Thursday, March 21, 2019

Being Better People...

I found myself engaged in conversation with a colleague in the presence of several other coworkers where the topic of a former member of our team and his lifestyle arose.   I had written about this young military officer a few years ago and how I was impressed with his and his wife embracing an open lifestyle.  Now, in this conversation, those details were coming to light.

For my own moral growth, I’ve made it my mission to avoid any situation where I’m hypocritically taking a negative view on others in order to hide my own actions.  I regret years in the military of hiding my bi side and my marital arrangements by “playing along” with the general view that gays were not supposed to be in the military, or all marriages were strictly monogamous (unless, you know, what goes TDY...).  

To be clear, I defended gay people and even openly supported political efforts to allow gays to serve, but what I never did was step up and use myself as an example of a different sexual orientation getting along fine in the military or participating in a marriage that was not strictly monogamous.  

In recent years, I’ve vowed not to giggle with the group when topics like this come up.  I’m usually that guy who is quick to defend the person or group being persecuted so to speak, and I’m proud of that shift.  

So when I could see the conversation going in the direction that it was bound to go, I started mentally wondering if this would be the day that I said “me too” without the hashtag.  

Thankfully, the guy talking was respectful in the way he was about to share the former co-worker's situation. Yes, technically gossip but it was germane to the conversation explaining what has happened in trying to stay in touch. The guy being talked about has since left the military and many of us have tried to remain in touch both professionally and socially. 

I learned a new term today.  Apparently this former colleague is in a polyamorous constellation.  I’ll Google it for clarification. 

I noticed the guy talking in this case, a very smart engineer that I have great respect for, kept looking at me for non-verbal clues as to gauge my feelings.  Meanwhile the other people in the area, all older men were making comments like you’d expect.  Mostly shock and horror over the idea of an alternative lifestyle.  But I maintained a very neutral face.  I wasn’t shocked because I already knew and I certainly wasn’t shocked by this lifestyle. What I considered was that this engineer had heard of my situation and he was perhaps looking for me to pipe in and say, me too.  

If it were he and I talking alone, I may have been more open to that but I simply acknowledged that I knew about this former colleague’s marriage arrangement and I wasn’t phased by it.  

I want to approach this thought from two directions. First, there was a recent episode of John Oliver’s show where he had the topic of Internet shaming.  His point was that if a politician or a public person is caught being hypocritical, you know, anti-gay senator hiring a gay escort, then shaming is fine.  But the Internet shaming of some random person who became part of some viral meme when the facts aren’t even accurate is just wrong.  

He gave the example of a woman who was forced to sue her nephew, and this was with the full consent of the parents and the nephew.  The mischaracterization of what happened, Worst Aunt Ever, got so bad that this lady had to actually change her identity so she could get a job interview.  

When we don’t know the full details about a person’s chosen lifestyle yet we make these casual judgments about it, it can end up being potentially devastating to that person’s reputation and livelihood.  With that in mind, I’m really working on myself and my friends not to make those blanket judgments.  

The second part is, dismissing people for a sexual choice you don’t understand or agree with.  I’m bi.  I was having a conversation with a reader here about the bias against bi people at sex clubs.  I should better state, against bi men because let’s be honest, a bi woman is acceptable universally!   

I’m fairly anonymous as a bi guy.  Those who I share with are usually well vetted and plus, I don’t really put myself in situations where sexual orientation is a factor.  But yes, even I have had some stumbling in early MFM threesomes where the other male partner didn’t want any contact, incidental or planned.  That is a very acceptable demand that needs to be stated up front.  I don’t want to suck your dick if it would gross you out.  (But I bet if you shut your eyes and let it happen, you’d be happy afterwards). Just saying. 

Either way, to tie this back around to the conversation about this former colleague and his constellation of sex partners, I want to be more proactive in standing up for people when they aren’t there to defend themselves or they are there and they need someone else to support them. 

We can all be better at this.  We just need to have the balls to do it.  

Thursday, February 28, 2019

IGHIH: Showing Off...

A couple of interesting things happened during the weekly get together with my wife and JD.  First, he arrived about twenty minutes before I did but my neighbor was also getting home from work at the same time.  This makes twice that the neighbor has seen JD show up to visit without me being home.  I realize of course that most people probably don't give it a second thought, but there is that idea in the back of my head that perhaps he wonders.

When I pulled in to the driveway, JD's truck was parked across the street so I decided to be quiet about going in the house.  I prefer the quiet entry, hoping to catch a glimpse of something new.  I guess that's the voyeur in me.

No need to be all that quiet, the music from the living room sound system was on fairly loud, I could see an empty beer bottle at the kitchen bar, and JD's suit jacket hanging from a stool.  My wife was screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear, I'm sure, through what turned out to be her second orgasm, brought on by JD's talented tongue.  When I peered in the bedroom, there he was completely nude, head between her legs.  He was fingering her with one hand while he pawed at one of her breasts.  The loud screams turned to moans then giggling.  

"That's two." she laughed. "I think there is one more in me."

I stood there for a moment and my wife looked up and saw me and smiled.  When she said hello, JD lifted his head from my wife's pussy and looked up at me and smiled, saying "You made it!"

It has been several meetings where I simply did not get home from work in time to catch the action first hand.  I immediately loosened my tie, slipped off my shoes and began to undress. The two of them continued what they were doing and while I unbuttoned my shirt, I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer.  

Back in the room, I sat on the sill of the bay window naked and casually began stroking my rock hard cock while  watching JD just go to town on her pussy.  My wife looked over at me, admiring how turned on I was.  Every minute or so, JD would lift his head, look in my direction and then go back to work.  

There was some mumbling, giggling, and playful chatter between them, and eventually instructions from my wife for JD to bite her.  On the first scream, he intensified his efforts and once again, the house was filled with the loud sounds of my wife's third orgasm.  I had to stop stroking my own cock for fear of dropping a load right there on the carpet below.

As I sat there in the nude, dick throbbing with excitement, I realized that JD truly has a gift that I just don’t give her these days.    Yet, I was so hard that later she told me she thought I was showing off.  The fact that I can get rock hard and stay that way.  

There was a moment as the two of them changed positions so my wife could reciprocate the oral pleasure that I realized I was the outsider here.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is fairly normal in these situations.  The outside lover is always going to be a special treat, otherwise, why bother.  But for me, I’ve never been that sort of cuckold who is in it for the humiliation. I’m genuinely turned on by watching other people have sex and especially watching my wife with another guy.  

In this case, it was no longer about them putting a show for me, though they certainly are both respectful of my feelings.  Now, this was the two of them having hot afternoon sex and I was simply an observer.  Funny thing is, I’m really okay with that.  It is freeing in a way that is unrelated to the sexual turn on.  It is as if I’ve said that after more than thirty years of marriage I’m just bored with our sex, but I don’t want my disinterest to stop you from having pleasure.  If only we could get JD’s wife to feel the same way.  

My wife climbed in between JD’s legs and asked him how he wanted it.  Did he want a blow job, did he want her to ride his cock, or would he like to titty fuck her?   He was excited about a nice titty fuck and I was happy to watch, erection still at full glory.  

She started off blowing him to take his cock from semi-erect to very hard in a matter of a minute or so.  Then she looked over at me and scooted her body in a way that allowed me to see his cock slide between her large breasts.  

JD was laying flat on the bed and my wife rocked her body in a motion that glided his dick between her hanging boobs while he pressed them together.  She encouraged him the entire time. 

“You love my big tits!”

“Oh yeah, baby. I love your fantastic tits!” He’d reply.  

Eventually the inevitable came and JD fired off his load, coating her breasts and chest.  In a moment he just laid back exhausted.  I watched his thick dick begin to deflate.  In my mind, I wanted to suggest I clean his dick, but we still are not at that level of openness yet.  

My wife was now beside him, on her back and I stood up and pulled her toward the end of the bed.  She looked over at JD and said, “You forgot to say it.”

“Oh, that’s right”, he giggled.  “Clean it up, bitch!”

They both laughed, as did I.  

I grabbed his cock between my thumb and index finger and quickly said, “Oh, you want me to clean you off?”

“No, no, I’m not ready fort that!”

At least it seems like a future possibility. 

I am a fan of the visual site of a load sprayed across skin.  It adds to the experience of licking globs of cum from the breast.  There is no mistake about the taboo of reclaiming your wife’s breasts by cleaning the other man’s load, and this is an act that I very much enjoy.  

But in the instance where the load has been rubbed back and forth between the tits, it turns into little pieces of drying come that looks almost like little balls of glue.  But it tastes the same.  

After cleaning her off, I pulled my wife closer and entered her still soaked pussy.  It took all of two minutes of hard fucking to unload in her.  

“Damn!” JD said, “This really turns you on.”

I lingered with my dick slowly sliding in and out and my wife just let out a sigh.  “I am soaking wet.”

Showers were taken, teeth were brushed, clothes were put on and in a few minutes were were walking JD out to his truck.  No sign of the neighbors to put out a signal that I was aware of my wife’s weekly visitor.  

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Camper...

When I was around seven or eight, probably the first or second grade, we lived in a small neighborhood on Florida.  Next door, there was this kid my age named Lee.  He may have had a smaller brother or sister, but I don't recall the details.  I just know that he father was in the military, he had a mom and this kid Lee and I would hang out fairly often.  There were other kids our age on the street, but as I recall, he and I became fast friends. 

By this age, I was already interested in exploring naughty things.  Prior to moving in this house, I had already been involved with playing doctor, the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" game, and other activities that took place behind rows of bushes in military base housing.  So it was not a shock that I would be instigating more of the same with this friend, Lee.

By now I've lost a lot of the memories of the house, that neighborhood and the year that we lived there while my dad was away in Vietnam, but this particular incident will never leave me, it seems.  Lee's dad was an outdoorsmen and had a garage full of fishing gear, a boat, and just piles of other sports stuff.  In the driveway, he had sitting on silts one of the old style campers that you could back up your pick up truck, tie down and drive away like an RV.  Of course, to me, this camper would make an ideal clubhouse.

After lengthy discussion about Lee's father not allowing him to go into the camper, somehow I convinced him to get the key so we could at least go in and check it out.  I'd never actually seen the inside of one of these campers, and I was actually curious.  Once inside, I was amazed at how much shit the father had packed in there.  Just more sports gear and camping equipment.  It was hot given there was no ventilation and it was cramped.  But we found a place to sit and we chit chatted for a bit. 

I guess we had no concept of time because in our minds, Lee's father was at work, and both our mom's were in their houses watching soap operas or doing whatever moms did in the middle of the day.  In my mind, it was the perfect opportunity to play games without anyone catching us. 

Out came the dicks.  I don't have any memory of what we did short of the usual comparisons and dares.  You know, I dare you to rub your dick on this blanket, or I dare you to touch my dick with your dick.  Beyond that, c'mon, we were in first or second grade; it is all curiosity, not sexual.

The next thing we knew, there was the sound of Lee's father pulling into the driveway.  We quickly gathered ourselves and sneakily planned to wait for him to go in the house, then we would easily slip out of the camper, lock it and Lee could slip the key back in the house when he could do so unseen.  Brilliant.

Moments later, his father comes storming out the front door, still in his military fatigues and he is in a rage.  Lee immediately crumples to the ground and cowers in fear.  I stood there somewhat surprised because I had no earthly idea what was about to transpire.

"Give me that goddamn key!" the father roared.

Lee, already in tears pulled it from his pocket and held it out.  The father swiped it from his hand and in a single move backhanded the boy across the face and head. Lee rolled over to hide his face in the grass. 

I stood there expecting to be beaten by this man next, too afraid to move and too shocked to fully appreciate his anger.

With Lee laying crying on the ground, the father kicked him with the full force of his combat boots repeatedly,  The child balled and would be moved several inches along the ground with each blow.

There was continued shouting from the father, words about not going into that camper, words about disobeying rules.  The man was truly in a rage.  It was nothing I had ever seen in my family.

I don't think this whole thing last more than a minute or so, but it seemed like a lifetime.  I felt so bad for causing this for my friend, and at the same time, I just fully expected to be next. 

Lee's mother came outside and was crying and finally, I looked over to see my own mother come out the front door of our house. 

"That is quite enough!" my mother yelled authoritatively. 

Even though my father was off in Vietnam, he outranked this man by several grades and I think that somehow gave my mom a level of control over the situation.

Lee's father stopped the assault and stood back.  My mother called me over to her, and Lee's mom went to help him get up off the ground.  The last thing I saw before going int my house was Lee's father opening the camper, presumably to inspect for anything we may have broken or taken from there.

Lee and I continued to be friends until one of us moved (I don't recall which), and we continued to play those show and tell games, but never, never in that camper again.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

IGHIH: Chocolate

It isn't even Valentines day yet but my wife and her BF, JD busted out a small jar of sex chocolate that she received from the lady at her favorite woman owned sex boutique when she bought some outfits. 

There were two weeks in a row that I wasn't able to get out of work and make the drive home soon enough to join in on the fun.  We've had this arrangement long enough now that everyone understands that sometimes I can make it, sometimes I can't.  Likewise, there are times when a scheduled visit has to be cancelled because JD has work obligations. 

In a way, I'm a lot more comfortable that they both feel comfortable to play without me.  It isn't some cuckold fetish that drives me to want to be cheated on, though I've had that fantasy in years past.  This is just more of a good feeling that everything going on is cool with all of us in whatever format the sex happens to take place.  In short, we have a good thing going here.

So back to this chocolate.  I got into my truck to start the drive home and checked my messages.  The first thing I saw was what looked like some sort of deformed dick.  It took me a few seconds to realize that JD's cock was covered in chocolate.  I chuckled to myself. 

And then we have the obligatory painted on chocolate nipples.  Can we all agree that boobs, with or without chocolate are just fun? 

I was told later that there was a lot more to the action that afternoon than just the pictures I was sent.  JD has been opening up more and more to ass play.  It is now a standard that when my wife opens up her toy box, he will expect the vibrating anal plug to be placed in him.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  Guys, if you aren't exploring your hole with your partner, at least lock yourself in a bathroom and try it for yourself.  There is nothing gay, if that is what stops you, with finding pleasure via the prostate, and the only way to get there is through your ass hole. (unless you guys have figured out some other way - then please inform me).

My wife rode my dick that evening and described how JD gave her several orgasms with his mouth, fingers and one of the vibrators she has.  She also told me how his dick was so hard while she blew him, vibrator buzzing away up his butt.
As she sucked him, he guided her into a 69 so that when he blew his load, he could spray her tits.  If only I could have made it home quick enough to clean that mess!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Childhood Daydreams, Adult Fantasies...

When I was still in elementary school, I was having these weird daydreams and fantasies where I had captured my female school teacher, female classmates, and perhaps the women in my neighborhood.  Sometimes the scene was in a cave or an old building.  In these dreams, I have the women tied up, hands behind their backs, all in their underwear and bras.  I guess at that age, I had no real concept of what they would look like in the nude, so I could only fantasize about what I was familiar with.

In these little fantasies, I never got far enough into it sexually beyond the fact that I was in control.  I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew it was something I could not get without having captured and detained them.

When I got older, these weird fantasies turned into involving only a single woman.  Instead of being bound, I had somehow hustled the woman off to a home that was isolated.  I always treated the victim (and that's clearly what a person being held against their will would be), very kindly.  I have these images of offering a bath, beautiful meals, and all the comforts they could ask for, just no access to a phone to call for help.

These daydreams always centered on me convincing the person, through kindness, they would want to stay with me, and eventually have sex.  I had these fantasy conversations where I promise I will not harm them in any way, nor will they be raped, and in return, I only ask that they not try to escape.  So benevolent of me.

Make no mistake, I've never given these daydreams any more than casual thought.  That is, I've never found myself so turned on by the idea that I would do like that one guy who fantasized about eating people did.  You know the story.  He would stalk people with no real intention of actually harming them, but he pushed his fantasy to actually do things.  That's just not me.  Don't worry, I won't be kidnapping anyone.

So, I don't know what drove these ideas in my young mind.  It never translated into any desire to visit a sex dungeon; I don't generally get off on bondage porn, nor do I desire the idea of tying up my wife or anyone else.  I can speculate that these ideas came from my desire to have a girlfriend or to have sex, but my lack of self-confidence in getting a girl.  In short, if you can't attract a girl to have sex with, why not kidnap one and just treat her nice?

The other night I was in a conversation with friends and a story came up about a weird, sort of scary thing that happened on the ranch of a colleague of mine.  In this story, the guy's deer camera picked up a couple, presumably husband and wife, walking through his property in the middle of the night.  The problem is, the location of where this happened was in a very heavily wooded part of the property that simply did not offer a logical path for how they got there and how they continued off the property.  It is hard to explain without being more specific, but suffice it to say, it was weird.

Add to that, this couple was dressed in what was clearly clothes from the mid 1940's or so.  The woman was wearing these hard shoes like your great-grandmother would have worn for Sunday-go-to-meetin'.  She is in a dress like a woman back in the day would wear, and the man is dressed right out of Central Casting for a walk down a city street in 1929.  WTF?  In the middle of a heavily wooded ranch nowhere near a road.

Of course, when my friend showed me the picture, it was creepy, but my first reaction was, these were illegals trying to stay out of sight as they travelled north.  I should mention, this ranch is down in south Texas.  Illegals is a very reasonable explanation, but it is simply incongruent with the the position on the ranch.  I'm talking acres and acres from any reasonable entry point onto the ranch, or a reasonable explanation of why they would have taken that path.  I have the benefit of having seen this place first hand; I realize my vague description doesn't offer much.

Naturally, everyone assumed these people were ghosts.  But my mind took a different tact altogether.

I hadn't had these weird fantasy dreams in years. Then, this picture of these people and the remoteness of the ranch.  Honestly, you could get lost in a place like this and never be found because, after all, this is Texas and regardless of your intentions, it just isn't a good idea to walk onto somebodies property uninvited.

There are probably many movies made over the years where a couple finds themselves in a dangerous situation.  The movie going on in my mind had this couple being discovered by a property owner with a shotgun.  What do you do?  You are out in the middle of nowhere, you know you aren't supposed to be there, and now a man is holding you at gunpoint.

I went through several scenarios in my mind, imagining how the couple find themselves invited into a farmhouse.  Perhaps a shower and an opportunity to wash their clothes is offered.  The rancher seems both scary yet helpful.  This couple is nervous, yet thankful for the rest.  The husband is intent on keeping his wife close to him. She is even more intent on staying close to him.

In a movie, I imagine that the husband might be tied up and forced to watch his wife being raped.  My mind goes somewhere else.  In my mind, the wife is forced to watch her husband receive a blow job from the man who captured them. 

But my daydream doesn't go any further, sexually.  I am wrapped up in the details of how one would use Google Translate to communicate with people while still holding a gun on them.  What happens at night when everyone needs sleep?  What happens when the rancher needs to go to the bathroom?

I guess I wouldn't make a good serial killer or master criminal.  I also wonder how often scenarios like this take place for real. 

If you have ever driven within an hour of the Texas/Mexico border, you know of these vast stretches of land.  Ranchers and Border Patrol agents find the bodies of people who just didn't make it on their journey, either because they were abandoned by someone paid to lead them, or they simply got lost, ran out of water, and ran out of luck.  But I also wonder how many of them ran into someone with a different idea.  I suspect my daydreams are tame compared to what some of these people have been through. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

IGHIH: It Never Gets Old...

I was home early from work and going over the events of the day with my wife when she got a text from JD.  Turns out he had been at a business lunch that led to drinks and he had some time in his afternoon to come by if she was so inclined.  She asked me and my response was, "Of course!"

The three of us drank a beer and had some casual chit chat but before long, the topic of a back rub came up and while I was fielding texts from a colleague, the two of them slipped off to the room to get undressed.

When I finished the conversation via text, I walked into the room to see my wife nude on her stomach with JD pouring some oil on her back and butt.  He was kneeling between her legs and beginning the process of slowly rubbing her and I simply turned the chair in our room to face the bed and took a seat.

I've seen references in TV shows and read in a few stories of these watching chairs where husbands sit quietly and observe their wives perform with other men.  Not gonna lie, I enjoy the concept.  It does matter that in our case, my wife and JD seem completely at ease in doing their own thing with an audience.  Gone are those early days of his shy penis not wanting to make a fully erect appearance, simply because of the weird idea that I was eager to watch the performance.

I was mentioning to a friend aware of our situation that I am perfectly comfortable with watching, not watching, joining in, or simply hearing the details after the fact.  This friend who has the desire to watch his wife with another but has never actually done it, tells me that he fears he would feel the need to get his turn.  I ask if he means get his turn after the other guy fucks his wife and he corrects me, saying he feels he would have to have sex with another woman as pay back for his wife having sex with another guy. 

Each time we've had this conversation - and it is a frequent topic with the two of us - this friend has to be reminded that in my view, the threesomes my wife and I have with JD are just as much an enjoyable experience for me as it is for her and for him.  So I'm not looking to keep a tally sheet to see if I was a participant in each meeting. 

There is a bigger picture here too.  Two things come to mind.  I'm no innocent husband who hasn't dabbled in my own thing from time to time over the years.  Readers here have followed my occasional BJ's at work or my meetings with others for whatever happens to happen.   The second thing is, I think more important and that is that my wife needs this relationship, and that helps me out.

You don't read some of the venting that I put out here during the earlier years of this blog.  When I started, we had not been active in our threesome adventures in some time.  My wife has always needed constant validation, and frankly, When JD is wanting to vent about his own marital situation, that is music to my wife's ears.  What happens is, JD is like what you see in movies where the wife has this non-threatening gay best friend.  And in spite of the fact that this gay best friend comes with dick pics, back rubs and occasional fucking, I don't feel threatened by him in any way whatsoever.  He is not leaving his wife, and if my wife ever leaves me, it won't be for him.

When I explain this arrangement to my friend who clearly is turned on by the sex aspect of it all, he is still stuck in the jealousy mode of needing to have it all be even.  He has said more than once, he doesn't understand why, if my wife knows I am bi, why she would not agree to let me bring some guy home to have sex, or to give me a hall pass, knowing that I'm going to go out and suck a dick.  He cringes when he mentions that because, he is definitely not on the bi spectrum. 

As I sit back in the chair, JD moves from his kneeling position and removes his underwear.  I realize that when I see his growing erection, I'm beginning to become hard myself.  I've seen this all before but it never gets old.

My wife took a lubed anal toy and easily inserted into JD's hole, then began to stroke and suck his thick cock.  I definitely never get tired of watching this.

Those two must have gone at it for twenty minutes with occasional banter between the three of us, sometimes joking and other times just the two of them getting into it.  Men into this will appreciate the sound of another man barking out, "Suck my cock, baby" or hearing your wife pant, "Come on my tits for me!"
Eventually, he did just that.  JD sprayed his load on my wife's boobs and as she laid down across the bed, I stood up and lowered my slacks.  JD moved to the other side of the bed and climbed between her legs to delight her with his tongue and fingers while I leaned over her and consumed the load he left splattered across her chest.  As I devoured his cum, nibbled on my wife's nipples and watched him work her clit, she stroked my cock and panted with anticipation.

It only took a matter of minutes before she exploded in orgasm.  My wife looked up at me and asked if I was ready for her.  I moved myself to the end of the bet and she simply got on her knees presenting her ass in my direction.  I entered her from behind and began to furiously pump while JD walked around to my side and slapped her ass playfully as I fucked her.

It wasn't long before I unloaded in her pussy.  I expected this to be the end, but to his credit, JD was hard again and he immediately entered her soaked, cum-filled pussy and fucked her for another several minutes before declaring that another load was not forthcoming.

Like I said, for me, this never gets old.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

And Then She Pegged Me...

I came home from work late and quickly invited my wife to dinner at our local place.  Afterwards I suggested the hot tub and instead of us both taking a soak, it was me spending fifteen minutes nude for the neighbors to enjoy. 

I came in with the intention of getting dressed but my wife playfully asked if I’d like to be pegged the way JD had been the other day.

My first thought was no, but the idea that my wife was asking seemed important. 

"Why?", I asked.

"Because I want to feel the power." 

Before I could answer, she was reaching for her briefcase of toys.

Good enough for me. 

Instead of getting dressed after the hot tub, I walked to the end of the bed and stood there knowing that I’d be bending over in a minute. I told my wife I needed lube for sure and with toys scattered across the bed, she raced to the bathroom to grab an industrial sized bottle of some anal lube she picked up at her women's sex store.

We've tried pegging in the past, a few times.  In most cases it was more of sexual hijinx, just playfully giving it a try.  Truth is, I've fantasized a lot about being pegged, though in my mind, it isn't my wife doing the pegging but rather some other woman.  Perhaps a wife of a friend pegging me while I blow her husband. 

This is really a tangent of sorts, but I'm almost done reading  Esther Perel's "The State of Affairs" (which I highly recommend).  She hits on several areas that help me understand my own marriage and the feelings I have sexually about my wife.  One area she covers is the fact that some couples become so much like siblings in their relationship that they can no longer imagine certain sexual things.  She does a much better job of explaining it, but what I take from it is, I find it easier to see my wife doing naughty things with another man than to do those naughty things myself.  Likewise, me opening myself up to having some other woman peg me seems less risky than having my own wife perform the act.

Anyway, that didn't stop me last night. 

She handed me one of the many vibrators that littered our bedspread and with the strap contraption firmly harnessed in place, she inserted the medium size dildo.  While I held the vibe on my dick for pleasure, she greased up the dildo and dripped some lube in my ass crack.  I whispered, "slowly" several times.
It was a reasonably slow start, but the fact is, my hole is no stranger to having things inserted.  Aside from a few hiccups, where her height (or lack of it) caused us to not line up, she was able to create a rhythm of back and forth rocking. 

Within a few minutes, we both agreed I could graduate to the next size up.  More lube, more height adjustments, more rocking back and forth.  Here's the truth though.  I just couldn't get into it.

Mentally, I'm turned on by the fact that my wife wants to do this, if only for her to feel the power of what it is like for a man to fuck someone. And I'm also turned on that JD is coming out of his shell and opening up to anal play.  But as I mentioned before, I have my own mental block to freeing my mind enough to really get into it with my wife behind the strap-on. 

Once she had her fun, she tossed the harness and took her position on the bed.  I grabbed the large size solid black dildo with the veins and head made to look like a huge cock with balls at the base.  Not for my ass, but certainly size her vagina can handle.  As I rammed that big boy in and out of her, I used another vibrator to tease and tingle her clit.  It took only minutes of this play to create several loud orgasms. 

Fun times.