Thursday, July 27, 2017


Years ago, probably 15 years ago, I was still in the military and my wife worked managing a restaurant. We both worked different shifts, and we managed it quite well to allow us to have at least one of us home to take the kids to school and pick them up without the need - or very little need for daycare. Saved a lot of money and we felt (and still do feel) that it was better for our kids.

For about a month, I had been given this young lady to help train. She was smart but just wasn't doing well in training and she was going through some personal issues at home. Over the first week or so, we got her on track and training was going well, well enough that we could spend some time getting to deal with her personal issues. She told me these stories about her husband (who was also in the military), who would come home, put on a thong and sit in front of the TV playing video games for hours and hours, then out of nowhere, he would jump up and run to the restroom to jack-off. Once complete, it was back to the PlayStation!

Her willingness to provide such an intimate (and funny) look into her life was just enough to push me over the line of professionalism and to begin the sex discussions that I loved so much during late nights in an office with less than a handful of people anywhere around.

This would be the gal who, at the mere suggestion of it, would show up to work in her uniform wearing a skirt with no panties and flash me her bare pussy constantly for an entire shift! Once we had crossed that line, it was a given that she would blow me in the office and I would go down on her incredible pussy as a co-worker snoozed on the couch in our break area.

Toward the end of our time working together she had called me one night before going into a mid-shift and asked if it was possible to give her a ride home in the morning. Seemed there were car issues and while her husband could take her to work, he himself would be at his job and unable to give her a ride home in the morning. Not a problem.

Aside from a few shared sexual secrets that night, we were all work and at the end of the shift when it was time to go home, I had no indication that she had something in store for me. We pulled into her apartment complex and I found a spot in front of her building and pulled in, then basically wished her a good morning (at was about 7:30AM) expecting her to get out. Instead she said, "Oh, I was hoping to show you something - it will only take a minute." I looked at my watch and I guess purely out of politeness turned off the car and walked up the stairs to her apartment with her.

We walked in and I basically stood in the living room and asked her what it was she wanted to show me. She said "Just give me a minute, let me go get it." I started thinking that perhaps she had purchased me a card or a small gift for helping her with her training. While I waited for a few minutes, I noticed the video game controllers sitting in front of the TV and couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of her husband (who I had never met) sitting there in a thong.

The next thing I know, out comes my little trainee, totally nude walking towards me. Like my wife, she was Hispanic, had the same body color and skin tones. This was the first time I had seen her with her hair down and I had no idea just how smokin' hot her body was. Military uniforms tend to hide a lot of details!

My jaw must have been hovering around my knees. She said "I just wanted to thank you. But no kissing, no cumming in my mouth or hair, and I can't let you fuck me." Aside from the obvious shock, I was wondering if she had prearranged this with her husband, given the set of rules.

I was literally shaking. Sure, I had done naughty things with other women during my marriage - the occasional flash, a few friendly kisses with friends - but never anything like this. Suddenly, it was like she was the instructor; "Don't you want to play?"

She reached for my belt and helped me unfasten my BDU's, and soon my pants and underwear were stacked around my ankles, boots still on, and she was sucking on my rock hard dick. After a minute or so, I pulled her by her underarms up, then I proceeded to kneel down and attack her awesome pussy. Though she had very similar features to my wife, she had these incredibly large pussy lips that almost gave the sensation of sucking a small cock. Why women get surgery to have this "fixed" is beyond me. Anyway, we fondled and sucked one another for maybe 5-10 minutes at the most before I turned her around and rubbed my dick along her ass crack. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I bent her over and again dropped down and licked her pussy from behind, then lifted up and rubbed my dick across it to see how she would react.

She said, "I'm not allowed to fuck you." With that, I shot my load all over her back, ass, and unfortunately in her hair. That was it. She said "Thanks for the ride home" and promptly walked back down the hall to the restroom, leaving me to pull up my pants and let myself out.

God, she was hot.


Anonymous said...

This is your gay test JFBreak. This same situation happens, but it is a man.

" ... I wanted to fuck her so bad ..."

Would your dick have been as hard, would you have wanted to fuck him so bad, would your dick have been dribbling as bad?

I want to suck dick in the worst way, but I never get to the point that I want to fuck him so bad!


Anonymous said...

" ... God, she was hot."

My point exactly. I like the dick, and when I say like, I mean LIKE but:

I LOVE the pussy!

JFBreak said...

It's a fair question. I certainly fantasize about a full range of MM sex possibilities - in my dreams are am certainly what I guess they call versatile. In the same situation - and if assuming the same chemistry were there, I'd probably have to answer yes but with one caveat; I'd probably be eager for the guy to fuck me. Gently, and with a lot of lube, please!

Primarily though, my Bi desires focus on sucking dick. And sure, I'm happy to receive - who isn't?

JFBreak said...

My point exactly. I like the dick, and when I say like, I mean LIKE but:

I LOVE the pussy!

How can you argue that? But I would also say that I LOVE green beans, but I don't want them every day.