Monday, June 18, 2018

The Problem With The Cloud...

I've always been super cautious about the naughty pics I take.  As a general rule, as soon as I take pics, I move them to my Gmail account and delete them from my phone.  There are never any naked pics on my computer, my back-up hard drive, my iPad, or any physical hardware device that, if found in the wrong hands, could present an embarrassing situation.

The beauty of the cloud, and services like Google pics or Amazon, etc., is that you can have all your photos backed up and if the home computer shits the bed, you have access to those family pictures you cherish so much. That can be a lifesaver.

My first experience with freaking out over the mysteries of the Internet and the cloud had to do with my iPad syncing with my iPhone.  Those text messages I had deleted on my phone seemed to hang around on the iPad.  Fuck!

I figured out how to turn off all those auto-sync features, but that's not enough.  I also use Google Drive and Google Pics.  The problem is, when you delete things, it seems like they keep popping up.  Similarly, Amazon Pictures services which offers unlimited picture storage for Prime users, will categorize your pictures in multiple ways.  Faces, Places, Pets, Things, etc.  It seems they have numerous very cool algorithms for categorizing your pictures.  But it appears that each place they put your picture creates a new copy.

I spent all day (mostly) Sunday trying to upload pics and remove the ones that didn't need to be saved (blurry, stupid pics, etc.).  I ran across at least twenty pictures that I know I deleted.  This morning, I checked out the collections and sure enough, I had to deleted many of the same ones simply because Amazon had placed the picture in a different category than where I deleted it from the first time.

So, I just offer this free lesson learned.  If your phone automatically uploads pics to your cloud service, you need to be very, very sure that when you pull up the album showing faces, it isn't a picture of your face buried in your wife's pussy, even though you were 100 percent sure you deleted that one.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's Father's Day...

So happy father's day to all the dads out there.  My father has been gone for several years now and I get occasional reminders of him - especially when I shave in the morning.  I look in the mirror and I see features of his face in mine. 

Of course, the morning news shows will have father's day related stories.  More and more, we see our society changing in a way that the traditional family we were sold in the 1950's in shows like Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver, just isn't the norm we thought it was.  And I'm glad in a way.

You know I listen to a lot of Dr. Christopher Ryan.  He and his wife did the book, Sex at Dawn, which I cannot recommend enough.  One of the assertions is that the so called nuclear family was not always the norm and in fact, there are still many societies where it isn't the norm even today.  Something to consider, I suppose.

These days, we think nothing of families that are  any combination of single moms or dads, gay couples, friends with kids who live as a unit, occasionally, Poly families.  When I was in school, there were very few families that I was aware of that looked different.  But I suspect I simply wasn't aware of it.

So regardless, here we are today and if you are a single dad, a divorced dad, a mom who does duties as both mom and dad, or just a person who acts as a father figure for kids that aren't your own, Happy Father's Day!

Speaking of morning news shows,  I am in love with Jane Pauley.  I have always found her attractive.  I love her voice, her face, her body.  Even as an older gal, I still find her fascinating in personality, and beautiful in body. 

Please tell me I'm not the only middle-aged guy who finds her attractive.

Regardless of your parental status, enjoy your day.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Voyeur and/or Exhibitionist...

I'm a voyeur. You know that already if you've read this blog for a while.  Not a Peeping Tom, I mean, I won't walk my neighborhood looking for open curtains but I do tend to observe people being themselves when I can.

More than a voyeur, I'm an exhibitionist. Just like I'm not the pervert who peers into my neighbor's windows, I'm not that guy at the park in a trench coat ready to flash young mommies taking the dog for a walk.  I think I'm more of an exhibitionist in the fashion of exposing my deepest secrets to people who least expect it.  There is a thrill in coming clean.  There is a rush when the person I'm giving confession to has that look of shock on their face.  In a way, this is probably worse than just exposing my dick, especially if the person has to be around me.

I was in a wide ranging conversation with this lady at work, nothing even work related, and she mentioned a friend who was a counselor at a local university.  She mentioned how college students are just so messed up these days with family problems.  Kids who have witnessed abuse, kids who have gone hungry, kids who started sex at an earlier than acceptable age.

I asked her if taking one's confession in a role as a counselor seemed like it would be more of a burden or entertaining, you know, given that the reason the student was telling their story involved something juicy.  This co-worker of mine immediately got a shit-eating grin on her face. "Oh my God.  Some of the stories she tells me."

I've never felt bad about using my blog as my own personal exhibitionist playground.  I don't owe the reader anything and the reader doesn't owe me a thing.  We both get what we get out of it, and if we interact, that's great - thanks to those of you who e-mail and comment. If I write about my issues or sex or whatever, you are free to click on the next blog if what I write is not for you.  But in person, those confessions can't simply be unheard.  If a person is titillated, they may (and often do) ask for more.  But what happens when I confess and the person is freaked out or offended in someway, or worse, feels burdened by the knowledge that I'm a freak?

This is my dilemma.  I find myself constantly wanting to share with people in order to get that quick rush.  Yet, in light of the #MeToo movement, we can't simply ignore or pretend we don't know about bad behavior.  The me of five years ago says, people are adults, if you say words that make them feel uncomfortable, you should simply apologize and stop saying those words to them.  Now, I think we must all proactively be better at navigating people's potential for being upset. 

The problem is, some people are in fact eager to know my secrets.  I can see it in their eyes and I can see the body language when they want more. 

For now, I guess I need to stick to blogging.

Friday, June 8, 2018

My Sexy Phone...

This has been a really shitty week.  Both my wife and I picked up some sort of bug on vacation and it has been with us nonstop.  There is a constant drip - from the nose not the genitals - in case that was where you thought I was going, and when you have cold symptoms, it isn't like you just lay in bed all day.  Life and work go on. I actually gave an hour long presentation to a group of military folks the other day and had to keep a tissue at the ready to avoided dripping my runny nose on my tie.  Pretty.

Speaking of bed, we have haven't had sex in over  two weeks. This is a record for us.  Okay, I did jack off last week.  But seriously, when my wife doesn't feel the urge for sex, she has to be feeling crappy.  When my wife turns down a visit from JD, it is really bad.  

In other news, during all this crappy sickness, I switched from iPhone back to Android.  I've gone back and forth over the years and the switch is always frustrating.  Some o the features many people think of as handy on one platform, I see as dangerous.  Like the fact that everything I did on my iPhone while I was away from the house was magically appearing on my iPad sitting at home.  Convenient, and dangerous.  Anyway, I'm getting through the initial week of downloading apps and remembering why I liked the Android platform and also remembering why I switched back to iPhone last time around.  Feel free to tell me your must have apps and I'll check them out.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this is my last few posts but as the temperature goes up to fireball status in San Antonio, my afternoon walks have switched from outdoors and onto the treadmill.  When I walk outdoors, I'm all about the podcasts but indoors, I watch documentaries.  

I finished a Showtime series called DarkNet.  I highly, highly recommend it.  If you want to skip the very first episode which is totally about Internet sex, you will see that the series is very serious and well done.  I think the first episode, which I really enjoyed, may give some viewers a different idea about what the intent was.  That's just me maybe overthinking it.  Anyway, we live in an interesting world connected by the Internet, and it has changed everything.  For the good and for the bad.  This series hits each story from the good point of view and the bad.  The one on facial recognition, for example, shows what happens when bad and lazy policing relies on facial recognition to arrest a guy who is clearly lot the suspect captured on camera. 

I also just watched a documentary about a famous DJ named DJ AM. If his name doesn't ring a bell (it didn't for me), you might recall that he survived a plane crash where four people died and he and the former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker survived.  Fascinating stuff, especially when you are walking on a treadmill and your miles have been achieved but you want to keep on walking just to finish the documentary.  Just to be clear, the doc isn't about the plane crash, it is about the addiction and how far reaching it can go even after years and years of sobriety.

I know, I'm supposed to be writing about sex here, but not a lot of that is going on.  If you saw our house, you'd find bottles of DayQuil, NyQuil, open boxes of tissues, nose sprays, and cough drops in every room.  I know, not very sexy stuff.  Going into the weekend, we are committed to being over it!  Wish us both luck.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Va-cay Over - Back to the Grind...

It is always nice to get back home after a trip and even nicer to make it back in one piece.  Since my last post had a lot to do with the travel aspect, I'll mention that in spite of having to spend a few hours getting our flights changed and updated and corrected and re-routed, and adding in a hop through Atlanta that was unexpected, we actually got home a bit earlier than originally planned.  I just can't complain, aside from saying, I'm done with Expedia.  Feel free to share your favorite travel app.

We spent part of our trip at one of those water park type resorts where you really don’t have to leave for anything at all. Restaurant, bar, arcade for the kids and several amazing pool areas for kids and adults. 

Of course, my focus here is sex so I offer a few highlights. 

- I witnessed some poor teen kid have one of those awkward public erections.  That wasn’t the embarrassing thing though, I mean, it happens at that age.  What was embarrassing was that his mother came up to him and I shit you not, opened the top of his bathing suit and adjusted him so it wasn’t quite as prominent.  Uh... boundaries, mom

- I am reminded again that I enjoy natural women in bathing suits.  There were very few candidates for the Ford Modeling Agency at this place, but certainly an enjoyable number of young mommies still trying to get back to that much sought after pre-baby fitness.

- One lady in a very nicely fitting bikini was chunky in all the right places and she was very cute.

- Another lady in a bikini was a good 250lbs and then some.  It was difficult not to notice stretch marks.  My wife commented to me that this place made her feel a lot more comfortable in her own body.  Interestingly, I was standing in line to get on one of the water slides and this particular lady just chatted up a storm with me about the various slides and such.  I felt really good for her.  Zero self-image issues, just a confident, friendly and nice lady in a bikini that was too small for her boobs.

- I recall now that I love seeing the outline of a woman’s vulva in near shear bathing suit bottoms.  Camel Toes for everyone! 

- I’ve always been super self-conscious about not being seen as that creepy old guy who stares at young women.  I think I did a very good job of checking myself and avoiding any tendency to turn around and gawk at a nice ass.  Or front. 

Anyway, nice little trip and both enjoyable for spending time with my daughter and grandkids as well as seeing some nice sights.  Now that we are back at home, hoping to have some sex related things to post about. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cranky Old Man...

My wife and I are travelling again, this time to a state up in the north mid-west part of the country.  I’ve already been hassled by my co-workers for logging into my work e-mail just to stay up on things.  I know that might mayke me sound like a dedicated employee, but the reality is, I simply hate not knowing what is going on at work, and I hate even more coming back from vacation to find five hundred e-mails that need my attention.  So I spend probably an hour a day of vacation time checking in on things and responding to those flks who e-mail me, even though they seem my out of office notification.

My first day of travel started off with me coming to the conclusion that I have become a cranky old man.  No, I don’t feel old, but cranky is true.

We purchased our plane tickets six months ago through Expedia.  We felt like buying well in advance and travelling on the cheapest day of the week, Wednesday, would get us a good deal.  It did.  But when I logged in to check-in exactly 24 hours in advance of the flight, I got a note that we did not have seats assigned so I needed to get seats.  I do that deal where they show you the seats available and this was weird;  there were no seats that didn’t cost extra.  My only option unless I wanted to pay the $38 each for seats, any seats, was to wait until I got to the airport.  I don’t care about which boarding group I’m in, in fact, we are happy to be the last two to board, so checking in at the airport was fine. 

But, when we did that, the only way to get to the part where you pay to take lugguge with you, was to pay for a seat.  Why did I buy tickets six months ago if I would have to pay for an actual seat?  My wife said she wanted to be together so she just had me pay for the exit row seats and that was that.

Oh, I expected the $50 for us to take lugguge on our trip, so that was a given but then they said for $35 each, we could upgrade our boarding group to the 3rd group.  No thanks.  Long story short, I’m done with Expedia.  The good deal we got will eventually cost us over $100 more, so why not just go directly to the airline and get whatever deal we can and know we have seats?

I know that a thousand comedians and pundits have offered their views on TSA and the joke that it is, but I need to vent here for just a minute.  I’ve had that TSA Pre-Check designation for a while but just never took advanage of it becasue that would seem shitty since my wife travelling with me would have to go through the regular line.  But magically, when we got our tickets this time, the pre-check designation showed up on my wife’s ticket as well.  I have no explanation for it, we certainly didn’t pay for it or sign-up.  My only guess is that since we had renewed our passports last year, maybe that had something to do with it.  Really, no idea.

So I have always done this thing where I remove my belt, my wallet, my phone, my watch, etc and shove all that stuff in my carry-on bag.  Then I slip my shoes off, go through the X-ray penis inspection thing, then get dressed on the other side.

With TSA pre-check, there was no removing of shoes or anything.  Just stick your phone and your wallet in the cup and send it through the scanner.  They don’t even make you do the body scan, just the metal detector, unless of course you are like me and your necklace goes off and now, I have to have my penis X-rayed.

They didn’t require to remove my laptop from my bag or the iPad.  But, my bag did ping on something which caused further scrutiny.  Turns out that my belt buckle caused alarm.  If I had known I could have just left it on, it would have been fine.

I stood there looking at all the people in the non-TSA-pre-check line going through the usual humiliation of bare feet, yelling agents demanding they wait behind the line before they have thier weiners and boobs looked at.  At that momnent, it occurred to me that all the TSA agents in my line were extremely frieindly and in fact, yes sir, no sir and just plain pleasant. 

What in the fuck! They have turned TSA into a fucking business where those people willing to pay, or in our case, people who somehow end up in the pre-check program are treated better than the average travelling public.  I never really gave it a second thought when I was going through the humiliation of the non-pre-check line, since hell, we all sacrifice a little dignity for security.,  But fuck that shit.  I’m sick and tired of seeing rediculous incompetent people who have no real secuity training selecting the 96 year old woman in a wheelchair for extra special inspection simply because they want it all to appear random.  No need to actually look at people and see how they are acting to look for indicators that cause concern and inspect them.  

The fact that our government will treat citizens better or worse based upon their willingness to pay is disturbing.  Forget the requirement to pay to have access to a politician, I already know we are screwed there.  But this is supposed to be security.  

Okay, I’m over it.  Until the next time I have to fly.

I’m not even going to describe how frustared I got with my wife over an incident in the Chicago airport.  It isn;t worth it other than to say, I know I’m getting cranky.  But I do have to relay my disappointment with the airport workers at O’Hare.  We were sitting there eating and these guys responsible for keeping the garbage cans empty both rolled up on one of the cans that happen to split a walk-way.  Each of them had thier own rolling garbage can that they would empty the main cans into.  So one guy rolls up on one side, the other on the other side.  This means that these two guys have now blocked the throuroghfare through the food court area.  They stopped, began to chit chat, then pulled out their phones and showed each other little joke memes and such.  For the duration that my wife and I ate our lunch, these two guys chattted it up with no concern for the people trying to navigate around them with lugguge and trays of food.  I mean, total disregard for the customers they are serving.  I seriously thought about showing my ticket indicating I was a TSA-Pre-check person and see if that would have prompted them to clear the area, but of course, these weren’t TSA people but rather unioniezed janitors probably making $100K a year.  

Can someone tell me to just get over it all?  Why do I even care about these things?  Is this what it is to be the old man who yells at kids, “Get off my grass!”

Alright.  Back to my vacation.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

Weekend Notes and Windows...

This is probably rude of me but I took a picture of the bedroom window on neighbors house.  Notice the bottle of lotion on the window sill?  Just above the bed of the young man who lives there.  The guy is over 21 and has a girlfriend so it could be that he just likes to keep his skin smooth.

My hope for humanity is that my neighbors are sex positive people and he is not ashamed to keep jack-off lube handy. 


I’ve been having some nice conversations with fellow blogger bdenied.  If you don’t regularly look at his blog, I’d suggest you check him out.  Good fun with he and his wife.

Either way, we stumbled into a conversation about my years of seething anger resulting from issues with my wife. 

Just up front I should tell you that life is good.  I mean, my relationship with my wife is as good as it has been in years.  I attribute a lot of the good vibe to the ongoing relationship with our friend JD. 

JD visited this week and while I wasn’t home to participate, I benefit in other ways.  My wife shared pics and she shared details.  But the biggest benefit to me is the sexual satisfaction she gets from thier romps in the sack.  And that is where our conversation took the direction of discussing the below the surface anger and resentment I’ve held onto over the years. 

If you’ve followed the blog for a number of years, you probably recall the many posts I wrote about our rocky times.  I learned to simply let everything go, let her have her way at all times, and for the most part take the backseat when it came to my feelings. 

People, if you are in a relationship and you are the controlling party, always dominant in the day to day relationship (not even talking sex here, at all), then beware of the partner you are creating for yourself.  I am the result of years of a controlling wife who confidently ran the show.  It isn't that I am one of these sissified cuckolds you read about, no offense to those of you who enjoy that moniker, but I fell into this pattern of life as a way of simply going along to get along.  For you, the overbearing controller of the relationship, I promise, you will regret it.

Reading this blog, you have witnessed the joy my wife gets from me, the husband, happily opening our marriage to others. I simply no longer believe that monogamy is the norm, so she is free to enjoy her relationship with my friend, JD.  Too bad for him, his wife doesn't feel as open. Just saying. 

But as much as I am turned on by the idea of, the visual of, the mental description of a married woman fucking a man who is not her husband; I'm not sure that I would have put this situation, this incredibly satisfying situation into place had it not been for the anger and the underlying, smoldering resentment I had and I guess still have for my wife and the way she treated me over the years.

Think about that for a minute.

I could never fuck my wife again and I wouldn't care. Yet, I'm turned on by watching or knowing about our friend fucking her. I enjoy images of my wife sucking my friend's dick. I like seeing her spank him.  I love the taste of his cum on her body. That part is because I'm Bi and I enjoy the taste of cum, but you get the point.

I don't know what to tell you.  I am not the example when it comes to these sorts of relationships. I know a lot about being a Stag or a Cuckold or the husband of a Hotwife.  I can school you.  I can tell you where to learn more and I can give you advice on what not to do.  But truth is, as hot as it is (and believe me, it is very, very hot), this lifestyle is not for everyone.  And my arrangement, as much as it works, is not the perfect example.