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The Veronica Story - Epilogue


This kind of thing never happens in real life, not to me anyway.

The very first line of The Veronica Story was my only real indication that what followed was a work of fiction.  I never really wanted to confess that it wasn't real because I figured that if readers were anything like me, they would lose interest.  Within the first set of comments on the blog however, a reader mentioned that I had used this same line in a previous story, and that story was true.  Shit!

While Veronica, Jonah and Emma were characters created in my mind, a great deal of the fictional story is based on real people, places and emotions.  I've been blogging since 2007, and I think I revealed more about myself in The Veronica Story than I have the entire time I've blogged.

A reader in San Antonio e-mailed me to tell how adding actual locations really helped in his appreciation of the story.  The interesting thing to me was that, as I drove around the area where this story is primarily based, I could imagine everything unfolding.  Update: I still drive this way to work, and Veronica still crosses my mind on occasion.

There really is an "apartment compound" where, years ago I did some work for a friend to help bring several of the units up to code.  There really was an old lady who would stare out her window and scowl at me.  Some of the units were occupied by young mothers with babies, and honestly, it was a truly sad thing.  I never felt any urge to flirt with these young ladies; as bad as this sounds, I think any of the three different young girls I met would have been available if the price were right.  I have too much of a fatherly instinct to even consider it.  And this is one of the main reasons the Veronica story is purely a work of fiction.  I simply am not that guy - with a 24 year old. 

When I first contemplated writing this story, my ideal Veronica would have been at least 30 if not older but as I thought about it, none of the other elements seemed to work.  I wanted her to be married because Jonah was so important to the story, and I wanted her to have a child, but young enough to sleep in.  So in the end, I came up with an age that was old enough not to make me appear overly creepy but young enough to believe that she and Jonah would still be struggling with finances and school, etc.

To begin writing, I had to have two things.  First, I did some research on Tumblr and found several images of what Veronica would look like to me.  I won't share the image because I feel like readers make up their own minds of what she looks like.  The other thing I needed was a voice.  At first, I imagined a rough chola voice common on San Antonio's south and west sides.  But by chance, I met a new colleague at work and as soon as we were introduced, I knew she was Veronica.  The snappy "Don't be a big baby" and "No hugs for you, Mister Boner" are things that I know this women would say.    Though she is nothing like Veronica aside from being Hispanic and beautiful, this woman is a professional, has a professional husband and four kids all living in a beautiful home on San Antonio's north side.  Over the last few weeks while obsessing about this story, I found myself in conversations with this woman where I had to remind myself that she was not really Veronica.

Veronica and her mother Kathy are also based on a family I know.  My wife grew up with neighbors, a family of 4 girls, all stunningly beautiful  The oldest now is in her late 50's, the youngest in her mid-40s.  Two of these sisters danced for years because they had the bodies and the moves, and because the money helped support drug habits.  The daughter of one of these sisters started dancing at age 19 and by 21 had a huge set of fake tits installed.  I've never gone to see her perform because, frankly, I have fond memories of her as a 2 year old.  The mother of this girl is who I fashioned Kathy after.  She danced on and off well into her 30's and to be honest, I suspect she could still pull it off at 50.  The woman is just naturally beautiful and gifted with a body that remains perfect into middle age.

This story wrote itself, over and over in my head for weeks.  The issues of married men who get off on watching their wives with others is obviously a topic I am very familiar with.  What Jonah represented to me was a new generation of men with this particular kink, but are not nearly as uptight about the feelings they have about it.  They don't associate male cum with automatically making you gay.  They recognize that a wife isn't ruined just because another man has fucked her.   For men my age with this kink, those conflicts forced upon us by society in our youth create guilt and self shame in what we so very much find enjoyable.  I wanted to show that Jonah had none of that shame.  When, as a 15 year-old, he gladly went down on Tabitha after his uncle had just cum inside of her, he was well on his way to a life of sexuality without fear or guilt or labels.  I admire that about Jonah.  

Jonah also has the maturity to recognize that people can love a primary partner but have crushes on others without forcing a decision of one or the other.  For men my age who experience this urge to see their wife with another, there is this assumption that the woman will strictly engage in no-feelings, NSA sex.  When they find that the wife is reluctant to just fuck any random guy, there is a sense of frustration.  And then, when the woman does agree to sleep with a guy, the husband is jealous to learn that she may grow attached.  As sex columnist Dan Savage says, this is varsity level sex.  Of course, some wives can also engage in no-feelings sex, but it hasn't been my experience.  I liked that Jonah was not threatened by Veronica's friendship and ultimately, her feelings of love.

I made several references to songs during the story.  In fact, these were songs that came up on my playlist that happen to come up as I was thinking about the story.  I'll never be able to hear Diamonds & Pearls without thinking of Veronica.

Logistically, writing this story was a nightmare.  I write in the mornings before work, about 45 minutes at the most.  Meanwhile, my mind was working non-stop.  I lost so many conversations because I couldn't get them written down.  In fact, I could have written this story for another 20 chapters, but I had to end it to give my mind a rest.  Pressing the publish button on the final part was a huge relief, though sad for sure.  I now understand how professional writers can get in a zone and lock themselves away for 20 hours.  

The other problem with limited time to write was editing.  There are so many edits that I will now go back and make.  Now I know why writers have editors.

Thanks to all of you who followed this story and those who read it this second time around.  I did have to turn on moderated comments because one reader immediately recognized the story and said, hey isn't this a work of fiction?  Sorry, Mike.   To the rest of the readers who kept the secret - much appreciated.

Finally, since I first posted this story, so many things in San Antonio have changed.  This is a growing city and while the south side of town near the base is still pretty crappy, the growth here has been remarkable in transforming many of the run down "compounds" like where Veronica and Jonah lived.  The fact remains though, poverty and drug use in these areas remain pretty common.  

Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Veronica Story: Part Ten - The Letter...


                                      ------Part Ten - The Letter ------

Following  the day trip with Jonah, I limited my visits to once or  maybe twice a week.  On two occasions, Jonah was home.  I no longer needed to bring coffee because little did I know; one of the items found in our box of garage sale leftovers was a coffee pot that worked.  This little fact caused me a lot of internal conflict.  For the amount of money I had spent on coffee at Love’s over these last six months, I could have easily bought Veronica a new coffee maker and 6 months worth of coffee.  Yet, here I was happy to sit in a small apartment, having pleasant conversations and occasionally enjoying the view of a new color of panties or the latest pictures she was now eager to share with me.

On both occasions when Jonah was present, he pushed the conversation toward an encounter.  In short, he wanted for me to strip down and get busy with Veronica, then leave so he could finish.  Both Veronica and I pushed back.  Her desire was for more of an arranged scene, particularly one that didn't involve a sleeping 2-year-old in the next room. "Maybe we could go to a bar, then James would come and be the seducer, picking me up while you watch.  Doesn't that sound exciting?" Veronica offered.

I had a much different reason for pushing back.  I cared for these two and didn't want to screw things up by, well, screwing.  That seems honorable, I suppose, but I was also a little nervous about performing well, and about how Veronica might be put off by the sight of my 50 year-old body and all the flaws that come with it.

"No matter what happens," Jonah told me more than once, "I will never be upset.  Whether I get to be present or not, you have my complete approval to do whatever Veronica wants to."

You can't look at an incredibly beautiful lady with a beautiful body who has a warm and engaging personality and not have at least some urges, and certainly, I never stopped having sexual thoughts about Veronica, but now that I knew her and Jonah and the child, it seemed like my fatherly instincts had taken over.  My inputs into the conversation involved guiding the couple toward a better life.  Don't get me wrong, kudos to Jonah.  The young man was going to school full time and doing well, while maintaining a job that was well above minimum wage.

Veronica was a stay at home mom, caring for her daughter and preparing her for early success in education in a near home-school situation without the need to spend the family income on daycare.  But I talked to her about the idea of Section 8 housing.  A program where they offer qualified low-income families with subsidized rent in better neighborhoods.  I simply did not understand why, given the opportunity, Jonah and Veronica stayed in this apartment compound, as I always referred to it, when potentially, they could move to the north side of San Antonio and live in a newer, nicer home in a neighborhood full of successful people.

"We'll be fine." Veronica continually assured me.  "This place isn't as bad as you make it out to be, and honestly, I like the neighbors."  We both laughed, thinking of Mrs Kravitz.

I received a call from Veronica on a Tuesday afternoon.  My last visit had been the previous Thursday and she asked if I would please stop by the next morning.  She missed me and wanted to make me breakfast.  How could I refuse?

I showed up just at seven AM on Wednesday and as usual, Veronica greeted me at the door.  She had on Jonah's Texas A&M shirt and white cotton panties with little blue and yellow polka-dots.  When we walked in I followed her to the kitchen and she served me a cup of coffee.  When she leaned into the refrigerator for some half & half, I stared like a pervert at her ass.  "You know, those panties don't even match that shirt." I said.

She spun around handing me the creamer and said, "Don't worry, they won't be on long."

She then walked to the table with our plates.  Breakfast was toast with melted longhorn cheese, or as we call it in San Antonio, Government cheese.

I fixed my coffee and joined her.  "How's Jonah doing?" I asked politely.

"He wonders if your dick is bigger than his."  I nearly choked on my cheese toast.  She told me that Jonah had talked about showing me his dick but that I never reciprocated that day down by the Medina River.

"I thought he would be freaked out if I did." I defended my inaction.  "When I loosened my tie, he thought I was making some sort of gay come on to him."

Veronica laughed.  As we finished our toast, she wouldn't let the subject move elsewhere. "So, would you say you are 8 inches, 9?" 

"Do you know how big a 9 inch dick would be? I mean, I think that only happens in movies and on the Internet." 

"Well, you are a big guy, I just assumed you had a big one.  Finish your toast.  I need to see your dick and I'm taking a picture of it for Jonah." 

"Look," I said, "I'm not embarrassed to show off.  I'll dance naked if that's what you want but I just need to tell you, my dick is maybe average at best." 

I was suddenly doing everything in my mind to force an erection on myself.  Not unlike cold mornings or standing at a urinal, my dick was experiencing a serious case of shrinky-dink.  There is a phrase, he's a grower, not a show'er. Well, that's me.  

Veronica took a last sip of her coffee then stood up and once again grabbed me by the tie.  I stood and followed her to the couch where she promptly began unbuckling my belt.

"Are we really doing this?  I mean, can I just whip it out and you can take your little picture and have a laugh with Jonah?"

"Quit being a big baby and undo your slacks.  You can't sit down until your trousers are around your ankles."  

I dropped my pants and quickly sat down on the couch.

"That means your chonies, too, mister."  She demanded.

By this time, thankfully I was showing signs of arousal.  I scooted my underwear down to my slacks gathered at the ankles.   My still soft but at least growing penis was laid out before Veronica for the first time with my balls on full display.  I was embarrassed by a skin tag that had grown between my thighs and I was going to do everything possible to avoid sharing that little punishment from God.

Veronica knelt down in front of me and without hesitation began to inspect my balls.  "Your balls are way bigger than Jonah's.  Doesn't your wife make you trim up down here more often?"

"Oh my god.  You're killin' me." I whispered.  "Please don't make any pronouncements on the penis comparison until I get a boner.  I want this to be a fair showing."

Without hesitation or discussion, Veronica took my semi-erect dick into her mouth and suddenly, I was the benefactor of all the training she and Stephanie had gone through.  In fifteen seconds, I was completely hard and I wanted to be nowhere else on earth.  Veronica stopped, looked up at me and smiled.  "Don't you move!"

She went back to the table and grabbed her cell phone, took two or three pictures of my dick and then took several more of her face posing next to my cock, including, two or three with it in various positions in her mouth.  "I think that will make Jonah happy." Then she got up and said, "See, that wasn't so hard."

As Veronica walked back to the table to put the cell phone down I quietly whisper-yelled, "Hey!  Are you serious?"

She walked back grinning and as she dropped back to her knees she said, "I was just fucking with you."

For the next three or four minutes, maybe more, Veronica gave me an incredible blow-job, forcing her hand between my thighs and the dreaded skin tag so she could fondle my balls, play with my taint, and even probe my ass with her finger.  Aside from occasional moaning she whispered a few things that I couldn't make out.

At some point she pulled on my legs, pushing and prodding me to lay on the couch.  I felt really awkward laying there with my pants around my ankles, shoes on and a shirt and tie.  But I sure as hell had no intention of stopping to get undressed.  My mind was lost in the moment and as Veronica could feel me making obvious signs of climax, she pulled off.  I laid there with my eyes shut and didn't realize she had stripped completely, tossing her shirt and panties on the ground next to the couch.  Veronica climbed on top of me and  lowered her soaked pussy onto my throbbing, ready to explode dick.

There is that feeling of the very first time you enter a new lover.  You know immediately, I think, that this is right or not.  And Veronica felt so silky smooth and wonderful.  I opened my eyes and she was smiling at me.  We kissed passionately until she broke away and said, "Play with these." looking down at her incredible tits.

I did very little work; Veronica was on a mission.  In less than five more minutes I whispered that I was about to cum and she simply responded, "Yes."

When I unloaded inside she kissed me again passionately, then eased herself up off of me.  She reached down to the ground and grabbed her shirt and panties. "Here." she said, handing me the blue and yellow polka-dot bikini, "Use this.  I think Jonah will enjoy it later."

I inspected the panties then took a long inhale and said, "I’ll enjoy them now." with a chuckle before using them to wipe myself of our combined juices.

Veronica walked nude to the bathroom and as I swung myself up from the couch to get dressed, I admired that beautiful ass.

When she returned, dressed in shorts and the same shirt, she pushed me toward the door. "You are late, mister.  What are they going to think of you at work just rolling in all willy nilly."  She laughed.

I stood blocking the door. "I don’t want to leave.  Can I stay here with you and Emma today? I can read to her and take you shopping if you want."

"You are a good man, James.  Your wife snagged a winner.  I feel like I won the lottery the day you came into our lives."

I opened the door and look toward the window of Mrs. Kravitz.  She stared with a scowl on her face, not moving one bit as I looked at her and smiled.  "I guess I gotta go." I said.

Veronica reached up and grabbed my face, kissing me and then hugging me firmly.  Tears welled up in her eyes and she wiped them away saying, "I love you, James.  You know that I will always have a special place in my heart for you."


Veronica sniffed and wiped more tears from her face.  "Yes, silly, we’re good. It’s all good."

I kissed her on the forehead and said, "Kiss the baby for me."

An hour later my co-worker was in my office with the door shut asking me why I was late and why I looked like I just had sex.  "I need details, you sick bastard." he demanded.

"I don’t look like I just had sex.  I look like I just spent fifteen minutes locked in the men’s room washing my dick and balls and ass." I said.

"Oh my God!" he said.  "You had sex with a man?"

"No." I said.  "I just want to make sure I’m clean before I go home."

That night, Sandra and I had a nice quiet evening involving dinner, several of the shows on our DVR list followed by twenty to thirty minutes of passionate lovemaking while the 10 PM newscast played on the TV in our room.  "Whatever has gotten into you, I like." Sandra said with a giggle.

 I was able to hold off until she rode herself to completion.  As I felt her release, I came with a sense of relief and exhaustion.  "I love it when that happens." she said, happy that we had cum together.

The following morning I called Veronica from work.  She answered the phone in what seemed like an over-cheery voice.  I didn't say anything, knowing that caller ID made it clear who I was.  She then choked a bit, obviously having been crying.  "Veronica, is everything okay?" I pleaded.

"James, you are such a good friend to me." She said, continuing to sob lightly.

"Was Jonah upset about…"

"No, no! Jonah is great.  Everything is okay, I promise.  I know you are busy at work, thank you for checking up on me." Veronica cut the conversation short.

"Okay." I said.  "If you are good, then I’m good."

"James.  Goodbye, James.  I love you." She hung up.

I only realized on Monday just how much lack of intuition I have, and basically, what a complete idiot I am.

After spending the weekend enjoying life with my family, I had this need to see Veronica in person just to make sure that we had not made a huge mistake, going over the line with the unexpected encounter.  I pulled into the apartment compound and I immediately noticed Veronica and Jonah’s old couch standing upright next to the community dumpster.  There was no mistaking the couch.

"Holy shit!" I thought to myself.  "Was Jonah so upset that he needed to buy a new couch to eliminate the thought of Veronica and I doing the deed there?"  But when I pulled further up to Apartment 3A, it was clear, the place was empty.  No lights were on, the car was obviously gone, and the mini blinds were completely lifted open, showing the apartment to be empty.

I sat there in my truck, staring at the apartment, confused as to what was going on.

I was startled when Mrs. Kravitz knocked on my truck window.  I lowered the window and she looked at me.  She still had the same scowl but it seemed to soften a bit when she saw the distraught look on my face.  She handed me an envelope and said nothing.

The envelope had been sealed, but it was clear that Mrs. Kravitz had opened it.  There was no effort to even steam the envelope open, it was just torn into like a water bill or some magazine renewal notice.

I took it and thanked her, assuming she would walk back to her position in the window, but she stood there, apparently waiting for me to read it.  I turned the truck off, pulled my reading glasses from a case on the console and took the letter from the envelope.  It was written in beautiful cursive on a nice piece of writing paper.

My Dearest James, 
I will never be able to repay you for the random act of kindness on a stormy day that brought you into our lives.  You have provided our family with friendship and love, kindness and encouragement, and we cannot ever thank you enough for being there when we needed you.
I could not bring myself to tell you in person about what I know you will agree is positive news.  That’s what I get for being so naughty.

Two weeks ago, my grandmother contacted us and told me that my grandfather wanted us in his life.  James, he is selling us one of his houses one street over from where my grandparents live.  My grandmother and hopefully Kathy are going to help me out with Emma.  I’m going back to school as soon as I can get back into St Mary’s.
Our morning coffee has been such an important part of my life over that last six months, I don’t know how I will make it without our conversations, and other things.  We aren’t moving far, but I’m smart enough to understand that you won’t be able to stop by on your way to work.  And of course, Jonah doesn’t mind but I’m not sure how my grandfather would feel about you visiting me all the time. 

Your friends and partners in crime,
Veronica, Jonah and Emma
It was hard to avoid the tears that began to slowly stream down my face.  I placed the letter back in the envelope and turned the truck on.  Mrs. Kravitz looked at me and actually seemed to offer a sympathetic smile.  She reached out and placed her hand on my forearm.  "Ay cabrón. She is just a little girl and she is married."  

She moved her hand to mine, holding my large hand in her small palm, rubbing my wedding band with the other. "You are married.  Ay dios mio."

She smiled at me. "Supongo que su corazón tiene espacio para los dos."

She made the sign of the cross, said "Vaya con dios" and walked back to her apartment and the window she occupies.


I drove up Military to Highway 90 and headed west toward Castroville and the Medina River.  I called the office and said I wouldn't be in for the day, then stopped in a convenience store and picked up a 6-pack of Shiner Bock.  I parked in that spot under the large oak tree, loosened my tie and ran my fingers through my hair a few times.  I turned on K-BUC, a classic country station out of Devine, TX.  I cracked open a beer as an old Mickey Gilly song, True Love Ways played in the background while I contemplated my mid-life crisis.

------The End – For Now------

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Veronica Story: Part Nine - Just Us Guys...

------Part Nine - Just us Guys ------

I walked into my office and checked e-mail and phone messages, then looked at my calendar.  Aside from one message, a co-worker calling me to say she had to take her kid to a dental appointment in the morning and wouldn't be in until noon, there was nothing pressing.  I made a few calls, sent a few e-mails, talked to a few people then went upstairs and talked to my co-worker to tell him I was playing hooky for a few hours.  If anything important came up, he should call me on my cell phone.

I rarely take time off, never call in sick, and stay at work long after most of my co-workers leave for the day.  Even on the mornings that I would visit Veronica, I was still in the office before most of the others.  In short, skipping out for a few hours was nothing for me to feel guilty about.

When I got back to the apartment compound, I found Mrs. Kravitz at her post, looking at me, looking at her.  I smiled with no response from her.  Jonah walked out the front door to come to the truck and Veronica, holding Emma waved good bye.

Jonah was wearing jeans with well worn boots and a Texas A&M t-shirt.  He smelled freshly showered and I recognized the Axe body wash my son uses.  He seemed enthusiastic about our little adventure and asked where we were off to.  I drove out of the compound up to Military then headed west toward Highway 90.  I told him I wanted to go someplace we could talk and get to know each other a little better.   We stopped in at a Barbecue place and got some ice teas for our trip.  We had a little chit chat and small talk as I drove.

 I had the idea of going to an old fishing hole I took my kids when they were younger, and before long, we were on Highway 90 headed west toward the town of Castroville.  I had the radio playing fairly low so we could talk but I asked Jonah what stations he listened to.  What really surprised me about both Veronica and Jonah was the fact that they seemed so mature.  Granted, at 25, I felt mature too, but in retrospect, I was just a little kid.  Jonah shared a wide interest in musical tastes like me, saying, "Anything but hip hop."

He started punching the pre-sets to get an idea about the stations I listen to and with each new station, he would say, "That’s cool" or "I can get into that."

He hit the last button, a station called Tejano 107.5, and Jimmy Gonzales and Grupo Mazz were belting out one of their hits.

                                           Pero tengo que aceptar
Nada gano con llorar
Como pudo esto pasar
Me pregunto

Que manera de perder
Mas y mas; me acuerdo mas
Pero nada se compara amor
Como te quiero

Once you get beyond Loop 1604 anywhere south of Highway 90 in San Antonio, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of farms and ranch land.  Texas is huge, and you can find yourself feeling the freedom of space just 15 or 20 minutes from the metropolis.  We listened to the music with very little discussion and then I turned south onto Melcher Lane, directly between two cornfields.  At the end of the road we turned east onto Gross Lane and I pulled the truck off the road into a clearing at a bridge where the Medina River crosses, maybe 40 to 50 feet at the most.  The water is low enough that you could easily walk across most the way, and maybe get wet up to your waist at the deepest.  Of course, wearing slacks and a shirt with tie, I had no intention of swimming.

I had not been to this place in years.  I had these memories of taking my kids with small fishing poles and letting them fish, with absolutely no expectation of catching anything.  We could spend an hour or two with maybe one other car passing by the whole time.  If nothing had changed, I expected Jonah and I could kick back, drink tea and get to know one another with little interruption.  And that’s what we did.

I had the windows on the truck rolled down and I pulled the keys out of the ignition so I could open the door without the irritating bing bing bing.  I began to loosen my tie and Jonah looked over at me, a bit alarmed and said, "Hey, I’m totally cool with you and your whole Bi thing, but I need you to know that I’m not that way."

I laughed out loud, "Relax.  I’m not here to convert you."  

There is an assumption that the men into “this thing” have latent homosexual feelings and they utilize their wives as a way of secretly fulfilling the need for contact with other men.  While in a way, I can see how that might be true in some men, I have known too many guys that simply had no interest whatsoever in any form of male to male contact, yet, were extremely flexible if the activity involved the wife.  I know that Veronica would have told me if Jonah was bi, or if she even suspected that he had hidden feelings about it.  The idea that he could get off on the panties with my load so elegantly painted on them, did not surprise me in the least, given what I have learned over the years.

I took my tie off and placed it on the dash then rolled up my sleeves and made myself a little more comfortable. We were parked beneath a very large oak that provided a huge canopy of shade, but without much of a breeze, it wouldn't be long before the temperature would rise and things would be uncomfortable without the benefit of air conditioning.  I repeated myself, "I’m not here to convert you, but if you feel the urge to show me your dick, I won’t complain." 

We both laughed and Jonah responded, "I think I’m good."

With that little ice breaker, our conversation flowed for more than an hour.  Jonah told me about his time in the military, his tour in the war zone, and probably a little more detail than he should have shared.  He told me about his family, growing up and in particular, the story about losing his virginity while visiting his uncle in Cotulla.  There was definitely more to the story than Veronica had told me.

It turned out that his uncle Steven was actually not much older than him.  Jonah’s dad was the oldest of the family and Steven was the youngest, just about six or seven years older than Jonah.  That year, the uncle had been seeing this younger gal.  I hesitate to use the words Statutory Rape, but given the fact that the uncle was over twenty-one and the young lady was sixteen or so (I’m not sure of the exact details here) I think it would be safe to assume.  Right or wrong, I get the feeling this type of relationship probably happens in many smaller towns in Texas, and elsewhere.  Plus, defending his uncle, Jonah said, "Look how old you are compared to Veronica."

I quickly responded, "We’re not here to talk about Veronica.  Tell me about your first time!"

Turns out Jonah got quite the education.  Steven had been with the teenage town pump on numerous occasions, as had apparently many of the boys and young men in Cotulla.  With the promise of enough Jack Daniels for everyone, the girl, Tabitha, agreed to a threesome.  The three had an ice chest of Mexican Cokes, a fifth of Jack and plastic cups with them when they headed onto the family hunting lease.  There was fairly rustic travel trailer used as a hunting camp, and the boys knew it was not being used that weekend.

When they arrived, Jonah cranked on the air conditioner, they turned on some music and the party commenced.  For Jonah, his role was mostly as observer.  He sipped his drink and watched voyeuristically as his uncle engaged the teen.  She was easily the more experienced which Jonah told me he found both exciting, but sad.  "How could this girl who was the same age as me know so much?"

When Uncle Steven finished his turn, he pulled up his pants and walked to the kitchen part of the trailer to refill his cup.  Jonah sat frozen, realizing that he was now required to take action.  He had no idea that when Tabitha suggested he go down on her, that he was being made the butt of a joke.  Jonah thought nothing of the used condition of his first sexual partner and did as instructed.  Several years before he was even aware of the term, Jonah experienced his first cream pie.

Steven came back and busted out laughing at the sight of Jonah with his face buried in used pussy. Instead of being embarrassed, Jonah happily continued, then promptly stood up, dropped his pants and proceeded to do what came natural, "for a full forty-five seconds."

He said that he and the uncle took turns twice, before they both passed out drunk.  He has no idea whatever became of Tabitha but he hoped the best for her.

Jonah described how he came to meet Veronica at the lounge and how it took him a while to convince her, not only to go out with him (that was an expensive endeavor) but how he was actually cool with the fact that she danced for other men.  This is where I felt like we were getting to the point in the conversation where I wanted to be.   I really wanted to understand this mindset that obviously, was somewhat similar to my own.

Jonah’s first encounter with a woman was certainly unconventional and it would turn out, when he was in the military he had met a guy, Tom, who was a few years older, married and apparently, a swinger.  The stories Tom would tell Jonah in private were certainly titillating.  Tom and his wife would attend swing parties, and they had even gone on a trip to Jamaica where Tom and his adventurous wife spent four days and three nights of non-stop sex with others.  The trip culminated with his wife picking up a local who spent the evening in their villa ravaging her while her husband watched and furiously masturbated.  When he described for Jonah the ensuing cream pie and his consumption thereof, Jonah casually told him that he too had experienced that, though not with a well endowed Jamaican man, but rather his uncle and a sixteen year old girl.

I was seeing that with just these limited experiences; Jonah had a completely different point of view.  I had always been guarded with the idea, the fantasy of it.  On the other hand, for Jonah, this was simply another item on the menu of sexual encounters.  Though he had no interest in sucking a dick, the idea of eating his own or someone else's cum from a vagina was neither gay, nor gross.  "Name a woman who hasn't sucked a dick after it has been inside her own pussy.  Why is it any different?" he asked.

Jonah asked me how it started for me and my wife.  When did I realize that I had this turn-on, and how did I get her to join in the fun.  

"A Polaroid camera." I said. "That was the real start for us."

"I'm not sure I understand." Jonah replied, opening the truck door on his side to get out.  "Hang on a second, I gotta pee."  

Jonah walked to the large oak near the truck and stood there without an attempt to block himself from the view of the street, though facing away from me for privacy.  I turned away from where he was peeing on the tree and focused my eyes in the rear view mirror looking back at the road.

"Hey!" he called out to me.  When I turned to look, I found Jonah was flashing his dick at me.  He laughed and said, "There's your free show." He quickly zipped up and returned to the truck.  "So what about the Polaroid camera?" 

I explained the earliest years of my marriage and how my wife found a soft spot for a co-worker of mine who, after meeting and marrying the hottest girl in his squadron suddenly found himself in a sexless marriage only a year or two into it.  I was turned on by the fact that this guy would confess the details of his private life to my wife, and more turned on when she agreed to let me show him some of the nude pictures I had taken of her using a Polaroid instant camera, the pre-cursor of sending nude digital pictures via phones.  

Though I never fully understood the depths of my personal voyeuristic interests until much later in life, the picture sharing was a first step in becoming sexually aroused by watching another man's arousal at my wife.

As we continued to talk, Jonah pulled out his phone and began messing with it.  I realized, he had  dozens and dozens of images of Veronica in various poses and stages of undress.  He handed me the phone and said, "I think I have the same turn-on."

The first time I saw both of Veronica's tits was when she briefly flashed me, now I could zoom in and learn that only one nipple had been pierced.  "Yea," Jonah chuckled, "the first one hurt so bad, she refused to get the second one done."  

There were pictures in lingerie, pictures of her totally nude, fully clothed, several close-ups of her vagina, shots of her looking up at the camera as she sucked Jonah, and one that I fell in love with immediately, just her from the chest up with her hair fully done and make-up applied, almost like one of those old Glamour Shot photos.  "Wow!  What was going on here?"  I asked.

Her friend Liz was working at Macy's for a while and one of the ladies gave them both a free make-up session as part of some event.  "We couldn't afford to buy all that make-up, and frankly, Veronica looks great without it, but yea, I love that picture too."

I didn't want to appear overly creepy staring at the pictures, but it was obvious that Jonah enjoyed watching me look at them.  "I've shown a few other guys before," he said.  "But Veronica has never felt the urge to do anything with any of them."   

"Do you really think she has an urge to do something with me?"  I asked.

"It's kinda weird, but she knows I have this interest and since she genuinely likes you, I think she feels like you are a safe person for her to make both of us happy."  

"So what your saying is, Veronica is not just into older guys, this is all for you?" 

"She tells me everything.  I totally get that she loves spending time with you and loves what you talk about and have to say, but I also know that I asked her to masturbate for you and I also asked her to video tape you the other day.  And this morning when she flashed you, that was her on her own, but as soon as you left, I did give her a good fucking."

None of this came as a shock to me, though admittedly, it was a little painful to hear.  I handed Jonah the phone and said, "I love those pictures.  You realize I would never get any work done if I had them on my phone."  We both chuckled.

"Veronica would let you have them if you asked."  He told me.  "You've just never asked her."

"Are there any sort of limits?" 

Jonah sighed a little with a slight chuckle.  "I guess I've learned not to push the envelope, but I would say she is open to most things."

"What pushed the envelope?" I asked.

"When we first talked about the whole thing of me watching and she said she’d be willing to give it a try, I wanted to just jump right into it.  We were at some friend’s house; it was like a little cook out.  I suggested she seduce one of the guys, maybe a little make out session away from others but where I could watch.  She wasn't excited about that at all.  In fact, she got upset."

"Yea, I guess that does seem a little abrupt to start things off." I offered.

"I tried to get her to explain to me what the difference was between that and things she had done while dancing or when she would tend bar and put on a show for tips.  That just made it worse."

"Just digging the hole deeper, weren't you?" I laughed.

"She told me that things had to feel right.  It’s one thing to flash boobs at a concert, it’s another thing to walk up to your friend’s husband and shove your tits in his face, she told me.  On the other hand, one night, she did exactly that and she was cool about it."

"Okay, now you have to tell me about that." I asked.

"Yea, so we were at this cook out, a different one, when this guy we know kept drinking beer and the more he would drink, the more obvious it was that he was staring at Veronica’s boobs.  I mean, they are nice, but they aren't like these huge melons." Jonah laughed.  

"Anyway, Veronica went to the guys wife and said, I hope you don’t mind, but I just need to do this.  The wife was in on the whole thing, and as it turned out, all the wives were in on it.  Long story short, my buddy Mike got caught staring and Veronica says “Are you sure you can see?” And she lifts up her shirt and sticks her tits right in Mike’s face.  The first thing that happens is, Mike trips over a lawn chair and falls backwards on his ass, then his wife who, like I say is in on the whole thing comes over and starts giving him a huge rash of shit about being a pervert and all that.  Everyone just busted out laughing and Veronica just gave me a wink knowing I was cool with it all."

"Yea, she’s a good sport."  We both continued to chuckle over it.

"Have you ever taken any sort of daring public pictures, you know, the sneaky boob shot at McDonald’s or bent over at Home Depot?" I was obviously hoping for more detail.

"Hang on a sec."  Jonah took his phone and logged into an e-mail account then opened up a picture.  It was Veronica posing topless in front of a San Antonio Police sub-station.  "Daring enough?" Jonah asked.

"Unbelievable!" I said.  "I hope you won’t be offended, but I absolutely love your wife."

"Yea, I get that." He laughed.

There were a few more pictures of her posing in public places.  One of those ATM enclosures with the lights fully shining on her, she is facing the parking lot, and Jonah obviously took the picture from outside the little glass building.  There are several taken inside The Adult Video Megaplex where she has lifted her skirt to reveal she is not wearing panties.  One lifting the front, and two or three of her bending over.   "The manager asked us to please leave, but everybody was cool about it. They didn't make a scene and we just thanked them and left.  I mean, really, this is amateur hour when you consider the stuff she did at the bar."

I asked Jonah about the bar.  Had he ever thought it would be nice to pretend to be just a regular customer and sit through her shift as she put on the show getting tips from creepy guys like me?  He said he has, a lot.

"I know it sounds demeaning and all, but the idea of it, it just gives me such a rush.  I don’t think of her as a piece of meat.  I love her and she knows I love her, but this little thing, it’s really like some sort of drug addiction I have.  If she wasn't so cool about it all, I’m not sure what I would do."

"You’d think about it all the time and then you’d probably look at a lot of porn."  I laughed.

"Yea, well I do that anyway." He laughed with me.

As we chatted, two Medina County Sheriff cruisers sped over the bridge in front of us.  They didn't have sirens on, but they had their lights on and were going quite fast.  I looked at Jonah and said, "I think we ought to take this as a sign.  Plus, there is something I want to show you."  

I started the truck and we headed back up to Highway 90 and back into San Antonio.  The conversation continued as we drove with more details about how my wife and I finally had our first threesome after years of talking about it, and details of my wife being unfaithful - if that was what you call it - and how turned on I was by her sneaking around.  When we made our way back into town I took the Old Hiway 90 cut-off and drove a mile down before turning into Rodriguez Park.  At 11 in the morning, the park was fairly empty.  We parked in a parking lot near a pavilion with a sprinkling of other cars spaced out for obvious privacy.  I was eager to show Jonah one of the entertaining secrets I learned years ago about this place.

Every few minutes, a car would pull up next to one of the vehicles already parked.  Your first reaction would be that this was some sort of drug deal or maybe even a place for closeted homosexual men to engage in quick, anonymous sex.  Instead what it most certainly was, was a place for sanchas and sanchos to meet while their kids were in school.  I told Jonah, "These people are here to cheat on their spouses."

Jonah didn't find the same thrill from all this that I did, and then it became obvious to me how we were so much the same yet so different.  Here we were, two guys sitting in the same vehicle.  We've looked at pictures of his wife and told stories about our sex lives.  In Jonah's case, everything he was doing was perfectly acceptable to his wife, and there was nothing about his day that he would hesitate to share with her.  I had been in the same truck, same conversations, and yet, the fact that I was here was a secret.  I could never reveal to my wife that I had even spent the morning drinking tea and driving around with Jonah, much less looked at nude images of his wife.  It isn't that my wife is a prude, but clearly, something went wrong in our relationship years ago that caused our communication to cease.

Jonah asked me, "Don't you think it is sad that so many people come here?"  

"I don't.  That's my problem." I said, "I am totally turned on by everyone of these couples.  I want to know the details, I want to understand what went wrong in their marriage and how they ended up meeting someone in a park just to talk, maybe make-out a little.  I mean, look around.  None of these people are fucking; they're just spending time together like Veronica and I do.  We just do it over coffee in your apartment." 

Two more cars slowly pulled in a respectable distance from the truck.  We casually watched a woman in her late 40's, very pretty with nicely frosted hair wearing Capri's and a sleeveless shirt get out of her car then climb into the passenger seat of the car that had parked next to her. The man, at least 10 years younger looked to be wearing a uniform shirt, similar to the type the utility company issues.  They embraced immediately, but settled down to talk.  

"Can you help me with something?" 

"What's to know?"  

Jonah laughed. "So if you weren't married to your wife, would you marry a man?"

"No, not at all.  It is a sex thing." 

We both laughed more.  "But with guys, I could be friends, but I don't see myself walking along the beach, holding hands and making wishes on shooting stars.  But I will suck his dick."

"I did try it once." 

"Oh, man.  You don't have to talk about it."

"It wasn't a big deal, really.  But it wasn't for me.  We were all really wasted and Tabitha dared me to do it.  She taunted me, saying, "We already know you like the taste".  Steven pulled out his dick and stuck it in mt face, and said, "Yea faggot, we already know you want it"."

"Tabitha laughed and kept telling me to suck it.  So I just did, for all of one second.  I put it in my mouth, then pushed it out and that was it.  I'm absolutely sure I'm not gay."  

"I suppose not." 

My phone rang and it was work.  I was going to have to get back in the office and Jonah needed to get home anyway.  When we pulled out of the park we drove slowly past a mini-van parked next to a pick-up truck.  Nobody was visible through the tinted windows but the van was rocking way more than a parked car should.  

"I guess some people do come here to fuck." I said, and Jonah laughed with me. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Veronica Story: Part Eight - Breakfast...

------Part Eight - Breakfast  ------

Sandra did not bring up the video of Emma again, and by the time we headed off to bed, I had decided that perhaps Veronica was just being friendly and simply did not realize how the timing of things caused me a near heart attack.  But even then, I decided that I needed to try to cool things down.  As much as I was turned on by the sexual shenanigans taking place, what I really enjoyed about Veronica was our conversations.  I felt like I needed to taper off on the visits.  And then morning came.

On the drive into work, I found myself making a stop for coffee and that all but sealed the deal that I would be stopping by to explain how both the unexpected visit and the sending of the video came across as both stalkish and inconsiderate.  I needed to make her understand the need to think these things out before just acting on what seems like an innocent thing.

When I pulled into the driveway at the apartment compound, the Honda was there.  I looked at the clock on the radio and it was already a little after seven, Jonah should have been gone by then.  I was stopped in the driveway contemplating the idea of turning around and leaving but then I noticed the light of the TV on in Veronica's apartment.  What sort of jerk would I look like if I chickened out?

I pulled forward and parked next to the Honda, then grabbed the coffees and walked to the door.  Jonah opened the door, standing there in gym shorts and a muscle shirt. I started to mumble, "I, uh, good morning, is Veronica..."

Jonah interrupted me, "Come on in, James." putting me out of my misery and embarrassment.

Veronica was standing in the kitchen frying some eggs and looked at me with a cheery smile and asked how I like mine.  This entire scene was just so unbelievably unnatural. I'm greeted by the husband who watched a video of me eating his wife just 24 hours earlier, and she is standing there in her panties asking me how I would like my eggs.  It was like I was on another planet.

"Over easy, if you don't mind." I quietly responded.

Jonah offered me a seat, my usual place at the table, and said, "I have the day off today and I don't have a class until two-thirty."

"Wow, I'm surprised you guys don't sleep in when you can." 

"Well, Veronica wanted to be up in case you came by this morning, so, here we are." Jonah said as he looked over at Veronica bringing plates to the table.

"Jonah, are you cool with all this, I mean, yesterday, the, well, you know." I tried to make sense.

"Seriously, man, we're good." He began to eat his eggs.

Veronica did not have the slightest bit of embarrassment at all about our little encounter.  "Last night, Jonah made me describe how good you were at going down on me.  I swear, he watched that video ten times if he watched it once."  She lifted her fried egg onto a piece of toast, then took a bite, looking up at Jonah with love in her eyes.

There was a video taken one night in the mid 1990's.  Our kids were spending the night with cousins and we had invited a buddy over.  Somehow, the stars aligned and we were playing a game where, Sandra sat topless on the couch, blindfolded and my buddy and I took turns fondling and kissing and licking her nipples.  She had to guess who was who.  I had pulled out our huge VHS video camera and was recording the game, handing our buddy the camera when it was my turn at my wife's still very firm and perky tits.  Eventually, the game changed rules, and I have video of my buddy going down on my wife.  She grabbed the back of his head and the idea that he would stop to let me have a turn was soon forgotten.  After several minutes, my focus is less on the back of my friend's head expertly moving to the rhythm of Sandra's gyrations, and more to the look on her face.  Her incredible tits are bouncing only slightly with the movement of her lower body.  The blindfold, no longer effective at concealing the identity of her lover is only barely hanging on covering one eye.  Sandra looks up at me and mouths, "I love you," before cumming all over my friend's face.

"Pass the salt, please." Veronica interrupts my thought.

"Jonah, what do you have going on today?" I asked, handing the salt shaker to Veronica.

"We have to do some grocery shopping and I need to get a haircut, but other than that, nothing until my class at two-thirty. Why, what do you have going besides work?" He responded.

"I think you and I need some time alone without all the women-folk.  How 'bout I pick you up in an hour or so, we can get haircuts and we'll worry about groceries later."

Jonah looked at Veronica and she gave him a shrugged shoulders response.  She then looked at me and sarcastically asked, "Why don't you ever take me out on a fun date?"

I quickly responded, "I'm going to take you and Emma on a fun date to the HEB later this afternoon.  How's that?"

We all finished our breakfast, Jonah and Veronica shared one of the coffees, and before long, Jonah was clearing the table, placing the dishes in the sink.  I liked that he didn't see this as a strictly wife duty.  Veronica and I walked to the door and I opened it.  It still cracked me up that she had no issue at all with standing in her doorway or on her porch for that matter in her panties.  As Jonah washed the plates, Veronica asked, "What do you plan on doing with my husband, and what about work?"

"I want to get to know Jonah, and B, you let me worry about work.  And 3, do you realize you nearly gave me a heart attack when you sent the video to Sandra?"

Veronica looked up at me puzzled, "Why would that give you a heart attack?"  

She genuinely had no concept of a jealous or suspicious wife. "Don't you think that, if you and I made a sex-video yesterday, then you send my wife a video, I might somehow think that you were sending my wife the video of me eating your delicious pussy?"  I couldn't even be mad now, given that Veronica clearly had meant nothing with the timing.

"James, I'd never do anything to hurt you or you wonderful wife." she said.  Jonah walked up behind her as we said our goodbyes.

"I gotta run, but I'll be back in an hour or so." I said, starting to turn away.

Veronica grabbed me by the arm and when I turned back to her, she lifted her shirt and flashed her tits at me for just a second.  Jonah laughed.  She then reached up and pulled on my neck to bring me down to her level, and with Jonah watching, kissed me on the lips.  "I'm about to get a good fucking." she laughed, and shut the door.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Veronica Story - Part Seven: On Your Knees...

------Part Seven - On Your Knees------

By late Saturday afternoon, the garage sale had run its course and the steady stream of eager pickers had dwindled down to nothing.  It was impossible for me to focus on anything but the visit that had taken place earlier.  Usually, I am the one to begin packing things into boxes for a trip to the donation center, but this time, it was my wife, Sandra who began to pack things up.

As I sat comfortably in a lawn chair, seeming to just watch my wife work, I had a million different questions going through my mind.  Had the visit been exactly as it turned out to be, just an opportunity for Veronica to push me into meeting Jonah since I had not made it happen on my own, or was there some little message behind it?  Was there some implied threat that I missed, such as, I can reach out to Sandra at any time I choose, that Veronica was trying to make?  Was she trying to expand the friendship?  Did they want my wife to be part of all this?

"Are you going to help me at all?"  Sandra interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh, are we done?" I asked, attempting to not realize the garage sale was over.

"I need most of this junk to go to Goodwill, but I'm putting everything on this table over here separately so you can take it to those people we met today." She directed.

And once again, I felt like my blood was draining out of my body.  "Which couple do you mean?" I asked pretending to be ignorant.

"You know, the couple with the cute little girl."

"Oh, John and Victoria?" I offered.

"You are an asshole!" Sandra play shouted.  "You couldn't keep your eyes off Veronica’s firm boobs and little ass, but you can’t take the time to remember her name?  What a jerk."

"Oh, yes, that couple. John and Veronica." I responded.

"The guy’s name is Jonah.  You know, one day after she squeezes out a few kids, she's going to be fat like me.    Do you need help with the little girls name?  Was it Cindy, was it Sally?  Guess, jerk."

I laughed, "Yes, that was it, Sally was the cute little girl.  And you're not fat.  You have curves in all the right places." I continued.

Sandra said,   "I told her that I would have you run some things out to them and if they didn't want anything, they could either share with their neighbors or have their own garage sale.  Do you know they live not far from the base?  She told me it wasn't necessary, but I told her you would be glad to help.  I hope you don't mind."

"And just when am I supposed to do this?"  I protested.  "I guess I could take a lunch break if it isn't far." 

"Oh don't be a baby. She gave me the address.  You can stop by on Monday." Sandra was done discussing the matter and continued to select items the young family might want or need.

The rest of the weekend went by without further discussion of the visit, which in one way convinced me that it was all perfectly innocent, at least, nothing alarming had been reveled to my wife.  I imagined Veronica walking through the house being given the grand tour by my wife.  I felt a tinge of guilt. You'd think about having this young girl I've lusted over, who I've confided in, and who's panties I had sniffed and masturbated into, being befriended by my wife. In reality, my guilt was that I seemed to have so much in material things compared to this beautiful young couple and their child.  And then, to add insult to injury, I'd be bringing the left over throw-away items I couldn't get rid of for quarters and dollars at a garage sale, to this young couple barely making ends meet.  I know it wasn't that way, but I just felt bad about it all.

On Monday morning, I grabbed coffees from Love's and headed to Veronica's apartment.  I fully expected that somehow, Jonah would be there waiting for me, but his car was gone and so was he.  My truck was loaded with items from the garage sale, but I had no intention of unloading them until later.

Veronica was waiting for me at the door.  "I'm sorry if we caught you off guard, she said with a little grin, but it was the only way we would ever get to see what you are like away from here.  I'm so used to seeing you dressed like this (slacks, shirt and tie), I almost didn't recognize you in shorts and a t-shirt."

I didn't even comprehend what she was saying.  Veronica was wearing one of my shirts. It was actually a brand new t-shirt that I had only worn once and tucked into a drawer never to make the rotation again because of the color.  Maroon.  I knew it was mine because it was a high school t-shirt I bought while visiting my home town two years ago. "Where'd you get that?" I asked, walking into the apartment and shutting the door behind me.

"Where do you think?  I bought it at the garage sale, Mr. Cranky Pants."

I set our coffees on the table and noticed that one of the chairs from the dining room table was sitting by itself in the middle of the living room.  Before I could ask, Veronica grabbed my tie and pulled me to the chair.  "What's going on now?" I asked.

"I need you to do something for me." she said.

She had me sit in the chair, and then she walked toward the bedroom.  I immediately looked at her panties, wondering if this was another situation like last time where we would both provide a souvenir for Jonah.  They weren't the same black ones, but rather a pair of silky pink bikini bottoms.  I smiled, pleased with the thought.  My mind quickly turned to the idea of a lap dance.

Veronica was going to perform a lap dance for me.  That had to be it.  She came out of the bedroom and quietly shut the door so Emma wouldn't hear.  She was carrying a pillow from the bed and suddenly I imagined that she was going to kneel before me and give me a blow job.  Oh my god! This was going to happen I had convinced myself.

Veronica set the pillow down in front of the chair and said, "I don’t know what you are thinking, but that isn't it.  I need you to shut your eyes, please."

"What?" I asked?

"Just do it you big baby." She said.

I shut my eyes and sat there.  I could hear Veronica moving, hoping that I would next feel her unbuckling my pants.  Instead, she said,  "Open your eyes."

I opened my eyes and was staring into the maroon t-shirt with my high school mascot, an eagle head similar to the Philadelphia Eagles logo.  I looked lower and for the first time, I realized the panties were on the floor and I was seeing Veronica’s most private parts.

The pubic hair was not shaved but very closely trimmed, not a five o’clock shadow, but a definite buzz cut.  I gasped with surprise and desire as I quietly inspected what I had imagined in my mind for months.  The dark brown coloring combined with black pubic hair was similar to my own wife's.  Very often in Hispanic women, if you were to only view the lower body focusing in on the vagina, you might think you are looking at a Black woman.  Veronica was not as dark, yet she obviously had the Hispanic features I loved about my own wife.  What was very much different was the outer lips.  They were much larger than my wife's, and I loved the idea of taking them, taking all of her into my mouth.  I pressed my nose to her stomach and Veronica asked me to close my eyes again.  I did as she asked and then asked her, "Are you okay with this?"

She said, "I’m about to video tape you, are you okay with that?"

I let out a quiet laugh, then inhaled her scent and whispered, "yes."

It was clear to me that Veronica had had sex.  That musk of the female combined with the obvious smell of a man’s cum.  My mind raced.  This is happening, this is really, really, actually happening was all I could think to myself.

Veronica said, "Off the chair and on your knees, please. And please keep your eyes closed.   Say whatever you want, but know that Jonah is who you are talking to. And don’t wake up Emma."

I slowly reached out to Veronica to stabilize myself then knelt on the pillow.  I reached behind her and placed both my hands on her firm, beautiful ass, and began to kiss her pubic area.  I asked her to please lift the shirt and she did.  I placed my nose in her belly button and felt a small metal naval ring and got the inkling to see if her other nipple was also pierced.  I removed my right hand from her ass and began to navigate up her shirt but she stopped me.

"No."  She said quietly but firmly.  "Taste me.  Taste Jonah and me."

My hand returned to her ass and I pulled her body into my face.  It had been months, at least four months since I had gone down on my own wife, and that was as we played in the Jacuzzi.  There was literally no other taste than the bromine solution used to keep the tub clean.  Now, my tongue was lapping at a delicious young woman and the sex created by her and her young and virile husband.

Most men would find the concept revolting. The idea of performing oral sex on a woman who has just engaged in sexual relations with another man is for the average guy, the last possible sexual act he’d want to engage in (okay, maybe just before being penetrated in the ass).  But for a small percentage of men, this is the Holy Grail.  For years, I had fantasies of going down on my wife after another guy had been there, and technically, I had done this on many occasions.  Believe me.  But in this case, unlike our own engagements, this other man had left his deposit, so to speak, and now, Veronica and Jonah were giving this gift to me, though in a way I never expected it.

Between the eager licking, tonguing, kissing and sucking, I was starting to find a spot where I could feel Veronica pushing her body into me with a determined rhythm.  I wanted badly to look up and see her face, but Veronica trusted me to keep my eyes closed, and I did.

My mustache and beard, really my whole face was soaked in my own saliva and Veronica’s juices.  In the same way that she had cum so quickly masturbating that day, in only minutes she was letting out that soft moan I was so happy to hear.  For myself, I genuinely feared that I would be forced to leave my briefs with Veronica so they could be washed and dried before I went home that evening after work.  It was more than just an erection; I felt like a 7th grader seeing cheerleaders practice the splits for the first time. I seriously thought I was about to cum, and if she as much as brushed up against my slacks, I would.

"Open your eyes."  Veronica said firmly.  I stopped my assault on her pussy and took another quick look at her beautiful, soaked and matted pubic area.  I could see she was still holding the phone, recording me.

Veronica knelt down with me on the pillow and immediately kissed me with tongue, sharing everything I had just experienced in her.  She broke the kiss entirely too quickly and said, "I love you, James."  She then looked into the camera with a smile and said, "Jonah, I love you more than life itself."

After the camera was switched off, she told me to wash up.  When I returned from the bathroom, the chair was back at the table and the pillow was sitting on the couch.  Veronica had her panties on and in fact had slipped on some shorts and some slippers.  She said we should go get the boxes from my truck.  I asked if she was kicking me out and she said, "Yes, James, I’m forcing you to go to work with an erection, once again."

We placed the boxes on the front porch then I got in my truck and started to pull out of the drive.  I saw Mrs. Kravits staring and I waved to her and smiled. No reaction.

I pulled onto the road and realized I never even finished my coffee.  I turned up the radio and  KJ97, a country station was playing a song by Sara Evans.

Lying here with you
Listening to the rain
Smiling just to see the smile upon your face
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

When I got home from work I was worried that Sandra would smell the result of me briskly washing my face at least four or five times during the course of the day.  I actually went to one of my trusted co-workers and demanded that he smell my face for any remaining evidence. He’s gay and told me that if he were to throw-up, I would know there was still a hint of pussy on my beard.  He didn't.  And when I kissed my wife, there was no reaction or slap to the face, so all was good.

We ate dinner and as we were cleaning up Sandra got an IM on her phone.  :It’s your little girlfriend, Victoria." she laughed.  My legs went wobbly.  "Oh, she sent me a video."

I walked out of the kitchen and just crumpled onto the recliner.  "Jesus," I said, "do you give out your e-mail address and phone number to every person that comes to our garage sales?" 

I was starting to panic but tried to remain as calm as possible.  I sat in the chair and could hear faint sounds coming from Sandra’s phone in the kitchen.  I was literally shaking with fear, and my stomach was doing somersaults.

"Oh, this is so precious!" my wife exclaimed.

I was physically unable to move.

"Check this out."  She came over to where I was sitting and it was a video of the kitchen table with two tall coffees still sitting there untouched.  And then there was Emma sitting with a Dr. Seuss book, one that Sandra had given her during the garage sale.  With some prompting from Veronica, Emma says, "Thank you Miss Sandra."  

Veronica says, "What about Mr. James?" 

Emma looks into the camera, "I love you, James."

"Isn't that just precious?"  Sandra started the video again and watched it a few more times before texting Veronica back to thank her for making her day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Veronica Story - Part Six: Dancing With my Wife...

------Part Six - Dancing With My Wife ------

Given the details I now understood about Jonah, and the fact that clearly, Veronica had shared with him everything she knew about me, there was no excuse for me to not meet him and at least shake hands with the guy who was allowing me to have the friendship I had with his wife.  I could have easily arrived ten minutes early, brought a third coffee from Love's and just talked to the guy, and at least, then, we would all have this shared common thing, this bond of sorts.  But, for whatever reason, I never made the effort.

On a Saturday morning, my wife Sandra and I had a garage sale at our house, twenty-five miles from the apartment compound.  I had mentioned in passing to Veronica that usually, when we were done with garage sales, I would pack up everything that had not sold and take it to Goodwill or some other donation place so we wouldn't have to hang on to everything.  I suggested that perhaps I could bring it by and let her pick through and take anything she wanted.  I had no idea that she would look on Craig’s List, find the address for our yard sale and show up with Jonah and Emma in tow
I was standing in the driveway talking with a man about an old grill I was trying to get rid of when my wife exclaimed, "Oh good, more customers!"

We had had a steady stream of people all morning, so I barely gave notice until Emma ran up to me with her arms outreached for me to pick her up.  In spite of the fact that I nearly shit my pants with fear, I instinctively asked Emma how she was and what she was doing here.

I told the man looking at the grill to think about it and walked with Emma toward Veronica and Jonah as they walked toward us.  My wife, a woman who has never met a stranger, didn't even give it a second thought that this “strange” little girl ran up to me and jumped in my arms as if she knew me.  "All the kids love him." she said in the general direction of the young couple.  "She is so precious, what’s her name?"

"This is Emma."

I said, "She is very pretty, just like her mommy."  I walked past Veronica to Jonah and handed him Emma saying, "I think this little girl belongs to you!"  Jonah took her and smiled at me, again, not in a mean spirited way, but a courteous smile of a fellow father.

Everyone was playing it cool but I could feel myself literally shaking with fear.  I had no idea if this was to be some confrontation.  Was Jonah here to out me to my wife?  It didn't seem like it, but I was still completely caught off guard by this intrusion.

Sandra's actions were not unexpected or really, much different from any of the other people who came by the house to look at our old crap.  She has a history of engaging in conversations with total strangers at the store, befriending stray husbands in the aisles at Target to show them where the cleaning products are and joking with people waiting in line for a table at restaurants.  Unlike my normally introverted personality, she is the life of the party wherever we go.  I mention this only to make the point that, in spite of how unlikely this may sound, this is not unlike my wife at all.

As Jonah and Veronica looked through our stuff, casually picking up nick-knacks, chatting with one another about mugs and small appliances on the tables set up in our driveway, Sandra moved in to offer helpful tips on the history of various things.  "My sister found that table cloth at a thrift shop in Fredericksburg but it didn't match any of her stuff.  She thought it might match my dining room but James doesn't think so.  So, you can have it for a quarter if you like it."

She continued, "So are you new to the neighborhood?  We've been here a couple of years now and love it."

"Actually," Jonah offered, "we just happened to be driving around and saw your signs.  We live in south San Antonio."

"Oh, well I’m glad you found us. I can recommend a few places in town to eat if you'd like."

At some point between a slow stream of customers, my wife had moved to other people and I walked up to Jonah and shook his hand.  I said, "Well done, sir." And chuckled, finally feeling a little less stressed.

Jonah said quietly, "I am so happy to meet you in person.  I want you to know that this is all good.  I’m okay with you and Veronica being friends.  I get it about your need to be on the DL, but your wife seems very nice to me."

"Thank you, Jonah."

"Of course." 

A customer was looking at a small boom box that was being sold for $2.00.  He asked if he could turn it on to check out the sound.  I kidded with the guy and said I would have to charge him an extra $1.00 for electricity.  He laughed and plugged the box into an extension cord that was hanging off the back of the table.  The man messed with the knobs, then tuned into KONO, a popular oldies station in San Antonio.  There was a song playing by Prince and when the man turned up the volume a little higher than expected, everyone turned and looked.
Am I the weaker man
Because I understand
That love must be the master plan (Love is the master plan)

If I gave u diamonds and pearls
Would u be a happy boy or a girl
If I could I would give u the world
But all I can do is just offer u my love

I noticed that now, my wife was carrying Emma.  Veronica, standing next to her began moving rhythmically to the tune, as if she was just following the beat, oblivious to everyone else.

D to the I to the A to the M
O to the N to the D to the pearls of love
D to the I to the A to the M (To the M)
O to the N to the D to the pearls of love

Sandra picked up the beat and the two of them bobbed heads as if they were two old friends playing records together.  The man unplugged the small boom box and said he would give me the $2.00, but wanted to know if the dancers came with it.  We all laughed together.

I was looking at Jonah but saying in general to everyone, "That’s what I’m talking about."

My wife laughed and looked at me sternly, admonishing, "Don’t even think it, mister."

Before I could come up with some witty response, Veronica looked at my wife and said, "Oh, it’s fun to let them think about it, even if we don’t always let them have it."

"I like this girl." Sandra responded, then quickly changed the subject.  "Come inside and let’s get the baby a snack."  

The next thing I know, Jonah and I are standing outside alone and Veronica is getting a tour of my house, led by Sandra.

We walked back down the driveway away from a few people still looking at the tables of junk and then I asked him if there was anything that he wanted to ask me – basically, giving me the opportunity to come clean with him if there was any reason to.  Once I realized that this little visit wasn't going to lead to gun-play, I had this intense urge to be as honest with Jonah as I had been with his wife.

"What made you stop?" He asked.  "What made you pull over and help my family out when nobody else seemed to give a shit?"

"You know this." I responded.  "It’s the military.  We take care of our own, and when I saw a lady and her baby in the rain, it just wasn't in my nature to pass them up, I guess."

"Thank you."  He said.  "And thank you for helping out that time someone screwed with Veronica's credit card."

"So let me ask you something." 

Jonah blushed a bit and swallowed.  "It's really hard to explain.  Sometimes I hate myself for even contemplating all of this, but the idea of other guys, of you, being with her just sends me over the edge.  I can't explain how I could be so turned on by it, but, ever since the first time I met Veronica, and then not long after saw another guy basically drooling over her, it was this weird turn-on that I was not only ashamed of, but couldn't seem to get enough of.   I didn't say anything to her about it at first.  I thought it was just some weird way of my mind trying to convince myself NOT to be with her."

"You don't have to explain anything.  I think I get it." 

"James, I'm not forcing her to do anything.  I will admit that when she told me the story a nice older gentleman rescuing her and Emma, I turned it into a little fantasy thing.  And even though there had been nothing remotely sexual about that day in the rain, Veronica certainly turned it into quite a story.  She kept your business card on the nightstand and I suddenly had this thought that maybe she was calling you.  When I confronted her about it, I was hoping it was true, just because we had been fucking each other's brains out with all these different scenarios involving you.  When I asked her, she told me yes, that you and her had been having phone sex.  Of course, once we fucked, she confessed that she just made it up."

We were interrupted by another middle-aged couple walking up the driveway to visit the garage sale.  "Let me know if you need anything, I'll be right here." I said to them.

"But she kept the card anyway." 

"That day she called you to go to the HEB, that was all her.  I had nothing to do with it."  Jonah said.  "And I can tell you, it wasn't an emergency.  She told me later that she just had to see you again, she needed to get the fuzzy image of you out of her system.  You were just some lucky guy who, through a random act of kindness became the focus of my wife's, and really both of our fantasies. I know it sounds ridiculous."

"Jonah, I can't have sex with her." 

"I don't know."  He responded looking back up toward the house as the ladies came walking out of the house with Emma.  "I'd like to be there when it happens." He looked back at me and smiled.

"I don't think you are hearing me, man."  I said in a near whisper, worried about my wife.  "I can't do this, especially now that her and my wife are BFF's!  The two of them are probably planning vacations together by now."  

Jonah let out a laugh and looked toward the girls.  "Wow!  It looks like you hit the jackpot."  My wife had loaded Veronica up with several bags of odds & ends from the house, not unlike what she does when our own kids come by.  There were several kids books for Emma and a few kitchen items I recognized.

"This is why we never make any money at garage sales."  I said.  "Sandra gives away the store to the first cute baby she sees."

We walked Jonah and Veronica out to their car parked on the street.  After tucking Emma in to the car seat, Veronica hugged Sandra, repeatedly thanking her for everything.  Jonah reached out and gave me a firm handshake and said it was a pleasure meeting and speaking with me.  He then hugged my wife as if they had known one another forever.  I looked at Veronica, used to the usual hug and kiss on the cheek and I quickly reached my hand out to shake hands.  She looked at me, then looked at Sandra and said, "Your husband is a very nice man."  She immediately came forward and hugged me, a little longer than complete strangers probably should.  "Thank you both for being so kind to us.  We'll never forget it."

When they pulled away, we all waved.  Sandra grabbed my hand and we walked down the driveway back to the couple picking through our junk.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Veronica Story - Part Five: He is Me...

---Part Five - He is Me ---

Over the next month I found that I was leaving my house a few minutes earlier each day that I stopped in for coffee just so I could have a few extra minutes in discussions.  I didn't want to arrive too early because I knew that Jonah didn't leave until about seven.  I was thinking, if I could get to the apartment within a few minutes of Jonah leaving, there would be more time to chat and enjoy the coffee.

One morning, I pulled in and Jonah was pulling out.  He smiled and waved at me, certainly not in a snarky way, but genuinely friendly. Obviously, he wasn't pissed off that I had cum in his wife's panties.   I thought he was running late or maybe, I needed to adjust my timing but when I mentioned this to Veronica, she laughed and told me I was a baby.  "Why are you so afraid of Jonah? She asked.  "He likes you, he isn't going bite."

"How can he like me, all we've done is pass each other in the driveway

"He likes you because I talk about you.  We talk about you.  He knows how you make my day every time we have coffee or you take Emma and me to lunch.  Why wouldn't he like you if I like you?"

I stood there somewhat puzzled.  I was invested in this private friendship; revealing, confessing, and admitting to personal private things, and I thought, acting as that sounding board for Veronica.  "Did you tell him I have done gay things?  Does he know about the panties?"

Veronica reached out and held my forearm.  "Jonah doesn't care about that."  She paused and then continued.  "Did you think that what we are having is an affair? Do you think that all this being nice and helping me and buying things for Emma ends up with you leaving your family and me leaving mine so we can be together? Have I led you on because I’m not some prude who has to wear a long skirt or stand at an arm’s length when you visit?"

"Veronica, no.  I’m not saying that.  I guess I just had this weird idea that what we talked about, at least the private stuff, stayed private."  

"James, I need you to understand that Jonah and I have an incredibly mature relationship. He doesn't get jealous or spy on me because he trusts me and we really don’t judge one another in a way that would cause us to hide things.  I mean, I have opened up to you in ways that I never had with Jonah, but once we talked, I shared my feelings and your advice and opinions with Jonah, and that’s all the more reason for him to appreciate you."  

I looked at my watch, it was only ten after seven and I had suddenly wished it was seven-thirty I needed to confront my own feelings and Veronica was the only person I felt completely honest with. But it is my nature to try to fix things and avoid confrontation.  "You're right."  I said.  "You know I love my wife and I have no intention of leaving her, no matter what I may say about her.  But Veronica, I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm pretty sure I have fallen in love with you."  

"It's not crazy."  

Suddenly I liked this Jonah guy.  "Uh, can you explain this to me?"  


I smiled but didn't say anything.

"He wanted every single detail and as I rode his dick and told him how I let you play with my nipple, he kept sniffing those panties.  I swear, it was like a new drug.  He said he could taste your cum mixed with mine.  All he could talk about was wanting you to fuck me."

"Is this for real?" 


The Rainbow Lounge is one of those hole-in-the-wall strip clubs that has been around for decades.  It is a dive, catering to military guys who can't make it any further off base than across the street and dirty old men and creeps from the run down neighborhood nearby.  I've been to a few dives in my day, but The Rainbow is really bad.  By way of example, I once went in (20 years ago) with my brother-in-law.  We had a beer and the featured dancer was a pregnant lady.  Not in a Demi Moore cover of Vanity Fair beautiful way, but in a, "the dancer happens to be pregnant but needs the money" sort of way. It was not a sexy sight.   I can't say I have been in there in years, but the place remains a punch line with the guys at work.  You know, a guy will ask, "Where can I take my wife for a really nice night out?"

Someone will say, "Take her to The Rainbow Lounge."

"After the wreck, my world just fell apart.  I felt guilty, my grandfather was pissed at me, obviously, I couldn't go back to the club. Without Stephanie, I couldn't pay the rent and the lease wasn't even in my name.  After about three weeks, shit just started to fall apart.  It seemed like the network of friends I had from St Mary's evaporated.  I had packed all my clothes into my car and basically was going to go move back in with Kathy when out of the blue, Liz showed up."  

"Did you know Liz from the club or the bar?"  

"No, I knew her in high school."

Liz had read about the car accident in the local paper.  The story was highly controversial because, aside from the fact that two people were killed, there was some question about  the EMS responsiveness.  A very intoxicated and confused Veronica was able to call 911 on her cell phone, and even able to get herself from Stephanie's totaled Mustang and into the equally damaged mini-van she had collided with.  The newspaper reported that according to 911 recordings, Veronica was attempting to revive the van's driver.  Moans could be heard on the tape, indicating that the victim was still alive.  Yet, for a number of never fully explained reasons, the EMS did not make it to the scene for over 25 minutes, in spite of the fact that there was a station less than 5 minutes away.  By then, Veronica was found passed out, suffering from multiple injuries herself, and both Stephanie and the other driver were dead.  When Liz saw Veronica's name and picture, she knew she had to reach out to her old friend.

"How does this get you to the Rainbow Lounge?"  I asked.

"I started hitting all these places looking for a new job.  The memories at the bar were just too much.  I figured I could get a gig as a bartender somewhere on this side of town.  It turned out that I was still a bit too fragile to be having job interviews.  The bars want you to be upbeat.  I was sort of out of it."

"We're you on drugs?" I asked.

"No.  Not at all.  In fact, since that night, I haven't had as much as a glass of wine.  I wasn't the one with a drinking problem, but I just lost interest in alcohol, and never did want to do drugs." Veronica assured me.

"After about two weeks, I went to my grandfather and he wouldn't even see me.  My grandmother told me he needed time.  My mom somehow got on the bandwagon as if she was some morale superior to me. Fuckin' bitch.  My sister was supportive of course, but she had to start school in Austin, so Liz basically supported me.  It turns out that she had a friend of a friend who danced at Rainbow, and they knew from the paper that I had danced before.  I know it sounds sick, but they thought I might be some sort of local celebrity, a draw to the lounge.  I had no interest in dancing anymore, but at that point, I needed a job.  I was still trying to figure out how I would pay doctor bills that I owe, so I said fuck it!"

Veronica told me that she had been there for a few weeks, making very little money in tips compared to what she was making at the old place.  She wasn't making any accusations, but it seemed like a lot of the girls made their money after they left the stage.  "Lap dances?" I asked?  

"Yea, you could say that.  And more." she said.  "I'll fuck anyone I want, but I won't do it for money."

When she wasn't working, she spent the days trying to find a new job, but she wasn't willing to take a minimum wage job when, in spite of its shortcomings, she was at least making more than that at the lounge.

"So where does Jonah come in?" I asked.

"Jonah comes in like a knight in fucking shining armor." She said with a visible weight off her shoulders.

Jonah had come in with a guy Veronica had seen before, turned out to be a friend from the dorms on base.  It was clear that the guy had brought him in to see me.  This was on a weekday night so they didn't stay really late, but every set I played, Jonah spent at least $20 or $30.  "Suffice it to say, I made more off of Jonah alone that first night than I had any other night at Rainbow.  And he kept coming in.  I don't want it to sound like he bought me, but he sure as hell got my attention."

Over the next two weeks, Jonah was able to secure Veronica's number and a date.  "I told him my whole fucked up story and he never lost interest.  James, he was just like you, he wanted to know more about me and my feelings.  He was genuinely interested in me.  God, I love this man." 

"So he wasn't looking for a piece of ass from a dancer, he was really into you?" I asked.

"That's the thing.  Jonah was not pushy about sex.  Oh, he wanted me, that was obvious, and frankly, I wanted him too.  But what I fully expected was for him to want me to stop dancing before he would officially date me.  I was prepared for that kind of discussion, but he said the idea of seeing me dance actually turned him on, even when other guys were stuffing dollars in my g-string. Weird, huh?"

Suddenly, things were falling into place.  I could see so much of Jonah's mental make-up in myself.  In my own life, there had been countless efforts by me to get my wife to participate in an amateur night situation at a strip club.  The idea of her topless on a stage with other men admiring her, fueled so many of my sexual fantasies when I was younger, and now, this guy Jonah was living the dream.

"So how long before you and Jonah are together and you leave the lounge?" I asked.

"Within a month, Jonah was getting out of the military and he had a plan to go straight into school with the GI Bill.  When he met me, the school part got pushed for a semester.  We got a trailer at Vail's down on Military a few blocks over from here.  If you think this place is bad...  Anyway, Jonah's plan was to spend as little money as possible until we knew what we were going to do.  I danced for at least another 2 weeks, and he came with me every shift.  He would sit back at a table and watch me, and he definitely got off on watching other men watch me.  He couldn't wait to get home and fuck my brains out." 

"Veronica, I know this guy - he is me." I laughed.  

"Yea, I know.  Just a younger version."  she continued to giggle.  "So after a few weeks, I called it quits and he got on at Lowe's.  before long, in spite of the fact that we were pretty religious about condoms, I was pregnant with Emma.  James, Does it seem strange to you that I could love Jonah so much, yet still have feelings for you?"  

"Well, I..."

She interrupted.  "Well it doesn't matter, I do."