That conversation took me back to a time in my junior high years.

I must have been 14 at the time and I had a neighbor that shared a back fence with our house.  She was the same age, same grade in school and we would chit chat at the bus stop or maybe hangout in our backyards talking for hours. 

14 is a weird age for boys and girls.  I think most girls that age are far more interested in older guys. This was true with this girl.  While I was head over heels in love with her, she thought of me as a nice friend with whom she could share the details of her boy problems. 

I wanted desperately to have my first sexual experience with her, and she was content to tell me know she was wanting to have sex with an older boy who lived several house down from us. 

I think that friendship formed a small basis for my acceptance of someone I love being with someone else.  I wasn’t even jealous of this older kid, I was just happy that she remained open and honest with me. 

Of course, as an immature 14 year old, I tended to use whatever manipulative skills I had, or thought I had to play the role to my advantage. That is, I would encourage her to share with me the details of their make-out sessions with the intent of being a supportive and interested confidante.  In reality, it was twofold; I was learning to appreciate my voyeuristic interest and simultaneously hoping to further her trust and need for me as that go to friend.  In my mind, this was the way to making her see that I was better than him. 

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you it never worked out for me.  But, this desire to have a platonic (like it or not) relationship that included the sharing of secrets would stay with me through adulthood.  If I’m a creepy voyeur in my fifties, it was at least partially because of the things I did in my teens.