Tuesday, June 23, 2020

IGHIH: And the Dry Spell is Over...

I was not scheduled to go to work on Monday, but mid morning I got a call asking me to go in for an urgent meeting.  Of course, we all take precautions - masks, social distancing, the works.  Life in the Pandemic.  And as I wrote a few weeks ago, this pandemic has caused more than just the new world of masks and telework.  We had not seen our friend, JD since February.

I pulled into our driveway to see a familiar truck parked there.  Rather going through the garage, I was hoping to go in through the back patio a catch a glimpse of them in action through the bedroom windows.  From the view I got, they were already on the bed.  I quietly walked in the back door and walked around the corner to see my wife inserting a lubed up anal vibrator into JD.  He looked up at me and seemed a bit embarrassed at first, then chuckled and asked her to continue with the delicate insertion.  I love that we are so comfortable with all this. 

I actually had to run to my home office to log back into work, and this gave them another several minutes to continue without me.  When I returned to the room, they were in a sixty-nine position with my wife on top, mouth full of JD's big, thick cock.

I casually slipped off my slacks and shirt, then took my place on the lounger facing the bed.  JD repositioned their bodies so I could have a good view of her slurping his dick.  Thoughtful.

It just so happened that my wife and I had some talkative sex the previous night.  Her admitting how much she missed JD's cock, me suggesting that she should really fuck our friend Pancho. She even said she would if I wanted her to. 

As the two of them played on the bed, I casually stroked myself, keeping things slow so as not to unload prior to the end.  I cannot describe how hot it is to watch my wife in action with another man.  This is something that, if you ever have experienced it, you get, and if you haven't even if you fantasize about it, you just won't get until you do.

They switched positions multiple times including reverse cowgirl, her bent over the bed with him pounding her from behind.  Eventually, she got off the bed, dropped to her knees and let him face fuck her.  I was positioned to where I saw the back of her head, but in the mirror, I could watch his cock slide in and out of her mouth.  She started with slapping his ass hard, which JD loves, then, he begged her to slap his balls.  Listening to these two play is so hot.

I was at the point where if I even touched my shaft I would explode.  Instead, I watched intently and used my finger to dab the precum from my head and enjoy it a few drops at a time. 

Eventually, JD was also ready to blow.  Instead of hoisting her up on the bed and fucking her, he spilled his seed all over her face and chest.  It was a huge mess of man-goo.

I stood up, slipped my underwear all the way off and while JD moved to the other side of the bed to cool off, my wife laid with her legs hanging over the edge.  I got in between her legs and started to insert my dick into her soaked pussy.  She was covered from her chin down to below her tits. I suspect JD had quite a bit of build-up! 

My wife took a dab of cum from her chin and put it in her mouth, the way a lady uses her fingers to suggest sucking a penis.  JD and I both moaned with pleasure.  I finally asked as I knew I was about to unload, if JD was grossed out when I go down on her for a cream pie or lick his cum off her tits.  My wife was surprised at his response.  He said that my little ritual actually turns him on and he enjoys seeing me do it. 

I took a big lick of his seed from between her breasts, then promptly filled her pussy with my own load.

I suspect there will not be nearly the wait between visits, moving forward.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The New Work Landscape...

Working from home and meeting via teleconferences has created an interesting situation.  I can’t be the only guy who has developed virtual crushes with colleagues who you now see in a different light than normal work environment.  

You may have seen the video on Reddit or some other place (and if I find the link, I'll post it here).  There is one of those Zoom meetings with all the pictures on the screen Hollywood Squares style.  A guy reaches to mute his camera, but it clicks off for a second, then back on.  Next we see him get up, grab a large pump bottle of hand lotion, followed by a generous amount of tissues and then sits back down at his desk.  As it becomes clear that he is unbuckling his belt and removing his pants, his colleagues on the screen are all trying to wave him off.  

Let's be honest, this video is no doubt a fake, but it plays on what I suspect happens quite a bit - minus the failure to actually turn off the video.  I think that seeing people via these teleconferences provides us just enough of a voyeuristic view into their home, that we can stare and adore in a way, you simply can't in the office.

An example for me is a female colleague who I normally see in Military uniform.  In my normal work environment, many of the people I see day to day are in uniform.  It seems like it shouldn't make a difference, but often, until you attend the annual holiday party where everyone is in civilian clothes, you wouldn't even recognize some of the women with hair down, regular clothes on.  The uniform really does hide the physical appearance in a lot of ways.  

Now, I see this woman who regularly sits in an office twenty feet from mine, in teleconferences often in tank tops that reveal her tattoos which I’m intrigued by.  But also, it is seeing the facial expressions that she makes, especially when she has her camera zoomed in on her face.  

I find myself staring into her eyes, admiring her lips and smile, and I love the eyebrow movement as she talks.  You can’t just stare at someone in an in person meeting, yet on a Telecon, everyone seems to look into the camera and you don’t know if they are staring at you, or the slides someone is sharing.  

I have not succumbed to whipping out my dick and stroking, but the spank bank is definitely loaded.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Losing My Mind: Final Episode...

You've seen all the previous posts.  I knew there was something and the fact that I actually forced myself to go through with a referral to a neurologist is a good thing. 

No dementia, no Alzheimers, none of that stuff.  It turns out the things that I was feeling and experiencing were the result of Complex Partial Seizures.  I don't even have a full understanding of what it all means, but it does start to fill in the blanks of what I was experiencing and why.

I've started a twice daily treatment of a drug called Keppra, and so far (24 hours) the only side effect I've noticed is extreme drowsiness, and slight dizziness.  I just need to adjust to the medication.

So many of you have written me privately and offered support and suggestions while I have navigated this.  I appreciate your kind words and suggestions, more than you can know.  But now that I have an answer and a plan to move forward, I think I can try to get this back to a sex blog and less of a medical mystery show.

Next post: Sex, I promise!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

This Will Eventually End... And so Will the Dry Spell.

The 21st of February was the last time my wife and JD got together.  I knew it had been a while, but the reason I know the specific date is that I have a series of pictures she sent me from her phone.  Him with his dick sliding between her boobs, pics of her with his cock in her mouth, pics of the top of his head buried between her thighs.  I was still at work when they shared their last little get together, months ago.

I know she misses that extra touch, that extra sexual partner to do things in a different way.  But she also misses the friendship.  They stay in touch via messages, as they have done for years now, but they've always been able to see each other at least once a month, if not much more.

I was surprised at how much I have missed it too.

On Thursday, I was working from home and my wife left me alone for a few hours to go check on her mother.  Yes, in fantasy, it would have been nice to learn that she met with JD at a hotel, but no, she was with her mom.  During that time, I was between meetings and I fired up my e-mail and the blog Links page (I know, I need to work on it),  and I made it to one of my old standby's.  This one, here.

I looked around a bit and realized that I am so turned on by the very idea of wives with other men, not just my wife with another man.  I think it is difficult to find the hotwife themed videos that scratch my particular itch.  I'm not looking for professional films with real actors, though admittedly, if there is a movie that involves open relationships or a cheating spouse, I tend to perk up.  I also don't care for the humiliation version of cuckold videos.  Not knocking what other people enjoy, I just don't see the need for the husband (or me) to be somehow downgraded, for being open to other pleasure for the wife.

I e-mailed with a fellow reader here who also enjoys the hotwife lifestyle, and we agreed that many of the videos found left a bad taste.   For me, I think the best versions of what I see in this genre is where the husband is present, particularly enjoy when he is shown sitting by the bed, and he is filming the action (as opposed to the cameraman who just happens to be present with full professional lighting).  I am a fan of the people talking.  Dirty talk is good, but I have a preference for fun chatter between all involved.  The point of it is, everybody should be having a good time, and the husband should be happy that his wife is getting a different type of fucking.  An example of what I'm talking about is here. But before you click that one, just know that it involves a woman in her sixties.

And I think that leads to what I believe is another thing that I find as a turn on.  I'm at the age now where a lot of my contemporaries are leaving or have left their spouse and traded her in for a younger model.  How 1960's.  I was just talking at work with friends about a colleague of ours who left his wife and six kids for a 19 year old.  We all attended a wedding (this is a few years ago now) and he just kept introducing her to everyone as his new younger model, and mentioning she wasn't old enough to drink, but she sure could fuck.  It was embarrassing.

I have a different view, but it might be that I was influenced by some near misses in my teens (sexy moms in bikinis letting me catch them in the yard tanning when I was mowing lawns for $5 a yard), or the fact that when I was twenty-five, I had sex with a fifty-two year-old wife of an AF Chief.

I'm into seeing older women, or let's call them Cougars, with younger guys.  In that video I linked, the husband is enjoying the much younger man pleasure his wife, and the wife is certainly enjoying it.  I'm not going to suggest that I don't enjoy nude pics of women half my age, but if it was a choice of me having sex with a twenty-five year old lady or getting to watch my wife with a 25 year old guy, you know I'm choosing to watch.

For now, the most we can (or should) do, is have sex with the people in our own homes or use the Internet as Al Gore intended, look at some porn and enjoy something a little different.  "This" will eventually end, and when it does, things can get back to what we call normal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Follow-up: Losing My Mind...

In case you’ve wondered about my issues, I have an update.  The recap for those not following along intently is that I was experiencing some memory and concentration issues.  I had some work related stress, and who doesn't, but I noticed that for a period of months, I had been off my game, so to speak.  I eventually wrote a list of examples, just due to the fact that I was constantly forgetting why I was concerned, then presented these to my primary care doctor.  

Since then, I’ve had an MRI and an EEG where they put you on a table and play a series of light tests, all designed to trick you into a seizure, if in fact you have the propensity for seizures.  Apparently I don't.  

I’m actually in the midst of the final test, an EEG - Ambulatory, wherein I am wired up, my hair has been moved aside and nodes glued to my scalp.  Those leads are all plugged into a small box I have strapped to my side and that is connected to a small computer next to me.  On top of that computer is a camera facing me at all times (unless I disconnect to pee or take a spit bath).  

This is a 72 hour process and strangely, it only took about the first day to mentally forget (not really) the camera and just carry on.  Yes, as I type this, there is the potential that the technician on the other end is watching me type, though not able to see the monitor (most of it anyway).

It is purely luck that I am teleworking from home, so in a way, I’m not giving them much of a show.  They see me drinking coffee, typing away on three different keyboards and my phone, and are probably bored to tears by the fact that I’ve been sitting in the same spot except for those aforementioned moments I disconnect and take care of refilling the coffee.  

At night, there is a second camera that is placed on my dresser that is intended to view the entire bedroom.  I think this is so that if I wake up in the middle of the night and do something crazy that is out of the view of the primary camera, they can observe what happened.  Of course, this second camera now involves my wife.  Not such a willing participant.  She has been sleeping in shorts in case she needs to get up at night.  

It all ends tomorrow morning when I can return to the Neurology office and have everything removed, then race home for a much needed shower and hair washing.  I won't expect to get any further results any time soon, but believe me, based on the lack of any episodes (that I can tell), I don't expect anything.

The one thing that this little experience has shown me is, I don’t like sitting in one place all day long.  Yet, I’ve learned from experience that at work, I tend to do just that.  I will randomly tell someone that I need to get up and go pee.  Twenty minutes later, I will say, “No, seriously, I need to go pee.”

Yet, I’m constantly fielding messages, e-mails, phone calls and I’ve never seemed to lear to say no to requests for my help, or say that it will have to wait.  I guess in a way, this makes me a less effective person at my job.  I’m constantly doing other people’s jobs because they can't seem to do theirs.  Maybe this is part of my stress.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide readers with a follow-up.  I’m still here, haven’t lost my mind, and according to my neurologist, I don't have dementia, so I feel like this whole mess has been worthwhile.  

How is your quarantining going?  I hope you are in a good place.  

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Random Notes: Easter and the COVID...

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter.  I'm not missing any big church service or that sort of thing, though my wife really had hoped to have a nice gathering today.  That's not happening, I assure you.  We've been hunkered down here, and aside from some frolicking in the hot tub, it has been party free here.

And that means no visits from our friend JD.  It has actually been over a month now.  My wife is getting antsy, and from what I understand, his wife, with time on her hands has gotten a little snoopy, so to speak, browsing through his computer looking for evidence of anything.  Never hurts to do a little password changing and such.

It's funny how our culture has traditionally frowned upon the wearing of masks in public.  You know, please remove your ski mask before entering the liquor store, sort of thing.  I have to say, on those rare trips out to grab essentials at the store, I'm somewhat liking this idea of only seeing the eyes and wondering what the rest of the face looks like.  Two brief examples:

I had reason to spend time at one store talking with the service desk.  As I stood away, my mask on and the lady assisting me with her mask on, I found our eyes meeting a lot more often than seems routine.  Like me staring into her eyes even though we weren't talking, waiting for a call back from one of the store people to provide her some information.  It was weird.  I was really wanting to know what the rest of her face looked like.

The second one was at a small grocery store near me.  My wife sent me there because her online order at the larger chain didn't have a few specific items she needed.  I saw this older, salt and pepper haired lady in line at the register next to mine.  She was in yoga pants showing off a well toned ass and she was wearing a shirt that was string on both sides.  The kind that left a good 2 and a half to three inches of her skin showing from her hips up to her armpits, which meant perfect side boob on display.  This lady was easily 50 and she looked great.  Then she turned (maybe she felt me gawking from behind my mask) and we made eye contact.  Oh, yeah.  It did it again. 

We both checked out within a few seconds of one another and as we both unloaded our groceries into our trucks, she had removed her mask.  Yep, pretty rest of the face.  It was just strange that as much as I was turned on by the show of her skin hiding the naughty parts but giving that hint of what was below, the mask seemed to provide a similar mystery into what might be below the view of just the eyes. 

And as you would expect, there is apparently already a genre of COVID Masked Porn.   

I've been doing a lot of work from home.  Thankfully, at least a portion of my job can be done from home so that has been helpful.  I genuinely feel for those people who are on hiatus from work, without the pay. 

We've been holding our meetings via video teleconferencing platforms, even did Zoom for a while.  As you know, I work with the military, so I am used to seeing people in uniform.  But since people have been working from home, you get to see a whole new look, so to speak.  Like the one lady I work with who I had no idea had long hair and was covered in tattoos.  It is hard to pay attention in meetings when you are scanning through the video feeds checking for fresh spank material.  Just a reminder, always wear pants on these things. 

I hope you guys are staying safe out there. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

What's Your Sentence?

Sweet Jesus! I got 61 years.